Did your business buy local seo services yet? We proudly serve the surrounding communities to include Daytona Beach, Orlando, Jacksonville, and Tampa Bay, Florida. You can purchase our services any where in the USA. Search Engine Optimization is key to getting your business found online.Local Search Engine Optimization Florida

Our goal is to get you on the first page of google. We start out with getting you on the three pack of the local maps. Then we go after getting your website listed on the first page of google with organic local SEO for the area that your business is located.

Mobile Biz Buzz can service any area in the USA. Most customers are in the local area we live in like Daytona Beach, Florida and Lansing, Michigan areas. We use google my business and jam pack it with all the goodies to get you listed on the google maps so your business can reap the reward of obtaining new customers.

You can use google my business service for free if you decide to do it yourself. We are experts at getting your business ranked on the three pack for maps. We know exactly what to do to get your business ranked in the top three positions. Think you know google like we do? DIY or let us handle the work for your business. We specialize in advanced local SEO for local and small businesses. Hire us and reap the rewards.

SEO for Small Business

When you use our SEO for small business services we sometimes provide a website and a tracking phone number. We get you listed in many directories. We get you the proper back links you need to get your listing boosted to the front of the line. Our number one mission is to get your business listed on the first page of google period.

Pricing for SEO for small business varies by competition and work we must perform. We do have a one time set up fee and a monthly fee determined after we do an analysis of your particular local business. We stand behind our work. Set up fee is waived when paying annually. Want a proposal for your business? Just send us an email.

We guarantee first page results or your money is 100% refunded. Some SEO’s say you can’t do that. Why not? We get results so you can buy our local SEO services knowing your business will have a higher search score. We work to achieve results. We strive to get you on the first page. If you hire a roofer he should guarantee that it won’t leak. That’s all we do.

Sometimes it takes a little while to get your business ranked. We get you going starting with our 90 day master plan. Then add some juice with our advanced SEO methods. Your website will make progress. Every 90 days we reevaluate your situation and adjust your plan accordingly. It’s a smart purchase.

SEO for local businesses is a very powerful way to attract new customers once you have an maintain a ranking on google. Once we set up all the basic items that need done for ranking, you now have a so;id foundation for your website. Then we kick in our more advanced strategies. By the end of a 12 month time frame your website is getting first page rankings under your keyword or sometimes keywords.

We keep working on your local SEO rankings so that the competition doesn’t sneak up on you. You want to maintain a steady flow of new business. That way you keep building your book of business. If you do not maintain your ranking your business will start to slide down a long a slippery slope of getting back on top. Just like not maintaining your car. See what happens when you no longer change your oil, add new brakes, or tires. Same thing happens to your website rankings.

The best way to ensure your rankings remain stable is for you to understand that SEO must be maintained for long term success. Our yearly rate offers you saving’s and a business mobile marketing strategy that will build you a list of customers for the long term. It also opens up new avenues of reaching your audience with social networks and maintaining your customer base.

We provide a complete local mobile marketing strategy for your local business to include:

Business Mobile Marketing Strategy

  • Advanced Local SEO
  • Mobile Website Design
  • Responsive Website Design
  • Social Media Wifi Marketing
  • Smartphone Loyalty Punch Cards
  • List Building
  • Social Media Integration
  • Other secret solutions offered to paying customers
  • 100% guarantee

When you combine our advanced local SEO with wifi marketing, smartphone reward cards, customer list building and everything integrated into your social media. Your business has an excellent mobile marketing strategy that can dominate any local market. This is a long term program that will give your business more opportunities. The smartphone business strategy that works.

Do you want your business on the first page of google? Contact Mobile Biz Buzz. We get your Biz Buzzing on Mobile.

Our testimonial is the day we get your local business on the first page of google. We use results from google only. Guaranteed results or you get your money back. We even refund your set up fee if your business is not listed on google. We are confident that we can get your business on the first page of google. So work with us or pay the other guy. You want more customers? You must have results period. That’s what we do. Mobile Biz Buzz provides results or you get your money back. Take action and get your business on the first page. Buy local SEO services from Mobile Biz Buzz.

Local SEO In Daytona Beach, Orlando, Jacksonville, Florida and surrounding communities is for local businesses. We can serve your business any where in the USA. Contact us for results. If your going to pay someone make sure they can provide results. We want to earn your business. Let us start getting customers calling, walking in, or emailing your business today. We may be small but we are powerful and accept only results for our paying customers. We guarantee results.

Mobile Biz Buzz gets your Biz Buzzing on Mobile with local SEO. Experts in Local SEO for small business. Try our other excellent local business services that builds your business a customer list that keeps them coming back for more of your products and services.

Please be advised…we don’t wear fancy suits. We work behind the scenes getting your business ranked on the search engines. That’s what we do.

Business Search Engine Optimization.

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