Create A Residual Income That Will Pay You Month After Month

Create A Residual Income Month After Month
Create A Residual Income Month After Month

Can you create a residual income knowing just a few internet marketing skills in the community that you live?

Absolutely. It doesn’t matter if you have experience or not. Learn how to get paid month after month. You just need to gain some knowledge and share it with local businesses, entrepreneurs, and maybe even some business 2 business salespeople in your local community.

You can actually do it all while working a full-time job. But if you got more time on your hands or if you’re in between jobs you may be able to get your new venture started quicker.

If your not willing to learn these new skills or take the time to get everything set up you may be wasting your time. Why start something if you do not plan on finishing?

Starting a new business from scratch is not the easiest thing in the world especially when your brand new. But if you are not afraid of a little smart and hard work then you should have no problem getting your business to grow.

How long before you start making money will depend on your efforts, your ability to learn these new skills, and the hard work you put in.

We will show you a platform that will have all the tools you need to help you get started and the training videos to use them.

You will need to set yourself a local agency website, a Facebook Fan page (use your personal page to build a following for your FB Fan Page), and learn about Google Mt Business. Plus a few local marketing skills that we will provide the details for.

Create A Residual Income Using A Evergreen Niche

Create A Residual Income In An Evergreen Niche

What is an evergreen niche? Simply put it is a niche that most everyone needs, never goes out of style, and in this case, it will generate you a recurring monthly income.

Every local business needs a website to help market their products and or services. These websites must have hosting.

We are going to concentrate on only one hosting provider because they have the best value and all the other digital marketing tools you need to help local businesses market their products and services.

When any of these local businesses host with this company you will get paid every single month they pay for their hosting.

Hosting is a great business because you have to keep paying to keep your website up and running.

In addition, by you learning about all the tools that this company offers, you’ll be getting the training you need to offer other services to the local businesses in the area you plan on working in.

Even if it takes you 60 days, 90 days, 6 months, or even a year to master these new skills you can rest assured that these businesses will still need your services.

But you should learn these skills as fast as possible so you can concentrate on getting new customers so you can start making some money. The first skill that you are going to learn is website design.

Website Design Will Help Create A Residual Income

Hey, wait a minute that may be too complicated for me to learn. No need to worry. They have templates for you to use. These templates are almost ready to use.

All you to do is fill in the business information and a little content about the business. As you gain more confidence you can then expand your wings and go after bigger and higher paying jobs.

You’ll start practicing by designing your own website. You will find templates for you to use for a local marketing agency inside. You can name your business whatever you decide.

Keep the name as short as possible and something easy for people to remember. You will need to purchase a domain name. When choosing your domain name check to see if that name is available for your Facebook Fan Page.

Create A Website Portfolio For The Niches You Want To Work

You do not need to buy a fancy logo, photos for cover pages, or anything that is going to put a dent in your pocketbook or wallet. You want to spend as less as possible.

Because your first couple of months you are going to be in the learning phase. Once you gain that knowledge then you are going to be figuring out how to get customers. Lucky for you we have training on that also.

Next, you are going to create yourself a portfolio so people can see your work. Those pre-built templates will make that task really easy. You’ll want to design the type of websites that cater to your audience.

So if you’re going to work with body shops, electricians, health stores, restaurants, beauty shops, nail shops, or whatever it is, design those type of websites. Work up about 6 designs and you should be good to go.

You will be able to charge your own rates for website design and even offer a do it yourself option using the all in one business opportunity platform.

Even when you offer DIY options you still get paid for them hosting their website. You can even charge a monthly fee if they want you to maintain their website and perform other services.

Create A Residual Income Helping Local Businesses Get A Better Search Ranking Score (Local SEO)

Local SEO Services

Another way for you to generate a residual income is by helping local business get a better ranking in the local three pack.

These are the search results you get when you are looking for something in your local community.

Grab your phone an type in a plumber. The first results will be paid ads. Look below the paid ads and you will see 3 local businesses that deal with plumbing.

If you click on more those are the plumbing companies that could use your help getting into the top 3 spots on the local search results. The rankings are based on many different factors that Google controls.

Learning these skills will take a little time as well. Local SEO should be part of the design process when designing your clients website and adding in the content. This can help you get a bigger sale and charge a monthly fee to that business owner.

You can learn more about some of the local SEO ranking factors from a company that is experts in Local SEO called Moz or you can read a couple of articles we have written on the subject.

One is called local SEO ranking factors for small business that we provided a link to above and the other is the quick local SEO checklist.

Another Recurring Monthly Income

You will need to charge a monthly fee for these services and the client must know that it will take anywhere from 90 days to 6 months before you even start getting good results.

It is a work in progress and you should take your time trying to get these businesses ranked. But it only takes a few clients for you to make a nice recurring monthly income.

Next thing to learn is Google My Business. It is a free service for local businesses. You should learn this information provided by Google to help you rank these businesses.

You can find all kinds of tutorials with a simple Google search. Knowing this can get you into a lot of the businesses and know how to claim a listing is going to lead you to a sale for one of the services you will be able to offer.

Summary for Creating A Residual Income Using A Evergreen Niche

  • Hosting Is Your Evergreen Niche
  • Everyone With A Website Needs Hosting
  • Use The All In One Platform
  • Get Paid a Monthly Residual With Hosting We Recommend
  • Learn Your Skills
  • Offer Local Business Website Design
  • Learn Local SEO It Is A Great Way To Create A Residual Income
  • Become Knowledgeable About Google My Business

Create A Residual Income Using Builderall

Create A recurring Monthly Income Using Builderall

Builderall is the platform that we have been talking about. They have all the tools you need for you to offer these services. Builderall is a hosting company. They have many tools for you to use. They have 3 plans for folks to get started. The first plan is called the Web Presence Plan.

This plan is for people that only need a website, hosting, and it comes with an SSL Certificate. It runs $9.90 a month.

The next plan is called the Digital Marketing Plan. It runs $29.90 a month and is for businesses or people that need more tools than a website. Like an Email marketing system which everyone needs and you get a few more tools to help you perform effective online marketing.

The Best plan is the Builderall Business Plan. This plan runs $49.90 a month and is the plan you will need to create a residual monthly income. They actually pay you on 2 levels.

This is how it works. Let’s say you build someone a website. They host that website with Builderall naturally and they take the Business Plan because they want the email plus the all the other tools.

How Do I Generate A Monthly Income With Builderall

You would receive from 100% commission on the first month. Starting the second month you would start receiving a residual income every month they paid and that figure would be 30% of the monthly billing.

Most of the businesses that you sign up should actually be under the Builderall Business Plan so they can get all the tools and also make money from the 2 tier commission plan.

Especially if you’re charging them a monthly maintenance fee or performing other services like Local SEO. You can even let them know by using this plan if they refer someone they would get paid just like you would.

Here is how the 2 tier works. When they sign someone up for a plan not only do they get paid the 100% the first month but they also get paid 30% starting the second month.

Get Paid On Everyone They Sign Up

You will also start getting a 30% commission on everyone they sign up. Not only can they use this platform for their local business but they can also build niche websites and make money from affiliate marketing.

There are a lot of local businesses that have their family members use the platform for affiliate marketing.

Another reason they should be on the business plan is that once they refer enough people the program will pay for itself. Another sales tip to use to have them on the better plan.

They will also be able to use the online store builder feature, chat-bots, auto-post feature for posting on Facebook or Instagram, plus more.

As you can see with the two-tier commission structure it will skyrocket your residual income very quickly. Working smart can generate a recurring monthly income for you for many years to come in this awesome evergreen niche.

They have one of the highest retention rates in the business.

You can build this business and even pass it along to your children.

Create A Residual Income The Smart Way

Smart Marketing Tools Saves You Money

Using the two-tier system is a smart choice to start building a recurring monthly income. Even if you do not want to perform local marketing.

You can always promote the Builderall business opportunity or use it for niche affiliate marketing sites. There are many ways you can generate an income using Builderall.

They even have a design studio to help with your online marketing. Another smart way to make money on social media. You can edit a few images to help with your online social media marketing or another great idea is to offer social media management as another service for your local clients.

It’s an all in one platform that gives you the smart marketing tools you need to perform digital marketing and offering you many business opportunities. Everything is operated from a single dashboard saving you time and money.

You could put a nice package together offer different services or bundle packages to increase your monthly recurring income. Even if you were doing it on the cheap side you’d be making a nice smart monthly income with just a few clients.

Offer Lead Generation To Create A Residual Income

Build niche specific websites and offer valuable information to the local community. Build the trust factor and start watching the leads come in. You’ll need to do your research. You may already have skills in some niches. Share your knowledge with your audience. Now you can refer these people to local companies.

Another smart idea for local marketing is to offer lead generation. This is where they pay you for generating the leads. Just think about it. If you generate a roofing company even something as small as 4 or 5 leads a month they can pay you some decent cash.

How much does a roofing job cost? Think they wouldn’t pay you 5 or even 10% to supply them leads every month. I would get some tracking software to track the leads you refer. Builderall does not come with tracking software.

Think of big-ticket items that local companies offer. What about the local Limo services? There are many other big ticket companies right in your local community. But there is another way to offer lead generation and that is by handling paid advertising for local businesses.

You can get into paid advertising on Google as well as Facebook. You better know what you’re doing. But you can learn these skills just by advertising your own business and researching.

As you can see there are many ways to create a residual income right in the area that you live. Builderall provides many business opportunities so you can make it happen.

Summary of Create A Residual Income Using Builderall

  • Create A Recurring Income With Builderall Business Plan
  • 100% Commissions Plus 30% Monthly Starting 2nd Month
  • Offer Lead Generation or Paid Advertising
  • Generate A Monthly Recurring Paycheck
  • Be Creative And Learn Your Skills

The Conclusion of How To Create A Monthly Income

Generating an income in your local community can become very rewarding, help the local businesses, and even put money in your pocket.

It will take a little time and for you to learn some new online marketing skills. But you have an advantage using a single platform to make money in an evergreen niche.

Hosting is a big money maker. You have a business opportunity using Builderall the all in one platform. There are all kinds of services you can offer in the local town that you live.

You just need to gain the knowledge so you can pass this one to the local business owners. By the way, it is estimated that 30% of local businesses do not even have a website.

Most local businesses do not even claim the free Google My Business listing. How many local businesses want more customer? Most, right.

Paid advertising, Local SEO, And Lead Generation services can bring you a big amount of cash money every single month. You only need one client to start. Learn your skills before you offer your services to the local business community.

Then learn how to generate yourself some leads. Like on social media, Chamber meetings, local social gatherings, online traffic from your website, or just going out and talking with local business owners.

Show them how you can help them. Offer your expertise so they can claim their Google listing. Once you build that trust they may want to hire you for your services.

Don’t Forget About Referrals

Once the word gets around you will start getting referrals to help other business owners. Does it happen overnight? I think not. It will take some time and smart hard work.

Here is a Builderall website where you can subscribe and test drive Builderall for 14 days. That way you’ll see the products and can make an educated decision.

Thanks for stopping by and follow us on Facebook. Feel free to leave a comment below and offer any ideas you have.

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