Mobile Biz Buzz

Mobile Biz Buzz provides local SEO service and local marketing for businesses in Daytona Beach, Florida. Information to get your business found online.

Ideas for mobile and video marketing so you can get more social media engagement. Get more reviews and better ranking in local search. Go for first page results.

Get your biz buzzing.

Mobile Biz Buzz was founded in 2014 and is a small family business that shows you how to get better results in both the map listings and the organic search results.

Our emphasis is to get your business found by people that are carrying their smartphones.

The good folks from our Florida community are shopping, looking for services and products to buy. Some of these good neighbors may be looking for an awesome dining experience or trying to find a quick bite to eat.

That’s why your business needs to understand SEO and how it affects your local search rankings. Florida has a tremendous amount of tourism. You deserve your share of these visitors that are using their mobile devices.

Smartphone users are using voice search or typing in keywords to find what they are looking for. They are ready to spend money right now. Good SEO can help out.

You need to be able to engage with these people online with your social media fan pages and business website. Why? Because your business can get more reviews, build your brand and get more traffic coming through your doors.

Mobile Biz Buzz shares information so people can prosper.

  • SEO Best Practices & Local SEO
  • Local Marketing Tips
  • Website Design & Tools (DIY or DFY)
  • Mobile Marketing Ideas
  • Blazing Fast Hosting Recommendations
  • Affiliate Marketing Business Opportunities.

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Who Is Mobile Biz Buzz?

Mobile Biz Buzz Has Leadership

Our team at Mobile Biz Buzz is under the supervision of Rodney V. known as a free spirited entrepreneur. We all have a guy to get the job done.

As an entrepreneur, he has demonstrated his local SEO expertise by getting results with local first-page listings for used car dealerships, restaurants, and even affiliate marketing sites.

In addition, he also shares his knowledge by offering useful information about local search engine optimization for business owners that need a helping hand. He has shown numerous businesses, how to get traffic to their website.

It took time and burning the midnight oil to gain the knowledge to offer information about local marketing for business.

Our community of local businesses in Daytona Beach, Orlando, and Jacksonville, Florida deserve to be able to compete with the big corporate giants.

Like a lot of professionals, corporate downsizing has lead us to a career change and it was not an easy hurdle to deal with. Researching and taking courses online have paid off.

We have all had struggles, but you have to keep moving forward in order to have success. So we understand what it takes for a local business to succeed and how to get more customers coming through the doors.

We have the knowledge and experience it takes to gain more customers because we have done it ourselves.

Mobile Biz Buzz Has Experience & Leadership

Rodney V.  has served in various leadership positions including; Commercial Sales Manager for Charter Communications (Now Spectrum), President of Pro-Co Communications, District Sales Manager for Anderson Merchandisers A-Team, and Store Manager for Paul’s TV.

In addition, he served this great nation for 14 years as a Master Trainer in the US Army. Salute to all our veteran brothers and sisters.

We have over 9 years experience in earning money in the local marketing field. You can learn these special skills in a short time frame if you dig in.

We have had online training and real-life experiences in local (SEO) search engine optimization, website design, choosing the best blazing fast hosting, affiliate marketing, mobile marketing and many business opportunities.

Self-taught on many subjects, old school values with a blue-collar mentality.

Mobile Biz Buzz is here to assist small businesses and help them succeed in their local marketing efforts.

Every online business needs a search engine optimization checklist.

You can share our basic SEO checklist and use it for your SEO best practices before you hit the publish button on a new or updated blog post or page.

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