How To Create An Affiliate Marketing Blog

How To Create An Affiliate Marketing Blog

Are you ready to learn how to create an affiliate marketing blog? We are going to outline some simple steps to take before you set everything up.

Do you think it is easy and you will make money fast?

Think again my friend. If it was that easy everyone would be doing it and everyone doing it would have a pocketful of cash.

You need the right platform for blogging, blazing fast hosting, a good domain name, a good email marketing service provider, and a good website theme.

Yes, it’s going to cost you a few dollars to get started. It’s also going to take some hard word and you are going to need to learn a few new online marketing skills.

What is affiliate marketing? Simply put. It’s when you promote another companies product and you get paid a commission when someone buys from the link you provide.

9 Steps On How To Create An Affiliate Marketing Blog

9 Steps On How To Create An Affiliate Marketing Blog

Here are the 9 steps on how to start an affiliate marketing blog.

  • Choose A Niche
  • Identify Your Audience
  • Pick A Domain Name
  • Choose A Platform
  • Pick A Blazing Fast Hosting Provider
  • Choose A Theme and Design Your Website
  • Produce Content (write blogs about your niche)
  • Apply for Affiliate Products
  • Market Your Content

Blogging is one of the best ways to get organic traffic to your website using SEO (search engine optimization). Yes, it’s another skill you will need to learn.

But that is not a problem because we cover SEO best practices on this website and you do not have to pay to learn those skills.

Once you learn these skills and your blog gains authority you will start getting more traffic to your site using these free methods.

We also will be providing on going affiliate marketing training lessons that you will be able to follow along with. Just subscribe to our Buzz Blog to get notified when we put out new content.

1. Choosing A Niche

Keep It Simple When Choosing A Niche

It can be something as simple as I like Coffee.

The first step is the one that holds more people back because they think too much about how to choose a niche.

Grab a piece of paper and write down some of the things you enjoy doing or things that you have experience at.

It could be something as simple as cooking, fishing, watching sports, gardening, or even taking care of pets.

Keep it simple when you first start. You will pin point the exact niche once you get rolling. You will learn how to pinpoint your niche as you go along.

If you need a little help choosing a niche you can follow the exercise we outline in that highlighted article.

2. Identify Your Audience

Identify Your Audience

Do not get your niche confused with identifying your audience. Just think of who you will be talking too. Everybody likes different things.

If you choose the fishing niche you may want to concentrate on ice fishing or catching a certain type of fish.

Who would you want to talk with about this subject.

Maybe your going to get into pets. Break your niche down a little farther and choose the type of pet and what you are going to do with the pet.

Take Boxers for example. You could talk about the care of these pets, training of these dogs, breeding the animals, and how to choose a pet Boxer.

When you go to a football game everyone doesn’t like the same team.

They all come to the stadium but sit in different sections. Just like your audience would.

3. Pick A Domain Name

Pick A Domain Name

When picking a domain name you want to keep it short, easy to remember, and try to use a dot com name.

You’ll also want to choose a name that goes along with your niche if possible. Why? Because it gives your audience a brief explanation about your website.

Pick a few names and check with your friends and see what they think of it.

Once you pick the name it is also become part of your brand.

So take your time an choose wisely.

4. Choose A Platform

Choose The Best Blogging Platform WordPress

There are a lot of different platforms that you can choose. The number one platform for blogging is called WordPress. It’s a great content management system and is used by over 30% of all websites that are found online.

It’s also the most reliable platform that you will find. Unlike drag and drop builders you can take this platform and move it to different hosting providers.

The thing is, you do not want to be moving your website around. That is why it is wise to choose the best and fastest WordPress hosting right from the beginning.

Note: If you rather try a Drag and Drop responsive website builder that loads faster than most WordPress blogs, try Cheetah. Not only do they have a lightning fast site builder but you can also host your WordPress site with Builderall.

Attention: We are not done testing BA but so far their speeds are beating WPX hosting with the Cheetah Site Builder.

Learn how to get your business buzzing using Builderall.

WordPress come with a lot of flexibility. You can choose different themes and find WP plugins to perform almost any job that you have in mind.

WordPress is also user friendly and as long as you pick a good theme it will perform very well.

Almost all of the WordPress themes have a responsive design and look good on a smartphone.

That is another reason why you want a website that has blazing fast upload speeds.

Because you do not want to lose visitors that come to your blog.

5. Blazing Fast WordPress Hosting Provider

Pick A Blazing Fast WordPress Hosting Provider
Create An Affiliate Marketing Blog That Has Great Upload Speed

This will be one of the most important decisions that you will need to make. Choosing a WordPress hosting provider.

Everyone is always looking for a cheap deal when they first start with affiliate marketing or any online marketing for that matter.

You will find cheap deals by the hundreds.

There are many people promoting cheap hosting.

Actually, why would you even promote a product that could lose potential customers for a business?

We only recommend the fastest WordPress hosting that you can find.

This site is hosted by this hosting provider.

They migrated our site here for free and they have the fastest customer service that we have seen.

Not only do you get blazing fast hosting but you can purchase your domain there as well and get a better value on your domain name.

You’ll get privacy protection with WPX Hosting when purchasing your domain from them. It will save you from getting a ton of spam mail.

WPX Hosting Offers More Value And Is Rated Number 1

They are rated at the top for managed WordPress hosting on Trust Pilot and G2 Crowd. Those are sites that provide reviews from real people.

Not some affiliate marketer telling you what product is the best.

WPX hosting is the real deal.

We just recently switched over after our obligations were meet from SiteGround. They were pretty good but not as fast. Their pricing went up big time starting the second year.

So we made the switch and we are extremely happy with the faster upload speed and fast customer service.

They also provide a cloud CDN service so your site will stay fast all over the world.

In addition, they will set up one of the best caching plugins for you called W3 Total Cache.

You get daily backups for your site. DDOS protection (saving you more money).

This is the engine of your website so start off with the best blazing fast managed WordPress hosting from WPX hosting.

Fastest Hosting On The Planet – WPX

6. Choose A WordPress Theme & Design Site

Pick A WordPress Theme And Design Your Website

When you first get into affiliate marketing you shouldn’t worry about the WordPress theme that you choose. You want a theme that is written with good code for a better performance score.

After you get rolling and start making a few bucks then you can research themes and choose one for your own personal taste.

We highly recommend Thrive Themes. They also recommend WPX hosting because they want their themes loading as fast as possible.

But there are free themes that load fast and will not cost you a dime.

We tested over 100 free themes. The 3 fastest free WordPress Themes that we tested were Astra, DI Business, and Generate Press.

Once you pick out a theme it’s time to design your website. No need to get fancy. Use your business name as your logo to save you money.

Design a simple menu for navigation. You may want to consider an about page, contact page, Blog post page, and get started page (or home page).

Do not over crowd your menu. Keep it simple and make it easy for visitors to navigate. Don’t forget about mobile users that are using thumbs and fingers.

Next add in a footer and include your privacy policy, terms of use, and your affiliate disclosure. You can use my site as an example.

7. It’s Time To Write Content

It's Time To Write Content For Your Blog

Now is the time to start with a content writing strategy. Start researching about your niche. Find all the keywords that solves peoples problems.

Those are the subjects that you should start with. Your building a foundation for your website. After you’ve got the 12 best blog post written about your niche, you’ll be ready to move to the next level.

Those first 10-12 blog post will give you a lot of knowledge if you performed your research correctly. You want to become the expert.

Learn everything that you can about your niche. Then share that expertise with your audience. Keep writing content. You’ll never have enough.

But once you have about 32 blog posts and you feel that everything looks nice and is very professional it’s time to move to next step.

Use Low Competition Keyword Phrases And The Best SEO Practices

You are at the point that your blog is starting to get some real good content. You are getting better at writing and laying out your blog post with good SEO techniques in mind.

If you conducted the research and followed our training guidelines you may even start to see some ranking for your site or some of your blog posts.

Using low competition keyword phrases and following the best SEO practices is where it starts.

Keep learning these new skills because they will provide big rewards in the future for your new affiliate marketing business.

8. Apply For Affiliate Products

Apply For Affiliate Products For Your Blog

There are many places to apply for affiliate marketing products. Some will pay more than others.

We recommend that you choose products that are the best for your new customers. Do not promote junk just because it pays a higher commission.

You will make more money in the long run by promoting solid products.

Now that you have been doing a lot of research I’m sure you now no where to find affiliate products.

Depending on your niche you can find all kinds of networks that offer affiliate marketing producrs.

Here are a few of the most popular programs and networks.

  • Amazon Associates
  • Rakuten
  • Clickbank
  • Commission Factory
  • Walmart
  • CJ Affiliate by Conversant formerly Commission Junction
  • Share a Sale
  • Ebay Partner Network
  • JVZoo

There are many others but these will get you started.

Once you find the products and the company that you want to promote make sure you understand the terms and conditions.

You also want to know if there are any marketing conditions that you are not allowed to perform.

Plus, keep writing content. Start writing reviews of the products that you have chose. You should also perform comparison reviews.

Now you should have 40-50 blog posts.

Are you ready to start building your brand?

9. Market Your Content And Build Your Brand

Market Your Content And Build Your Brand

Well you are getting a nice foundation of content on your website. No one really knows who you are yet. It’s time to start building your brand.

Set up a professional email for your website. WPX hosting will hook you up.

When you are performing your research you should be commenting on other peoples sites. You want to be known in your niche.

You also should get on a schedule of when you produce content. 2-4 times a week if you have the time. Your audience actually will be expecting it.

It’s time to find out where your audience hangs out at. Research will provide the answer.

You should have also connected your site with Google analytics if you haven’t done so already.

Pick one social media channel that you want to dominate. Learn it and start building your brand on social media.

Make sure you have social media sharing buttons for your articles.

In addition, it’s time to start another way of getting traffic.

Start a YouTube channel for your business and produce some videos. Just use your current blog posts for your video content.

Now it’s time to work as hard as you can and produce the best content that you can.

If may have took you about 100 days to complete what we just wrote about.

Now you are armed with the knowledge you need to start a 100 day challenge. See if you can double your production.

Blogging and knocking out some videos.

How ever long it takes to get to that magic number of 100 blog posts is what you should shoot for.

What if it takes a year?

Then your on the road to success and closer to reaching your goals.

Summary; How To Create An Affiliate Marketing Blog

Take everything step by step. Follow the guidelines we have laid out. Become an expert in your niche. Offer value and solutions for your audience.

You will have success if you follow these 9 steps on how to start an affiliate marketing website.

  • Choose A Niche That You Like
  • Identify Your Audience
  • Pick A Good Domain Name
  • Use A Great Blogging Platform Like WordPress
  • Choose Blazing Fast WordPress Hosting (WPX is the best)
  • Start With A Fast Free Theme For Your Design
  • Write Solid Content That Offers Solutions And Reviews
  • Apply For Good Solid Affiliate Products
  • Start Building Your Brand And Marketing

Set goals for yourself. Everything will take hard work and working smart. Challenge yourself to reach milestones.

Go for those 100 blog posts and then reevaluate and move to the next level.

One other bonus tip.

You need a great email marketing service provider to capture leads. Go for the best, AWeber. That way you know that your emails get delivered.

They have the best email open rates.

Now, can you do me a favor?

Drop down below and leave a positive comment. Start branding yourself.

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