Our mobile marketing Mobile Marketing strategy is the top reason local businesses in Florida like working with us. We design your website to attract customers and market your site with our advanced local SEO package.

Our rates are very competitive. But a website that is not bringing in customers has a problem. Our strategies can find a solution for your business that brings you more customers. Your business has two options. We can design and market your site or you can Do It Yourself (DIY).

Local basic SEO is included with all plans when we build you one of our professional WordPress websites. We design responsive websites. That fit on a smartphone screen. We build your site with speed in mind. Our mobile marketing strategy will get your website found. We bring your business more customers using our advanced local SEO system.

Lets talk about when we design your site. Our smartphone websites are designed to be customer friendly, simple, easy to navigate for your mobile customers. Go where customers eyes go. Straight to their smartphone.

Grab your share of this mobile opportunity. The mobile market is the fastest and largest growing market in the history of the world. Getting your website found on google needs to be a priority for your business to attract new customers and maintain existing customers.


WordPress Website Pricing

Our WordPress website pricing starts at $499. Our responsive website design lets customers have an enjoyable experience on your website. That’s the best investment you can make for your company. Instant mobile advertising for your business or band. Below are the features that are included with your premium business WordPress website design package. Check this out. No set up fee.

We keep working on your search ranking and WordPress website design as long as you are a client of our company. We make all changes for you. Compare the big value of our WordPress website pricing with any competitor and you will see we offer a superb product. Our business WordPress website plan comes with everything included to get your biz buzzing on mobile with local SEO.

No contracts. Anything that is not included in the list below just contact us to see if we can add those features. We work for you and want your business to succeed with an effective mobile marketing plan. You are building your brand for future business.

Mobile SEO

We get your Biz Buzzing on Mobile

Mobile Biz BuzzWe build it you get the following.

  • Premium Business WordPress Website
  • Local Basic Mobile SEO Included
  • Header (your logo)
  • Introduction to your biz
  • Up to 7 pages
  • Social media integration
  • Big social media buttons
  • 1 contact form
  • 1/2 coupons to advertise
  • your video on you tube
  • Hosting is available
  • Maps
  • Translator if needed
  • Designed for quick loading
  • We use your analytic data for SEO
  • Great customer service
  • We can maintain your WordPress Website
  • Customer friendly
  • Simple
  • Easy to navigate
  • Smartphone ready
  • Advance local SEO is extra

Drop us an email Contact Us so we can discuss your plans.

Our 2018 Best Value WordPress Website.

Business Mobile Marketing Strategy

Smartphone Website Pricing

Thanks for Your Business

Our business mobile marketing strategy  comes with a Bonus if your business is in Daytona Beach. Buy our smartphone loyalty punch card program and get our social media WiFi program included for free. No one can touch this mobile website pricing when combined with our exclusive deluxe mobile loyalty punch card and our social media WiFi programs. Now add in our advanced local SEO for business and you have a winning formula.

We have information about our best value package for 2018. We have great WordPress website pricing, benefit’s, and other valuable information. Go to mobile loyalty punch cards for benefits and the best business mobile marketing strategy pricing or keep reading.

We have arrived into the mobile age where your business needs a bold new business mobile marketing strategy. A modern mobile strategy designed to acquire new customers for your small local business. This plan is developed for your business to acquire new customers and retain existing customers while letting the business make a profit.

This all new 2018 business mobile marketing strategy for restaurants, hotels and local businesses gives your business an opportunity to be mobilized. You now can communicate with your customers. The folks you see glued to their mobile device. Now you have their data and can communicate with them with the smartphone.

There are no app’s to download. Why? Because customers hate downloading and it’s time consuming. If they do download your app. When they need space on their smartphone you will be gone. Most local businesses do not need an expensive app. Apps are for retention or you want something specific. They are costly and are a waste of your businesses time unless they perform a specific function. A responsive website should be your priority. Then you can add an app if needed.

Mobile Coupon Marketing System & Social Media

You now have the ability to offer customers a mobile coupon or mobile email to save them money right from their smartphone. They get rewarded for their purchases. They can share your coupons on social media like, Facebook or twitter. We can combine your mobile website pricing with other plans so you have a more effective strategy.

Smartphone Coupon Marketing

Mobile Coupon Marketing

You don’t care about the likes on Facebook do you? The money is in sharing and the likes. That’s where you pick up extra customers and make more profit for your business. The likes will also be shared in the customers news feed. Go for the sharing and likes. We use the term Sharing is caring. You want your coupons, specials, reward programs, getting shared all over your local Facebook area.

You get paid when customers share. So give them loyalty rewards for sharing also. They are driving business to your front door. Give the rewards that will keep them coming back. The old school days of buy 10 coffee’s get one free are almost expired. Use dollar amounts to drive rewards.

You have smartphone users that want to give you their money. Reward them with nice items and still make a profit. This form of smartphone advertising is very effective and brings profits to your business with happy customers. Who wants some happy customers. Get in where you fit in. Let Mobile Biz Buzz get your Biz Buzzing on Mobile with our business mobile marketing strategy.

They do everything from order food, find your location, see whats on sale, who has coupons, and a vast array of anything that they can google. google it. You hear it all the time. This is where you can pick up new and save your existing customers.

Entrepreneur Magazine guest writer Brett Relander has some great advice for a local business. How to maximize your mobile marketing strategy. Great read check it out.

Your business mobile marketing strategy is mean, lean, and a customer capturing machine designed to bring in profits with customers using smartphones.

Our local SEO agency does not wear suits. We work behind the scenes getting your business found online.

The only way we succeed is when you succeed.

Mobile Biz Buzz gets your Biz Buzzing on Mobile.

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