The new smart way to have retention and acquire new customers is with the hottest service out there on the market called smartphone loyalty reward cards. Special pricing for local businesses in Daytona Beach, Orlando, Jacksonville, or Tampa, Florida. Branded for your business. It works best with great customer service.

We are but a handful of companies that are offering this new service for restaurants, hotels and local businesses. Loyalty reward cards on smartphones based on money spent or purchases by your customers. Smartphone reward cards for your customers. This gives your business more flexibility in your rewards program and more profit for your company. The smartphone mobile loyalty punch card is exactly what it says.

Mobile loyalty punch cards on your customers smartphone. It offers your customers rewards for being loyal to your local business or restaurant. This program has many advantages for local business owners. Rewards are based on money spent at your business. The number one advantage is you own the list of customers. Number two is you control the rewards. Number three it’s part of our business mobile marketing strategy that works for restaurants and other local businesses.

Mobile Loyalty Punch Card Security

The big thing is you own bewareyour list of customers in your mobile loyalty punch card program. Beware of companies that use your list. You own your list of customers . We DO NOT use any information that is captured from your customers. That is your private list. This is your book of business.

Safe, secure, and kept confidential right in the smartphone mobile loyalty punch cards system. We also go into a little more detail so you have more of an understanding on how the business mobile marketing strategy works with your business. Not just a bunch of fancy photo’s and buy now signs. Feel free to ask us a question anytime.

Mobile Loyalty Punch Card

Smartphone reward cards are great for maintaining customers. Your business can connect to it’s customers effectively with a mobile website, mobile coupons, mobile e-mail and social media. Your customers enjoy being rewarded with your mobile loyalty punch cards and your business makes a profit while having a happy list of customers.

We pretty much set up everything for you and you get to make changes when needed. You control your business mobile marketing strategy. We make recommendations, provide suggestions, ideas, and provide solutions for acquiring customers with your smartphone mobile loyalty punch cards, mobile coupon marketing, and show you how to integrate your social media along the way.

Smartphone Loyalty Punch Cards

We set you up with the business mobile marketing strategy that includes your smartphone loyalty punch cards, wifi marketing, and local SEO. The strategy is designed for your business to have an excellent mobile strategy using the smartphone reward cards. This program comes with all the tools so you can have a successful campaign. Here is what is included:

Business Mobile Marketing Strategy.

  • Local SEO for Local Business
  • Mobile Website & Responsive Website Builder
  • Social Media Wifi Marketing
  • Smartphone Loyalty Punch Cards
  •  e-mail/ list building marketing system
  • These are all integrated with social media
  • Money Back Guarantee
Free Bonus Tip for Small Businesses

One thing we do stress is that you have a google my business account so you are listed on google’s local network. This is a free service provided by google so use it. This service is mobile. You can have driving directions to your business, phone number or click to call, local search results, and more. Another mobile way for customers to find your business in your local market. Want us to manage your listings? Send us an email.

Reward your Customers with Mobile Loyalty Punch Cards

So you reward your customers with your mobile punch cards to keep them coming back and receive referrals from those great customers as well. This could be from word of mouth or social media. All from a smartphone. Your mobile loyalty punch card system is going to blow away your customers.

So do your customers right by offering multiple rewards with your mobile loyalty punch cards. Give them options. People like options. If they spent $200 don’t give a $5 reward. Maybe $25. Make it nice but not a burden on the books. Keep it profitable. Most business owners seem to be rewarding customers with around 10 – 20 percent of purchases. Use multiply rewards. $100 reward, $200 reward. or a $500 reward. Some people will go for the bigger reward. Depending on your business and cost of goods, adjust accordingly.

Profit with Smartphone Loyalty Punch Cards

Profit with Smartphone Punch Cards

Profit with Smartphone Punch Cards

Work the numbers a little. Your business can profit with smartphone reward cards. Here’s an example; If you have 300 customers on your rewards program and 100 of those customers get a reward. Lets say you make $85 on each customer every month after the reward comes out. That’s $85 x 100 = $8500 x 12 months = $102,000. Could your business use a bonus of $100,000? Remember you have to figure out your own numbers. You have to own it so it becomes your plan when you take action.

We didn’t even count the other 200 customers working toward a reward. Smartphone mobile loyalty punch cards are great for for all businesses including Mom and Pop Shops. restaurants, and local businesses. Make sure your rewards for your mobile punch cards are obtainable. Every time a reward goes out, you know your business made a profit. Also post it on facebook or other social media outlets.

Anything you make over the investment you pay us is yours to keep. Give someone a bonus. Use the profits for anything you desire. It’s your money. 100%. You might have 500 or 1,000 customers. Keep it growing for more profit. Our system can handle all the customers or smartphone mobile loyalty punch cards you bring to the table. The only way we succeed is when you succeed.

Business Mobile Marketing Strategy

Strategy vs Plan

Strategy is what you want to do and your plan is how you want to do it. Your plan is also an action step. The plan is when you take action and put your strategy to work. When you own the strategy (make it yours) and take action with it. Your actions with the strategy now becomes your plan. We provide the tools and strategy. It’s up to you to move the strategy into your own plan. All businesses are different so adjust accordingly.

So what you want to do is capture smartphone users, build your list of customers, build your brand, and sell more product. We provide the tools and we help you figure out how you want to do it. You will love it when your plan comes together. Take your action step and put your plan in action.

Example of Strategy and Plan (action step)

Customer comes in your business and buys something. You offer your customer VIP treatment with your smartphone mobile loyalty punch cards. They provide you with their information:

Mobile Punch Cards

Happy Customers after Loyalty Rewards

  1. Phone Number
  2. Name
  3. e-mail

They receive a points toward a reward.  These points add up for their rewards. The dollars spent on their smartphone loyalty punch card based on your criteria or what your business offers as a reward for your mobile loyalty punch cards.

This all adds up for the customer as well as profits for your business. They also receive a mobile e-mail to welcome them. We recommend that you (if it’s in the budget) offer a reward just for joining your customer loyalty program. This makes it an easier decision for the customer. It also builds your list quicker.

Now every time they come in and spend a certain amount of money with you they get another credit toward the rewards you offer. This enables the customer to keep spending money towards their reward with your mobile loyalty punch cards.

Another good idea is to have them share that moment on facebook and offer them a reward. Example might be they get 10 points for sharing a coupon on facebook. You can see how this would snowball. Sharing is caring. Social media sharing in action on a smartphone.

Sharing is Caring

Kathy and Carrie see this mobile coupon on facebook and come down and spend money. They get in on the rewards program and your list keeps growing. You must give the program time to work. They share more smartphone coupons and tell their friends.

Your business is expanding and building your list of smartphone customers. Lot’s of flexibility to gear the plan toward your businesses goals. We are here to help you achieve your mobile goals. We use all the mobile analytical data to improve your program for better results. You always want to see improvement of your results.

Mobile Analytical Data

Smartphone data

Tools to make your plan more effective

  • Page views
  • Visitors
  • Unique Visitors
  • e-mails
  • Form Submissions
  • Calls
  • Map Clicks
  • Coupon Redemption’s
  • Date Ranges
  • Mobile Loyalty Punch Cards

This data can be used to improve your strategy and develop your next campaign or improve your actions your already doing (your plan). All this is included in the strategy with data.

The customer will also receive an e-mail with special promotions from your mobile coupons that can be shared on social media. Facebook has a rule that you cannot offer a reward for a like. You want them to share. That is where more customers are acquired and more profit is made for your business. Can you see how this will pay for itself? Sharing is caring. You want social media sharing not likes.

Great Customer Service

Rewards keep your customers happy, keeps them coming back, brings in referrals, great social media campaign, more profit for your business, and an opportunity to grow your book of business while spreading your brand with mobile loyalty punch cards.

The smartphone loyalty punch card builds you a solid base of customers. The money is in the list. Build your list for the future. Keep in contact with mobile customers with mobile e-mail. Send e-mails when you want and to who you want.

This business mobile marketing strategy will enable your business to be mobilized. You will have access to an energizing mobile marketing system that works for local businesses of all kinds. We work with you to develop a plan tailored for your business. This program will build your book of business and keep it growing for the future. Just keep adding customers to the reward program with mobile loyalty  punch cards.

This can be done on a smartphone if needed. This program is easy to follow. Comes with how to video’s if needed. We do all the heavy lifting for your business. You will have an easy, customer friendly, and a business mobile marketing strategy that produces results when you make it your plan. We do not share other businesses data, so do not ask.

Contact us for more information about our Business Mobile Marketing Strategy that includes a business mobile website builder, mobile coupon builder, mobile loyalty punch cards, mobile e-mail marketing system, and social media sharing that integrates with all your tools . That’s a smart way to grow your business.

Business Mobile Marketing Plan

Business Mobile Marketing Strategy at work

How much is the Smartphone Reward Cards Program?

As you can see it’s a great value. Our Mobile Loyalty Punch Card program is only $499 mo. plus set up fees. When you order mention the Daytona Beach, Florida bonus. Not only do you get the smartphone loyalty punch card program, you get our new Social Media Wifi system included. Normally $299 mo. for our social powered wifi program.

Get your business smartphone ready and have a smart business mobile marketing strategy that works for restaurants, hotels and other local businesses. We give personal service Daytona Beach, Florida and surrounding communities in Florida. We can provide service any where in the USA as a matter of fact. All done online. Easy and a great return on your investment.

Proximity Marketing

We can also add on proximity marketing tools such as I-Beacons and NFC Tags for more engagement with your customers. Adding a simple Welcome as they enter your business is a nice touch. How about sending them a coupon of a special in the section they are shopping. Or how about a coupon for a !/2 off an appetizer with a great meal. What about welcoming them to your new mobile loyalty rewards program. We can be creative to match your business needs.

These devices can be placed in small areas and programmed to assist or entice your customers. Let us know that you want to include these devices and the program to operate the equipment as they will be billed in the set up fees. By the way it compliments our social media wifi. Together they make an excellent mobile marketing program for any local business, hotel, or restaurant.

Local businesses in Daytona Beach, Orlando, Jacksonville, or Tampa, Florida get a special offer. Just email us for the details for wifi marketing and smartphone reward cards combo.

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The only way we succeed is when you succeed.

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