Meet The Staff At Mobile Biz Buzz

When you meet the staff at Mobile Biz Buzz they will not be wearing suits.

We do have fun, travel, and it seems everything is an adventure.

These guys are entrepreneurs and freelancers of Generation X and the Baby Boomer Generation.

This gives us the ability to target in on your audience.

It also saves you money and keeps our rates low.

We concentrate on one thing.

Getting your website to the top.

Meet The Staff At Mobile Biz Buzz

We don’t cater to corporate giants so we can spend more time on helping you get your website ranking online in your own local community.

We work with the local and small business owners.

Earning one client at a time is how we roll.

Our company is a small family owned business.

We live in the local friendly communities just like you.

We like to travel from Michigan, North Carolina, and Florida.

Living a laptop lifestyle can seem easy but it still takes smart hard work.

Do you own a local business?

Then you know what we are talking about when we say a lot of hard work.

We support local businesses.

What services do we specialize in?

  • Website Design
  • Local SEO Service
  • Social WiFi Marketing
  • Local Video Marketing
  • Content Marketing

Our Staffs Mission At Mobile Biz Buzz

Mission Statement

Our mission is to get your biz buzzing in your local community.

We want people to be able to find your website.

Then start driving traffic to your site so you can get more customers that are using smartphones.

Our staff works closely with the business owner or manager so you know what is going on every step of the way.

We use a local marketing strategy to accomplish our mission.

Do you want your website to get a higher ranking score in the local search results?

Are you a DIY marketer?

You might want to check out these local SEO ranking factors to get a better ranking score.

We also have DFY (do for you) solutions.

Pick a design that suits your local business.

Send us an email or contact us.

We do the research, analyze the best way to get your site found locally, and put a plan in action.

All the heavy lifting is done for you.

You get to do what you are good at, running your business.

Well, let’s meet the staff of this organization.

Meet Zachary V

Zachary VanNortwick

Zachary VanNortwick is our technology expert and future CEO.

He keeps up to date on what is trending for the younger generations.

Researching and finding better ways to attract customers for your business is Zac’s specialty.

Creative Freelancer and an Entrepreneur from Lansing, Michigan.

He goes into beast mode when it comes to implementing the marketing strategy for your business. Doesn’t stop until you get a Victory.

That’s a first page ranking for your website.

We beat the competition down until we chisel our way in to the search results.

Likes to spend his off time with his family staying in luxury hotels while traveling to adventurous places.

He is also a beast when it comes to working out.

Expect him to be in the gym a few times a week.

He enjoys a little weightlifting to keep his body in shape.

At the same time he recommends you eat a healthy diet to get the right amount of protein.

Who likes dirt bikes?

You’ll find him hitting the track every now and then.

Zac is a very creative entrepreneur that is always striving to increase his knowledge and passes it along to our customers.

Mostly, he works behind the scenes.

But you can bet he is involved with the production of your videos, ideas for your blogs, and the overall operations of our company.

You’ll find Zac and his daughters at a Michigan State game all geared up with green.

Who’s your favorite NFL football team?

Zachary is a born and raised Detroit Lions fan.

Naturally, being a Detroit fan, you end up with a never give up attitude.

This has caused him to prosper in any challenge he takes on.


Meet Rodney V

Rodney VanNortwick

Rodney VanNortwick is the founder of Mobile Biz Buzz and has turned the main duties over to Zac his son.

Rodney V is also known as the Mobile SEO Guy.

Enjoys the salt life and putting my toes in the sandy beaches as we walk along on the east coast or one of the Great Lakes.

We are getting ready for retirement soon but when you have a passion for something its hard to quit.

So I stay busy at least part time, lol.

We learned Local SEO many years ago by learning how to get our own businesses ranked in the local search results.

That’s why we produce articles so you can DIY (do it yourself) easier and get the results you need to move up the search ladder.

Our goal is to help you get your website ranking no matter if you DIY (do it yourself or we DFY (do for you). We’ll get the job done with results.

Getting your site in the local 3 pack is where you need to be ranking.

We want local small businesses to succeed so those big corporations don’t take all the local money and pay there CEO’s millions of dollars.

What good is a website that cannot get found online or beat out the competition?

We find the right keyword phrases so you can chisel your way in the top search results.

Our team has the experience it takes to get your website found online locally.

We support your local businesses.

Rodney likes to enjoy his time camping and fishing.

You may see us some where along the sandy beaches of eastern North Carolina, Lake Michigan, or even somewhere in Florida, like Daytona Beach.

Nothing like reeling in a big Red Fish or cooking a speckled Trout over a campfire.

We enjoy Bike Week and try to make it when we can.

Who knows?

Sometimes you may find us in the Florida Keys laying back for a couple weeks or camping along the shores of one of the beautiful Great Lakes.

Rodney V served this great nation for 14 years in the US Army.

Had a blast as a Master Gunner (trainer M1 And M60) for Tank and Calvary units.

Victory or Death…

Salute to all Veterans.

Summary: About The Staff Of Mobile Biz Buzz

One thing about the staff at Mobile Biz Buzz is that we do not wear suits. We work in the back ground getting your website found on the internet in your local community.

Ranking does not happen over night. It takes a smart local marketing strategy to get the best results like you will get when you choose to use our services.

Our prices are going to be very hard to beat. Our overhead is very low and we can pass those savings on to you our client.

You get to work with with solid professionals that are experts in their fields.

We are a family business and live in local communities just like you. When you choose us to perform your local marketing you’re getting a company that supports local businesses.

We spend our money in the local community and support the local businesses. We have children and grand children that might even go to school with your children.

We support Veterans and their families.

In addition, Rodney and Zachary want to thank all our followers, clients, and subscribers for giving us your support and an opportunity to serve you.

Support your local businesses!