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WiFi Marketing With Social Media

Our social media wifi marketing system for 2017 is red hot for restaurants, hotels and local businesses down here in beautiful Daytona Beach, Florida. This is our new business mobile marketing strategy that gains and retains customers for your local business. We can provide service any where in the USA to include Orlando, Jacksonville, and Tampa Bay. We get your Biz Buzzing on Mobile.

Who uses WiFi?

Who uses Wifi? Everyone with a smartphone. Are you ready to get some new customers or trying to retain your existing ones? This social powered wifi marketing tool gathers customers data to build your book of business for years to come. Easy to use, simple installation, and you get a great return on your investment. The tool that keeps them smartphone users coming back for more social media wifi.

Social Media WiFi is a great way to get your mobile marketing system started and rolling in the right direction. You should already have a mobile website for your business. Smartphone users are out shopping and will be looking for free wifi while enjoying saving money at your place of business. They will even share these experiences with their friends on facebook, twitter, google+, or linkedIn.

Start building your book of business for the future. You get complete control of your customers data. All data is completely secure with our double encrypted system. Social Powered Media Wifi is a win win solution for any restaurant, hotel, or any other local business that wants to add on better customer service while increasing profits. You simple get more customers through the use of social media and wifi.

It’s wild but people love free wifi. So isn’t it about time you got something in return for giving away free wifi? You darn right. Your running a business to make profit. So if you can capture your customers data and still keep them happy, you have a win win solution. Plus you get engagement on your social media networks. Everybody is happy and we all win.

Remember sharing is caring. Get everyone into sharing and giving your business more likes on facebook. Their friends will also see them at your business. Your reach¬† grows daily with social media wifi. They can give you a “like” right as they log in with facebook. You capture their data. Name, email, phone number, age, and more if necessary. So you can make contact at a later time.

Social Media Wifi Equipment

All you need is an internet connection. We plug our hardware right into your router. Our software takes care of the rest. Our back end folks handle the heavy lifting. We provide you with real time results. Its your book of business safe and secure. Now you can use the data to send out email blast, sms messages, facebook post, or a simple text message. You have control. Your list keeps growing. Your brand is steadily building with greater reach. Your customer service has increased. Your smartphone customers are happy and ready to spend money at your location.

How Much Is Social Media Wifi?

Our exclusive offer for our local businesses that want to provide social media wifi in Daytona Beach and surrounding Florida locations is $99. Plus set up fees. Wait a special offer below.

Business Mobile Marketing Strategy

When you combine the Social Media Wifi system with our mobile loyalty punch card program your mobile marketing strategy intensifies. You gain more customers and retain more customers with our simple, easy, and smartphone ready business mobile marketing strategy.

This is a complete system that allows customers to log into your businesses wifi with their favorite social media account. Your business captures your customers email, phone number and builds you a list that your business can market to. You can send mobile coupons, specials, and just keep in touch with your customers. Doing this all with social media using your businesses wifi. Everyone is a winner.

It doesn’t matter where you are located. We can offer this service in Daytona Beach,¬† Orlando, Jacksonville, and Tampa Bay, Florida. You could be located in Lansing, MI, Chicago or even Charleston SC. Social media wifi is great for list building in any business that is local. Do yourself a favor. Give your customers wifi that they can log in with their favorite social media account. Saves them time and you gain valuable info so you can build your book of business.

You get the complete business mobile marketing system. We help you along the way. Social Media Wifi Marketing for included, Smartphone Loyalty Punch Cards included, Plus our Expert Local SEO is included. Limited time offer. Now get all programs for a great yearly rate. Plus set up fees. Call or email Mobile Biz Buzz today.

This by far is the game changer for 2017 and the best value for a limited time. Plus we guaranteed your rate for the next 10 years.

The only way we succeed is when you succeed.

Mobile Biz Buzz get your Biz Buzzing on Mobile.

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