2 Tier Affiliate Programs Kick Your Commissions in High Gear

2 Tier Affiliate Programs

2 tier affiliate programs kick your commissions into high gear. Why do all the work yourself? Be a smart marketer and let other people work for you.

All you have to do is show them how you do it. Naturally you’ll need an awesome product to make it happen. It would be great if you had a product that could create multiple streams of income and can be used with multiple niches.

Sounds like the ultimate product, right? You also want to find the product that is in an evergreen niche. Something that could last for many years so that as you build a business it grows with you.

What if you could build a business that you could even give it to your children when your ready. Sounds to good to be true, doesn’t it? What if you could find a product that as you build your business and decided you wanted to get out they would even buy back your business?

Why would anyone do that while its making money is beyond me. So we decided to search for a product that could do all of the things we just mentioned.

We also wanted to make sure they had a track record of paying their affiliate marketers their money on time, promptly and they had an opportunity to create a passive income.

The 2 tier affiliate programs that we wanted also had to pay us a car allowance once we reached a descent amount of sales for their organization.

(Two) 2 Tier Affiliate Program That Meet Our Requirements

Once we got to thinking a little deeper, we wanted even a little more from our 2 (two) tier affiliate program. We would need a program that offers a website builder, hosting, animated video creator and an email marketing platform.

Why not get the tools you need to market your product, right? It also had to be less than $100 a month so most people could afford it. Having an email marketing platform was a very important element.

We all know that you actually need to have an email marketing platform so you can respond to your potential clients and build your list for future marketing. You’ve heard of these autoresponders before. AWeber or Get Response are the two top email platforms.

Maybe we are expecting a miracle product or maybe not. Who would even have a product that would match our qualifications? This wasn’t going to be an easy task but we started our journey to see if there really was a product that started with a 2 tier affiliate programs.

There really aren’t a lot of these 2 tier affiliate programs on the market and you really got to dig and try to find them. We also wanted the program to have the capability to offer a sales funnel solution.

Why not? You already know you need a way to capture leads. They also should provide training to use their sales funnels. Anyone think we can find a program that has everything we talked about?

Can We Find A Solution For 2 Tier Affiliate Program

After a few hours searching on google we finally found a solution to our unique problem of finding a 2 tier affiliate program that meet all of our requirements. Were we lucky or what?

Remember it has to meet quite a few requirements to pass the test. Most of all it had to have the tools we needed to even market the product and have multiple ways of making money. Here were our requirements.

  • Evergreen Niche
  • 2 Tier Affiliate Program
  • Ability To Be Used For Multiply Niches
  • Multiple Income Streams
  • E-Mail Marketing Platform
  • Animated Video Creator
  • Website Builder
  • Hosting
  • Business That Could Last For Many Years
  • Business To Pass Down To Your Family or Sell It
  • Track Record Of Paying Their Affiliates
  • Create A Passive Income
  • Pay Us A Car Allowance After We Meet Their Requirements
  • Tools To Market Your Business
  • Sales Funnel Solution
  • Cost Less Than $100 A Month (Then We Changed to less than $50)
  • Training

We were demanding a lot of things from one affiliate program, that was for sure. We even changed our mind about the less than $100 a month. It had to be less than $50 a month so more people would have an opportunity to have their own business.

Can we find a solution for a 2 tier affiliate program that many people just starting out could actually make money online. Even if they wanted to promote a different niche.

How about you, would you join a program that meets all of the above qualifications? We would. It would be like having the ultimate digital marketing platform that you could learn how to start an online business even with limited funds.

Builderall 2 Tier Affiliate Program

Builderall 2 Tier Affiliate Program

We found the ultimate platform we were looking for and it’s Builderall 2 tier affiliate program. It has multiple ways of making money. We found 57 ways to make money with Builderall. There may be more.

We definitely like their track record they have. They have never missed a payment to their affiliate marketers from the data that we could find. They seem to have a lot of folks making over at least $2000 and we found many making over $10,000 a month.

Naturally any results will come from your own efforts. Your a business owner and must take on the responsibility to run your business. It’s up to you if you succeed. You must have discipline, put in your time, work smart and hard.

They also have 26 tools to help you market your products. They have many niche marketing templates. Looks like they have over a 1000 templates for you to use. You can promote the Builderall Business which pays the 2 tier commissions. It is very affordable at $49.90 a month. Less than $50.

It’s called the Builderall Business Pro and then if you just want to use all of the tools for your digital marketing efforts you can sign up for the Digital Marketing package at $29.90 a month. Less than $50.

This is an awesome opportunity to start an online business even in your spare time. It will allow you to work at your own pace and where ever you decide or when ever you want.

Builderall 2 Tier Affiliate Program Has Sales Funnels

Every good marketer has heard of sales funnels but just in case your new we’ll give you a quick explanation of what is a sales funnel. Have you heard of Click Funnels?

Click Funnels is another excellent product and offers some great solutions for building sales funnels but they are a little pricey for those of you just starting out. They have a $97 a month program or you can upgrade to their best program that cost $297 a month.

Builderall is like having a click funnels system for less money. One thing we did notice is that Builderall is just a little slower but have hire over 60 software programmers and support personal to remove any kinks and speed issues. But its no big deal when you can save $50 a month. They are even adding on more funnels and tools for you to use.

In addition, Builderall has all the tools you need to market your products or start a business online. Builderall has a bunch of members that use to use the click funnel product and have switch over just to save money. Can’t blame them for that.

They also have many small business owners switching to Builderall instead of using some of the drag and drop website builders like Wix, Duda, Go Daddy, Squarespace, Weebly and we even found some WordPress users switching over to Builderall.

Multiple Income Streams Using Builderall

You’ll also notice that many local marketing agencies, local seo agencies and local website designers are switching over to Builderall because of the great templates they supply to everyone.

You could even open up your own Local Digital Marketing agency and make money right in your local area. With over a 1000 templates to use it makes your job easier and you can get the work done faster using the tools they have.

Builderall even has a on page seo tool for you to use. You can perform seo for your local clients without to much knowledge using the DIY SEO Tool.

You could even get into designing infographics, Facebook covers, Twitter covers, Flyers, Business Cards or even design your own ebook cover. Builderall has the design tools for any marketer that joins their 2 tier affiliate program.

They also have 14 complete local marketing funnels that you could sell to local businesses and make a pretty nice chuck of change. On top of that you can have them host their websites with Builderall so you get paid for that too.

These are just some of the multiple income streams you can make using Builderall. The best part we like is the 2 tier affiliate program that you get when you join Builderall Business Pro.

Who Want To Join A 2 Tier Affiliate Program?

With all the digital marketing tools that you get, plus the multiple streams of income opportunities and a 2 tier affiliate program you cannot go wrong choosing Builderall Business Pro.

It’s time to get paid and build a business for many years to come using the ultimate digital marketing platform that comes with all the tools you need to build your business, all under one roof. It’s like a one stop shop.

They are located in Orlando, Florida and the owner of Builderall Is Erick Salgado. He is from Brazil and has sold over 5000 websites to small business owners. Erick is all about helping people like you and me grow a business and making it affordable for everyone.

He is constantly improving his platform and making it easier to use. Builderall already has over 30,000 business owners using the product. They have only been in the USA for about a year. People are jumping on board because of the great value they offer.

This looks like a ground floor opportunity for entrepreneurs, small business owners, affiliate marketers, local marketers, agencies, new folks and people like you and me. Well we do have a local seo agency. But we have joined Builderall.

We have started using the product and are coming out with a membership site to train all of our team members that join with us. We have a vast amount of experience and know how to market online. We will be providing sales funnels for everyone to use to capture leads. Training for new folks as well as those seasoned veteran marketers.

You Can Build Membership Sites With Builderall

Yes, you heard that right. You can build membership sites with Builderall and have either a free membership site, a paid membership site or both combined. You can put all of your training modules inside so your team will not have to buy courses from Udemy.

That’s right, we will provide training for our people so they can get on the fast track of making money with Builderall. We will also allow you to use our training membership site so you can train your people and get get paid.

That is what is great about the 2 tier affiliate program. All you have to do is train your folks to market the product and you get paid. We are going to provide the training program for you to use.

When you sign up under our team we want you to succeed. Let it be known that we will make a commission from you when you sign up under us. We will also get paid when you bring someone on board. It works the same for you and the great thing is all you have to do is market.

Your people are going to be able to use the same training program that we are letting you use. It’s a training program that works. In addition, you will have access to the 365 day step by step marketing system that comes with everything you need to market your business.

2 Tier Affiliate Program Comes With Boss Email Marketing System

Boss Email Marketing Platform From Builderall

Everyone needs a email marketing platform like AWeber or Get Response. These platform can cost a pretty big chuck of change when you have 5000-10,000 subscribers.

AWeber charges $69 a month for having 5000-10000 subscribers and Get Response charges $49 a month for 5000 subscribers and goes up after. You can see that an email marketing platform is necessary.

It’s one of the first things you start doing after you build your website. It’s a way for you to help you build your list and everyone knows the money is in the list. It’s a very important tool for anyone into digital marketing or running a small business.

Introducing the Boss Email Marketing Platform. How much does it cost? As every good affiliate marketer knows you definitely need an autoresponder and a way to blast an email to different people on your list. Builderall has the tool you need and it works great.

The Boss Email Marketing Platform come included with Builderall. No extra charges for the boss email marketing system unless you go over the 10,ooo subscriber limit. That’s right the Boss Email Marketing Platform Allows you to Have 10,000 subscribers as long as you purchase the Builderall Affiliate program. Its include for free.

Business Builder Team That Gets The 2 Tier Affiliate Program

Builderall Gives You 2 Tier Commissions

What are you waiting for? Its time for you to join our team. We have access to all the training you need to learn internet marketing and to get your business rolling.

Follow us on Twitter. We got you. Our Mobile Biz Buzz website is for local marketing and business opportunities with Builderall.

Multiple income streams are a good thing. Especially when you can have everything from a single dashboard and the tools to create those passive incomes.

You can either start training with us and we’ll give you access to free training to help you get started. Do you want to earn some money promoting Builderall?

Get the commissions you deserve and build a monthly income. That’s right in order to get those (two) 2 tier commissions you have to get access to their affiliate program.

Now if you have any questions about the this program just contact us and we’ll be glad to answer any concerns you may have. Even if you need some tips on local marketing. Like we said earlier you have an opportunity to make multiple streams of income.

Local marketing is an excellent way to make money right in your local area. Getting a couple of thousand or even a thousand for a website is not hard to do. You get to use the beautiful templates that are already designed for you to use. Just feel in your customers info.

Do What You Love Doing Or something You Can Make A Bunch Of Money At

We have the system for you to use for the people you sign up. All you got to do is invite them for our free training and we also have a private Facebook group that you and anyone you bring on board will have access to. Lets make some money and start creating a passive income so you can do what you really want to do.

Like travel the world, buy a house with cash money or build a retirement. You do a course have to work very hard and very smart. Results are dependent on your own actions. We have no control on how you run your business. They always say do something you love doing or something you can make a bunch of money at so you can do what you love.

In addition, lets say you bring 20 people on board and those folks bring on 20 people. You now have 400 people working for you and you are getting paid.

Its the power of the two tier commissions. That is why you want to help everyone you bring on.

All you need to do, to help them, is bring those new business owners to the training, it’s free.

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