Website Design For Business

Website design for business in Daytona Beach, Orlando and Jacksonville, Florida. Responsive is the only way to go. It must be simple and easy to navigate from a smartphone. You must consider local SEO and social media. Your site must have speed. We also perform troubleshooting for sites not ranking in local search.

Mobile Biz Buzz only recommends responsive website design for business. There are many types of design platforms on the market. We personally use a WordPress website design for business.

Actually WP is a content management system. You must think in the future and should choose a website building platform that can grow as your business grows. Duda is also a good website builder for a small local business. There are drag and drop platforms and wysiwyg builders.

You may already have a domain name. If not choose a domain name that matches your business. Keep it as short as possible. Get a domain with dot com. They are the most remembered ones. You could also add the city to your domain. Like Orlando Plumbing or Daytona Beach Diner. Some people just prefer to use their business name.

Next your going to need hosting. Now if your using a WordPress Theme, make sure you get hosting for WordPress. Shared hosting can slow your site down. If you need a SSL certificate this would be the time to inquire about it. Security of your website is very important. That is another thing to consider.

Priority number one with any website design for business must be for the end user. Those are the folks using smartphones. Your website must be simple and very easy to navigate with thumbs and fingers. The site must have speed because you don’t want to lose any visitors because of a slow loading time. It must load faster than 2 seconds at a minimum. The faster the better.