How To Get Your Biz Buzzing Locally

How To Get Your Biz Buzzing (DIY Marketing & SEO)

Mobile Biz Buzz provides information on how to get your Biz Buzzing with SEO and a DIY Marketing Solution.

Our common sense approach to local SEO and local marketing is geared toward reaching your audience that carry smartphones.

We also recommend effective digital marketing tools to help you reach your audience so you can generate more leads.

Mobile Biz Buzz offers DIY (do it yourself) or DFY (do for you) solutions for website design, SEO, and we recommend a complete digital marketing tools suite you may need to effectively market your business online.

It all starts with a simple online marketing strategy that works and knowing the answers to a few questions.

  • What Is Your Niche?
  • Who Is Your Audience?
  • Where Does Your Audience Hang Out?
  • How Do You Reach Your Audience?
  • What Is Your Number One Traffic Source?
  • What Website Builder Do You Use For Your Online Business?

Hot Tip: Get Your Biz Buzzing With A Fast Website Builder.

Cheetah or WordPress (Start With A Lightning Fast Website)

WordPress or Cheetah Is Great For DIY Marketing

WordPress or Cheetah (click the big green button in the header for free access). We use both.

You need a responsive website builder that looks great on a mobile device and you must have blazing fast speed.

  • How Fast Does Your Website Load?
  • Can Your Website Pass The PageSpeed Insights Test?
  • Who Are You Using To Host Your Website?
  • What Are You Really Getting From Your Hosting Provider?
  • How Fast Can A Site Visitor Interact With Your Website?
  • Are You Using Video Effectively?
  • How Stable Is Your Website?
  • Are You Using Free Google Tools?

PageSpeed Insights, Google My Business, Google Analytics, and Google Search Console are all free.

Take advantage of these free tools.

Google My Business is the key to reaching the local 3 pack. There are only 3 spots that show up on the first page otherwise your only chance is to show up on the first page in the organic results.

You need a responsive website builder with fast hosting that can pass the PageSpeed Insights Test because it is going to become a major ranking factor in 2021.

Learn SEO and Use Tools To Communicate With Your Audience

Learn SEO and Use The Right Marketing Tools To Communicate With Your Audience
Communicate With Your Audience

Learn search engine optimization (SEO)!!! You can get a nice amount of free traffic using SEO. Use all the right tools you need to drive traffic to your site, generate leads, capture those leads, and build trust with your subscribers.

Eventually, you want to get paid for sales or services. You have to earn the trust of your future customers.

You need to be able to communicate with your audience, before, during, and after the sale, wouldn’t you agree?

How do you plan on building trust and showing that you are the authority for your niche?

Who Has The Tools For Traffic Generation, Sales Funnels, Lead Capture, Email Marketing, all from a single platform?

Get You Business Buzzing With The Right Tools

Get Your Biz Buzzing With The Right Tools
  • What SEO Tools Are You Using To Grade Your Pages and Blog Posts?
  • How Much Traffic Does Your Blog Posts Generate?
  • What Search Queries Are You Ranking For?
  • Are You A Member Of The Funnel Club?
  • Would You Like To Learn How To Use Sales Funnels?
  • Do You Know How To Capture Leads?
  • Are You Using Email To Build Your List?
  • Do You Know How To Set Up an Email System with Automatic Email Messages?
  • Are You Using WiFi To Capture Data and Build Your Social Network?

Learn how to use the right tools that will help you drive traffic to your site, generate leads, capture leads, and build a list.

Once you start generating leads you’ll need to learn how to convert those leads into sales by offering value with email marketing.

Do Not Over Complicate Your Strategy

Do Not Over Complicate Your Strategy

Knowing how to market your business does not need to be complicated. You need a easy system that works. It does take smart hard work, dedication, a simple strategy, and you may need to learn new skills.

Learn the tools you need to communicate with your audience.

All you are doing is building your brand, driving traffic to your website, and communicating with your audience.

It all sounds complicated, doesn’t it?

We will break it down. Its simple to follow and easy to implement the entire system.

Contact us for more information or questions on how to get your business buzzing.

DIY Marketing Plan (Keep It Simple)

DIY Marketing Plan Keep It Simple

Here is a simple DIY Marketing Plan to get you started. It becomes a strategy once you take action. Pick 3 traffic sources to drive traffic to your website.

  • The Only Way Anything Gets Done – You Must Take Action
  • Follow The SEO Best Practices With All Of Your Content
  • Learn How To Use Digital Marketing Tools
  • Choose 3 Traffic Sources (add one on at a time)
  • Build Your Brand Socially and With Email Marketing (Get People To Trust You)
  • Your Goal Is To Get Your Biz (business) Buzzing

Traffic is going to be your biggest hurdle.

We recommend Blogging, YouTube, & Facebook because that is how we can reach our audience. Build Your Brand (build trust & authority). The social network you choose is going to be used for building your brand in the beginning.

You may want to consider a different social media network, that depends on your situation and audience.

7 Step Website Traffic Plan

You can access a more detailed version of the 7 step website traffic plan with step by step instructions from that link.

  1. Start with blogging so you can build content for your website. You need great content to solve problems, offer value, and to show your audience that your site has authority in your niche. Schedule adding fresh content.
  2. Keep learning SEO to help you get a better ranking score for all of your value packed content.
  3. Next, start a YouTube Channel for your online business. Produce videos about the blog posts you just wrote about and use SEO. These videos must offer value to start building trust with your audience.
  4. Once you have a steady stream of videos and blog posts rolling out on a regular basis, it’s time to build your brand from another angle. Develop a social media network. Social Media can get your biz buzzing.
  5. Hang out with your audience on social media. Share content, blog posts, and use videos. Learn how to get your brand buzzing on social media using Social Media Video Billboards.
  6. Your next learning curve will be to add on email marketing, sales funnels, and lead conversions.
  7. Start Paid Advertising. You’ve gained enough experience to start but stay on a tight budget. Use A/B Testing.

You need lots of fresh content consistently to keep increasing the flow from your 3 traffic sources.

Keep improving your SEO skills and update your content on a regular basis (3-6 months).

This strategy is easy, simple, and it produces results. Do not expect fast results. This plan will get your biz buzzing.

Once you have those 3 free traffic sources rolling you may want to try paid advertising.

Easy does it. Stay on a tight budget until you are getting results.

It will cost you a little cash to learn online advertising.

What Are You Trying To Do With Your Business Online?

What Do You Want From Internet Marketing

What would you like your business to do online?

Learning your skills should be your number one priority. You can make progress as you learn new skills. Take one step at a time.

What do you want from internet marketing?

  • Acquire More Customers (sales)
  • Get More Traffic To Your Website
  • Use Free Content To Generate More Leads
  • Show Up In The Search Results More Often (SEO)
  • Learn Internet Marketing
  • Build Your Brand Using Social Media To Reach Your Audience
  • Get More Reviews
  • Build or Create An Email List
  • Create A Monthly Income
  • Learn Paid Advertising To Generate Leads Faster

Do you want to learn how to Do It Yourself?

Is there a platform that educates you on how to use the tools and offers free training to perform DIY Marketing?

Yes, and we will introduce this platform shortly.

We will cover these subjects so you can learn how to market your business all by yourself.

If you would like us to DFY (do for you) just contact us.

DIY Marketing (Learn Your Skills)

We Work Hard To Get You Results

We all want results but you have to pay the price to get them. You need to learn your skills if you want to become an effective DIY Marketer.

That’s right. You got to work smart, work hard, use a common sense approach, and follow a simple marketing strategy to get the best results.

Who Is DIY Marketing for?

  • Small Business Owners
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Beginners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Local Marketers
  • Income Opportunity Seekers
  • Anyone Starting An Online Business

Anyone can learn DIY Marketing as long as they are willing to learn new skills and put in the time.

We cover many marketing topics. We’ve broken them down into categories to help you achieve excellence quicker.

Be sure to subscribe to our mailing list or follow us on social media to stay up to date with all the good news.

You will not want to miss out on any new article that can put money in your pocket, wouldn’t you agree?

What are some of the subjects and categories we cover so you can become a more informed marketer?

Categories – Subjects We Cover To Help You Learn Your Skills

  • SEO Best Practices
  • Local Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing & Training
  • Income Opportunities
  • Mobile Marketing

Checking out some of our new content daily will surely move you up the ladder and you’ll start learning rather quickly.

A good place to start is with learning how to get a better ranking on Google so your website can get more traffic.

Get Your Business Buzzing With DIY Marketing

Get Your Biz Buzzing With DIY Marketing

Are you ready to get your business buzzing with DIY Marketing?

Do you know how to design a website?

We recommend either WordPress or the fastest website builder called Cheetah.

  • Are You Using a Responsive Website Builder and Does Your Site Load Under 2 Seconds?
  • What Type of Content Last the Longest, Builds Your Brand, and Provides Authority For Your Site?
  • Do You Even Know The Top 10 Local SEO Ranking Factors for Small Businesses?
  • Are You Taking Advantage of Smartphones and Mobile Devices?

We get results and so should you. Having another great satisfied customer is our mission.

Some of you maybe looking for laptop lifestyle business ideas, but you need to be able to get results. It takes time and consistency to get good results. Faster results can come from paid advertising but you’ll pay to learn those skills.

We offer solutions and ideas for people that want to get all the rewards of DIY Marketing.

How Do You Learn Do It Yourself (DIY) Marketing

How Do You Learn DIY Marketing

This is how you learn DIY marketing. You get in and take action.

You need hands on experience. Don’t worry we’ll offer you a helping hand if and when you need feedback. Do you want your business buzzing?

Start working and learning.

In addition, you can get plenty of feedback from our recommended DIY community of entrepreneurs. That will hook you up using their experiences. BA nation provides plenty of guidance and you can get your questions answered.

Feedback and ideas from real live people that are getting real results. Asking questions, seeing examples, and training videos can guide you along the journey. Listen, watch, and learn.

Businesses from across the globe can benefit from this information and the content that we share will also keep you moving in the right direction without paying for a bunch of BS.

Ask Questions To Get Your Biz Buzzing

  • Can Your Website Get Found By People Typing In a Keyword Phrase?
  • We Know of a Tool to Help You with SEO.
  • What Does Your Website Look Like On a Mobile Device?
  • Can Customers Navigate Your Site On Their Smartphones?
  • Do You Have a Google My Business Account and Is It Verified?

It doesn’t matter if you want a DIY (do it yourself) or you want a DFY (do for you) local marketing solution.

We got you covered on this site.

You can use this local business marketing strategy if you have a brick and mortar business.

Maybe, you just want some marketing tips and want to learn the SEO best practices so your site gets a better ranking score. We got you covered in that department as well, my friend.

Stop and ask yourself one question.

Are you willing to put in the hard work and learn new skills so you can become effective at DIY Marketing?

If your answer is no, then you might want to consider hiring a company or consultant that will do the work for you.

Yes, we can get your biz buzzing for a small fee.

We Offer 4 Main Services For Small Businesses

We Provide 4 Main Local Services

Mobile Biz Buzz gets your biz buzzing locally with our small business services.

  • Local SEO Service
  • Website Design
  • Social WiFi Marketing
  • Local & Video Marketing

We offer everything loaded into a single value package based on your needs.

You can also learn how to do it yourself (DIY). Just follow our site or join our BA team.

We proudly serve small mom and pop businesses all across the USA.

Do you have a local business that needs our help?

We might even stop into your shop.

That is, if you are located around eastern North Carolina.

Small towns like Fayetteville, Goldsboro, Jacksonville, or Wilmington, North Carolina.

Our agency is very small company but you get big results.

We limit ourselves to the amount of clients we work with, so you get more effective results.

Do you want a website that will show up in the local search results?

Let us design a website so your customers can find your business online.

Now back to the DIY Marketers.

What platform are you using to build your website?

WordPress Is A Proven Platform For Website Design

WordPress Website Design

WordPress is the most known content management system on the internet.

We like all of the responsive themes (better for mobile viewing) that you can use.

Our favorite responsive theme is Astra.

It’s extremely fast and performs quit well, even the free version.

Astra is one of the fastest selling themes over the last couple years, it’s that good.

A special note about WordPress.

As a matter of fact over 30% of all websites are built using the WordPress platform.

Especially the big corporate giants, internet guru’s, and many affiliate sites use WP.

Plus you won’t find many bugs like some of the drag and drop builders.

Most of the experts online use WordPress but you need dedicated WP hosting to get the upload speed you need.

Is WordPress your only option? No! You need a fast, flexible, and reliable hosting provider for your website.

DIY Marketing Solutions For People On A Budget

Cheetah Website Builder
DIY Marketing Solutions – (CLICK Image for More Info)

Builderall is a total DIY Marketing solution especially for marketers on a budget.

We highly recommend this platform for DIY Marketing. They offer everything you need for marketing your business on the internet.

Do you want to build a website with WordPress or try the New Lightning Fast Website Builder, Cheetah?

You get the best of both worlds with the Builderall Platform.

They provide all the digital marketing tools, hosting, website builders, sales funnels, and you even get free training.

Are you looking to save money and need a DIY online marketing solution?

How would you like all of your digital marketing tools under a single platform?

Customers expect a blazing fast loading site or they will flat up leave you in the dust.

Introducing the Cheetah website builder from Builderall.

The Cheetah Builder may be the fastest website builder, especially for DIY marketers. (Contact us for more details).

That’s right, you can even host your WordPress site at Builderall.

Learn how simple it is to design a website with this amazing DIY Site Builder.

You can sign up for BA for free. They also have some great free digital marketing training every Tuesday to help you learn the marketing skills you need to have success online.

Another great thing about becoming a premium member of the BA nation is that you get access to the Funnel Club. New money making sales funnels provided every week (new niches added weekly).

You also gain access to all the business niche funnel templates. Everything you need to start an advertising campaign.

Free Coaching For DIY Marketers On Our Team

Free Coaching For DIY Marketers On Our Team

We will provide free coaching to everyone that needs a helping hand when you are a member of our team.

BA is also a great affiliate product to promote. Read our Builderall review for more details.

It’s an all in one platform with all the digital marketing tools you need to generate leads, make sales, and communicate with your subscribers. BA has videos to show you how to use each tool.

When you first start just try to master the tools as you need them. Get the website builder down first.

Once you get on the inside join the affiliate program and watch all of the videos. Then take all of the training that has it’s own tab on the dashboard. Now your ready to master Cheetah.

Lightning fast upload speeds, responsive, mobile friendly, easy to design, and you can learn as you grow your business.

If you get stuck and cannot find an answer, you can ask the community, support, or get in contact with us.

We will help you out, offer guidance, offer coaching, or get you the right feedback, if and when you need it.

Ultimate DIY Marketing Platform To Get Your Biz Buzzing

Listen to the video. This is the CEO of Builderall that is located in Orlando, Florida. He has built well over 5000 websites and helped many entrepreneurs have success along the way. Take 5 minutes with Eric.

He speaks many languages (about 7 different languages) but his English isn’t the best. Eric also offers weekly training sessions for subscribers and affiliates. Learn new skills at these meetings.

Everyone needs hosting and a fast website builder like Cheetah. Go check it out for yourself. It’s an evergreen niche. Just like evergreen trees they stay green all year long.

In addition, they have all the digital marketing tools from a single platform. BA has SEO tools, CRM, email marketing solutions, chatbot’s, to sales funnel tools to build your brand and generate leads.

They have everything you need to market your business online. All from a single platform. Save money, learn new online skills, save valuable time, and keep your business organized.

Get Your Hands Dirty

Would You Like Us To Handle The Marketing

Is it time to learn your skills and get your biz buzzing?

Get your hands dirty and learn the tools first.

Then work on putting your site together. You can always make changes. Get confident using Cheetah the website builder.

Read about SEO (search engine optimization). You need SEO Skills to help the pages and posts of your site get the best ranking score it can so you can show up in the search results for particular keywords.

It takes time for your website to gain authority. Watch videos, read, and use the SEO best practices while you build your library of content for your website. Break your blog posts down into categories.

Categories help your audience find the information they may be interested in, easier and faster.

DIY Marketing Affiliate Program

Get Your Biz Buzzing With Builderall
Get Your Biz Buzzing With Builderall

What is a DIY affiliate program? It’s when a company provides you with a full house of money making sales funnels to promote their product. They have a complete system already set up. The hard work is done for you.

There are multiple sales funnel templates already put together in a lot of different niches.

You need need to become a Premium member to have access to the sales funnel club. It’s well worth it.

So you have multiple ways of making money online and they even show you how to do it.

How would you like to make 100% commission? Builderall has an amazing 2 tier affiliate program that pays on 2 different levels which can increase your monthly income dramatically.

BA also has an income calculator to help you project income based on your sales, how many affiliate’s you bring on, and how many sales your affiliates produce.

How does it work? I’m going to break it down for you with an example of making 2 sales per month.

Income Opportunities That Gets Your Biz Buzzing

Income Opportunity To Get Your Biz Buzzing

Are you ready to get your biz buzzing with an income opportunity from Builderall that only requires the power of 2?

You do not have to produce hundreds or thousands of sales all by yourself to actually make a living or to create an extra monthly income.

The affiliate program is free.

But you should be using the digital marketing tools so you can explain the benefits and how to actually use them. All the top affiliates have hands on experience using this platform and are Premium members.

Warning: Not everyone can do this or earn this amount of income. It takes learning new skills, hard work, dedication, motivation, and a burning desire to reach your goals without giving up.

Attention: Let me show you the power of 2 and what it can do, if you got what it takes.

Break Down Of The Power Of 2

Power Of 2

This is a example of an income opportunity using 2 Premium sales per month.

Try the income calculator if you would like to figure other scenarios.

The power of 2 is a numbers game.

How much traffic would it take to get 2 sales?

You would need to figure that out. Everyone’s numbers would be different.

Use your analytical data to find your traffic and conversion numbers.

Here is an example and break down to show you the power of 2 sales per month.

Let’s say you want to earn over $100,000 per year. That might be more than you are making at the moment.

Here is what we mean by the power of 2 Premium sales per month. The Premium Plan costs $69.90

2 sales x 12 months = 24 sales in one year. 69.90 x 24 = $1677.60 commissions (minus any admin charges).

That’s right, you get paid 100% commissions on those sales for the 1st month. Starting the 2nd month you will receive a 30% monthly commission for as long as that person is a customer.

24 x 69.90 = $1677.60 x .30 = $503.28 is your monthly income.

Let’s say that everyone of those sales turned into affiliate marketers themselves.

Pay Attention! This is where that 2 tier commission structure kicks in. If each one of those affiliates could produce the same 2 premium sales per month each person would make the same as you just did.

2 Tier Affiliate Program From Builderall (Power of 2)

But, here’s the kicker. You also get paid 30% monthly commissions on each one of those sales that each affiliate made.

24 sales x 24 affiliates = 576 sales that you will get paid on starting the 2nd month.

576 premium sales x $69.90 (cost of 1 premium plan) = $40,262.40 x 30% monthly commissions = $12,078.72.

WOW!!! You would be getting paid $12,078.72 a month (minus any admin fees they may charge).

$12,078.72 Monthly Income x 12 Months = $144,944.64 yearly income.

That puts you over the $100,000 per year mark by only producing 2 sales per month and showing only 24 other people how to produce 2 sales per month.

What if you did it in under a year? You’d be a hero and sitting on an island living the laptop lifestyle, wouldn’t you agree?

Even if it took you longer, say 2, 3, or even 4 years, you’d still be sitting in a great financial position to do what you really want to do. That is why we encourage you to learn your skills. Would you start a side hustle for that kind of cash?

As you can see, online marketing has it’s rewards. It is also a great way to get your biz buzzing.

Remember the power of 2 using this awesome 2 tiered affiliate program. It can turn into an unlimited amount of residual income for you and your family.

But you have to do two things.

  1. Learn Your Skills To Become A DIY Marketer
  2. Take Massive Action and Work On Your Goal – 2 Premium Sales A Month

Sharing Info & Marketing Skills To Help You Succeed

Rodney V sharing marketing skills

What’s happening? Rodney VanNortwick here with Mobile Biz Buzz.

We share our information and marketing skills so your business can flourish.

Do you have a local business marketing strategy to get your biz buzzing locally? Look on the navigation menu at choose “Local Marketing” to gain free access.

Well, you just might want to check that out and start doing your own DIY Marketing.

Look, we run a small family business that shows you how to get better ranking score in both the map listings (local 3 pack) and the organic search results. All the info is free so you can save money and do it yourself.

The only thing you need to pay for is the digital marketing tools you need to market your business online.

We even recommend the place to get everything you need for the lowest possible price so you can save money.

Getting found on Google is our passion.

We’ve had a couple of local businesses and know the struggles you face everyday.

It’s one of the reasons we like sharing our knowledge with local businesses and entrepreneurs that want to learn how to earn a few bucks, get more traffic, or generate more leads.

In addition, if you want to gain some valuable new skills, we have many blog posts to help you learn more about local SEO, local marketing, how to make money locally, social media, and even video marketing.

On Site Info For DIY Marketers

On Site Info For DIY Marketers

Below are a few things we cover so you can become, either a DIY marketer or an entrepreneur looking to make some extra money with a side hustle.

  • SEO Best Practices
  • Local Search Engine Optimization
  • Marketing Tips for Local Businesses
  • Local Income Opportunities (make money locally)
  • Website Design (DIY or DFY)
  • Mobile Marketing Ideas
  • Blazing Fast Hosting Recommendations
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Training Lessons
  • Digital Marketing Tools
  • How To Start Your Own Digital Marketing Company

Looking for an all in one digital marketing solution?

We all got marketing tools but you need to know how and when to use them.

You got to know which sales funnels to use for your type of business.

Plus you need to know how to write copy for your emails so you can capture leads.

Attention. Do not pay for any online training courses. Do you want to learn from elite marketers from all around the world? Go check out the info on free online digital marketing training courses that are live.

It comes with everything you need.

Hosting, fast site builders, on page SEO tool, Facebook Chatbots, auto-post, heat maps, browser notification, mobile app creator, sales funnels, email marketing, and a lot more.

Next, why follow our advice?

Why Follow Our Recommendations or Use Our Service?

Mobile Biz Buzz Has Leadership. Rodney VanNortwick
  • We Only Recommend Solid Products And We Use Them
  • We Get Results
  • Time Savings
  • Save Hundreds of Dollars
  • We Are Hard Working Folks Just Like You
  • Save You Time and Headaches
  • We Have a Common Sense Approach
  • Simple Strategy

Here are a few type of businesses we have helped get a better ranking score.

  • Used Car Dealerships
  • Restaurants
  • Fashion/Clothing Stores
  • Affiliate Marketing Sites

You can save a bunch of cash if you want to do it yourself (DIY).

Yes, you can get your biz buzzing with DIY Marketing and we’ll show you how for free.

But for the value you get with our Biz Buzz Package.

You might be better off hiring us.

No contracts. We work hard for 90 days. Yes, you pay quarterly.

Then we’ll analyze the data and go for the another 3 months.

You Got 3-5 Seconds When They Land On Your Website

You Got 3 to 5 Seconds When They Land On Your Website

Now, once you start getting ranking, you’ll finally start getting visitors to your site.

But wait.

Once they land on your site.

You only got 3-5 seconds before than person continues.

Will that visitor stay on your site?

Don’t waste all that work you performed to get a potential customer to your site.

Check your bounce rate.

So what happens when they get there?

They are looking, seeing, feeling, and reading if this site is their match.

Is it what they were looking for?

We’ve all seen some crazy looking sites.

I’ve seen Dentist websites that look like a real estate company.

Imagine a dentist site you land on.

The first thing you see is a big image of giant condos on a sandy beach.

Does that portray a dentist office?

Some people would just leave and go to another dentist website.

We see the same stuff all the time.

Coffee shops that look like a board room and an auto repair shop looks like a junk yard.

Set the stage from the get go (beginning).

Look the look so people know who you are and what you do.

Come on folks. Stand up and be proud of your business.

Use the right images that reflect what you do.

Faking It Will Cause You To Lose Business

When people land on your website they expect it to be what they were searching for.

So whatever business you have, make sure that when folks land on your site, they can read, see, and tell what your business is, immediately.

Would you like to lose 25 to 50 percent of your visitors?

It can happen if you try to get slick.

Even using the right color combinations may make a difference.

In addition, your headlines speak volumes of what you do and keyword phrases.

Use great headlines and a well written meta description about the page or post.

When you landed on my site what did you think this website was about?

Let me know in the comment section and voice your opinion.

Learn and Read About The SEO Best Practices

Time To Learn SEO Best Practices

Do you want to learn more about local SEO (search engine optimization)?

Well, take a look and if you see something about SEO that excites you click on it and see what it says.

You never know when something clicks and your mind finally gets it.

Drop a positive comment below on which article you want to check out.

Since smartphones have taken over you may want to read this article,

Mobile Marketing Idea’s to get your biz buzzing with DIY Marketing.

Pick an article and brush up on your SEO. You can find more SEO articles in the category section.

SEO Best Practices (Articles For DIY Marketers)

Summary: How To Get Your Biz Buzzing (DIY Marketing & SEO)

  • Learn Your Skills
  • Take Action
  • WordPress or Cheetah Website Builder
  • Learn How To Use The Digital Marketing Tools
  • Follow Our Simple DIY Marketing Plan
  • Develop 3 Traffic Sources

You need quality traffic. Get real good at using these 3 traffic sources. (Blogging, YouTube, and Social Media)

  • Learn How To Use Sales Funnels
  • Build Your Email List
  • Keep Producing Fresh Content
  • Learn Paid Advertising
  • Create A Monthly Income (power of 2)
  • Social Media Can Get Your Biz Buzzing

There are multiple income opportunities you can take advantage of.

Who knows?

You may end up living a laptop lifestyle or help your small business generate leads for many years to come. You can dream about it, talk about it, and think about it, but until you dig in and get your hands dirty, nothing happens.

It’s time to get your biz buzzing today! Nothing gets done until YOU Take Action.

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