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Mobile Marketing is going to be a blast in 2016

Mobile Marketing is going to be a blast in 2016

2016 Happy New Year from Mobile Biz Buzz
Mobile Marketing is going to be a blast in 2016

We got the inside scoop that mobile marketing is going to be a blast in 2016 and skyrocket. The amount of smartphone users are increasing faster than any product in history. You already know that. Businesses have been sitting on the fence waiting to get into the mobile game. Do not wait any longer or you will start to lose valuable customers that are shifting their spending habits to businesses that accommodate them.

The number one thing a business can do right now is to build themselves a separate mobile website or change the old desktop website to a responsive site that can be viewed all devices. These are fast changing times and you have got to be prepared. You could get the best of both worlds and get a mobile website builder and a responsive website builder that you can make changes any time you need too.

Once your mobile website is up and running you can get into your customers smartphone. You can speak with them. This would be the time to combine your mobile efforts into other mobile programs that can move your business forward into the smartphone world.

These are great mobile marketing avenues to add on as another club in the bag. Another words more ammo for capturing smartphone customers.

  • Mobile Coupon Marketing
  • Mobile Punch Cards
  • Mobile e-mail
  • Social Media Wifi Hotspots

These are the starting blocks for mobile marketing. This will give your business a solid foundation for all your mobile marketing. You can always add more mobile marketing products or services at a later time. Things like:

These might take a while
  • NFC Tags
  • I Beacons
  • bluetooth
These are in action and doing well
  • SMS
  • Video
  • Apps

We believe that the big businesses are still trying to work out the marketing details for NFC tags and I Beacons. We will wait for the smoke to clear before we make an attempt to jump in. I can see nfc tags working out because of it’s simplicity. Getting android users to turn on bluetooth so you can operate the system is going to be a challenge for the i beacon folks or they will come up with a technology to over come this dilemma.

SMS is a great communication tool. But we believe that people feel that their privacy space has been  intruded upon. We still pick old reliable e-mail. You just got to mobilize it. People feel comfortable with e-mail. So make your plans accordingly. Plus it is a great way to communicate with who you want and when you want. When you get a text you are thinking that it is from a friend. That is private space to me. So stay out. That’s why we go mobile e-mail.

Now mobile video marketing is growing like wildfire. Once you get your mobile marketing foundation all settled in it may be an excellent idea to jump on board with some marketing with video. This could lead to another smart smartphone customer. These guys are the smart ones. Always analyzing. Nothing wrong with that as we can all learn a good lesson in research.

Mobile Biz Buzz would like to thank all the local businesses, small business, and the mom and pop shops and our great customers for a successful year. We learned a lot about mobile marketing and we took those lessons to better assist our customers. We may be stopping at your business. This year we are expanding and adding a new program called the Smartphone Mobile Marketing Plan.

Mobile Biz Buzz gets your Biz Buzzing on Mobile!


Social Media Wifi Hotspots

 Social Media Wifi Hotspots

Social Media Wifi Access
Social Media Wifi Hotspots

Mobile Marketing has added another powerful tool for your business in the form of social media wifi hotspots. Yes, you can build a client base by using this marketing method. Build that list you say. Done. Customers can log in with their facebook or whatever other social media you add on. Once they are connected you can have that information displayed in the news feed. So their friends will know where they are.

This is a great way to increase your social following. Social media wifi hotspots gives your small business another club in the bag. You can gain customer data from your social hotspot that can be used to increase results with your mobile marketing efforts. There are a lot of different companies offering this service.

Local businesses that would use this service are coffee shops, sports bars, events, night clubs, gyms, hotels, restaurants, beauty shops, car dealerships, retail and shopping centers. The list could keep going on based on your creativity. Smartphone users love free wifi. Keeps their data cost down. That gives you an edge with social media wifi hotspots.

Any time you can get some momentum in social media it will boost your opportunity for engagement. The more engagement you can get on social media also helps in the search rankings. So build and they will come. Social media wifi hotspots are becoming more and more common. This new mobile marketing tool is going to be exciting for businesses in 2016. See how mobile is influencing the landscape?

Mobile Tools to go with Social Media Wifi Hotspots

Mobile is taking over. Smartphone users are steadily growing at rates that are unheard of. Social media wifi hotspots are pretty awesome. Now you can log in with one of your favorite social icon. It uses that data from that group to log you in. This has just gave mobile coupon marketing another way to find new customers. You can see when these smartphone marketing techniques work together they can be more effective.

You could also use the smartphone mobile marketing plan and integrate it into your social media wifi hotspot. You could have them log in with say facebook or log in with your smartphone loyalty mobile punch card solution. This program could see big increases this new year. Businesses are looking for that one thing that puts them over the top.

We like to use a lot of tools of mobile marketing combined as it is more effective and becomes a team of tools so you can acquire, retain, and build your list of customers. That’s what it is all about. Getting that customer to shop at your business and then keep them coming back. Social media hot spots can do that and works well with different mobile marketing techniques.

The smartphone user is the one your after to build your book of business. They love to search and like to save their data so by offer them social media wifi hotspots you have an opportunity to keep building that list, engagement for social media, and higher search results.

Mobile coupon marketing would be an asset to the social media wifi hotspots because sharing is caring. We love sharing. Most business go after the likes. You could also combine the program with other mobile marketing like mobile punch cards your smartphone loyalty program, mobile e-mail, and this would bring your social media wifi hotspots to a higher level.

You can purchase these products from many suppliers. Cost will vary depending on the programs that are combined with your social media wifi hotspots program. It’s not a bad idea if your customer traffic would benefit and a course you can make a profit for your business. Maybe you just want to offer good customer service to your smartphone users. You can get more information about setting this up with facebook or just contact us for more information.

Mobile Biz Buzz gets your Biz Buzzing on Mobile.

Mobile Marketing for Businesses in Florida

Smartphone Marketing for Business in Florida
Mobile Marketing for Businesses in Florida

The sunshine state is red hot with mobile marketing for businesses in Florida. Florida is one of the best places to visit, live, or own a business. They have non stop visitors from all over the United States and other places around the world. They have the local people that work right in the sunshine state. Great food, beaches, and lots of live local music. Come on down to Florida and bring your smartphone.

Mobile marketing for businesses in Florida should be a must, no brainer, and an opportunity for local businesses to make some big profits. It does not matter what city in the sunshine state your in. It’s about your business being able to communicate with smartphone users. You must have a mobile website. You have got to be able to be found on the google search network on a mobile device. Why because all these visitors carry smartphones.

They are looking for places to get a sandwich, steak, seafood, or what ever they like to eat. They will be shopping at retail shops, looking for places to watch a game, get beach toys, get their hair done, get their nails done, or it could be anything. They want to spend money. If they cannot find your business on their smartphone. Guess what? They will go where their smartphone takes them. Mobile marketing for businesses in Florida is the way to let these happy customers find your business.

Do your customers a service. Let them be able to read your website. Get a mobile website for your small business. Mom and Pop Shops included. I’ve been told that businesses in Florida do not need mobile because there are too many old people. lol. That just is another reason why your business needs one. Let us old folks read what’s on your website. Because I cannot see it on my smartphone. Show some customer service please. Help us poor old folks find your business. Get a mobile website asap. I thought you were about customer service. Then get a mobile site.

As you can see mobile marketing for businesses in Florida would benefit a lot of smartphone users and give your business a chance to make some big profits. The smartphone is here to stay. Does your business have a mobile website. Are you still using that old school desk top website? It’s 2016 my friend. Get with it. Go mobile. If you do not get smartphone ready your competition will. At least give your regular smartphone customers an opportunity to read your website. That is just plain old customer service.

Do you have any signage out in front of your building? Looks great right? You spent good money on those signs and people see them and come to your business. So they pay for themselves. A mobile website is doing the same thing on a smartphone. That is your signage and information about your business. Mobile marketing for businesses in Florida answers the question. How do I get more customers.

Mobile marketing for businesses in Florida is a sure way of getting more customers because people can find you on their smartphones. Seniors carry smartphone today. More and more people from all walks of life are carrying these devices to make life easier. Now there you go trying to make it hard on folks. Come on man,  get at least a mobile website so you have a chance in this new mobile world.

Tampa, Miami, Daytona Beach, Jacksonville, Orlando or where ever your business is located. Mobile Marketing for businesses in Florida is the biggest opportunity of getting customers we have had in this nation for a long time. It’s 2016 and the clock is ticking. The longer you wait the less you shall receive. You have got to have a plan of attack for the mobile revolution.

Mobile Biz Buzz gets your Biz Buzzing on Mobile.


Mom and Pop Shop Marketing

Small Business Marketing
Mom and Pop Shop Marketing Go Mobile

Finally Mom and Pop Shop marketing has enabled the small business person a chance to compete. But it better be mobile marketing so you can keep the cost down. That new small smartphone is the key. All you got to be able to do is communicate with these smartphone users. It all starts with a mobile website.

Do not waste your money on an app. Most small businesses can stay away from these because there is no need. They are for retention, games, and special circumstances. There is no downloads for a mobile website. Apps your going to need to download them from different places for different devices. Mom and Pop Shop marketing to smartphone users is the best place to find customers. Why? Because your customers are mobile.

Mom and Pop Shop marketing has to be mobile because that is where your customers hang out. That’s right, on their smartphone. Smartphone marketing for Mom and Pop Shop. It is probably the least expensive. Most small businesses cannot afford to keep up with the big corporations. There are ways to keep your cost down and get great benefits.

For starters go to google and check out google my business. This service is FREE. Use it to kick off your Mom and Pops Shop marketing. Then add on a mobile website. Add SEO, so you can get found online. Mom and Pop shop marketing can drive results to your business. Save money on your advertising budget by using a portion for your mobile marketing. Once your website is set up try these mobile marketing idea’s.

Mobile coupons are a great Mom and Pops Shop marketing tool. You can market them right from your mobile website. You can share them on your social media fanpages. So if you do not have a facebook fanpage for your business you should get one. They are free also. You can also use these mobile coupons for direct mailers. Could get a little expensive if your budget is tight.

You might be using the old school paper punch cards for customer rewards. It may be or not be making any money. The new smartphone way to do it is with mobile punch cards for Mom and Pop Shop marketing. No more theft. You build a list of customers. Beware of companies that own your list, or use your list, and leave you no control. You can contact these smartphone users with mobile e-mail. Some people say use SMS. Short message service. Customers still prefer e-mail over all other forms of communication on smartphones.

Mom and Pop Shop marketing can give your small business an edge when you concentrate on mobile marketing. You save money and can compete with the big boys a little. You can build your book of business. You will own your list and control it. You can reach out to people that are out and about. They are your smartphone users. Go mobile for your Mom and Pop Shop marketing. Affordable, simple, rewarding, and shows your business cares about customer service.

The time to start is now. Get your piece of the pie. Mom and Pop marketing that is mobile. Use your mobile website, mobile coupons, mobile punch cards, mobile e-mail, and integrate it with your social media. Now that is a plan that can bring in some profits and get your Mom and Pop Shop marketing off on the right track for 2016 by going mobile. Want information on a smartphone mobile marketing plan for Mom and Pop Shop marketing? Click on Mobile Biz Buzz.

Mobile Biz Buzz gets your Biz Buzzing on Mobile.

Small Business Loyalty Programs

Local Businesses Loyalty ProgramMost small business loyalty programs are the old school punch cards. You’ve seen them and probably had a few. These are the old coffee shop rewards. Well Mobile Biz Buzz has flipped on the new modern day rewards card on a smartphone. There are no punch cards. It is based off points. Points are earned based on what the customer spends. This gives your business more flexibility and profit. You control your profits, your list, and happy customers data.

Less than 40% of small businesses offer a loyalty program. More than half of those businesses are using the old school paper punch cards. Most large businesses have reward programs set up and can handle the expense. So we wanted to ensure that the little guy, like Mikes Pizza shop, Debbie’s Nair Shop, Eddie’s Barber Shop, Susie’s Fine Art, or what ever business you have can participate in small business loyalty programs that are in your budget range plus effective.

Our small business loyalty programs work off money spent by the customer. More local businesses can use these loyalty reward programs to grow their business. Offer multiple rewards. More Choice, happier customers, and see bigger profits. An example might be a customers spends $200 they get a $20 reward item. Spend $500 you might get a $60-$75 reward. You set the rewards and you control the entire plan. You have all the flexibility you need. You are also building your list.

Customers no longer have to make 1o trips to your place to get a reward. With the new small business loyalty programs from Mobile Biz Buzz your customers could get rewarded as soon as they have spent the reward limit. Maybe they want to keep saving their points for higher rewards. Your rewards are set up to have customers spending money. The more they spend reward them because you make a profit.

Let me remind a lot of you small businesses out there. Nothing works without great customer service. No matter what you do with small business loyalty programs do not sacrifice good customer service. Make sure your employees know that as well. Sometimes it gets tough, we all have been there with a difficult customer. Just step back and give them some space and let blow some steam. Stay calm. Relax the situation and put the fire out.

Mobile Biz Buzz gets your biz buzzing on mobile and offers small business loyalty programs that can pay for themselves. Once the program is on a roll you will have cash that you can put into other area’s of your business. Like buy new equipment, more advertising, or pay bonuses with the extra cash. Be creative. I’m sure you’ll figure out what to do with the extra cash flow. The more customers you enroll the bigger your list becomes. You heard the old saying the money is in the list.

Mobile Biz Buzz gets your Biz Buzzing on Mobile!

Give a Gift for 2016 – Smartphone Users

Mobile MarketingThe give a gift for 2016 is awarded to those local businesses that are not mobile ready. You just gave the competition all your smartphone users. There might be 10 of you fighting for that local business and 6 of you are giving away all your opportunity to grab those leads or customers that are smartphone users. That’s right the gift, are the smartphone users. Potential customers that could be shopping at your business. Instead their down the street.

Now that you have the give a gift for 2016 or the smartphone users available. How do you gain these people as customers. When in Rome do as the Romans. You have to talk their language. What is their language. Smartphone communication. So we need to be mobilized. They have call options, text, calendars, video, photo’s, e-mail, social media, and you name it they just might have it on their smartphone.

So first off smartphone users need to see your business. Easy one. Get a mobile website that fits on their screen size. Have you looked at your old desktop website on a mobile phone?  You just might be surprised. It’s 2016, your old school site is 10-25 years old. Get with it. I know you see what we see. No matter where you go you have people on smartphones. Guess what? The smartphone market is growing daily. Do your customers a service and get a mobile website for your local business. Can you see the give a gift for 2016 or smartphone users that you are missing out on. Stop and give your customers the gift of 2016 a mobile website. This will lead you into mobile marketing.

Then once your into mobile marketing you will be capturing more customers and revenue for your business. It all starts with a simple and friendly mobile website. Then you can get into other mobile marketing channels. Something that is on the rise is mobile coupon marketing. Integrate that with your social media campaign and go on a sharing rampage. You want to learn to love when people share your posts. Sharing is caring. It also generates cash flow for your local business.

Stop giving the gift and take some. Their are plenty of mobile users out there in the local market. Isn’t it time you got your share. Your business deserves a little piece of the pie too. All you got to be able to do is communicate with smartphone users. It all starts with a mobile website for business. That has got to be priority number one. Then you can get into the mobile marketing end. Build a foundation first. This is your storefront to smartphone users. Too me. It is customer service. That’s the first thing a smartphone user see’s is your businesses mobile website or that old school 20 year old desktop website that needs dusting.

Mobile Biz Buzz gets your Biz Buzzing on Mobile.

Local Business Tips 2016

Smartphone Marketing for local businesses
Smartphone is our new customer 2016

Well we have another new year upon us so we thought we’d throw a few local business tips for 2016. Time to get back to the basic’s that work for local businesses. Next maybe you need that fresh start. New feel, new look, and new technologies so we can improve our marketing strategies. Some of us have been sitting on the fence and have been waiting to jump into the new mobile world.

  • Mobile: Get your biz buzzing on mobile. Almost 70% of people have smartphones in the USA and growing. Make it a priority to get your business a mobile website. That’s where you start. That will give your business mobile presence and a way to be found on a smartphone.
  • If you have a old school desk top website get an upgrade either to a responsive site or at least get a separate mobile website. The second option is less costly and almost as effective. Start thinking mobile in all your advertising efforts. Remember that mobile is growing like crazy. You can see it. You can see smartphones no matter where you are. This should be priority number one.
  • Google for Business: This is a FREE service offered by google for local businesses. Take advantage of this free service. Google for business gives you the ability to be found in local search. Your customers can find you on any device they are using. In addition your business is put on the maps. Now customers can find your business.
  • Your information is displayed, you can have photo’s, video’s and get found in the local searches. You also get a google + for your business. Lot’s of positive factors for your business for free. So jump on board and get what you need. Let your customers find your business. One thing to notice is that everything google offers is mobile.
  • Customer Service: I should of listed this as the number one tip for 2016. This is the year to drive customer service extra hard due to competition. Plus people just like to be treated with respect. It’s a simple idea. Every way you can improve your customer service in your business will pay off. Get your employees in on it.
  • Have everyone come up with ways to have better customer service and pick the top five. Then encourage everyone to implement those five ideas. Work them into the business. These could be very simple items like greeting someone that just walked in, at least a hello. These are free ideas that make your business a profit so use wisely.
  • Facebook Fanpage: Another important fact is facebook is mobile also. Facebook has the largest audience of all social media combined. Some people are using a personal account for their business. Get your business it’s own account. Keep your life separate. This is also a FREE service so use tools that assist your business without putting a burden on your budget. Don’t let facebook waste your time.
  • Set up a time that you post and answer any comments. Let your employees post for you. They can share a lot of great information about your business. Find out who the social media expert is on your team and use their talents. Don’t let them waste their time either. Take lots of photos with your smartphone and use when posting on facebook. Could be a meal, happy employees, front of building, or whatever you like.
  • Develop a Mobile Marketing Plan: The mobile market is growing faster than anything in our history. Plus it’s going to continue to grow, and grow, then grow some more. So get some of those smartphone customers. Here’s a few ways.
  • 1. Mobile Coupon Marketing. You need a mobile coupon builder that can be changed on a moments notice and tracked.
  • 2. Mobile e-mail. Smartphone users use their phone to check e-mail. Make sure it is mobile optimized. Short Message Service(SMS) is an option but it cost more and over 90% of customers prefer email over sms.
  • 3. Build a list of your customers. You can use your list during hard times, slow times and days, and have a way of communicating with your customers. Make sure you own list.
  • 4. Develop a Loyalty Rewards Program. This is a great way to retain your existing customers. It shows you care. It gives you an edge in the market. Smartphone punch cards are great for attracting new customers and retention.
  • 5. Integrate all your mobile marketing with social media. Remember sharing is the key. Sharing is caring.

So hope that these few local business tips for 2016 get your biz buzzing on mobile. This is your year to build your book of business the smart way. The smartphone is now the preferred communication device. You just got to figure a way to reach these new smartphone customers. Click on our Smartphone Mobile Marketing Plan.

Mobile Biz Buzz gets your Biz Buzzing on Mobile!

Mobile Marketing Plan for Local Businesses

Can your business benefit from using the mobile marketing plan for local businesses? Here we are going into 2016 and mobile has been on fire in the local markets. It’s time to get your business smartphone ready. You knew this was coming. You can see it every where. Smartphones are the ultimate communication device. Now you need to figure out how to get in touch with these users.

It all starts with a mobile marketing plan for local businesses that gives you an opportunity to capture data from these smartphone users and make a profit at the same time. The program is simple, customer friendly, and easy to use. We provide all the tools. You provide the service with a smile.

Our Mobile Marketing Plan for Local businesses includes:

  • Mobile Website
  • Mobile Coupon Builder
  • Smartphone Loyalty Mobile Punch Card
  • Mobile e-mail
  • All integrated into your social media with sharing

Now your business is armed for 2016 and the mobile world. Your business has an outstanding mobile marketing plan for local businesses like yours. Designed with your goals, your expectations, your clientele, and you own the list. The money is in the list. You’ve heard that before. There are way to many companies that sell or use your list without you even realizing it. We keep your list safe, secure, and confidential.

Mobile Marketing Plan for Local Businesses – How it Works

We set up and design your mobile website to start off with. Then we design your smartphone loyalty mobile punch card. Then pass this info back to you. Set goals, expectations, and create a mobile marketing plan for your local business. Set up your loyalty rewards program.

First is Set-up

  • Mobile Website
  • Rewards Program
  • Mobile Punch Card
  • Mobile Coupons
  • Mobile e-mail

Everything is designed to be shared on social media. Sharing is caring. That’s what we want. SHARING…the more we can get people to share the better.

Now we finalize our mobile marketing plan for local businesses so it fits our unique business. Once we are all on board with the same plan it is time to train your staff. Make sure they know how to give out rewards and redeem them. It would be nice for them to start letting that customer know that sharing is caring.

Next we make any necessary changes, make sure everything is operating smoothly, and kick our mobile marketing plan for local businesses into high gear. Everything will evolve around our customer service. This is vitally important in order to have a successful campaign.

You start enrolling customers into your rewards program and the wheels will start spinning. Now you just give the system time to work. It will grow and keep growing. This mobile marketing plan for local businesses will pay for itself, give your business a profit, create happy rewarded customers, and give you the ability to stay in touch with your smartphone customer base.

Customer service is top priority. We cannot stress customer service enough. Everyone that is part of your organization needs to provide excellent customer service with a smile. This will make it easier for you to build your book of business.

Each part of the system can produce a profit, provide a service, or answer a question. Keep your system fined tuned for max results. Get your business ready for mobile. This will put your business on the mobile map. Click on the link to learn more about mobile marketing for local businesses.

Mobile Biz Buzz gets your Biz Buzzing on Mobile.

Get your Biz Booming

Get your Biz Booming

Get your biz buzzing on mobile
Get your biz booming

We need to look around to find out how to get your biz booming in today’s market. What ways can we acquire new customers and maintain our current client base. Let’s first make sure we are covering the local area. Our business needs a local presence. Is your business listed in at least ten strong directories? Do you have a desktop website? Is your website listed on google, bing, and yahoo local? Is your website designed with responsive technology? Are you listed and have engagement going on with facebook, twitter,  google+, and other social media accounts?

Let’s get the items above taken care of first of all. Most of the local search items can be done for free as long as you have the time. Let’s start out with getting listed with ten free directories. Easy to do with a little google search. Find the ten most popular in your local area. Just do a couple every week. Next put together your social networks. Use great photos. Write a good about you statement. Invite people you know to get some likes, tweets, and google pluses. Now we are setting up our future actions to get your biz booming. We done all of this for free. Start engaging with customers. Use coupons, images, funny stuff to start engaging.

Now lets take a look at your website. Are you being ranked in the search engines with your keywords? If not make some changes. Again more research. Make sure your keywords even have a chance at ranking. If your not sure hire someone. This can pay dividends in your local ranking on google and other search engines. Great way to get your biz booming. Next ensure your website is listed with google, yahoo, and bing local search. Again accomplishment of these items will give you a good return on your investment.

This next step could get expensive. If your desktop website is not build with responsive technology it may not show up good on mobile devices. Do you have at least a thousand dollars to shell out for a descent responsive website that will fit all devices? Plus any other item that you add on. That is a cheap website price. Then to top it off you may have to pay extra for big buttons, hosting, and other items that a website designer will charge. Why would you want your website to be able to fit on mobile devices anyway?

Well give you two good reasons why to go mobile. Number one is that the mobile market is booming. It is the fastest and largest growing market in history. Mobile search is about to take over desktop search. Smartphone sales are booming. Number two is if your website is not smartphone friendly customers are more likely to x you off and search for your competition. Causing you to start losing existing customers and losing new customers. I would have to say those are two great reasons to go mobile.

The problem is that you do not want to pay for a responsive website. That’s ok because we have a solution to get your biz booming. Instead of paying those high fees for a responsive website get a premium business mobile website. We have excellent mobile website pricing. Your mobile website should load quickly, be customer friendly, simple, have big buttons for tap to call, directions, and social media, and easy to navigate for a smartphone user. It is no longer an option for your business to have a mobile website.

Now let me introduce you to Mobile Biz Buzz. We get your biz buzzing on mobile. This is how to get your biz booming. We offer you a premium business mobile website design, including mobile seo, and provides your business with instant advertising. We integrate your social media. We monitor your rankings and adjust your mobile keywords and seo accordingly. We handle pretty much everything concerning your mobile website. To get your biz booming and information click on mobile website pricing and drop your email.

Mobile Biz Buzz gets your Biz Buzzing on Mobile!

Mobile Biz Buzz

Mobile Biz Buzz

Design Mobile Website
Mobile Website Design

We get your Biz Buzzing on Mobile. With our professional premium business mobile website design integrated with mobile seo, your business gets instant mobile advertising for your local business. Your smartphone business plan.

Go where your customers go. Get a smartphone business plan. It is no longer an option to have your business smartphone ready. Have you seen all the people carrying smartphones? Go where the eyes go. Right to that mobile phone. People carry their cell phone with them every where. The great news is they are searching on google looking for a local business. It could be your business. Be smartphone ready. This market is growing daily. It is the fastest growing market in history.

Get your Biz Buzzing on Mobile.

Mobile Biz Buzz offers mobile websites for musicians. Great way for fans to follow your band. Mobile websites for bands and musicians can be a great way for you to advertise and display your bands information. Events, videos, photos, bio’s of band members, or pretty any thing you like within reason. Get your fans buzzing on mobile. Most people are carrying their smartphone searching for things to do. People love entertainment. When folks find something they like they share it on social media. So musicians go mobile baby. Your fans are mobile.

Get your Fans Buzzing on Mobile.

Check out our mobile website using your smartphone.    View the link to the left on a smartphone.