3 Ways to Fill the Seats in Restaurants

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Time to put your restaurant into motion with 3 ways to fill the seats in restaurants to build your customer base. You got to have those seats filled. That’s how you pay the bills. It would be nice to make a little profit, wouldn’t it? So before we give you the little golden nuggets let’s start with, where are your customers?

You guessed right. Sitting on their smartphones. You see it everyday. Karen looking for a nice Mexican restaurant. Sally googling for Italian. Leon looking for some crab legs. These people are searching for a place to dine. Most are probably local folks, while others could be tourist. They have to have a way of finding you on their smartphones. So lets get into the 3 ways to fill the seats in restaurants.

3 Ways to Fill the Seats in Restaurants

  1. Mobile Websites

    So to solve the problem of customers finding you online you have to start off with a mobile website. A smartphone website. A website that fits all screen sizes. The old desktop website is no longer a good option for smartphone users. Take a look if you have one. Remember you must be able to operate with thumbs and fingers. Your mobile website is like a big sign in front of your establishment.

  2. Mobile Coupon Marketing

Now that you have a mobile website it’s time to get right into mobile coupon marketing. You want to be able to build a mobile coupon at any time. You can use these mobile coupons available on your social media pages. Like on your facebook fanpage. Get people to share your mobile coupon. You can also use mobile coupons in your emails. You can target customers on your list. The bigger your list the more effective it will be. Speaking of building your list, Check out smartphone loyalty punch cards for list building.

     3. Smartphone Loyalty Punch Cards

So you want to build a list? Check out this great opportunity to build your list at the same time offering great customer service. Smartphone loyalty punch cards. these are customer reward cards for customers using a smartphone. You get to control the complete system. Build your list. You can control the rewards based on amounts of money the customer spends. You can offer multiple rewards for your customers.

You see how powerful this smartphone mobile marketing strategy would be for your restaurant? You get 3 ways to fill seats in restaurants that are effective, builds a list, integrates with your social media, ability to communicate with smartphone users, and builds a profit into your business that continues to grow. So get your business smartphone ready.

Mobile websites for restaurants, mobile coupon marketing for restaurants, smartphone loyalty punch cards for restaurants. These are BIG. 3 ways to fill the seats in restaurants. Remember people use smartphones everyday. They use them for finding restaurants. So get with the times. Offer great customer service. Mobile is no longer an option. It is a must. One other great free tip make sure you enroll your business in google for business. It cost you nothing.

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