Builderall 3.0 Fireworks To Bring A Bang To Your Biz

Builderall 3.0 Launch

Builderall 3.0 is launching July 4, 2019. It looks like they are coming out with new digital marketing tools and many improvements on the existing tools.

Should you jump on board now or wait for the new launch? That’s a great question. You could start now and start learning about the all in one platform.

They have a lot of how to videos to learn all the digital marketing tools. It takes time to know how to operate and use the all of these programs.

Especially if you are a beginner and want to learn the platform from BA.

Once you get a handle on using the different apps and the pixel perfect website builder you will definitely be ready to design your first website.

On the other hand we do not know if they are going to change the commission structure or the platform pricing for the digital marketing tools.

Currently you can join as an affiliate for free. A couple of weeks ago you had to get the Builderall Business Plan to promote the platform.

You can learn how to use the different marketing tools by checking out the BA Bootcamp.

3 New Digital Marketing Tools

Watch the new BA Live in the video above.

What new digital marketing tools are coming with the Builderall 3.0 launch? These are the 3 big ones that we know about and there could be more.

We are not quit sure which tools are getting a makeover or getting some major improvements.

Here is a short list of the 3 new digital marketing tools you can expect.

  • Canvas (new drag and drop sales funnel builder)
  • Online Store Builder (BA eCommerce by Magento)
  • Magazine Builder

This short list provides some great opportunities to market your business.

If you need some online business ideas we got you covered and who knows? Maybe you’ll end up living a laptop lifestyle.

Plus there are a lot of new improvements coming especially with the Mailing Boss.

It appears that Builderall is changing the way the brand appears. More professional and concentrated on the user.

The new marketing director (Brad Macmayor) is bringing on some great ways to market the platform with the daily live broadcast.

You can check it out everyday Monday thru Friday at 4 PM eastern time.

He is bringing more awareness to the platform with the Website Awards, Builderall Mansion, Authentic Stories with YouTube, and how to market your business using the tools.

Lots of exciting things coming to expand the brand and how to expand your own business brand.

Builderall 3.0 Canvas

Canvas looks like an awesome way to build your own funnel system so we thought you may want to take a look at a video for a general overview.

Eric Salgado (CEO of BA) gave a live demonstration of how to use the new canvas. It is currently available on the platform but there will be a new Canvas when they release the 3.0 on July 4.

The Canvas appears to be a drag and drop system to build a complete sales funnel for your business. It provides you a way of connecting all of the dots for a complete sales funnel blueprint.

This new canvas drag and drop funnel builder should save you time and ensure you add in all of the steps to have a complete way to market your products or services.

Starting with a landing page to capturing emails and all the steps in between. It even includes the final steps of the checkout or upgrades and downgrades.

You can connect an entire blueprint to have a complete sales funnel.

The canvas includes all of the templates that you would need and you would only need to modify the templates to start the marketing process.

Builderall eCommerce By Magento

Building an online store with BA is getting a big change. They are getting the software incorporated into the Builderall platform from Magento.

It’s an Adobe product and is a widely recognized brand. Looks like BA is going all out to provide you will an awesome way to build an online store.

Are you ready to build your own eCommerce store?

Internet shopping is on the rise and now you may have an easier way of building your own store without a hefty price tag.

We are not very familiar with this software or even know how to use it so we will have to wait until it comes out to provide you with more details.

Magazine Creator From BA

Create Your Own Magazine For Your Online Business

The magazine creator should be a big hit. Imagine creating your own magazine for your online business. It doesn’t matter what niche you are in.

This will be a great lead magnet to capture leads.

Instead of a plain old newsletter you will be able to create a magazine that shows you are the expert in your niche.

Lets say your website is all about cooking fish. You will be able to showcase all of your favorite ways to cook fish, recipes, and be able to include images.

Your niche could be microphones, fishing poles, video games, or whatever your site is about. The magazine will have flip thru pages and from what we have seen it looks very professional.

Summary: Builderall 3.0

Let the fireworks begin starting on July 4, 2019 with BA 3.0.

You will have an opportunity to get your business banging with the new digital marketing tools coming to a hosting platform near you.

3 new digital marketing tools you will not want to miss.

  • Canvas
  • Online Store Builder ( Builderall Magento)
  • Magazine Builder

The new tools will put you in the driver seat to better market your products and services. You’ll be able to offer a better lead magnet for your audience.

Have you been keeping up with this platform? They are rebranding the way they do business. It’s going to be a better user experience.

You can stay in the know about how to use the digital marketing tools by tuning into the Bootcamp.

There are videos to teach you how to market and use the tools from this platform. The Bootcamp videos are from a certified partner by the name of Shelly Turner.

It’s a series of training like this Chatbot video on YouTube.

In addition, the platform is getting a major overhaul. We are not sure which tools that are receiving the improvements.

The goal is to have a better user experience and to help the users market their products and services in a more efficient manner.

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