Does Builderall Offer Video Hosting?

Does Builderall Provide Video Hosting

Video hosting is provided by Builderall. They have added heavy duty servers to handle the load.

Break away from the commercials and the automatic loading of a competitors content.

You no longer need to upload all of your videos on the YouTube platform.

BA is actually a hosting company that offers a tremendous amount of digital marketing tools. In order to get all of the tools you need to become a premium member.

They offer 5 different plans. Each plan comes with a blazing fast responsive website builder called Cheetah and you get access to the email marketing service.

Does Builderall offer video hosting? Yes, but you need to be a premium member.

How much does it cost? Currently the Premium Plan is $69.90. That is the plan you will need for that service. So it will not cost you anything extra. You are only going to get so much space (not sure how much space you get yet).

They haven’t put that information out yet but it should be coming very soon. You’ll probably have to pay more money for extra space in the near future. We will update this post once we find that information.

Video Hosting With Builderall To Get Your Biz Buzzing

Video Hosting With Builderall To Get Your Biz Buzzing
Get Your Biz Buzzing With Video Hosting From Builderall

Yes, you will need the Premium Plan in order to host your videos with Builderall. The Premium Plan is the only way to go anyways. You get everything they have. Everything you need to market your online business.

All of the digital marketing tools (over 35) and hosting for your website as well as your new videos you want to incorporate into your sites content.

Video is red hot and people love watching them.

Why pay extra for a service when you get it all using BA?

Limited Time: You even get access to the Sales Funnel Club when you subscribe as a Premium member.

Hot Tip: BA will be charging more money very soon for the Funnel Club. But if you are a premium member you will be grandfathered in without any additional charges. So get in before you have to pay extra cash for this service.

Plus you get to host your own videos and your potential customers will not need to watch a commercial or one of your competitors videos ever again when they visit your website.

You will even be able to send your awesome content to all of your email subscribers.

Brand your own videos without a YouTube logo.

Like we have been telling you all along, Builderall is an all in one solution that saves you money, time, and keeps you more organized. Does your hosting provider do that?

We don’t think so. BA offers the most value and really has no competition because it provides more than any other provider in the digital marketing field for such a low cost.

How much does YouTube charge?

How Much Does YouTube Charge

How much does it cost for YouTube Premium service? $11.99 a monthly. Yes, this is a monthly subscription.

What do you get with YouTube Premium?

  • Your Videos Are Ad Free
  • Download Videos To Watch Them Later Offline
  • Videos Play When Using Other Apps

YouTube is the number one platform for video. They have a proven track record and millions of people use their free service.

So, for around $12 a month you can have commercial free videos.

We all have used the free YouTube service and know that it is a good platform controlled by Google.

What Is The Price For Vimeo?

What Is The Price For Vimeo

Vimeo is a subscriber based video platform that is ad free. They offer a few different rates or plans you may want to use.

We’ll just talk about the basic plan to keep everything on a equal setting for video hosting. You get a few extra benefits with Vimeo.

How much does Vimeo cost?

You have 2 options.

You can pay annually (works out to $7 a month) or you can pay monthly ($12 a month) for their service.

This is an ad free platform. So they are pretty comparable to YouTube Premium service.

We have used their service in the past and was quit pleased. Never had any issues or problems uploading any content. We are not going to get into any debate about the features and benefits of any provider we listed here today.

They all have great service and it seems it comes down to choice.

Where do you host your videos?

Where Do You Host Your Videos

Where do you host your videos? Let us know in the comments section (no links please).

Since we are a Premium member of Builderall we are going to start using BA to host our videos since it’s included with the Premium Plan.

They keep adding value, wouldn’t you agree?

You would definitely know if you were part of the BA community.

They keep providing more value with not only digital marketing tools but they even have private niche marketing Facebook groups with free training from experts.

Builderall provides plenty of training. They use video to show you how to operate each digital marketing tool.

In addition, they have a Big BA Nation. They have many Facebook groups for entrepreneurs, affiliate marketing, users, support, and it seems you can always get feedback or recommendations on your own work.

The hosting they offer with the responsive Cheetah Website Builder is lightning fast. It beats my WordPress site in speed. They have a great CDN network so you can rest assured your site will load quickly all over the world.

You can even host a WordPress website with Builderall. We recommend BA because of the value of the platform.

They have everything you need to market your business on the internet.

Listen to this weekly meeting explaining how to upload your videos.

CEO of Builderall Explaining How The Video Hosting Works


Watch the video of Eric Salgado (CEO Builderall) explain how to upload a video on to the hosting platform. He will also show you how everything works and what data you have available for your content.

Go to the time line of 21:21 to watch all about Builderall video hosting from the link below.

You can add the app to your dashboard once you become a subscriber.

Hot Tip: Learn SEO and DIY Marketing to get your biz buzzing right here at our site and we also will give you a good run down about BA. Another great thing about BA is the Sales Funnel Club. Make sure you check that out.

They offer the tools you need to generate leads, capture emails, and they provide a complete email marketing system when you subscribe to the platform.

In addition, the website builder looks great on a mobile device. Cheetah uploads very fast and every week it seems the developers keep updating the entire platform (all for the better).

That is a testimonial of just how good the hosting actually is.

You can go to our home page and get a free trail for BA.

Do you want to become an affiliate? Contact us for more info.