DIY Marketing For Small Business From A Smart Platform

DIY Marketing For Small Business

DIY marketing for small business from a smart platform. You’ll need a smarter system to save you time, money, and software to provide you with automation.

Introducing an all in one digital marketing platform designed for local businesses. You control all of your online tools from a single dashboard and you are in control of not only your tools but your budget too.

You get it all, DIY website builders, an email marketing system that you works like a boss and even SEO tools to keep your biz ranking on Google.

The ultimate internet marketing platform that lets you run your business so your brand gets all the attention it needs online. Make decisions based on data. Analyze which parts of your website draws the most attention.

You’ll know what are the best placements for your link buttons, which pages are getting the most attention, and by using A/B testing, you’ll know what pages are getting the most conversions.

You can even set up Google and Facebook pixels to start tracking your visitors from day one. This is DIY marketing for small business owners that want a smart platform.

This digital marketing platform is fully hosted with dedicated secure servers. Rest assured, your website will have the speed you need, using website publishing technology.

Speed is very important, especially when your potential customers are using smartphones. They demand that you keep up or they are moving down the road to your competition.

Your customers also demand secure data. An SSL certificate is required to keep your data private between the browser and the web server. Every website hosted at Builderall comes with an SSL certificate.

It activates a padlock and the https protocol to provide a secure connection. This way no middleman attacker can obtain the data easily.

How Much Does The DIY Marketing Platform Cost

Pricing For Builderall

Let’s get down to the cost factor. How much is it? Builderall the best DIY marketing for small business platform that is affordable for any businesses budget.

Builderall has 5 different pricing levels for you to get in on the action. If you just want to learn how to build a website, they have you covered for Free.

Now if you are just getting started you may want to start with the Builder Plan for $19.90. You can use the Cheetah Site Builder, the hosting and get access for up to 100 subscribers for your email marketing.

This is a real value package and where most businesses start so they can get the tools they need and start building a lead capture system.

We believe the Premium package is the ultimate. You get everything they have for only $69.90. You even get access to the money making sales funnels. They have many niche funnel templates that you can use to earn money online.

Not only do you get all of the tools but if you recommend someone to the program you make 100% commissions on the first payment. Sign up for the affiliate program. It’s free.

Then you fall into what is called the 2 tier commission program that pays you 30% commissions starting the second month and these commissions are recurring every month as long as they keep investing into the program.

You even get paid 30% recurring commissions when they bring someone on board starting the second month. Win-win for everyone.

It’s totally up to you if you want to promote the DIY marketing for small business platform or just use the tools for your business. We just thought you should know and if you recommend the platform to another business owner using your own special link, you will get paid.

Who Is Builderall And How Do They Market

CEO Erick Salgado Discussing DIY Marketing

Builderall is located in Orlando, Florida. Erick Salgado is the CEO and is actively involved with his company. It all started in Brazil and Erick worked with many small business owners that needed an online presence.

He has designed over 5000 small business websites on his own and wanted to offer more to businesses that needed a better chance to compete online.

Builderall was born. He came to the USA and started Builderall in 2017 and already has over 20,000 satisfied customers (2018) and growing (2020 -approx. 30,000 subscribers. It may be closer to 40,000 customers because of a new responsive drag and drop website builder called Cheetah..

He believes that everyone should have the opportunity to have an online business no matter what your budget will allow.

He uses an affiliate marketing program to market his platform online so that entrepreneurs and small business owners have an opportunity to start a business on their own.

This saves him some big-time advertising cost to promote the digital marketing platform and many big-name companies promote their products using affiliate marketing like Amazon, Walmart, Bass Pro Shops, and many other businesses.

Actually, thousands of people are employed using affiliate marketing for major brand name products. It saves companies big advertising dollars and they get a lot of creative ways to promote their products and services.

We happen to be one of the folks that do this for a living. Yes, if you purchase Builderall from a link on our website we will make a small commission.

What About DFY (Do For You) Marketing & Support

You can always contact us and we will provide you the information that you need or where to find it. Builderall also has a support ticket system in place.

All you have to do to use the ticket support is look for your problem and they usually have a tutorial or a training video that can solve the issue. If it doesn’t just fill out a support ticket and it will get answered in its order.

Here is another great feature that you may want to know about. Builderall has folks that are certified, partners. These people have been tested on the products and you can use them to handle some of the tasks that you do not want to handle.

They will charge you for whatever services that they do for you. Each certified partner has their own rates. So shop wisely.

Myself, we have worked with many small business owners for a few years now. I’m Rodney V the owner of Mobile Biz Buzz and we have owned a couple of small businesses ourselves.

We know what a business owner goes through.

We’ve worked for some major corporations and know about downsizing and budget cuts. That is why we switched to become a freelancer. We know WordPress and Builderall.

Not only are we well versed in Builderall but we can also offer DFY (do for you) WordPress website design. We not only offer website design but content writing and local SEO services as well.

If your looking for some DIY solutions for SEO then read this article,  local SEO ranking factors for small business. Following these tips will boost your rankings in Google. It will take time, just keep following the tips we have provided.

DIY Marketing Platform For Small Business Tools

Builderall is loaded with tools to allow you to be a smart marketer. First, we will discuss the tools you get with the Digital Marketing Package and how they can benefit your marketing efforts for your business.

Second, we will cover the tools you get in addition to the digital marketing package when you go with the Builderall Business Pro Package. No matter which package you decide to go with, Builderall has a tutorial or training video to explain how to use the tools, once you have gained access inside the platform.

In addition to the tutorials, there are many people that have produced YouTube videos to show you how to use or operate any number of the tools that you need information about.

A simple search on YouTube usually will give you an answer. Plus you will find tutorials and videos in many different languages.

Once you join, you can contact us and we’ll get you access to a couple of Private Facebook groups that can help you with support and some marketing tips for your business using Builderall.

They have a great community of small business owners that are willing to offer suggestions. Plus, we are here to give you a helping hand whenever we can.

DIY Digital Marketing Tools For Small Businesses

Remember this is the Digital Marketing Package that runs $29.90 per month. It’s one of the best value packages that you will find online. This package is a good place to start until you need more and get a good understanding of how everything works.

Now, you get three different DIY website builders. Each is different and takes a little time to become familiar with. You should start out with the flagship website builder, which is the drag and drop pixel perfect website builder.

It is the easiest to operate and you can get a website up an running, rather quickly.

You can also design how you want the website to look in a desktop version verse a mobile version. They are currently working on this builder so that you will be able to see both versions at the same time.

It works great and they have tutorials to help you along just in case you get stuck.

Actually, watch the tutorial first. I Guess sometimes, I’m like the guy that thinks he can do it without instructions. Hopefully, you’re not one of these people. You can waste a lot of time if you are.

Read the instructions, please. Hope you understand.

Next, they have what is called the responsive website builder. This one is a little more difficult to operate and it takes a little time getting a feel for it. Especially when it comes time to look at it on a mobile device. You’ll want to definitely use a video tutorial before you get started.

The number three DIY website builder is the mobile-first website builder. It also is a drag and drop builder. This is the only builder that we haven’t had a pleasure to work with yet, so we cannot give any opinions on this builder yet.

We have noticed a few glitches with the responsive builder and we understand that they are continuing to improve that builder. You have to take your time with that builder and make sure you really understand how to operate everything inside the builder itself.

If you decide you want to create your business an app, the platform comes with a mobile app creator. This is another product that we haven’t used quite yet.

The Mailing Boss Email Marketing Platform

Every online business needs an email marketing system to build their list and to keep in touch with their customers. Builderall provides this with the Mailing Boss.

One great benefit in having the mailing boss is that there is no limit to the number of subscribers you have or the number of emails you send out when you have the Builderall Premium Plan.

When you look at each plan, you’ll know how many email subscribers that come with each plan.

I’m sure you have heard that the money is in the list. It sure is and you will definitely want to set up your mailing boss email marketing system up on your website.

You can grow your list and offer promotions, send out money-saving coupons, or provide your customers with a simple newsletter to let them know whats going on.

Staying in touch keeps with your customers is a great way to build that trust factor along with your brand. Big corporations do this all of the time.

The more you can keep your brand in front of your customers the more likely they will use or buy your products and services. Millions of dollars are generated by using email marketing so join in on the fun.

Design Tools And Presentation Builder

As a small business, we seem to always need something that needs designing. It could be a new Facebook cover, Twitter cover, or maybe even a blog header. You can create many different designs right inside your drag and drop pixel perfect website builder.

Infographics, business flyers, business cards, banners, and a lot more. All you need to do is use your creativity. Maybe your not good at even coming up with an idea. Don’t sweat it. Ask your employees to come up with a design. Get them active using the design-builder.

In addition, you also receive the design studio. Now look it not like photoshop. But it gives you more ways to help your business grow and making sure your brand looks professional.

Plus it gives you the ability to create little social media billboards that you can share with your audience. Just another way to build your brand and project a positive image.

You can even create 3D images and have 360 degree rotating products on display. Another great club for the bag. Maybe only golfers get it. How about a presentation builder? You got it using the all in one platform Builderall.

In addition, you can design presentations something very similar to using a power point presentation. All you need to do is add text, videos, images and even different shapes into your presentation.

It’s also a great tool to use to import into a how-to video, or when you’re getting ready for a webinar, and when using a screen-casting video service to explain your message.

Animated Video Creator

How about another DIY marketing tool for a small business like an animated video creator? Looking to produce some animated videos for your business, look no further with Builderall.

You get this tool to add to your collection of YouTube videos.

Yes, another way to build your brand. Video is red hot at the moment and it looks like it’s going to get hotter and hotter. You can always produce a video with your smartphone to add into marketing message and now you can even add these animated videos to promote your business.

Another creative tool that may boost your business past the competition.

You’ll also get access to the floating video creator. These are the type of videos where you see someone walk out on the screen. This is a great way to engage with your audience and you can do it in an HTML format.

We’re not done giving you value yet. Stay tuned for more DIY Digital Marketing tools for small businesses that want to rock, build your brand, let everyone know that you are online and attracting more customers.

DIY Marketing Apps For Small Business

We are going to list all the apps that come with the Digital Marketing Package that is a super value as you can see. You get more than enough tools to market your business in your neck of the woods. Yes, you have control and you can make changes when and where you want.

Controlling everything from a single dashboard saves you time, money and you are building your brand while gaining the trust of future customers. This is DIY marketing on steroids and only $29.90. OK next, the list of apps you get with this amazing platform.

Browser Notifications

Now you can send messages to your visitors even when they are not on your website. You’ve seen them they pop up at the top of a website and the visitor either allows the browser notification or not.

On Page SEO Tool

Here is another great tool to use. Check a keyword you want to check on one of your website pages. You’ll instantly get a letter grade for each page you check with the keyword your trying to improve your ranking score with.

In addition, use the grade for SEO (search engine optimization) on that page, you get an overview for 5 critical SEO areas.

Here they are.

  1. Critical Factors. Detailed written report for 4 main critical areas.
  2. High Relevance Factors. 7 detailed reports to help you in these areas.
  3. Moderate Relevance Factors. Here you get a report for 9 areas to work on.
  4. Low Relevance Factors. Here you get a report for 11 areas to work on.
  5. Optional Factors. Here you get a report on 5 areas to improve on.

Work on these 36 areas until the On Page SEO gives you a green check mark and your SEO score will be looking pretty good. Then add in those tips we gave you earlier on local ranking factors for small business and watch you start climbing in the search engines.

This tool alone with those tips are worth the price of admission for this product. This is real DIY Marketing For Small Business owners that want to dominate their market using Builderall.

DIY Digital Marketing Package Also Includes Some Builderall Extras

You get more. You have access to over 1000 website templates, sales funnels to help you capture leads and build your email list. Timers, 3 step checkouts, multiple website layouts, image galleries and the list goes on and on.

We want you to know that this is a great value and gives you the tools you need for your business to conduct your very own DIY marketing. You’ll have to see it to believe it.

There is a lot more you get with this package and it takes a little time to learn the skills you need to use everything properly.

We always recommend you watch all the tutorials and training videos available to become more efficient using any tool that you are using.

Builderall Business Pro Package

Builderall Business Pro Ultimate DIY Marketing Platform

This DIY Marketing for small business package is loaded. Remember it cost $49.90 a month. It comes with everything.

Unlimited email marketing and the list goes on. This is the best value for any digital marketing platform you will find.

We are not sure how long this offer will stand. If you want to have the best DIY Marketing tools then look no further. You get it all with Builderall Business Pro.

You get everything that was included in the Digital Marketing Package plus a lot more.

When you start to add up the cost of all these marketing tools you’ll soon realize that you could be paying somewhere around a couple hundred dollars for everything you get. Even if you could find a platform with this amount of valuable tools for $100, it would be a steal.

You will also get unlimited emails sent and email subscribers with this package as we have mentioned this earlier in the post. You’re getting everything for less than $50. Who does that? Builderall. So let’s check out some of the other goodies you get with this package.

Big News You Now Get Professional E-Commerce Sites

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better. They just came out and announced that you will get e-commerce with the Builderall Premium Package. We can’t wait to check it out. Looks like they are still working on a couple of minor details with that program.

Do you need an online store? There it is. Builderall really is an amazing platform to even offer this product. We are not even sure how it works or what it looks like. It’s that new. We knew it was coming and it has finally arrived for all of our customers.

More Big News – Webinar And Streaming Platform

Here is another big win-win for all of our customers. Putting together a webinar is another game changer. These folks at Builderall sure know how to pile it on. This is another product that they have been working on.

Looks like its ready and for you to start using. We are going to have to dig in and find out what it is like. Looks like we got more work to do so we can give you an update on these new advanced tools for our DIY marketers.

Well definitely write another blog and give you an update once we’ve had a chance to experience these new tools for you to use.

Builderall Business Pro Extra Tools For DIY Marketers

We already mentioned the extra money you can acquire by recommending this program to others. This is a nice benefit because it could end up paying for all of your marketing efforts. All you would need to do is refer a few other business owners and there you go. Another money-saving feature that pays you.

Next, we’ll talk about the other tools that are included in this fantastic platform. We told you that it can save you money, time, and give you everything you need to market your small business from a single dashboard.

It’s the best value we could find and yes we are using the product. We have built a couple of websites and are doing some experimenting with some of the tools so we can write about what we have found out using this platform.

Click Map Tool

You can install this handy tool on any page and track where people click the most and interact with your page. You’ll be surprised where folks click. Some places there will not even be a clickable link. This is good information to help you improve a webpage.

Chat Review

Here you can set up site reviews. We haven’t used this tool but it seems like an awesome idea. Wouldn’t it be nice to get more reviews?

Autopost Tool

With this tool, you can schedule 30 days of content for your Facebook Fan Page. It’s a great way to not get bogged down on social media. Simple task to perform and you could assign that task to one of your social media superstars that work at your business.

It’s nice to know that you are always keeping your message out there online and you are always improving your brand. You can schedule a month’s worth of posting in under 15 minutes once you get the hang of it.

Another money saving tool, the autopost tool from Builderall.

Facebook Chatbot

Another game-changing tool. Yes, this tool can become very valuable. This tool allows you to communicate with your customers directly. This is a great way to automate your customer service and some of your marketing efforts.

Many small business owners are not taking advantage of this new technology. Brace it and start automating your business. Once its built and installed it can automatically engage with visitors coming to your website. It’s a small program that can answer questions and suggest products or services.

Share Locker

Here’s a tool called Share Locker. It does what it says. If you want to see or read the content then you’ll have to share it on social media.

We haven’t used this tool but have seen it being used on many sites and you probably have too. It’s another DIY marketing tactic for you to use for your small business.  You might have seen these online newspaper sites.


Here is another great tool for teaching courses and sharing valuable information that employees or maybe even affiliate marketing students need to know. This a great training option for folks to use.

Membership Sites

Membership sites are a great way to bring people together and get on the same sheet of music. You can also provide training for your staff or affiliate marketing students.

Plus you can allow free access or you can have paid membership sites. Using a free and a paid membership combination is also an option.

Incorporate a membership site into your marketing efforts and it could take you a long way. Hundreds of applications and all you need to do are get creative to start your site growing in your particular niche.

Script Generator

With the script generator, you’ll need to create your customer avatar. Once that’s completed you can create email scripts, video scripts, sales letters, and webinars. This tool can be a great resource for developing different types of scripts that you can use for your marketing.

Social Proof

This app lets your visitors know who has purchased products from your business. It’s nice to have because it entices your visitors to buy. They feel that you can be trusted and they are not the only one purchasing from your business.

You’ve seen them little pop-ups show up saying Mary purchased that a couple of days ago or George bought that same item today. It’s a nice way of making your audience feel comfortable. Every little bit helps with the amount of competition these days.

DIY Marketing For Small Business Conclusion

It will take you a while to learn all of these great tools and give you a great advantage in all of your marketing efforts. When it comes to doing it yourself, you will save a nice chunk of change and you will acquire the skills you need to manage your marketing strategy.

Anytime you have a question or cannot figure something out all you need to do is use the support ticket system. If you need something done or have something that you want to be done for you all you need to do is contact us and we’ll steer you in the right direction.

We do offer DFY services also. But most things can be done by you. This is how we learned our skills by performing DIY marketing for a small business just like yours. This is what we do now full time or should we say part-time because we take a lot of time off.

We hope you enjoyed the information we provided and look forward to you becoming a DIY marketer using the Builderall product. Since you made it to the end, we are going to invite you to check out this amazing platform free of charge for 14 days. Go try Builderall and let us know how you are going to use this platform.

Any questions give a shout out and we’ll get you an answer. Feel free to comment below and give us a like on our Facebook Fan Page or follow us on Twitter. Make sure you click on the 14-day trial to see everything for yourself live.

Mobile Biz Buzz gets your business buzzing with Builderall.

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