Duda vs Builderall (Starting A Website Design Business)

Builderall vs Duda Starting A Website Design Business

Builderall vs Duda. Who has the best website builder?

Which company would you choose when starting a local website design business?

Lets discuss which platform provides the better value when starting a local marketing agency.

Starting a marketing company locally can be a challenge and most freelancers try to keep their operating expenses to a minimum. Most start as consultants for small businesses.

How much is it going to cost you to start a business designing websites and what digital marketing tools do you need? You may be able to start with just a site builder, internet connection, smartphone, and a laptop.

Freelancers save local businesses thousands of dollars a year by offering lower rates. It’s a great way to start an online business with very little investment by offering local business owners an online marketing solution.

You may run into some companies that may prefer a DIY solution so keep that in mind when choosing a platform.

Which Platform Offers Better Value Builderall Or Duda?

Which Platform Offers The Best Value Builderall or Duda

You can decide for yourself which platform (Duda or Builderall) you feel offers the best value for starting a local website design or a local marketing business.

Everyone needs a different solution or maybe even multiple solutions when you first start your consulting business.

Most people that first start out usually get into website design and add more services as they expand.

Here is a list of different services you may want to add on after you get your company rolling.

  • Website Design (Responsive Drag And Drop Builder)
  • WordPress Website Design and Hosting
  • SEO (search engine optimization)
  • DIY Website Hosting
  • eCommerce Site Design
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing Services
  • Setting Up Chat Bots
  • Writing Content (blog posts)
  • Video Marketing
  • Membership Sites
  • Video Hosting
  • Sales Funnels
  • Paid Advertising

These are just a few of the many money making ideas that you could implement into your agencies services as you grow your business.

Hot Tip: Get good at one thing before you start adding on other services.

Question: Which platform can you use for most of the above services?

Review of Duda vs Builderall

Duda vs Builderall Review

These are going to be the main factors we will take a look at. We have some experience using each platform and have had real life experiences running a local website design and marketing company.

Lets take a look at some of the features, advantages, and benefits of each company.

Big News: Yes, Builderall 4.0 is launching at the end of September 2020.

We also have written a more detailed BA review that you may want to investigate.

Lets review these 9 items and questions so you may choose a platform for your website design business.

  • Website Builder
  • Do They Offer WordPress Hosting?
  • Website Speed Test (Google)
  • Do They Offer A White Label Solution?
  • Support
  • Training
  • Digital Marketing Tools
  • Affiliate Program
  • Pricing

1. Website Builder (Builderall and Duda)

Choose A Responsive Website Builder

Both Builderall and Duda offer a responsive website builder. Templates are available on each platform. Both offer a drag and drop interface and one click SSL integration for a more secure website.

You could start a website design business with either platform because both have real good site builders.

They both also have a program to help you with important data like, stats and analytics. We feel BA has a more detailed CRM (customer relationship management) system.

Both offer DIY options. The software from each platform provides pixel perfect website design without knowing any coding. The drag and drop features will save you considerable time building your site.

Each company has many unique features that are specific to their independent site builder. We actually like both site builders and feel each one would get the job done for website designers starting an agency.

Both say they offer a blazing fast responsive website builder.

We will provide the ultimate test so you can see with your own eyes who has the best score on the Google PageSpeed Insights results.

Each one is simple to use, mobile friendly, and very easy to edit any content.

Each company has some similar features with their website builder.

  • Global Design Features
  • Font Style
  • Color Choices (background and text)
  • Image Optimization
  • Photo Editor
  • Add A Favicon
  • Video Integration
  • Page Duplication
  • SSL Certificates

Both companies provide a worldwide CDN Network so you can get a faster upload speed all across the globe.

2. Who Offers WordPress Hosting Builderall or Duda?

Who Offers WordPress Hosting Duda or Builderall

One thing about Duda is you cannot host a WordPress website but you can transfer the content to a Duda site. We have never done it but they say it will work.

Builderall on the other hand would require you to purchase their Premium Plan in order to host a WordPress website.

So it seems both offer a workable solution but BA is the only one to host WP.

In addition, you can use a lot of the digital marketing tools that BA offers when hosting a WordPress site. There is also a plugin you can use to migrate all of your content and BA has a plugin for using their email marketing services.

Both companies have an excellent responsive website builder and they have used it to build their respective websites. So let’s see who can pass Google’s PageSpeed Insights Test.

3. Website Speed Test Builderall vs Duda

Website Speed Test From Builderall And Duda

Who has the best website speed test score? We are going to find out very quickly and you will know the winner.

Hot Tip: Google has posted that there is going to be another very important ranking factor coming very soon. Expect that time frame to be some time around the 1st of the new year 2021.

It’s called Google’s Core Web Vitals.

What are Google’s main core web vitals that they will be using as a major ranking factor.

We are hearing that a score above 75 is a minimum passing grade but is nor confirmed by Google.

You need speed for both Mobile and Desktop. But most people search from mobile devices and you can bet Google will give fast mobile friendly websites a better ranking score.

It’s all about the user experience especially for mobile users.

  1. Loading Performance (How Fast Does Your Content Appear On The Screen)
  2. Interaction Time (How Fast Is Your Site Interaction Time?)
  3. Stability (Does Your Site Provide Stability Or Move Around?)

We will be checking speed for both mobile and desktop.

You can get a grade and score from Google’s PageSpeed Insights website.

Duda.co Website Speed Test

Well, lets get busy and find out what Duda can score. We will run a couple of test and choose the highest score.

The first image of the results will be the mobile speed and the second image will be the desktop speed test.

Duda.co Website Speed Test For Mobile
Duda.co Website Speed Test for Mobile
Duda.co Website Speed Test For Desktop
Duda.co Website Speed Test for Desktop

You can see the data for yourself and it looks like they did not score as well as we would of thought.

Duda Score Results – Mobile Score 42 is in the red not very good. Desktop Score 83 in the yellow.

Now let’s check the score for BA. Can anyone score in the green zone or in the 90’s? Who do you think will win?

Builderall.com Website Speed Test

We will perform the same test as we did with Duda. The first test )image) will be the mobile site speed and the 2nd image will be the desktop speed score.

Can Builderall win the site speed test? Let’s find out who gets the highest score.

Builderall.com Website Speed Test For Mobile
Builderall.com Website Speed Test For Mobile
Builderall.com Website Speed Test For Desktop
Builderall.com Website Speed Test For Desktop

We have a clear winner between Builderall vs Duda on the PageSpeed Insights test.


Duda Mobile Score 42 and Desktop Score 83.

Builderall Mobile Score 93 and Desktop Score 99.

Winner: Builderall is the clear winner.

4. Which Company Offers A White Label Solution?

Which Company Offers A White Label Solution

Duda offers all the benefits that you would expect for a white label solution.

This is a great platform to use for your own brand. Market your very own brand using this awesome white label site builder.

They have been around for many years (2009) and are a trusted brand.

What about BA? No BA does not offer a white label solution but you can still build your own brand.

You can also earn money using the affiliate program and offer hosting locally.

Offer local businesses a free website speed test and show them the results. You can even link to this article to show them the upload speeds of Builderall.

5. Support

It has been a while since we have used the Duda support. But everything we needed or had questions about were answered very professionally. We never had a problem with any support issues or personal. Good support staff.

Both companies offer support tickets that you can submit and it may take 24 hours to get an answer.

BA has offered live chat for support as well as a Facebook group to help you with any issues.

6. Training Courses And Lessons

Training Courses And Lessons

BA offers quit a bit of training videos. They have a short video that demonstrates how to use each tool.

BA also has weekly meetings every Monday with the CEO showing you how to use different tools or offering marketing suggestions.

You can receive guidance, feedback, and professional instruction from their private Facebook groups.

Here are only 5 Private Facebook Groups that you can receive detailed instruction from an expert. You will also find more training inside the platform on the dashboard.

  • Local Business Marketing
  • Network Marketing
  • How To Sell Physical Products
  • Selling Informational Products
  • Launching Products

Hot Tip: BA offers free local marketing training. This training is from an expert that has their own agency.

You can find lots of great information right here on our site like local SEO ranking factors or if you want to check out an awesome local business marketing strategy check out those article to get your business buzzing locally.

In addition, Tuesday evenings they offer live training which are on going weekly training sessions. They cover a wide range of topics including website design tips.

Duda has some basic training. They call it Duda University. It contains 2 courses and 1 coming soon (not sure when). Here are the 2 basic lessons they offer.

  • Introduction To Duda
  • Build Your First Site

Clearly BA has more training courses and a more helpful community.

7. Digital Marketing Tools

Digital Marketing Tools

BA is considered an all in one platform. That means they have all the marketing tools you need to start a website design business. You can get it all from a single platform and they have excellent rates.

Duda just does not compare when you are looking for a platform with vital digital marketing tools that you need to market your online business.

BA has over 35 marketing tools that would benefit every marketing agency.

Here are a few of the digital marketing tools you could use for your agency.

  • Cheetah Website Builder
  • Online Store Builder (eCommerce)
  • Email Marketing
  • Niche Sales Funnels
  • Notification Bar
  • Mobile App Builder
  • eLearning
  • Magazine Builder
  • Click Map (heat map)
  • On Page SEO Tool
  • CRM
  • Script Generator
  • Animated Video Maker
  • Video Hosting
  • Social Media Auto Post

8. Affiliate Program

Affiliate Marketing Program

Why would you want an affiliate program when you are starting a website design business?

It’s always good to have an alternative income stream, wouldn’t you agree?

Some small businesses may only need lightning fast hosting and want to design their own website. More and more people are getting into DIY website design.

Duda does not offer an affiliate program that we could find.

So lets discuss the site speed test winner. Builderall offers a business opportunity.

How would you like to earn 100% commissions when you sign up a business in your community?

BA has a 2 tier affiliate program. Not only do you earn commissions when you get someone to subscribe but you get paid a monthly commission every time they pay their hosting bill.

In addition, if any of your customers sign anyone up they will get paid the same as you.

Now here’s where it get interesting. Not only do they get paid but you earn a commission starting the second month and you get paid every month that customer pays for their hosting.

9. Pricing

Pricing or Rates

You want to know who has the better pricing and who offers the best value? Let’s break it down for you. We will use a screenshot of each companies pricing structure so get the results right from their sites.

Duda Pricing

Pricing starts at $14 a month billed annually and their Agency plan cost $44 a month billed annually. If you want to add on eCommerce site they will cost you extra.

Hot Tip: You also are required to pay extra for each additional website you build. The price for each additional site depends on the plan you choose. The best deal is with the Agency plan because you pay less per site.

Duda Pricing
Duda Pricing

Builderall Pricing

The pricing starts at free so you can learn how to build a website and goes up to the Premium Plan. As you move up the ladder of plans you get more tools and you are authorized more leads for your email marketing.

We recommend the Funnel Club plan because you get it all, unlimited leads, access to over 300 sales funnels, affiliate program, and you can build 15 websites for the same amount of money. This will also provide you access to the Funnel Club for a limited time (it will cost extra very soon).

They also have a secret plan for local marketers with a super rate. Contact us for details.

Builderall Pricing
Builderall Pricing

As you can see the best deal is the Funnel Club. You get the special pricing for a limited time. $69.90 with price lock in. Normal pricing is $199 first month and $99 monthly starting second month.

Hot Tip: There is a free trial link at the bottom of this article.

Summary: Duda vs Builderall (Starting A Website Design Business)

During this review hopefully you have enough information to make a sound decision about which platform offers you the best value when you get ready to start your very own website design business.

Our conclusion is that both platforms offer what you need to start a website design business but you get more value with BA. They just have way more to offer at an affordable rate.

In addition, meeting the new Google PageSpeed Insights requirements should be a major consideration when choosing a fast website builder.

Builderall’s website builder called Cheetah is lightning fast and beat out the site builder from Duda, hands down.

9 Key Factors Reviewed
  1. Website Builder
  2. Do They Offer WordPress Hosting?
  3. Website Speed Test (Google)
  4. Do They Offer A White Label Solution?
  5. Support
  6. Training
  7. Digital Marketing Tools
  8. Affiliate Program
  9. Pricing

The only advantage we found with Duda is that they offer a White Label Solution.

Go and check out all the digital marketing tools, build a blazing fast website with Cheetah, and take the local marketing training to help you prepare when you start your website design business.

In addition, subscribing with our affiliate link enables you to get guidance and feedback from us.

Express your positive opinions in the comment section.

Go check out builderall for free or contact us if you have any questions.