Builderall Review Can You Use It For Multiple Income Streams?

Builderall Review
Builderall Review
Builderall Review Reveals If You Can Use It For Multiple Income Opportunities

This Builderall review will uncover the truth.

Be advised that there will be many changes made on July 4, 2019.

Updated for 2019. Some things may have changed. We will try to keep this post updated so you get the right info.

They have new products coming soon and other changes to the program. All for the better.

Do they have a good product and are they worth the money?

Is it really all that they say it is? This company claims they offer more than hosting and you can use the platform for multiple income opportunities.

They say it’s an all in one platform that has all the digital marketing tools you need to start an online business.

Is it true?

What about people that are just getting started with a business online?

Do they pay on multiply levels and provide a car allowance?

Are they more than a website builder?

Let’s answer some of these questions and dig into the platform.

The first wow factor that you will notice is the pricing to build sales funnels.

We found that they offer the best value to build money making sales funnels. Build your own sales funnels or use the pre-built templates.

Let’s dig in and see if they really are all that they claim.

You probably got questions about them as well.

Let’s go inside and explore this program in detail.

Builderall Review Table of Contents

Rodney VanNortwick

Welcome to the most complete Builderall review of 2019. I’m Rodney V the owner of Mobile Biz Buzz.

Today we are going to dig into to this platform and see if they have what it takes to market your products and services.

BA is actually a hosting company. Being an SEO guy, the first thing we like to check is the upload speed.

So, let’s conduct a live speed test of their site and a website using their pixel perfect builder.

If you do not have a website that loads under the 2 second mark you might as well move on.

The reason is, it’s possible to start losing up to 40% of your visitors if your website cannot load under 2 seconds (after 3 seconds it’s even more).

First, let’s find out who they are.

What Is Builderall – Who Are They

Builderall Headquarters With CEO Erick Salgado
Erick Salgado CEO of Builderall on the left

Company Name: eBusiness4us – DBA: Builderall


CEO: Erick Salgado

Office Location:
6220 ​​​​​​​S Orange Blossom Trl, St 505 Orlando, Florida

Contact Information: Phone Number 800 794 8076​​​​​​​


Niche: Hosting (evergreen niche)

This video explains what you can do with this platform.

In addition, they offer many digital marketing tools. Depending on the plan you choose will determine the tools you receive (more on this later).

Go Take A Look Inside Builderall

BA started marketing it’s hosting platform in USA 2017.

They started with a bang and was an instant success.

Initially, they had some bugs in some of the tools, software, and builders.

But it looks like they have improved the complete platform for a better user experience. Way better than when they started (we came back to verify).

Eric Salgado knew he needed improvements and concentrated on making the product better. He kept his word and today it is a great value.

In 2017, JVZoo even got in on the action. They used their vast affiliate marketing network to promote the platform and had great results.

You can still promote BA from JVZoo, but you only will receive 50% commissions (more on this later).

Eric Salgado decided to relaunch their product in 2018 and it grew tremendously. They are one of the fastest growing companies in the USA.

Now they have many super affiliate’s of their own promoting this product.

Eric Salgado is a very active CEO. He demonstrates how to use the products, tools, site builders, and provides coaching to it’s members.

He keeps his subscribers and team up to date using weekly webinars, Facebook videos, and live events.

What Is Builderall Compared To

How Does Builderall Stack Up Against The Competition

BA really doesn’t have any competition. It’s the only hosting company that offers so many digital marketing tools under one roof.

*Builderall no longer has a $49.90 package.

They’ve added some tools and made some major improvements but you can still get the $29.90 package or the new Premium package at $69.90.

They may not be the best in each category but when you consider overall value, you cannot beat the platform or the price.

Having everything under one roof saves you time and saves you a bunch of cash money.

It’s like having your own website builder (plus you can design other things) like Wix or Four Square but with more flexibility. You also get an email service sort of like AWeber or Get Response called the Mailing Boss.

They have pre-built sales funnels that you can use or you can design your own money making sales funnels. It’s similar to Click Funnels or Leadpages without the hefty expense.

Do you want to find out what other products it’s compare with?

We also wrote a comparison to other products titled, Is Builderall Worth It? You can get more information from that blog post.

Before we continue, let us check the website speed of their flagship drag and drop website builder (better known as the pixel perfect builder).

Naturally, the websites you build are hosted with them as well.

Website Speed Test for The Builderall Review

Website Speed Test for Builderall Review
Website Speed Test for the Company Website

How fast is the companies website?

During this website speed test they passed our expectation of loading under the 2 second mark. Actual time was 1.80 seconds.

That is a heavy site (page size) for such a good speed.

We can see that they cut their speed in half since our last speed test we conducted last year (2018).

This website was built with their flagship website builder.

The pixel perfect drag and drop builder performs very well and comes with everything you need to design a professional looking website.

It also includes a separate area to adjust the view for mobile devices.

We also like the idea that every website you build, comes with it’s own SSL Certificate, so you do not have to pay the extra money like some hosting providers charge.

Looks like they understand the power of a blazing fast website.

So, for this part of the Builderall Review, we give them a big 2 thumbs up.

Site Speed Using The Pixel Perfect Builder

Next lets look at the speed of a website we built using their drag and drop pixel perfect builder and see if it can upload in less than 2 seconds.

Website Speed Test of Biz Builder Site
Website Speed Test for The Biz Builder Site

We built this site just to check out the pixel perfect builder.

As you can see the speed is below our 2 second mark. We tested both sites from Washington, DC. Actual upload time for this website was 1.27 seconds.

In addition, you will notice that the performance grade is in the green. That means in simple terms that they wrote good code for this builder.

They also have a CDN (Content Delivery Network) that you can hook into. We did not do this but will sometime in the future.

This network reaches across 4 different continents and will enable you to have faster site speeds in different areas around the globe.

One thing we thought they could of done better on was the up time for our site. Our site was down a couple times last year.

They did do some upgrading and replaced some of their hosting equipment. That is why we noticed faster speeds and less down time.

So we’ll see how much they improved during this new year. We like going longer periods of time to get a more accurate feel of how the platform is performing.

Now that they have passed our website speed test, let’s find out all about the community.

What About The Community

What About The Builderall Community

They have an international community of members. There are members from over 160 countries throughout the world.

Erick Salgado himself is from Brazil and they have a vast amount of subscribers from that region.

He speaks around 7 (don’t quote me on that) different languages so he can communicate effectively with other people around the globe.

They have 6 main Facebook groups. Once inside the dashboard you can access one of the Facebook groups called:

  • English
  • Business
  • Brazil
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Italy

They also have a separate FB group for support issues and questions.

You’ll also find many leaders in the community that will have their own private Facebook group. They offer training and ideas in those groups.

These are smaller groups and we feel they are more effective because they can cater to the needs of their affiliate marketing team.

During this Builderall Review we felt the community portrayed a real positive image representing the company in a professional manner.

Check out what some of the leaders say about the community.

No matter what group you are in or even visiting it seems everyone is willing to offer you a helping hand.

They share ideas, give advice, answer questions, and provide training.

No matter who’s your sponsor (person you signed up under) is, you still are required to do your own work. That should speak for itself.

People will offer advice but you got to get your own hands dirty.

Great community in every group that we have visited.

#BuilderallReview of the community. Big Thumbs Up.

Builderall Has World Wide Events

Builderall Has Worldwide Live Events
Everest Builderall London 16/17 March 2019

2018 BA had many live events all over the world. Brazil, Italy, Germany, USA (Memphis, Tennessee), and many more.

They call these events, Everest Events (your opportunity to reach new heights with success).

In 2019 they have more events planned. The first one is scheduled in London. March 17-18, 2019.

  • Everest UK
  • Nuremberg June 1-2, 2019
  • Everest Italy June 8-9, 2019
  • More are coming but we do not have the dates

It provides you an opportunity to share ideas and find out what works in today’s online market.

You get to meet super affiliate’s while they share their own marketing strategies. Plus, get the inside scoop on new money making sales funnels.

They plan on going on tour in Asia, Europe, South America, USA, and more countries again this year 2019.

Listen to top speakers in the affiliate marketing industry. Share product ideas and team up with other business professionals.

You will even get an opportunity to speak with the owner, Erick Salgado.

Here is a CEO that actually cares about your success instead of corporate profits. He believes in hard work and helping others with a business opportunity that is affordable.

Training Events Schedule For 2019

There are several boot camp events scheduled. Here are a few of the training courses that they have scheduled for 2019.

You can find the exact schedule inside the dashboard listed under Builderall business>event calendar.

  • Sales Funnels
  • Email Marketing
  • Mobile App Development
  • Building A Web Agency
  • Facebook Marketing
  • E Commerce
  • Chatbots
  • Amazon Affiliate
  • YouTube Marketing
  • Fiverr Gigs
  • Webinar Marketing
  • Course Creation
  • Blogging
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Certified Partner Training

Plus a lot more. As you can see BA is here to help you develop a business for long term success.

Is this the right business opportunity for you?

Where do you picture yourself being in 6 months, one year, two years, or even five years down the road?

Is Builderall Growing It’s Subscribers

Is The Builderall Business Growing
BA Is Growing Very Quickly

BA has a new plan to grow their business.

They are looking to invite a 1,000,000 people to learn about the platform. The sky is the limit with this company.

It’s all about bringing awareness to the world of entrepreneurs.

Every home in the world should have an opportunity to start an online business. Being aware of the business opportunity using BA is key.

Learning the skills without spending money for outdated and crappy get rich schemes is the new way in.

This program is affordable for everyone without all the BS.

1 Million Entrepreneur Challenge…that is the new marketing challenge.

It’s about bringing awareness to 1 million people about the brand.

Only way into the program is by personal invite.

More on the Million Entrepreneur Challenge coming soon.

Less than a year ago they had less than 20,000 subscribers. That number has been broken. Last we heard they had over 47,000 users and climbing.

They are closing in on 50,000 subscribers very quickly (they probably already hit that number). People that want to either use the product or want to promote the affiliate marketing program.

Only a small percentage actually promote the product.

Builderall Pricing and What’s Included

How Much Does It Cost And What's Included

Be advised the rates have increased effective July 4, 2019 and so has the commission structure and made some major improvements of the platform.

They now offer 2 different plans to choose from. The plan you choose depends on your own business needs.

What digital marketing tools do you need for your business?

The Essential Package

The price for the Digital Marketing plan is $29.90 a month.

The Essential Plan is designed for those of you that want or need the digital marketing tools, apps, and have the capability to grow faster.

You will be able to build up to 15 websites if needed. Each one comes with an SSL Certificate.

What Digital Marketing Tools Are Included With This Plan

*subject to change*

  • Pixel Perfect Drag And Drop Website Builder
  • Mailing Boss (unlimited email marketing)
  • Mobile App (application) Builder
  • Heat Click Map
  • On Page SEO (search engine optimization) Tool
  • eLearning Platform
  • Script Generator
  • Social Share Locker
  • Browser Notifications
  • Design Studio
  • Presentation Builder
  • Photo Studio
  • Animated Video Creator
  • & more

As you can see there are plenty of digital marketing tools to communicate with your audience and tools to help you get better marketing results.

When you decide that you need to move to the next level because you want it all then just perform a simple upgrade to the business plan.

Builderall Premium Plan

Review Of The Builderall Business Plan

The price for the Premium Plan is $69.90 a month.

This business package is designed for businesses that need all of the digital marketing tools at their disposal.

It’s also for entrepreneurs that want to promote BA and grow their business with the company earning money with the multi tier commission plan.

You get it all. Every single digital marketing tool is at your fingertips.

Do you have a product that you want others to promote (affiliate marketing program)?

You will have access to the marketplace (similar to JVZoo).

This plan is for people that want to be part of the community. Maybe you want to build a team of entrepreneurs.

If you want to get those 100% commissions promoting this awesome platform then this plan is for you.

What Digital Marketing Tools Are Included With The Premium Plan
  • You Get Everything Included In The Digital Marketing Plan Plus
  • Unlimited e-Commerce (build online stores)
  • Webinar Platform
  • Facebook Messenger Chat-Bot
  • Auto-Post Manager Tool
  • Affiliate Marketplace
  • Video Wrapper Tool
  • Magazine Creator Tool (coming soon)

So many tools and so many possibilities using this platform.

It’s a good thing that they have video tutorials for each and every tool.

You could get a little over whelmed. That is why they have the quick start button. It will keep you focused on the main objective.

We’ll talk about the training in a few moments.

No matter what plan you choose. BA offers value.

For less than $70 a month you can bring your $1,000,000 idea to life.

Affiliate Marketing Program Review

Affiliate Marketing Program Review
2 Tier Affiliate Program

Do you want to make 100% commissions? The commission structure changed on July 4, 2019.

Here is what you get promoting the Builderall Affiliate Marketing Program.

You receive 100% commissions on your personal sales.

Check this out.

Starting the 2nd month you will receive $20 commission for the entire time that person is a subscriber to the platform.

Lifetime commissions.

Anyone under you that signs up for the premium plan will also receive the same commission structure as we mentioned above.

Not a bad deal is it?

But here is the kicker. When they sign someone up, guess what happens?

That’s right. It’s called the multi tiered commission structure.

You get paid again. Starting the second month you will get paid a commission based on a certain level for the folks they bring on board.

Lifetime commissions, as long as they remain an active member.

Every time the person under you signs up another subscriber you get paid again and again starting that second month.

It’s called the leverage affiliate system and it pays on multiply tiers.

100 Business Sales Gives You A Car Allowance

Buildrall Offers A Car Allowance

Top producers get a bonus from BA. The car allowance is changed July 4, 2019.

Not only do you get the awesome commissions but you can earn yourself a car allowance.

How do you get it?

You no longer need to have 100 active premium plan subscribers in good standing. You’ll get paid as soon as you have 10 paying customers.

Looking to upgrade your ride? Work hard and start helping other folks out.

Set yourself a goal and still reach that 100 active subscribers so you can get that extra money every single month.

Want a better deal or more money for your new automobile?

Then get to the next level and come up with 20 active business users.

Keep getting a bigger bonus for every 10 customers you sign up.

What do you plan on driving?

Are there other ways to make money using this platform?

Glad you asked. Let us explain some of the multiple income opportunities you have using this platform.

No wonder they call it the Ultimate All In One Platform.

Builderall Provides Multiply Income Opportunities

Builderall Can Be Used For Multiply Income Streams

We couldn’t perform a Builderall review without learning about the online business opportunities that you have at your disposal.

You have multiple income opportunities using the platform.

The digital marketing tools provide an assortment of things that you can do with the platform right in your local area. Just get a little creative.

  • Magazine Creator For Local Businesses
  • Website Design and Hosting
  • Social Media Management
  • Mobile App Creator
  • Local Marketing Consultant
  • Email Marketing Service
  • Offer DIY Marketing Services
  • Build and Rent Out Local Sites (businesses want the leads)

You can find many more ideas listed in our BA Business Opportunity Category. Some of these ideas require you to either have experience or you can also learn the skills the you need by following our blog tips.

It’s a series of articles on how to use the platform and how to make money with it like in the article, 5 Simple Ways To Earn Money Locally.

The local market that you live in could become a big money maker.

Some local agencies have made the switch. So yes, you could use this platform for designing local businesses websites.

You could also build local niche sites and rent them out to local businesses so those businesses could get the leads.

Unlimited business opportunities.

Do you want to offer services or sell your own products?

All you need are the marketing skills to do so.

You can promote BA using their leverage affiliate system.

Do you have a digital product that you would like to promote?

Use the Marketplace and have other members sell your product for you.

Do you know how affiliate marketing works? You can build niche websites and promote other companies products.

Using the platform you could come up with multiple income streams.

To give you more ideas we came up with 57 ideas to make money using Builderall. Check it out after you finished here.

But it may be best to master one thing and get it rolling before moving to your next idea.

Who Is Builderall For?

Who Is Builderall For

This platform is for any one that wants to build and host a new website.

Are you a DIY (do it yourself) marketer, entrepreneur, or a beginner?

Just like any platform, it takes time to learn the fundamentals on how every thing works.

Start out learning how to build a website using the pixel perfect drag and drop builder. As you start getting proficient start adding on the digital marketing tools you need.

There are video’s to explain how to operate everything. Over 400 videos.

Whether you’re new or an expert, take the time to learn how to use the digital marketing tools and website builders.

This program is for:

  • Beginners
  • Seasoned Veterans
  • Local Marketers
  • Small Business Owners
  • Network Marketers
  • Affiliate Marketers
  • Entrepreneurs

No platform is magically going to print you cash money.

It takes hard work, a positive mindset, and a burning desire to succeed.

What About Email Service?

Email Marketing Service Is Called The Mailing Boss

They offer the Mailing Boss solution as your email service provider. It comes with the Digital Marketing and the Business plan.

No extra charge like you would have to pay with other platforms or programs.

Building an email list is very important.

I’m sure you’ve heard the money is in the list.

We have heard many people complain about the mailing boss (mainly from new users). The main complaint is that their emails end up in the spam section.

What you have to realize is that most people sign up to things using a junk email address. Do you do the same thing?

We also get email from BA and never once has it been directed to our spam email section.

But you also need to understand how to write emails, so they do not end up in someones spam folder.

Unfortunately, we haven’t used the email service enough to give you advice on this product.

We have seen folks offer advice on using the Mailing Boss in many Facebook groups. Many people seem to be very pleased with it.

It’s another tool to help you build trust with your audience.

Does Builderall Provide Training?

Does Builderall Have Training

12 training lessons are waiting for you when you first login.

Here are a few of the video training lessons. This set up is brand new to help you get started.

  • Create A Website
  • Blog Tutorial
  • Create an E-Commerce
  • Build An Email List
  • Facebook Chatbot Tutorial
  • Mailing Boss Automation
  • Browser Notification Tutorial

They just remodeled the inside dashboard. The main reason was that too many people were confused and did not know where to start.

Erick Salgado identified this issue and put his inside marketing team into action. Now it sort of like a step by step video series on what to do when you first arrive.

You can also access the Quick Start Training. Here are the 3 subjects these lessons cover.

  • Build A Leverage Affiliate Business
  • Skyrocket A Business You Already Have
  • Start An Online Business From Scratch

One of the top affiliates is one of the Marketing Directors. This young man put together some real nice training courses that includes his entire affiliate marketing strategy.

That training can be found inside the platform and is a great place to start after you learn how to build your first website.

This training is designed for folks that want to promote the platform.

They start with beginner courses, then you move up to intermediate, next is the advanced level, and you have to get results to move into the next level of training.

These training courses include how to get traffic to your website.

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Training Within The Community

Training For The Community

You will find many associates that built membership sites. Inside these sites they provide eLearning on many different subjects.

Some of the folks produce videos, hold webinars, or write eBooks for training for their group or community.

They cover a wide range of topics and we have no way of knowing about all of the training that these folks provide.

Everything from building an email list, to better copy writing, building sales funnels, how to use Clickbank, and even creating leads with paid advertising.

We have also started (not completely finish yet) our free affiliate marketing training lessons for beginners. Right on this website.

Our sponsor has a nice library of training that you can subscribe to. We will provide that info once you complete the training on the inside.

You learn stuff like choosing a niche, picking the right domain name, designing your own website, SEO best practices, site structure, and lot’s of other goodies so you can have success.

Training is no short coming with Builderall. There are over 400 video tutorials to even teach you how to use the tools.

Many people have designed membership sites with a eLearning center to help you get started.

In addition, you will find money making sales funnels with the blueprint so you can have a successful campaign.

Plus, you will find many training videos right on YouTube like this one.

Get This Free Training

Plus, many people welcome other members inside their private Facebook groups to give you a helping hand if you need it.

You can join us and learn how to start your very own business.

Please leave a comment and we will provide you with a 7 day free trial at the end of this Builderall review.

How Is The Support?

How Is The Technical Support

The technical support was an area that we thought needed a better process. But the main problem was the glitches in the software and some of the site builders.

Since then they have make a ton of improvements and the need to use customer support actually has declined.

Erick Salgado took the bull by the horns and started training a live chat support team. He understood that by growing so quickly that they needed to plan for the increase of users, subscribers and members.

The improvements of the entire system has minimized the major support issues.

Update: They now have live chat support and answer very quickly.

Update: Support in many different languages with ticket and live chat.

  • English
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • German
  • French
  • Portuguese
  • More coming soon

They do have a knowledgeable support staff. They also monitor a Support Facebook group for faster service and to answer questions.

You can also find tutorials of common support issues that are usually errors performed by the user.

The support team does a good job . I’ve used them a few times and they do work hard putting out the fires.

You can use the ticket support system but it does take a while to get waited on. The live chat support should better serve it’s members and provide faster service. Main hours are 9-4 EST. (less workers after those hours)

What Are People Saying About Builderall?

Since this was a Builderall review we thought it would be fair to look for negative feedback and complaints. We wanted to see if the company takes care of these issues or just lets them hang around without a response.

So, we went to the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and found mostly positive comments about the company. We did find two complaints but each was handled professionally and money was returned.

They take customer service to heart and respond no matter what the situation is. Even the positive reviews got a comment from their staff.

You will also find throughout Facebook and YouTube many positive reviews. It’s good to see a company actually take their customer service seriously.

We also found out that if a technical support person cannot solve an issue within a reasonable time frame that they will have to answer to the CEO.

I’ve actually seen this happen a couple of times right on Facebook. If there is a problem they get in there and fix it. Big Thumbs up.

As with any program you should always read their terms of use.

Builderall Testimonial

Listen to this video why Shelly Joined BA.

You can find many more testimonials on Facebook, YouTube, and their website. Looks like a lot of happy people that joined.

Pros And Cons During The Builderall Review

Pros and Cons
Our Likes And Dislikes

Let’s start out with the pros. The things we like about them. We like the affordability of an all in one solution. You get everything you need to start and marketing an online business.

The pixel perfect builder gives you flexibility. It’s like a combination of adaptive and responsive design. You create a separate mobile view for a better user experience.

You also get a wide selection of typography and you can set it up differently for both desktop and mobile users. Color, sizes, and even anchor text.

It is also a breeze to integrate your social media.

Every website comes with an SSL Certificate.

To help you gain a better ranking score, they have included an on-page SEO tool. This is a great tool for SEO especially for beginners and intermediate users.

Being able to design your own sales funnels is also something we liked.

Big News: You can now host WordPress websites with Builderall and they are blazing fast. The results about the site speed test and the top performing WordPress theme were mentioned also.

We Liked The Sales Funnels And Email Service Included

What Is A Sales Funnel
They Have Done For You Money Making Sales Funnels

They also include many money making sales funnels with the blueprint to use them. Have you checked out the cost of Click Funnels? $97 or $297 a month.

The ability to build sales funnels with all the marketing tools included is a game changer. Absolutely the best value you will find online.

They have a drag and drop system to put a complete blueprint together. This will help you get a campaign up in running in no time at all.

You have to include the Mailing Boss email marketing service. No paying extra to capture leads, build trust with your list, and having an auto-responder at your fingertips.

Plus you can send the leads to separate mailing lists depending on their needs. All set up with drag and drop. Everything can be set up using different triggers.

Their new training dashboard set up is a big improvement. Now people know where to go to get started and have a clear path to follow. More organized, a better look, and more professional looking.

The upgrade they have made to many of the tools has been a relief. Not so many glitches in the software like last year. They are still making more improvements and adding new tools.

You have to like the 2 tier affiliate program with the car allowance.

Thumbs Up For These Tools

Thumbs Up For These Tools

These tools also get a big thumbs up. The Browser notifications, chatbot, webinar, heat map, share locker, and the social proof tools are all good to go.

We even use some of these tools with our WordPress website.

Another tool that offers great value is the script generator. It take time to get it down but is an awesome way to get a script you may need and everything is based on your audience.

The little images that you can use for social media billboards was cool.

Facebook and Instagram auto post is a nice thing to have but we prefer to do it manually. Anything automated will not give you the personal touch.

The marketplace that allows you to let other affiliate marketers sell your products is a great idea but since we did not use it we can’t really tell you how good it is. One thing we did notice is that they could use more products.

The website templates seem to be pretty descent. You can also build a site sort of like using blocks once you understand the additional items and know how to use them.

They also have a very helpful community and you usually can find the training you need. But sometimes you have to ask a question to find out what you need.

Inside the site builder you can design quite a few things like Facebook covers, Twitter covers, and website header, They do need more templates for those type of things.

Overall, we give it a thumbs up because of affordability and the value you get with so many digital marketing tools.

We noticed many major improvements compared to last year.

Like And Thumbs Up For The Multiply Income Opportunities

You have to give them a like if you like creating multiple incomes.

Build landing pages, small niche websites, and set up your site to capture leads very quickly.

You can also build membership sites with eLearning modules. Set up free membership areas, paid versions, or a combination of both.

This product makes it easy to start a local marketing agency and so you can start working with local businesses.

You can keep cost down on your services while still making money on the hosting and higher packages that they offer.

Cons And Stuff We Did Not Like or Needs Improvement

Thumbs Down For These Tools

The first one on the list is the responsive builder. This builder needs work. Just like other builders on the market. The desktop view will look great and then when you view it on a mobile device you will have overlapping fields.

It also takes time to learn this builder and we do not recommend it without gaining the experience you need working with it. You can get it to look good but you will go through some headaches.

The mobile builder is another one we do not care for. You are better off using the pixel perfect builder and using the mobile view to design your site for mobile users.

The animated video creator is basic software that takes to much time to get a good video. We do not like this tool but heard they have updates coming in the future.

Also, we didn’t care for the floating video but to be fair we did not spend a great deal of time learning how to work it.

Not really a con but the design studio is just basic image editing. This tool needs a makeover with more capabilities.

Good news folks. If you already have a site set up with WordPress, you can migrate your site over to this platform.

Starting with a fresh website is another option.

Yes, you can host a WordPress website with Builderall.

The Mailing Boss takes a little patience. You’ll find emails going to the spam folder mostly when people use a Gmail account. Once it’s whitelisted it is good to go.

We also disliked the way the blog builder was designed.

It seems a bit complicated, clunky, and takes some time getting use to the way you have to set it up.

Maybe because I’m just more familiar with WordPress.

Builderall Review Summary

Builderall Review Gets A Big Thumbs Up

After our Builderall review we give them a big thumbs up.

BA is a very affordable option. Even if you get the high end business package. Multiply income opportunities using this product.

You can start a business for less than $30 a month and it beats out the competitors by providing all the digital marketing tools you need.

The flagship website builder is an awesome builder that gives you a lot of flexibility with your design options.

It’s more like an adaptive responsive site builder.

The overall feeling after checking most everything out is that this platform is a combination of a lot of different digital marketing tools on a single platform.

It may not be the Cadillac of every single tool but is a value when you start doing comparisons of similar products or platforms.

When you take a look at building sales funnels alone it can get pretty costly. If you’re into sales funnels, you cannot beat the price.

They will save you money and provide everything you need without the hassle of buying marketing tools separately.

That alone will help you save time, stay more organized, and save you a big chunk of cash.

Do they have improvements to make?

Yes, there are a few things that they can do better and upgrade some of the software. But you can rest assured that their CEO Erick Salgado has a plan to get those things done.

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