Create A Professional Email For Your Affiliate Marketing Business

Create A Professional Email

Why do you want to create a professional email for your affiliate marketing business? Here are the top 3 reasons.

Create A Professional Email
Create A Business Email
  • Looks Professional
  • Trust Factor For Your Business
  • Promotes Your Brand

Instead of using a Gmail or a Yahoo email address you should look your best when communicating with your audience. You can set these up for free with most anyone that provides hosting.

All you need to do is purchase a domain name (keep it short and niche specific) and you can usually get this done using pretty much any hosting company.

Your Email Should Look Professional

Create Trust Using A Business Email

There are a number of ways to create a business email but you can do it for free right inside your cpanel. You can write it out however you like or even create multiple email addresses.

Here are a few examples so you can see what I’m talking about. You can use your first name like this. This is a great way to write out your email especially for affiliate marketers.

You can also use so folks can contact you for more information. Here is another way you could list your email if you were handling sales.

Now if you have a support department then you should use something like this. Make sure you choose one of the best website hosting providers and they will give you details of setting up your email account.

All of these examples beat the dreaded gmail or any other mail service that you may be using for your personal messages. Create a business email to look more professional and stand out from the crowd.

Professional Email Builds A Better Trust Factor

When you use a business email you build trust for your brand. Do you ever get emails from companies claiming “whatever” using a crazy email address?

It’s an automatic turn off and I can bet you that you did not trust it especially if it looked something like this. So do the right thing and use the proper business etiquette when setting up your mail account.

If you’re like us, we run a legitimate affiliate marketing business. That means we got to look like we run a trust worthy business. So bottom line take the time and do it the right way and create a professional looking email so you gain that trust factor

Promote Your Brand Using Business Email

One of the things that you should do when you start an affiliate marketing business is to chose an email service provider. We use AWeber because they have the best customer service and the best open rates for the automatic emails businesses send out.

When you send out those autoresponder messages your professional email will be attached and the folks getting those messages can see it. Do you think that you are building your brand with an ugly gmail address?

Be professional, build trust, and build your brand by using professional email addresses. It usually takes about 5 minutes of your valuable time to set these up. If you are using a good hosting provider they can help you out if you need it (or offer a tutorial).

Any time you send out a business relate email make sure to use your professional branded mail address. Sometimes we even use it for personal emails because you never know if someone might want to check us out.

You Can Also Pay For A Professional Email From Google

Use Google G Suite

Google offers a business mail account that is very inexpensive. It’s called the G Suite and it starts at just $5 a month.

Actually, it’s a great service and you know Google is going to keep everything up to date.

You get business graded security and you get to use many more apps. They have a nice interface that you probably are already familiar with. Plus you get access to 30GB of cloud storage.

Another great thing about Google is that you can use the video and voice conferencing. You get secure team messaging and you can use the shared calendars feature.

If you need more features and benefits using the G Suite they also have a $10 and a $25 a month plan.

The point here is create a professional email so you look professional, build trust, and have a trust worthy brand.

Summary for Creating A Professional Email

  • Looks Like You Mean Business
  • Creates Trust To Your Audience
  • Shows People That Your Brand Means Business

This should be one of the first things you do after you choose your hosting provider. If you do not want to use the hosting provider then go with the G Suite because for $5, it’s going to be hard to beat.

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