All Of Your Digital Marketing Tools From A Single Dashboard

Digital Marketing Tools

Wouldn’t it be nice to have all of your digital marketing tools from a single dashboard? It would help you stay better organized, save time and save money.

Just think about all the digital marketing tools that you are using.

You’ve got website builders, email marketing tools, seo tools, video creation tools, app creator, design tools, presentation builders, browser notifications, heat maps, pop up builders, landing page builders and all kinds of other stuff you use everyday to even build your sales funnels.

Think about all the time you could save by having all of your digital marketing tools in a single dashboard. Everything that you needed and all under one roof. It sure would make it easier to manage. You would be able to stay better organized.

Then to top it off you are probably always needing a digital marketing tool to add to your arsenal. So off you go researching for some software or whatever it is that you are looking for. Would you rather save your time and energy?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have everything you needed under one roof so you could stay more organized. That way you could spend more time marketing your business.

Saving just 5 minutes a day, 5 days a week for 50 weeks equal 1250 minutes a year. That’s almost 21 hours of wasted time you could have spent marketing your business.

It’s all about working smarter not harder. Most of us have just to much to do. It seems we never have enough time to accomplish the task that we would like to. Introducing the ultimate digital marketing platform with all the tools you need.

Builderall Has All The Digital Marketing Tools From A Single Dashboard

Builderall is the ultimate digital marketing platform with all the tools you need to market your business. Everything under one roof saving you time, keeping you better organized and you can manage everything from a single platform.

Not to mention all the money you could be saving. Your probably already spending at least a hundred bucks on your hosting, email marketing platform, animated video creator, your mobile app creator, sales funnel software and anything else your using.

What if you could have all the digital marketing tools you needed for less than $30. Everything you needed to market effectively. That extra money could be used for your advertising or just put it back in your pocket.

Builderall Business Pro Plan has everything you need to get your business up in running very quickly. Need a sales funnel built. Builderall has got you covered. Prebuilt sale funnel templates to get you up and running in no time.

Naturally you’re going to need a new email campaign for your new sales funnel. No need to go anywhere. Use Builderall’s Boss email marketing platform inside the same dashboard.

The Boss Email Marketing solution allows you to have up to 10,000 subscribers. What if you need to add on more subscribers? It’s easy. Just contact your support team and they’ll get you the hook up for a small fee a course.

How much would it cost you for 10,000 subscribers with any other email marketing platform? It would depend on the provided.

Well lets take a look.

Get Response is one of the more cost effective providers and what do they charge? Anywhere from $50 all the way to $165 depending on the tools and plan you choose.

Builderall Is Adding New Digital Marketing Tools

Builderall already has 26 digital marketing tools. They are in the process of making these tools even more effective. That is one thing the owner of Builderall Erick Salgado, is always striving to keep his platform up to date and more effective.

New updates are coming soon. They have a new relaunch coming July 27 and they have hires around 40 programmers to make this launch a success. Not only are they upgrading some of the digital marketing tools but they are adding new ones as well.

We are hearing rumors and here are a couple of new thing coming. The Boss Email Marketing platform will see a major overhaul making it easier and simpler to use.

Email scripts that you can edit to your liking. e-commerce solution, Chatbot, more sales funnels (we are hearing 30 new sales funnels) and a new manual on how to use all of the digital marketing tools.

We won’t really know until the relaunch of Builderall starting 27 July. You’ll want to stay tuned for all the exciting news. We’re not sure if there will be any price changes. Right now the current pricing for the Digital Marketing package is $29.90.

The Digital Marketing package gives you all the tools under a single dashboard. They also have a Builderall Business Pro package that runs $49.90 a month and it allows to to build a business using all the Builderall digital marketing tools.

How Much Does Builderall Pay You For Affiliate Marketing?

Builderall has one of the best affiliate programs. You get paid 100% commissions on everyone you bring in. So if someone signs up for the digital marketing package you get the $29.90. If you bring someone in under the Business Pro package you receive $49.90.

Then after the first month you’ll receive 30% commissions every single month. Now here’s the kicker. They have a 2 tier commission plan. That means you also get paid 30% on anyone on your second level.

Bring someone in and you get paid. They bring someone in you get paid 30% on both levels. It’s a double win when you sign up for the Builderall Business Pro program.

Hot Off The Press

Builderall is also coming out with a program similar to JVzoo. Anyone that has the Builderall Business Pro program is going to be able to offer their own products to other members inside Builderall.

You’ll also be able to have other members sell your products online in the form of affiliate marketing. In order to do that you will be required to offer a free product first.

Not exactly sure on all the details quite yet. waiting for July 27 and we will let you know. So follow us on Twitter, sign up for our newsletter or just contact us and we’ll notify you when we get the news.

As you can see, Builderall has many digital marketing tools and more coming. You can visit Builderall and see for yourself. You can also contact us and become part of our team.

We offer free training to get you up in running. It’s a training program designed as a fast track to your first $2000 a month. In addition, you will become a member of our private Facebook group.

We also will help you build your first website if you need help and share our secret on how to use Builderall for multiply passive income streams. That way you don’t have all your eggs in one basket.

I’m Rodney V the mobile seo guy and an expert at local seo. Mobile Biz Buzz helps small business owners get customers coming in the door or get your phone ringing. We also offer website design, hosting and tips for a better ranking score on the search engines.

So, are you ready to become a member? Just Contact Us and we’ll send you all the links to the free training so you can become part of our team. Teamwork makes the dream work.

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  1. Nice blog, thank you for sharing it, there so many tools that help us in digital marketing. Keep it going. Digital Marketing Company In Jabalpur.

    1. Thanks for the feedback Amit. Yes, Builderall is a platform loaded with the right digital marketing tools you need to market your business from a single platform. You can also build sales funnels and their new website builder called Cheetah is an awesome tool to build your online presence as well an extremely fast loading website.

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