What Is The Best Web Hosting For Small Business That Want Speed?

What Is The Best Web Hosting For Small Business?
What Is The Best Web Hosting For Small Business?

Who has the best website hosting for businesses that want more speed?

You need speed because you could lose up to 40% of your visitors and your customers are mostly mobile.

So today we’ll provide you with 3 hosting providers that can give you quick loading times from a smartphone.

What is the best website hosting for businesses?

It is going to be determined by what type of platform you want to build your website on.

We will let you know about 3 different platforms that can all give you the speed you need. You will need to make a decision based on your website builder preference.

We are not going to discuss the free builders because you just do not get what you really need from these platforms.

One thing for sure is that you need great upload times for your website, super customer service, and a hosting provider that your website can load under the 2 second mark.

Most visitors that come to a local businesses website will more than likely be using a smartphone. They are either looking for information, trying to find something to eat, shopping, or need your services.

Visitors do not want to be waiting around and if your website does not load quick enough they will x you off and look for someone else.

3 Web Hosting Providers With Great Speed And Value

3 Web Hosting Providers With Speed And Value

When you start looking to build or design a website you want a platform that will give you flexibility.

You need a platform that can give you more than just a website builder. It should offer you many options.

Check out our Builderall review to get a complete look at an all in one hosting platform that has the most digital marketing tools from any hosting company.

No matter what platform you decide to go with you should have a list of SEO things that you always follow like our quick SEO checklist that you can use.

We have a more in debt checklist that is mentioned at the end of our article.

Let’s Take A Look At WordPress

Everyone has heard of WordPress at least we would assume. WordPress is an excellent platform for building your website.

So if you’re going to use this CMS (content management system) you will need to start out by choosing a hosting provider that can handle the traffic, has great customer service, and has upload times that are at least 99%.

You’ll also want to choose a WordPress theme. There are many themes out there but some will not provide the speed you need to get the upload time you want.

There are free themes as well as paid themes.

If you want the flexibility to have more control over the design factors then we highly recommend Thrive Themes or Astra themes.

Thrive Themes has most of the plugins that you will need and they have local business templates for you to work with.

You can also design your website from scratch.

They have many video tutorials to walk you through the process.

We also have free affiliate marketing training lessons for you that includes many subjects like, website design, SEO, and marketing.

In the near future, we might switch over to the best theme we could find which is Thrive Themes.

We also did a case study on the fastest free WordPress themes in case your monies tight.

3 free WordPress themes that were very fast after testing over 100 different ones.

The first one is GeneratePress free theme, next is DI Business free theme, and last is the Astra free WordPress theme.

Astra is the fastest of all the free themes we tested.

In addition, they have over 55 ready made website templates you can use for local businesses.

Must Have Plugins For WordPress

The one thing about using WordPress is that you need additional things added to your website.

Plugins help you do different jobs that need to be done on your site.

Having too many plugins will cause your website speed to slow down.

So keep the number of plugins down to a minimum. The plugins that recommend will all be the free version unless otherwise stated.

The WordPress hosting provider that we recommend we provide a couple of great plugins that we won’t mention yet.

But just in case your not using the best hosting these are the plugins we recommend for those slow hosting providers.

Here are a couple of WordPress plugins that you should use if you plan on using WordPress.

Most of these plugins are not required using Thrive Themes.

The first one is EWWW Image Optimizer. It will help you maintain speed because images will slow your site down. Next is social sharing by Danny.

Lightweight and a great social media sharing tool without all the weight like the rest of them. Next is Anti-Spam.

Everyone hates spam and now that we use it we haven’t had any big issues of spamming since we started using it 6 months ago.

Wordfence Security next.

Everyone needs anti-virus, Firewall, and Malware scan capabilities to protect your website.

We also recommend an SEO plugin called Yoast.

They also have a local version that you must purchase.

We haven’t had an opportunity to use it because we perform our own search engine optimization (SEO).

What is the Best Web Hosting For Small Business?

1. WPX Is Our WordPress Hosting Choice

WPX WordPress Hosting

We need to go into a little detail before we mentioned this great WordPress hosting provider called WPX hosting because you need to understand that all hosting is not created equally. Managed WordPress hosting is what we recommend.

WPX has super fast hosting and they also recommend that you use Thrive Themes to design your website. As a matter of fact, Thrive Themes only recommends 2 hosting providers.

Site Ground is one and the other is WPX Hosting. You cannot blame them because they want their theme hosted at the fastest possible speed and want you to have great customer service.

Between the two we feel that WPX provides the fastest hosting speed you will find unless you want to start paying upwards of $100 to host your website.

WPX offers a monthly plan that is only $25 a month or you can choose an annual option and save money by paying using that option.

You can find cheap hosting but be warned. All hosting is not equal.

You will end up with poor upload times, not very good customer service, and worst yet, fewer visitors because of a very slow website.

So do it right and get the best WordPress hosting that you can find. It’s a super value when you compare them to companies like WP Engine.

WPX Hosting is faster than WP Engine for less money.

What is the best web hosting for a small business using WordPress? Not only do we recommend WPX Hosting but some of the top marketers that use it.

Thrive Themes highly recommends WPX, and they are the number one WordPress Hosting company rated by customers.

You can find that information on Trust Pilot. WPX also provides an SSL certificate for your website. You definitely need an SSL certificate for a more secure site.

2. Duda Website Builder And Hosting

Now if you not a WordPress fan and do not need a heavy system designed for blogging then you can always go with a drag and drop website builder.

Duda is a great company and when it comes to website speed these folks are going to be hard to beat. We were surprised at the speed.

Most, what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) website builders do not have the speed to match these folks.

After testing many, drag and drop website builders Duda was number one hands down. They are extremely fast but are limited to the number of templates that you can use.

The platform is more geared toward local agencies that build websites in your local community. Customer service seemed pretty good and the other thing we found that we found that we didn’t like is you couldn’t create an email for your business.

You would have to get a Google service or something similar. They have been adding a lot of new updates to their platform and are well worth checking out if that is all you need is a plain looking website with plenty of speed.

You can custom the design for different devices is which is a great feature because sometimes a responsive design just does not give you enough flexibility on mobile.

They offer different font styles as well as the ability to choose different colors for your design. You can choose different navigation styles depending on the device you are designing for.

They have a decent pricing structure especially if you are starting a local agency. But you may want to consider other options when it comes to adding more digital marketing tools if you want a better value.

What is the best web hosting for small business?

3. Builderall The all In One Platform

DIY Website Design & A Smarter Website

When it comes to value Builderall cannot be beaten. They also have lightning fast speed when it comes to upload speed of your website.

We built a website using there Cheetah Website Builder to see if it could match up to the other website builders on the market.

It was blazing fast and beats everyone we put it up against..

We clock in at 373 ms with our upload time from the website RodneyV.com.

BA is another smaller company but are packed with digital marketing tools to help you market your business worldwide or locally. They provide everything you need for a small business owner. Builderall is not just another website builder.

You can use sales funnels to generate leads for your business. It comes with its own email marketing system called the Mailing Boss.

You can even build an online store. Magento from Builderall

Speed, is the name of the game with the new Cheetah website builder. Plus they keep making improvements.

They sure enough, did that so we are taking their word on it. They seem to be always trying to improve all of the tools and software.

The drag and drop pixel perfect builder come with local business templates for you to use or you can start with a blank canvas and design your own million-dollar ideas.

From Chat-Bots, heat maps, a design studio, and many other digital marketing tools we had to choose Builderall as the best value.

You can create your own mobile app for your business or even offer affiliate to sell your products on their marketplace. Simple an amazing product with so many options.

We like the auto post feature.

You can schedule all of your Facebook or Instagram posts for an entire month. Set it and forget it because you got more, important things to do.

Can you host a WordPress website at Builderall?

Yes you can host your WordPress website using hosting from Builderall.

What Is The Best Web Hosting For Small Business That Is Value Packed?

Get Your Biz Buzzing On Mobile

We are one of the folks that really like using WordPress.

But when it comes to value we have to choose Builderall.

They just provide so much more and everything is located on a single dashboard.

That will save you time and keep you more organized.

Running a small business isn’t an easy task.

Plus trying to keep the expenses in check can be demanding.

Having run a few small businesses myself we know how valuable time can be. Plus having the right digital marketing tools can have a big impact on your marketing efforts.

Sometimes there are not enough hours in a day. You may be required to hire people to do the jobs that you just do not have the time to even mess with. Yet we all want more customers and want more time with our families.

That is why we like the Builderall platform.

We can use it for posting on social media, make changes to our website at any time of the day, send out automatic messages to our email list, and even set up ChatBots on Facebook.

Then to top it off Builderall has an on Page SEO tool. Talking about saving money. Do you know how much a Local SEO Agency will charge you for their services?

Anywhere from $500, $1000, and up. No, it won’t do everything for you like an agency but at least you can get on track and improve your search score.

Even if you do not have the time to get started redesigning your website or building a new one you can always reach out and contact Mobile Biz Buzz.

But if you like the DIY solution and want the best value you may want to consider using Builderall. Go check it out.

Here is a link to a 14-day free trial so you can decide if they are what you’re looking for.

Conclusion: What Is The Best Web Hosting For Small Business?

You have options when choosing the best website hosting company. Best WordPress hosting is WPX Hosting or Builderall.

Fastest speeds & WPX has the fastest customer service.

Best paid WordPress theme is called Thrive Themes. They only recommend WPX Hosting. Get the best of both worlds.

But you may also want to check out Astra Themes. They have an awesome agency package that is half the cost of Thrive Themes.

They will allow you to look like a professional website designer as long as you take the time to watch the training videos.

Fastest WordPress hosting is WPX Hosting, hands down the best and fastest provider. These guys offer blazing super fast speeds for hosting and customer service.

Then we found the best value hosting provider. This was a drag and drop website building software but actually offered more value than any other provider from a single dashboard.

  • Why You Need The Best & Fastest Hosting?
  • Businesses Need Fast Hosting So They Do Not Lose Customers
  • Your Hosting Provider Must Have Great Customer Service
  • The Hosting You Choose Can Increase Your Profits
  • Which Hosting Providers Offer The Better Value?
  • WPX Hosting for WordPress
  • Best Value for Drag & Drop Website Builder – Builderall

Hire Us To Help You Get More Customers

We also want to let you know that Mobile Biz Buzz will design your website if you do not have the time. But a website is nothing if it cannot be found.

That is what we do, get your biz buzzing on the local search engines.

Each hosting company we recommend has easy to use DIY website builders.

WPX Hosting (WordPress) or Builderall (drag and drop).

Is Builderall worth it? Go check it out.

The on-page SEO feature from Builderall is a pretty decent tool to help you get a better ranking score.

You may also want to share and read the article named, Basic SEO Checklist before you click publish.

We are here to offer our services in website design or local SEO service if you need us. But if your a DIY marketer and want to save money try out Builderall.

Feel free to comment below and follow us on our Facebook page. Don’t forget to sign up for our SEO tips to help you rank in the local 3 pack for your local community.

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