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Can I Find Your Biz on the Worlds Most Famous Beach

Is Your Biz Listed on First Page

You have plenty of customers wanting to find your business on the worlds most famous beach. From tourist, locals, and visitors people are always searching google for something. Could be an auto part, hair cut, new hot water heater or a slice of delicious pizza. They are trying to find your business. They can do it from any where and any place. Everyone is mobile. Everyone has a smartphone to find your business.

So another good point here is that your website needs to be able to be read very easily using a smartphone. Get your site mobilized asap if you haven’t done so yet. Smartphone users will leave your website in a second. So be prepared. It is just great customer service and another way to build your brand in a positive manner.

Is your business listed on the first page of google? If not, how do you expect people to find your business online. You want to be listed on the pack three of google maps, first page of the organic search results, or at least pay to be listed with google adwords. We prefer local maps and local organic search engine optimization. Being on the first page of both gives you an opportunity to gain more customers.

Profits almost always go up with more customers. So do it the smart way and get your business listed on the first page. Once your there you must maintain your ranking or the competition will remove your local business. So stay up with the trends of mobile marketing, local SEO, and all the changes that google will throw at your business ranking. I almost forgot, you still need to run your business. Some people will try the DIY method. Some people do OK for a while then run into a snag when google slaps them with a lower ranking or a penalty. So be careful if you go that DIY route.

You could take it easy and just run your normal business operations. Hire a professional to handle your mobile marketing and local SEO in Daytona Beach, Florida. Mobile Biz Buzz will get your biz buzzing on mobile and get your business found online. When your business can be found preferably on the first page of google customers will start to show up at your place, email you, or call you asking for your products or services.

Check out our business mobile marketing strategy that increases customers finding your business on the world wide web even though your located on the worlds most famous beach. Its cost effective and gives your business the edge to gain more customers. Can anyone use a few extra customers? Check us out. Your business deserves it. Give your customers great customer service being mobilized and using local SEO in Daytona Beach.

Support Your Local Restaurants

Support Local Bars and local businesses
Support Your Local Restaurant

We all live in smaller communities of bigger cities and should support your local restaurants. Include all local businesses. Why because these people are your neighbor. Their children play with yours. You know the older people of these families. They knew your parents. They support the local schools and pay taxes for this community.

Your big corporations act like they are doing these small communities a favor. But when are the majority of the profits going. You guessed it. Back to the headquarters of some board of directors that are only interested in the price of their stocks. They will play the politically correct brand role to the consumer of these small communities and still the money is heading to the corporate bank account. Not her at your local community.

So mom and pop shops, local businesses, small businesses, and restaurants trying to get a piece of the pie should at least be given an opportunity to earn your business. They are hard working people of all nations, color, race, people that we see everyday. People that support are community for the better. Hard working individuals just like you. These shop owners try to employ locally. They help when needed. They show support for activities in the community like you do.

So show your support for a local restaurant, local dress shop, local hair dresser, local car repair shop, local spa, local barber, even your local bar. They are always serving the community with their knowledge to other members of the community. They show up to your daughters dance, your sons baseball game, your wives sister baby shower, and many other activities that we all do.

We might meet them at a BBQ, local tavern, barber shop, dentist, or maybe even fishing. These people are part of the great community you live in. They are giving you support so help a brother out shop local. You’ll be glad you did. Thank you for taking the time to read this and appreciate you dining, using local services, and shopping local. We all could help our local economy by shopping locally.

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Mobile Marketing for Local Restaurants

Smartphone Marketing for Local Restaurants
Mobile Marketing for Local Restaurants

In today’s fast paced society mobile marketing for local restaurants is no longer an option. For that matter any business needs to be mobilized. They say ninety five percent of smartphone users search for local restaurants on their mobile phone. Ninety percent of those people take action and find a place to get their grub on. Then around sixty five percent of those folks are eating within a hour or two.

So the question is how does your restaurant get a percentage of those smartphone users? You need mobile marketing for local restaurants, tools to operate your plan, and great customer service. You need a way to reach out to your customers and say thank you. Customer loyalty for restaurants.

You need to have a way to build a list of customers you own. Then you need a way to communicate to these new customers. Did you know email is still the king on a mobile phone. More people prefer email than any other method on a mobile device.

When building your mobile marketing for local restaurants strategy explain to your employees the importance of superior customer service so your plan will work. Especially in the restaurant business. Customer service is our number one priority. The food on the menu shall look tasty as well as taste delicious. It has to taste so good that most folks will want to come back for more.

So at that time implement a restaurant rewards program. Customer loyalty. Since your customers all carry mobile devices use mobile loyalty punch cards for smartphone users. Be creative with your reward program. Offer multiply rewards. Base it on cash spent.

Let them earn points. The more points the bigger the reward. The more money spent at your restaurant. Take photo’s with customers to display on social media. Build your audience, list, and brand at the same time. Remember sharing is caring.

Then there is coupon marketing which goes right along with mobile marketing for local restaurants. What restaurant doesn’t have a coupon of some sort. Be able to design your own. Any time and any where as long as you have an internet connection. Coupons are great to use with social media like facebook, twitter, or google plus. Even ad  coupons to your mobile website. Use photos for social media and your menu.

That is another must have and should be number two behind customer service. You need a website that will fit any screen size. No matter what brand, style, or size. Your website has got to fit any mobile device. That’s 101 in mobile marketing for local restaurants. Using these tools and strategies can give your restaurant a good solid customer base. This way you build a solid menu of customers before adding on any other expensive advertising measures than can eat into your profits.

Mobile marketing for local restaurants can seem like a challenge. You just got to do a few smart things every day to build your brand, build a list, be social, give loyalty, share coupons, and be able to talk with these smartphone folks. That’s it. Speak the same language as the mobile user. The person that is dependent on their smartphone. That is the new customer to go after. The good thing about these smartphone users is that your audience will continue to grow.

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Restaurant Advertising Strategies

Smartphone Coupon Marketing
Mobile Coupon Marketing

When it comes to restaurant advertising strategies it will depend on many factors. Your advertising budget could be your biggest obstacle. Your community economic conditions, budget, cost of different media, and time should all be considered when deciding on your plan of action.

Let’s just show a few examples of what it might cost you for your restaurant advertising strategies offline. You could be using TV. You may get a few commercials in your local market starting at the low end for $2500. Radio is another option. Few advertisements for maybe $1600. Phone book maybe $400. But who looks up a restaurant in a phone book anymore.

You could use coupons in a local shopper for about $400. Newspaper coupons are another $400. Coupon books are another option for your restaurant advertising strategies. Maybe another $300. You could send out mailers with a coupon postcard. Send out to maybe 5000 addresses and the cost could be around $1800. You see these offline restaurant advertising strategies can be costly.

These figures are usually monthly figures. Once your ad is completed that ad is gone. No one will even see it again. Pick a couple of items from above and you might be able to do some descent advertising every month for around $1200 monthly. How’s the prices in your neck of the woods? What about effective restaurant advertising strategies for around $100 month? Who does that? Mobile Biz Buzz gets your biz buzzing on mobile.

We use smart and cost effective restaurant advertising strategies. What do people carry with them everyday? Hint. It’s a mobile device. You hit the nail right on the head. Smartphone. That’s absolutely correct. That’s the market you should be concentrating on. Smartphone users. Why? Because it is the biggest market in the history of the world. Plus it will continue to grow year after year. when people are out and about they use their smartphone to find a local business. Just like when they get hungry they use their smartphone. So you better be mobilized.

That would be a smart restaurant advertising strategy to focus on. Mobile. You cannot go wrong with this market. Get your restaurant business mobilized. Start with a mobile website for restaurants. You need a simplified version of your desktop website. You should include at a minimum of a call button, directions button, menu button, and some photos of your food. That will at least get you started.

Now you can add on mobile coupons for restaurants. Something that is simple and you can track. You also want to be able to share these mobile coupons on your social media pages. You also want to be able to build you a list of customers. You need analytical data to adjust your advertising. These restaurant advertising strategies work better when combined with other programs.

To build a list we recommend using a restaurant customer loyalty program. When you combine mobile websites for restaurants, coupon marketing for restaurants, and mobile loyalty punch cards your restaurant advertising strategies become more effective. Now integrate all these great ideas with your social media. Put your plan into action, make a few adjustments along the way and work your plan. Your restaurant will acquire more customers. We recommend the smartphone mobile marketing plan for restaurant advertising strategies.

Watch you will have a higher ROI with the smartphone mobile marketing plan vs other restaurant advertising strategies. Plus the program could end up paying for itself with a profit to do other advertising methods like video. That would be the next step that we recommend. Build a foundation first. You know your bread n butter. This is a low cost and effective way to communicate with smartphone users at the same time building your brand, building your list, and offering great customer service.

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Is your Restaurant Customer Loyalty Strategy Working?

smartphone customer loyalty strategy
Restaurant Customer Loyalty Data

You may have a rewards program for your restaurant but, is your restaurant customer loyalty strategy working? Are you using the old school punch cards? Why? People are on smartphones. Your rewards program needs to be mobile. Is your staff trained properly to promote your rewards program.

Without superior customer service and your employees promoting your rewards program your restaurant could be doomed for future business. Is your restaurant customer loyalty strategy working? Are you building a solid list of customers. Does someone else own your list. Beware of loyalty companies that want to control your list. You need full control and you must own your list. These are your customers.

Talk to your employees about customer service. Show them and teach them how to promote your rewards program for your restaurant. This is the first step to have a successful rewards program. Customer service is the key to your rewards program. Promote your rewards program with all means possible. Table tents, flyers, business cards, posters, and your mobile website. Use your facebook fanpage and your other social media outlets.

Is your restaurant customer loyalty strategy working for you online. You should have your rewards program listed on your mobile websites. Is your restaurant listed on google for business. You need a local way of being found online. Get listed it’s free and mobilized. You get listed in the local search results, you get google map listing, business profile and don’t forget to add photos. This should be part of your restaurant customer loyalty strategy. Talk about in your restaurant profile.

Businesses are ditching the old rewards programs for new modern smartphone customer loyalty programs so these smartphone users can have everything on their favorite device. The smartphone is everything to individuals. People do not leave home without their smartphone. Even seniors are using smartphones. So your restaurant better be ready. If not you could be losing business. Not just now but in the future.

Are you using your rewards program with other mobile programs to make it more effective. Is your restaurant customer loyalty strategy working? Do you have analytical data to improve your rewards program? What are you offering for your rewards? Is it a punch per visit or based on money spent? Do you offer multiple rewards for your customers? These questions need answered so you can have a more effective rewards program.

So, is your restaurant customer loyalty strategy working for your business? Lets recap a couple of items so your strategy is more effective.

  • Customer Service is #1
  • Is your customer loyalty strategy mobile
  • Are you using google my business
  • Are you combining your program with other mobile programs
  • Are your rewards based on money spent
  • Do you have analytical data
  • Do you own your list

You have to get your rewards program mobile so you do not miss out on the biggest market in history. You have an opportunity to compete with the proper smartphone mobile marketing strategy. You have to be mobile. This is no longer an option. It’s 2016 and your restaurant deserves part of the smartphone market.

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Mom and Pop Restaurant Survival

Mobile Punch Cards for Small Business
Mom and Pop Restaurant Survival

Big chain restaurants are increasing while mom and pop restaurant survival is doomed without building your brand. How can your small business compete with these giant corporations? These giant restaurant chains have built their brand and are squeezing out the local business entrepreneurs. Lets look at a few ways your business can compete with these franchises.

We are going to start with your brand. You have to build your brand so that all the local residents know who you are and want to stop in for a bite to eat. Mom and pop restaurant survival is a lot of hard work. Look at your entrance and the front of your building. It must be inviting. Your signage must look good and display a clear message. Your real estate must be clean. Customer service must be top notch. Management must communicate with your customers.

Be proud and show off your products. Your products are food. It must look great as well as have a taste of excellence. Work on presentation of your dishes. Making food look good will get those taste buds grueling. Look at your menu. Are their photo’s next to the dishes. Do they look the same when you serve them. We all have seen these menus with a picture of the food. Then when the food comes to the table your dinner looks totally different. This is one way to build your brand. This is a key element for mom and pop restaurant survival.

Mom and pop restaurant survival is going to keep getting tougher. Any where from 51% to 61% of restaurants are mom and pop restaurants. Depends on who’s supplying the data. These numbers are dropping every year. So you have to be lean and offer excellent customer service. Now mom and pop restaurant survival will depend on your mobile presence. Yes you can have a playing field to compete with large corporations. You must be able to communicate with those smartphone users.

You must develop a smartphone mobile marketing plan. It must be affordable, smart, and build your restaurant a list of loyal customers. Mom and pop restaurant survival is heading towards the smartphone user. So you have an opportunity to capture some of these folks. You know and see how these large restaurant chains are going mobile. They are spending millions if not billions on mobile. You can compete with these giants in the mobile world using local, social, and mobile marketing combined.

Your mom and pop restaurant survival can benefit with customer loyalty reward programs. Everything has to be geared toward the smartphone user. They are on the go. They want fast results. You have to start with a well designed mobile website or a responsive website that can fit all screen sizes. Your restaurant needs to be able to whip up mobile coupons in a moments notice. Remember those photo’s of your menu items. You can use photo’s of your food for your mobile coupons and your social media.

Mom and pop restaurant survival is dependent on your

  • Customer Service
  • How your Restaurant Looks (inside and out)
  • Keep your place clean
  • Photos of your Dishes of Food
  • Smartphone Mobile Marketing Plan

Mobile is the new market. You need to get involved in mobile. Work up a smartphone mobile marketing plan that can communicate with smartphone users. You need at a minimum a mobile website. (Apps are not necessary) Mobile coupon builder so you can whip up a coupon in a moment notice. Customer rewards program to build your list. Everyone in the organization needs to be on board for all of this to work. Build your list and use mobile email marketing to keep in touch with your smartphone users. People prefer email over sms. You can add sms on later after your smartphone ready.

Next you might be saying all that will cost your restaurant to must money. Redo your budget. You can make this happen for a little over $30 a week. Where can you advertise for that low amount. Mobile is the future and is growing daily. Put mobile on your menu and see how mobile punch cards can benefit your business. You can survive in this mobile market with a smartphone mobile marketing plan. It must integrate with your social media. Your mom and pop restaurant survival could depend on it.

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Restaurant Customer Loyalty Programs

Profit with Smartphone Punch Cards
Restaurant Customer Loyalty Programs

The restaurant customer loyalty programs of today are a lot different that the old school coffee shop punch cards. These new reward solutions are smarter. These mobile punch cards are for customers on the go. These customers want great customer service. They want you to give them their rewards from a smartphone. So you need to ensure your business is mobile ready for 2016.

Give the smartphone user a reward just for joining your restaurant customer loyal program. Something simple, like maybe a free drink with their meal. You could go with fresh dessert.  Something that will not put a strain on your budget. Another good idea would be to take a photo of one of the employees with the customer and post it on your facebook fanpage.

Combining other mobile solutions with restaurant customer loyalty programs gives your restaurant an advantage over the competition. Ensure you business has a mobile website or a responsive website that can fit screens of all sizes. Just a short version of your main website. You want to have a tap to call button, directions button, e-mail, menu, and maybe a video or photos of your restaurant.

Mobile coupon marketing for sharing. Great for social media, email, and a special on your mobile website. It’s great to have a mobile coupon builder tool to put in action when and where you need it. This is another great strategy to add to your companies restaurant customer loyalty programs. Build it, share it and they will come when you have the right combination to attract smartphone users.

Restaurant customer loyalty programs are a great way to build a solid list of customers that will stop in when you need them. Say you got a low lunch crowd on Tuesdays. Blast out an email lunch special with your mobile coupon marketing builder. Send it out about 10:30 am. People are just starting to feel hungry. Also blast that same coupon out on your facebook fanpage. The list that you can build with restaurant customer loyalty programs can save a few days of your month. Get you that little extra profit when you need it.

Having a combination of different tools for your mobile marketing strategy can be very effective especially with the rise of the almighty smartphone. These smartphone users just want you to be able to communicate with them. You must be mobile. Is your business smartphone ready? Do you see what I see. Smartphones are part of our daily lives. You just got to figure out how to find these smartphone users.

You see people on break or on the job on facebook. So why not be there with them. Why are other restaurants succeeding on mobile. They are using a combonation of mobile marketing tools to compete. Now small restaurants can compete with the big chains. Just do it on mobile devices. Restaurant customer loyalty programs with other mobile marketing things like mobile coupon marketing, mobile websites, and integrate it all with your facebook fanpage or your twitter account.

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3 Ways to Fill the Seats in Restaurants

Is your business mobile?
Get your Biz Buzzing on mobile.

Time to put your restaurant into motion with 3 ways to fill the seats in restaurants to build your customer base. You got to have those seats filled. That’s how you pay the bills. It would be nice to make a little profit, wouldn’t it? So before we give you the little golden nuggets let’s start with, where are your customers?

You guessed right. Sitting on their smartphones. You see it everyday. Karen looking for a nice Mexican restaurant. Sally googling for Italian. Leon looking for some crab legs. These people are searching for a place to dine. Most are probably local folks, while others could be tourist. They have to have a way of finding you on their smartphones. So lets get into the 3 ways to fill the seats in restaurants.

3 Ways to Fill the Seats in Restaurants

  1. Mobile Websites

    So to solve the problem of customers finding you online you have to start off with a mobile website. A smartphone website. A website that fits all screen sizes. The old desktop website is no longer a good option for smartphone users. Take a look if you have one. Remember you must be able to operate with thumbs and fingers. Your mobile website is like a big sign in front of your establishment.

  2. Mobile Coupon Marketing

Now that you have a mobile website it’s time to get right into mobile coupon marketing. You want to be able to build a mobile coupon at any time. You can use these mobile coupons available on your social media pages. Like on your facebook fanpage. Get people to share your mobile coupon. You can also use mobile coupons in your emails. You can target customers on your list. The bigger your list the more effective it will be. Speaking of building your list, Check out smartphone loyalty punch cards for list building.

     3. Smartphone Loyalty Punch Cards

So you want to build a list? Check out this great opportunity to build your list at the same time offering great customer service. Smartphone loyalty punch cards. these are customer reward cards for customers using a smartphone. You get to control the complete system. Build your list. You can control the rewards based on amounts of money the customer spends. You can offer multiple rewards for your customers.

You see how powerful this smartphone mobile marketing strategy would be for your restaurant? You get 3 ways to fill seats in restaurants that are effective, builds a list, integrates with your social media, ability to communicate with smartphone users, and builds a profit into your business that continues to grow. So get your business smartphone ready.

Mobile websites for restaurants, mobile coupon marketing for restaurants, smartphone loyalty punch cards for restaurants. These are BIG. 3 ways to fill the seats in restaurants. Remember people use smartphones everyday. They use them for finding restaurants. So get with the times. Offer great customer service. Mobile is no longer an option. It is a must. One other great free tip make sure you enroll your business in google for business. It cost you nothing.

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Selfies to Increase Your Mobile Audience

Selfie Increses Social Media
Use Selfies to Increase Mobile Audience

Yes, it’s true you can use selfies to increase your mobile audience. It’s that time of year when your trying to come up with a good idea to increase business and bam. There it is. Use customer selfies when they earn a reward. Post a photo of themselves when they receive a reward right on your businesses fanpage on facebook. People love taking pictures of themselves. Take a selfie with your customer. You will love it when they share on social media.

This is free advertising for your business. So use selfies to increase your mobile audience. We know a few businesses that even use a sign that the customer holds while posing for their pic. Small sign with your business name, phone number, or website. Post the selfies to your business fanpage and the customers facebook page. Encourage them to share that selfie. Be excited. This will get you future business.

Not to mention the social media engagement you will now have. Customer friendly, simple, and it cost you nothing but a little time. That time will equal dollars down the road. Take a selfie with them. Show the customer you appreciate  their business. You can see how using selfies to increase your mobile audience will build you a list of customers that will continue to grow.

It will make an impression with the customer. You are encouraging them to share. They will be proud to do you a favor. Sharing is caring. The more your business uses selfies to increase your mobile audience the more traffic your website, fanpage, and your location will get. Building you a solid book of business.

Integrate selfies with all your mobile marketing tools. Coupon marketing, your mobile website, smartphone loyalty mobile punch cards, mobile e-mail and your social media. Now that’s another smartphone mobile marketing strategy that will work for local businesses, small businesses, or even mom and pop shops. Get your business into the mobile world by using selfies to increase your mobile audience.

You could even make selfies work for your video marketing campaign. Thirty second mini commercial you could post on you tube. The possibilities are endless when you use selfies to increase your mobile audience. Great mobile marketing tool.

The selfie can become a goldmine for your business. Be creative. Keep a tablet next to the registrar. You never know when you will need it for selfies. You could just use a smartphone. Make sure it can take descent photo’s. these will be on social media. So you want to look sharp. It’s your image. You are also building your brand so make sure it looks good. You are building trust with customers using selfies to increase your mobile audience.

Have fun doing it. Brings excitement. Smiles and happy customers are great reason for using selfies to increase your mobile audience. We would have a selfie stick prepared. Another tool of the trade. You can even add these selfies on your mobile coupon marketing. This is awesome for social media. You got content to post. Who likes posting happy customers. Automatic testimonial pretty much. Check out mobile punch cards for more information on mobile strategies.

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Loyalty Cards for Small Business


Mobile Punch Cards for Small Business
Loyalty Cards for Small Business

Rewards are booming in the mobile world and loyalty cards for small business is your ticket into this new smart strategy. Pretty simple strategy to build your book of business. All designed around the smartphone user. Your business must be mobile to offer these rewards.

When you combine loyalty cards for small business with other mobile marketing options like mobile coupon marketing, mobile websites, mobile e-mail, and now mobile punch cards for small business. You now can integrate these programs with your social media and you have a strong smart strategy that attracts smartphone users.

These loyalty cards for small business are not your old coffee shop punch cards. They are designed for the modern smartphone users. These rewards cards cater to your business. You control your list. You assign points for dollars spent in your business. You get to set the rewards based on how much your customers spends. You have flexibility with these new smartphone loyalty mobile punch cards.

When you need to make a change, add a new campaign, or just have a wild idea. You have that flexibility and can do it in real time or set a date with a timeline. Modern system so you can keep up with your customers that are on the go. They want quick answers  and spend their money with businesses that can accommodate them at that exact moment. Now you can communicate with these smartphone users.

What must the customer provide to receive loyalty cards for small business like yours? They just enter their phone number. That simple and they are on your list. You can add fist name, last name, e-mail, and birthday. That will be your decision. We recommend phone number, name, and e-mail. Then get the birthday when using a mobile coupon. Your list is safe, secure, and kept confidential.

How can the customer check their loyalty cards for small business balance? Simply go to your website, log in with their phone number. This will display their reward balance. Right from their smartphone with no app to download. It will also display the next reward the customer is eligible for. As you can see these loyalty cards for small business are simple to operate, great customer service, and has many options to keep your business in the mobile world.

Whats in it for your business with these modern loyalty cards for small business? You are offering superior customer service number one. You can combine these mobile punch cards with mobile coupon marketing, mobile websites, mobile e-mail and your business will have a smart strategy that integrates with your social media. This is smartphone communication. Now you can communicate with your customers.

This will give your business a solid mobile marketing foundation that started with loyalty cards for small business. You will always be building your book of business. The longer you perform this strategy the bigger your list will grow. Your profits will continue to rise as your program grows. The program actually pay for itself in a short amount of time. Just keep building and let that money go to other area’s of your business. Go check out Mobile Punch Cards and let us know what you think.

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