Affiliate Marketing Training Lessons For Beginners That Want Success

Affiliate Marketing Training Lessons

This will be an on going series of affiliate marketing training lessons for beginners and you do not have to spend a dime for any of these mini courses.

How to make money after you start your own local digital marketing company using affiliate marketing.

It’s the fastest way to earning money promoting the products you use while you learn the skills to make some cash for the services you will offer.

There are two strategies. One is working with local businesses and number two is working with people that want to start an online business.

Free Marketing Training Courses

No email required, no monthly fees, no up-sells and no bull.

It’s all up to you.

Not only will we cover affiliate marketing but other subjects like local marketing, mobile marketing, website design, search engine optimization, and a lot more so you can become a well rounded entrepreneur in the online world.

There is money to be made.

That is why we are going to provide information about other business opportunities because some things can be done in your local community.

What do you want to learn? Just let us know.

Table of Contents

SEO Best Practices
  • How To Get Traffic To Your Website (coming soon)
  • Social Media Marketing (coming soon)

Training Lessons Will Include Blog Posts And YouTube Video Tutorials

Training Lessons Will Include YouTube Videos

We are going to be putting together a series of on going blog posts that you can follow. So it doesn’t matter what is going on day or night you will have access to the free affiliate marketing training courses for beginners.

Not only will there be blog posts but we will also include video training lessons on certain subjects. These are in the works.

That way you can follow along at your own pace so you can have maximum learning benefits.

Any time you have a question, all you will need to do is ask, in the comments section of that particular training session.

We are not charging anything for the courses but you will need to choose a platform when it comes time to build your website.

You should use the platforms that we recommend so that it will make following along so much easier. Both platforms are a great value.

What are you passionate about?

Choosing A Niche

Choosing A Niche

Choosing a niche will be the first affiliate marketing training lesson because it should be the first thing that you need to decide.

We have a blog post that will go into detail in how to choose a niche. This training course covers the big four niches that are all evergreen.

  • Local Marketing
  • Wealth
  • Health
  • Relationships

Evergreen meaning that they never go out of style.

Just like the evergreen tree they stay green all year long. Another words you can make money all year long as well.

You’ll need to get very specific when picking your niche. You want to get into the little outside circles of the diagram above.

This lesson will explain how to do it and even has a simple exercise to help you along.

Time to tackle picking your niche. Click on choosing a niche.

Local Marketing or Affiliate Marketing

Learn Affiliate & Local Marketing Skills

You will be gaining skills in both local marketing as well as affiliate marketing to increase your knowledge and to raise your competence level.

You can choose the direction you want to go, either with local marketing or affiliate marketing. Both are money makers or you could even do both.

When you look at some of the top affiliate marketers around the world you will find that a lot of them started with local marketing and offering local SEO (search engine optimization).

You may want to think about starting your own local digital marketing agency and learn the skills you need.

Learning the local marketing skills allows you time to build up your authority site for affiliate marketing.

Here are 12 local search trends that you do not want to ignore for 2019. This article is from our good friends at Cardinal Digital Marketing.

In addition, we have a great product to use for affiliate marketing in your local marketing endeavors.

More affiliate marketing courses are scheduled. So stay in the loop.

You can check out the articles we have in the Local Marketing Category to give you local marketing tips and ways to make money in your community.

Choosing A Domain Name

Choosing A Domain Name

You want to choose a domain name that is short and represents your brand. It should be a dot com name.

Best advice is to keep your domain name 15 letters or less.

Why only 15 letters (try not to use hyphens or numbers)?

Personally, I like them that short so we can use the name for our Twitter handle. Sometimes it’s OK to have it longer, it just depends on the niche.

You want it to be, easy to remember, represent what you do, and easy to spell.

Using keywords in your domain is a great idea. Sometimes you can find words that you need with a little searching.

Get suggestions for words. Go to Google and look up 3, 4, or 5 letter words.

Before you purchase your domain conduct a search on different search engines to ensure it has no negative info or spam issues associated with it.

You can also run it through a back link checker to let you know who is linking to it.

Domain names are rather inexpensive and you can purchase them for one year or more. We recommend buying your domain for a three year period.

Use Your Niche or Brand To Help You With Naming Your Domain

You could even use your name as your domain name. But it may be better if you included a keyword of the niche you will be pursuing.

After all, it’s the first impression of your brand so you need to choose wisely.

In addition, using keywords may help you with your SEO efforts (although some may disagree).

Take your time and write down the names you feel will best represent your brand and niche website.

If you are trying to target a certain location then you may be able to add it into the domain name.

Here are a few examples (not sure if they are taken).

You may want to also check the value of the domain.

The dot com has not been added and be advised some may already be taken.

  • dronelandscan
  • earbudsexpress
  • fashionfootwear
  • bigdawgtreats
  • doghikergear
  • gamedaytrays
  • cyclehikers
  • bbqwingmaster
  • catclimbertree
  • rappermusicgear
  • petsittertampa
  • beardbusters

Happy domain name hunting and let us know in the comments section if you liked our affiliate marketing training lessons or if you have a course we should add just let us know.

Hosting For Your Website

Hosting For Your Website

What is hosting?

The simple answer is it is a place so people can view your website on the internet. Hosting providers use special computers called servers so your site can be viewed on the world wide web

We are going to give you 2 options.

  • WordPress Hosting
  • Cheetah Website Builder

Choosing a hosting company is very important. If you take the cheap route you may lose up to 40% of the people that visit your website.

You need the a fast upload speed that can load your website up under a two second time frame. Both of the providers we are using have been tested by us.

We have built websites using both platforms and both load under the 2 second mark.

Warning: Not all hosting providers are created equal. Many big corporations buy out smaller companies and their service and hosting speeds sucks (just being flat up).

Why We Recommend WPX Hosting

We had been using Site Ground for a year. They are an excellent hosting company. Customer service has been great and we never had a problem.

But the billing for the first year was really cheap. We choose the middle of the road plan and it was around $72 for an entire year. At the time it seemed pretty reasonable.

Then they hit you with the second year billing and it jumps to about $240 a year. About the same as WPX.

So we decided to go with WPX Hosting. Not just because of the billing but we wanted a faster upload speed for our website. We run with about 15-18 WordPress plugins depending on the situation.

But we decided to keep everything the same as we migrated our website over to WPX hosting and to check out the speed of each provider with everything the same.

Here are the results of both hosting providers when we tested the upload speed of our website. The first image or results comes from Site Ground and the second image will show the speed using WPX hosting.

WPX hosting migrated our website for free and we choose the the smallest plan because we were only hosting one domain.

Website Speed Test Using Site Ground
Website Speed Test Using WPX Hosting

WPX hosting added the W3 Total Cache plugin that allowed me to remove a couple of other plugins.The clear winner is WPX hosting and their rates remain the same. They beat them by over a one whole second.

So we made the switch.

WPX Hosting

Hear what real customers are saying about the fastest hosting company.

Click on the video and you will see why they are choosing WPX hosting.

The first one which has the fastest upload speeds that we recommend and by the way, it is pretty darn fast. They are called WPX Hosting.

The number one hosting provider from the Trust Pilot website (these are real people).

Thrive Themes highly recommends WPX. They offer one of the best paid WordPress themes but they also recommend you build your website using WPX hosting.

Not only do you get blazing fast upload speeds but their customer service has the speed to match.

Excellent service and on their starter package you can host up to 5 websites and they all come with an SSL Certificate.

If you get a question just ask their support team. They are very helpful and knowledgeable.

Click the link for more info , WPX Hosting. Yes it is an affiliate link.

We only recommend the best and fastest WordPress hosting providers.

That is how we keep this site alive, from the small commissions.

WPX Hosting does have a great affiliate marketing program that you can apply for as well.

Hopefully you do not promote cheap hosting.

The next thing we will do is add a better WordPress theme. It will provide us with a better performance score and a faster site speed. Coming soon.

Builderall Hosting & Digital Marketing Tools

Builderall Hosting And Digital Marketing Tools

The hosting from Builderall is blazing fast and you can even host a WordPress website.

But the flagship website builder (Cheetah) offers the best value and we have to say that it has lightning fast upload speeds.

You have the choice of either responsive website builders. WordPress or Cheetah.

Update: Builderall now have 5 different plans.

  • Free Plan (learn to design a website)
  • Builder Plan Rate Is $19.90 (Cheetah with 100 email subscribers)
  • The Marketer Plan Cost $29.90 (Cheetah Website Builder with 5000 email subscribers)
  • Essential Plan Runs $49.90 ( WP or Cheetah with 15,000 email subscribers)
  • Premium Plan Is $69.90 (you get it all with unlimited email subscribers)

If you want to promote Builderall and earn 100% commissions then you would need to join the Premium Plan and learn how to use the digital marketing tools you would like to promote.

You also get all the marketing tools with that program.

In addition, you also will get paid commissions on two levels. Nice way to increase your earnings from a single platform.

You can find out more by reading this article, Is Builderall Worth It?

No, that wasn’t an affiliate link but it will explain the program in more detail so you can make an educated decision when choosing your hosting provider.

Designing A Website Using WordPress

Designing A Website Using WordPress

In this lesson we will show you how to set everything up.

  • Introduction To WordPress & Gutenberg Editor
  • Choosing A WordPress Theme
  • Home Page, About Page, Contact Page, Blog
  • Menu
  • Customization
  • WordPress Plugins
  • Structure For Your Blog Post
  • Adding Google Analytics
  • Setting Up Your Footer
  • Integrating Social Media
  • How To Add A Table Of Contents For Posts
  • Yoast SEO Plugin

These lessons will be conducted using video. Coming Soon.

Building A Website Using Builderall

Building A Website Using Builderall

We will build a website using the flagship builder which is called the Cheetah website builder.

These affiliate marketing training lessons will be performed using YouTube video.

Coming soon please check back.

  • Introduction To The Responsive Cheetah Website Builder
  • Choose A Template or A Blank Canvas
  • Home Page, About Page, Contact Page, And Blog
  • Menu
  • Setting Up Your Footer
  • How To Add A Table Of Contents
  • Page And post Structure
  • Adding Google Analytics
  • How To Use The On Page SEO Tool
  • Integrating Social Media
  • Mobile Optimization

Setting Up A Professional Email

Setting Up A Professional Email

Build your brand by starting to look professional. We will walk you through the steps of setting up your professional email.

A professional email speaks volumes for your brand. It is a big trust factor.

Depending on who you choose for your platform it may be a little different. In the mean time until we put together a video we recommend that you read this lesson.

Click the link below to go to the affiliate marketing training lesson.

Creating A Professional Email For Your Affiliate Marketing Business.

How To Find Long Tail Keyword Phrases

What are keyword phrases?

Keyword phrases are 2 or more words that someone would type into a search bar or use voice search to find results of what they were looking for.

If the phrase has 3 or more keywords then it now becomes a long tail keyword or long tail keyword phrase.

But for this affiliate marketing training lesson we want to use phrases that have 4 or more keywords.

Why? Because there is so much competition that you have very little chance of ranking one of your blog post using anything less.

In addition, when someone is in the buying process and getting closer to an actual purchase they more than likely will use 4 or more keywords in the phrase of their search.

Example of Someone Searching Using Keyword Phrases

Just thing about it. Someone starts a search for let’s say an electric beard trimmer. They type in beard trimmers (beard trimmers being the keyword).

Keyword Phrase Beard Trimmers

You’ll notice that the first few results have a little ad under the headline. Those are companies are paying Google for advertising. Then you have on the right images that are also sponsored ads.

So the person that is searching is just trying to get a ballpark idea about what is available. Next they might type in beard trimmer reviews (3 keywords).

Again, you will get quite a few results with results like the 5 best beard trimmers or something along those lines.

Now, that person might have decided on the brand of beard trimmer that he or she would like to buy. Next they could type in, “best deal on walh beard trimmers” (long tail keyword phrase).

The longer the keyword phrase the closer they are to making a buying decision. This is where you as affiliate marketer will make your money.

Writing content that has these long tail keyword phrases provides you a better opportunity ranking in the search results.

Then again, they could of type something different like, “best beard trimmers for long beards” (notice the more they search the longer the phrase and the closer they are in making a purchase)

You also notice that there will be less advertisements when using these long tail keywords. Under the advertisements will be the organic search results.

This is where you want to have your blog post showing up in the search results. But you have to be able to find these keyword phrases.

How To Find These Phrases And Keyword Research

You should do a little brainstorming to find these type of long tail keyword phrases. You can do it for free by just using Google search.

Go to Google search and type in your phrase. You notice that Google provides you with suggestions as you are typing.

Write down a few of those suggestions and keep performing this type of search using the words in different variations.

In addition, after you type in your keywords you can scroll down to the bottom of the page and get more keyword phrases. It will be listed as, “searches related to your keyword phrase”.

Next is to check how much competition there is using those keyword phrases. Just put your keyword in parentheses in the search block

Example: “best beard trimmer for sensitive skin”

Search Results For Long Tail Keywords

You’ll notice at the top that it says 27 results right under All. Those are the kinds of results you are looking for when you are first starting out. Anything under 500 results (the lower the better).

Results are never guaranteed. But it provides you with a better opportunity to get a ranking in the organic search results.

It still may take some time to get results (sometimes up to 3-9 months) so just keep producing your niche content.

The more authority your site gains the bigger or higher number of results you can go after.

We will put out more information on this subject and also cover keyword research tools to help make your job easier and how to find that low hanging fruit.

You should use those keyword phrases in your title of your article, the meta description, and at the end of your post.

You can sprinkle it in throughout that article but not to much and use it in a sentence naturally.

If you do what they call keyword stuffing, you will not even get ranked. You’ll be penalized by the search engine and may never be found.

If you like these types of affiliate marketing training lessons be sure to leave a comment down below.

Blog and Page Structure

Page And Post Structure For Website

When writing your blog post or putting together a page for your website you want to have an organized method.

We’ve outlined the 9 steps to create an affiliate marketing blog so you can have a sequence to follow.

It’s more like an overview of how to get started with your first site for affiliate marketing.

You want to make the experience for your audience enjoyable and at the same time let the search engines read it smoothly as well.

We will need to produce a video to get more in depth but in the mean time you can learn some basic fundamentals.

Keep practicing and use the same procedures over and over again. It will become like a second nature to you. Here is a lesson for you to check out to get you started. Just click the link below.

Better Page And Site Structure Equals Better Ranking

How To Get A Higher Ranking On Google

How To Get A Better Ranking On Google

Now that you understand page structure a little bit, it’s time to knock out some content. You’ll want to be able to rank on the search engines.

There is a ton of competition so make sure you choose low competition long tail keywords when you start off until your website gains some authority.

Everyone wants traffic. You should follow the guidelines outlined in the article, How To Get A Higher Ranking On Google so that you can start getting success as soon as possible.

Organic traffic does not cost you any money and it can make you some cash for many years. Learn these skills by all means. Plus, it will help you to get visitors to click on your content.

We keep preaching about the headline (titles), meta description, and a great image. But that is the first thing people see. It’s also the first thing Google looks at. Work on getting it right and watch your CTR (click-through rate) increase.

Local SEO Ranking Factors

Local SEO Ranking Factors

Getting your business found online is the key to getting customers. You can build the prettiest website in the world but if no one can find it, you my friend will be out of business in a short time frame.

You can also earn a lot of money in your local community by helping business owners with these task.

Using a combination of skills that you will learn from these lessons you can double or even triple your income as long as you do not mind a little hard work.

Local SEO ranking factors are the key to helping out your fellow business owners, Learning these skills can start your future on the right path.

Read this lesson. Local SEO Ranking Factors For Business.

Mobile Marketing Ideas

Mobile Marketing Ideas

Smartphones have generated a mobile market that is exploding. You should learn about some of the different mobile marketing opportunities that are available especially in your local area.

One thing that we should add to that list is drones. All you need to do is get creative and drones could be a mobile idea well looking into.

Drones could also be an excellent affiliate marketing product that you could chisel your way into the online market.

Mean while we put together a nice little read to expand your thoughts into the mobile field. Keen into Social WiFi Marketing and the proximity part.

Any website that you design or build for someone else needs to be mobilized. There is a market to design websites for businesses.

Some of them are over 10 years old and could use a make over. So enjoy this read and we will see you soon ready for more.

In addition. 30% of local businesses do not even have a website plus they all need to claim their Google My Business page.

Click on Mobile Marketing Ideas to learn a few more ways to earn money.

Time To Make A $100 A Day

It’s time to make some money. You should of picked up a lot of great pointers and are ready to put some cash in your pockets.

We are going to show you one of the ways we started making some cash a few years back. It doesn’t cost a bunch of money to get started.

You can use the new skills that you learned throughout this lesson. Plus you can do it right in your local community.

Make money making YouTube Videos. Go check it out and start making a $100 a day in no time at all.

Stop watching and start doing.

Summary: Affiliate Marketing Training Lessons For Beginners That Want Success

Just starting out or cannot get your business off the ground. Look no further. We are offering training courses to get you on the fast track toward success.

The training lessons we are offering is absolutely free. Requires no credit card, email, and no non-sense.

These are going to be blog post and YouTube videos that you can follow along and increase your knowledge in affiliate marketing or local marketing.

You may want to pick up a domain name and a hosting provider to get started.

We only recommend the fastest or the best value providers. It will be up to you to start your own online business.

It will take time, hard work, lot’s of content, and a willingness to succeed to make any money on the internet.

But we will steer you in the right direction so you have an opportunity for success.

You can follow us on Facebook (give us a like while you are there) and Twitter to stay in the know.

Drop down below and let us know if you’re in or if you have any suggestions.

These training courses and video lessons are going to be produced as we move along (so be patient please). Also updated.

We thank you for taking action and getting involved today.

Do you know how to get your biz buzzing after you design your site? That article will explain in detail.

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