5 Simple Ways To Earn Money In Your Local Community Plus A Big Bonus

Earn Money In Your Local Comminity
Earn Money In Your Local Comminity

There are multiple ways to earn money in your local community and today we will talk about digital marketing.

We got 5 ideas that are red hot and you have an opportunity to build a business using any one of these fresh cash magnets right in your hometown.

Naturally, you will need to learn some new skills or you may already have the talent to perform any one of these great ideas. You can gain the knowledge in your spare time and get everything set up once you start getting comfortable doing any one of these money-making ideas.

Local marketing is a great way to jump into the online world and is a very cost effective to start your own business. How long does it take to learn the skills to get started totally depends on you?

No sense in buying any training courses because you can find a lot of information just by searching the search engines.

So we’ll take a look at the tools you need and explain how to gain most of this knowledge so you can get started. Being an entrepreneur is not easy by the way. It takes discipline and smart work.

You’ll also need to build your brand, create trust in your community, and realize that it may take a little time before you start making a few coins.

Local marketing is a great business opportunity for anyone that is willing to knuckle down, put a strategy together, and take massive action. Nothing gets done unless you are willing to put in the time and research.

Some tasks, you may feel a little uncomfortable with but once you get it down you’ll become an expert and have more confidence.

Earn Money In Your Community & Become an Entrepreneur

Earn Money In Your Community Choosing Niche Businesses

We’ll list the 5 ways to earn money in your local community before we talk about the tools that you will need.

You are going to be self-employed so you would need to check with your accountant and attorney for all the legal things you need and how you plan on setting up your business as a new entrepreneur.

Starting out shouldn’t be a problem because you haven’t made any money quite yet. You’re just getting everything ready so you have an opportunity to earn the cash you so desire.

Since you haven’t made any money you will want to ensure you invest as little as possible until you have an income coming in that can handle your expenses.

Many people waste a lot of their hard earned money buying all kinds of shiny objects that they think will help them get started. A little elbow grease can go a long way and save you a whole bunch of cash.

You’ll also gain the knowledge you need to offer your services.

If your funds are tight, start offering Video marketing using your smartphone.

That way you can make maximum profits on all of your services. Once you learn the skills you can always hire other entrepreneurs to perform the work for you.

But its best to learn these skills so you know how to explain the benefits to your customers as well as on your website.

You also want to consider a business name or just use your own name. Make sure the domain is available and any social media sites that you plan on using for that name.

1. Social Media Management

Earn Money With Social Media Management

This is going to be the first one we list to earn money in your local community because you will also need to set up your own social media site. With local marketing, each business will have their own niche audience. That will determine what social sites each business should be targeting. The two biggest ones will be Facebook and Instagram.

Speaking of those two social sites, you should set up a business account for each one. On Facebook, it will be called a Facebook Fan Page. You can use your personal account to help you start building a following. You’ll need to be very active on social media and use things that are in good taste. Remember you’re running a business.

Take a look at other local agencies and look at their cover. That is the big image that tells what you do. You can check out our Facebook cover but it is going to be redesigned very shortly or you can even look at my Rodney V fan page. While you’re at it, how about giving us a like?

Do not spend a bunch of money on a Facebook or Instagram cover either, do it yourself or find a cheap person on Fiverr to handle it for you.

Social Media is a great way to build your brand. It doesn’t take a lot of followers to start getting some traction. Most folks are already on their favorite social networks throughout the day and it’s easy to have some engagement.

The more engaging you can be the quicker you’ll build a following.

It’s free to set up and should be one of the first things you start doing to build your brand. As you learn new things feel free to share your knowledge on the social media networks.

You want to get into the habit of helping people out, especially local businesses because they are your targeted audience. Remember that everyone you talk with more than likely works at a local business.

Why Local Businesses Need This Service?

The main reason is many do not have the time to perform the tasks that is required to have an effective social media strategy. You can find all kinds of tips on how to do this just by searching Google.

You’ll want to know the ins and outs of your social media sites and it doesn’t take long and before you know it, you’re the expert in that field.

You’ll also find many local businesses do not even have a fan page. Now you’ll be able to design them one and that will get your foot into the door for other services that you may offer.

Always offer your help on something simple, then offer an upgrade at a low cost before you offer your main money-making services.

In addition, it’s a great way for local businesses to build their brand and get more business. That means more folks visiting their business which will increase their profits.

Also getting more likes and an opportunity to showcase their products. Take an automobile shop for example. Using a few great photos of some bling they added to a customers truck can go a long way.

Even a beauty shop can use images to spark interest.

Just be a little creative and find ways to have their audience start engaging with them.

2. Website Design To Earn Money For Local Businesses

Offer Website Design To Earn Some Cash

Now your thinking, website design is not for me. But hold on. The DIY Website Builders that are on the market today are easier than ever.

No need to learn about coding and all the other complicated things that deal with website design. Actually, there are a lot of local businesses that are already doing it themselves.

Some of these website builders are pretty good and then there are others that do not give the customer what they really want. We’ll talk about the website builder that we use in a few moments.

Starting a website design business can be a lot of fun and it’s an easy way to earn money right in your local community.

It’s estimated that only 70% of local businesses even have a website. Why? Either they feel it is not cost effective which is a lame excuse or they do not have the knowledge or time to even bother with it.

How would you like to make say $1000-$2500 just for a few hours of work?

Once you get the basics down using a drag and drop builder you can have a website up in running within a few hours even if you have to provide the content.

It would be nice to get one or two of these customers every month wouldn’t it? Then you would have an extra $1000 to $5000 a month coming in.

Could you use some extra money?

Once you acquire the skills to put an awesome website design together for a local business your ready to start marketing your services. Naturally, you’ll need your own website. There are templates for you to use.

What about a portfolio? When you’re learning your skills you can design a couple of websites for the target market that you will be targeting.

Maybe its beauty shops, car repair, plumbers, or landscapers.

It doesn’t matter. Whip up a couple of websites for those niches and there you go.

You can also give away a couple of websites as long as they pay for the hosting. In return have them write you a great testimonial for your service.

Now you have testimonials for your website and a portfolio.

Online Stores So Local Businesses Can Sell Their Products

Don’t forget to learn how to build these money-making sites. Most businesses have products they want to sell online. No need to get any expensive software or e-commerce builders because we have a solution.

People want an online store to market their goods, wares, and products. This is another great opportunity because you will be able to save your local businesses some money. We’ll cover a solution for this below.

3. Local SEO Service For Small Businesses

Here is another one that sounds really complicated. There are many search engine optimizations companies that go after the $1000 a month clients. Here is your chance to help some local businesses get their website ranked in the local snack pack or the local three pack.

All you need are a few skills to get started. 80% of the people you talk to will not have any idea how to even get these rankings on the local search engines.

Use that same target audience that you were using for website design. As a matter of fact, you already designed their website and you can even offer your Local SEO Services to them.

Find a price range they can handle per month. You already built that trust factor and that will make it easier for you to sell them your SEO services. You can learn these skills rather quickly.

Take a look at the top local SEO ranking factors for small businesses that we use. Once you mastered those skills you can always go check out learning some SEO tips with Moz. They are the experts when it comes to local search engine optimization.

Another great reference is BrightLocal and they can break it down for you to understand the fundamentals better and you may even want to check out their citation service down the road for your customers.

You’ll want to learn about citation building and they have all the details.

As you get better and start producing 1st-page results for your clients you can always increase your rates. Imagine having 10 clients that are paying you $10,000 a month for your services.

As you can see you can earn money in your local community after you gain a few skills and it doesn’t take a lot of clients.

4. Mobile Marketing To Earn Money In Your Local Community

Mobile marketing offers a fantastic business opportunity in your local community. Local businesses need websites that need a mobile design.

Some businesses are still using their old websites that do not display properly on mobile devices. That is a big ranking factor for local businesses. Now, your back to your website design services.

Social Media WiFi is another great mobile marketing idea to make a decent amount of cash. You can also use it as a low-cost lead generation magnet so you can offer you’re other services down the road.

Any place that has a waiting room is a prime place for you to get acquainted with. People love free WiFi.

Coffee shops, automobile shops, fitness centers, sports bars, restaurants, retail, offices, hotels, and a lot of others are great prospects.

You can find this WiFi gear rather inexpensive with a little searching online.

Most of these businesses are giving away free WiFi. Why don’t they learn how to build a list of clients for their email marketing using this is beyond me.

Maybe they just do not know about it. That is where you come into play.

Another way to earn money in your local community and it doesn’t take long to become an expert. Here are a couple of more ways to make a few bucks in mobile marketing.

Creating mobile apps for local businesses, SMS (Short Message Service) marketing, paid mobile search marketing, and proximity marketing.

New technologies are allowing retailers and other small businesses to gain a foothold in proximity marketing using Beacons. Being that most everyone is carrying a smartphone these days Beacons are gaining popularity.

It’s also a cost-effective solution for local businesses trying to get more customers. They even have Beacons for businesses on the go like plumbers, real estate agents, and landscapers.

5. Email Marketing Is A Great Way To Earn Money In Your Community

Here is another way to make a few coins and helping your local businesses increase their profits. We have all heard the money is in the list.

If you got the knack to tell good stories and produce eye-catching emails you may be able to clean house offering this service.

It takes someone that can write great copy. But it’s like something that every business needs no matter what type of business you have. It can go along with all of your other services as well.

When you design someone a website they should have a way of capturing the visitor’s email. Remember that when designing your customers website.

Now you have a service that should go with it. You can set up an auto-responder system for the customer. Once it’s all set up it takes care of itself.

Some younger business owners might say you do not need email marketing because it’s outdated.

Well, more money is generated through emails than any other way online. But you could ask them, How do you receive your bank statements?

But yes, many people are now using Facebook Messenger.

You got Chat Bots, browser notifications, and a lot of different technologies that younger people are using.

That isn’t a problem when you see our solution when we talk about the tools you need. You want to learn all you can about writing emails because it can pay big dividends.

It’s also a great way to beat the competition on a website design proposal. Just tell them you’ll set it all up for them as part of your service.

Bonus: Affiliate Marketing Is A Great Way To Earn Money In Your Community

Affiliate Marketing Strategy

Say what? Affiliate marketing in your local community. That is right. Start your very own meet-up group and show people how to make money online.

Sometimes it takes a while to build your group up but who cares. You’re doing this in your spare time and you can even show your group how to work the local businesses.

We are going to show you an awesome business opportunity that will allow you to get paid on 2 levels. That way when you bring someone into your team you’ll get paid 100% commissions.

That’s right I said 100%.

Then starting the second month you’ll earn 30% commissions from that day until they quit. Hopefully, they stick with it.

You also get paid when they bring someone in. They make their 100% commissions and they get 30% commissions starting the second month also.

What do you get?

You get 30% commissions on everybody they bring in starting the second month. As you can see the money can start adding up quickly.

Sounds crazy, right? Just think by introducing people in your local area you can start an affiliate marketing business. All you need to do is help other people learn how to do it.

This is a money-making bonus for you to earn even more cash.

Get it rolling in your local area and as you build your business it will take off in other areas if you use the money-making sales funnels they provide.

Now you got money to advertise your business. It’s time to get your business in high gear by this time frame. You should have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and your skills have improved.

How are you going to learn all of this stuff? A little Google searching and following the training we are going to turn you on to. Affiliate marketing doesn’t have to be hard if you do it right.

Earn Money In Your Local Community Using The All In One Platform

All In One Solution To Make Money Online

Well, are you ready to make some extra cash? Do you have what it takes to learn these new skills?

We’ve got the training videos to teach you how to use the tools. All you need to do is get ready to take some action. You can start by building your brand on social media.

Pick out a domain name for your new website.

Don’t start telling everybody what you are doing until they ask. You need the time to learn the skills you need so you can get proficient at what you want to do.

That is earning some fast cash in your hometown. Build that following on social media right from your personal social media sites. If you hang out on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram then start engaging and building a bigger audience.

We are going to set you up with a 14-day test drive so you can get a feel for the all in one platform. On top of that, we are going to get you some training from one of the best affiliate marketers that you will find.

Once your inside you will find many of the tools that you will need to build your business.

Build Your Niche Portfolio Websites

The DIY website builder. Start with the drag and drop pixel perfect builder. You get that one plus a responsive builder and a mobile builder.

The pixel perfect is the flagship builder and the best one. It’s the easiest and it will give you a chance to start building your portfolio of websites.

You’ll want to design your own website first. Then work on your target market websites. It can be anything you choose.

Beauty shops, auto repair places, landscapers, plumbers, pool cleaners, painters, barbershops, real estate, fitness centers, weight loss places,  heating/air, pet shops, chiropractor, dentist, or whatever you choose.

Start practicing and build a few niche websites that local businesses owners are going to want.

These are going to be the websites that you show to potential customers once you get rolling. It is also going to learn how to build these websites quickly and how everything works inside the builder.

They have videos to explain how everything works and how to do each task.

By the time you are done, you’ll be an expert and be able to explain how each design comes all together for the customer. You’ll learn how to integrate your social media and how to structure the complete website.

Anytime you get a question you can always ask for my opinion.

Teamwork makes the dream work.

SEO & Mobile Marketing

If you want to get into local SEO make sure you read the article we linked to earlier. As far as mobile marketing you will have access to a lot of different tools.

They have a mobile app creator, chat-bots, browser notifications, a design studio, animated video creator, and a lot of other digital marketing tools to use.

You will also have access to create webinars, build online stores, script generators, and a ton of tutorials plus training. Easy to learn from videos so you can see how to do it first hand.

As far as WiFi stuff like proximity beacons and social media WiFi equipment you’ll need to get that stuff from an independent company.

You will have access to an on-page SEO tool. This will help you understand more about search engine optimization and help you get a higher ranking score for your website.

You’ll also be able to use all the money making sales funnels. They are already set up and they even explain how to use them.

Set Up Your Email Marketing For Your Own Website With Auto-Responder

Once you got your website set up make sure you start out the right way and set up your autoresponder. They have videos that explain how to do all of that so when you set everything up it all goes smooth.

They even have emails swipes you can use for affiliate marketing.

You want to learn how to do this so when you do it for your new clients there won’t be a problem and you’ll be able to explain to them how everything works.

Are You Ready To Start Learning How To Earn Money In Your Local Community?

It’s all up to you now. We explained the 5 ways for you to earn money in your hometown. We also provided a bonus with the money making affiliate marketing method.

You only have a few things to do. One is to stop watching and take action so you can start learning how to perform all the task.

Start building that following on your social media sites. You only need to take a few hours a day to get this stuff down. Then build your first website. That is going to be your local marketing website.

Set up the email. Then build the websites for the type of businesses that you plan on working with.

Start marketing your services. Now your ready to invite some folks to your meet up group. Even if you only get one or two people that want to learn how to make some cash online that will be great.

It will start your business off in a forward direction. Once you got a positive cash flow start doing a little advertising using the money-making sales funnels.

We look forward to you joining our team. Any time you get a question just blast us an email. You can also contact me inside the platform.

Once you’re in we’ll also want to join our free private Facebook group to get more ideas from people within our community.

Take A Test Drive

Click on the free 14-day test drive to gain access and let us know what you think.

You get all the tools you need from a single platform.

You have a choice of 5 different plans. The first plan starts at $0 a month and it gives you the website Cheetah builder and hosting. If you want to use the tools check out the other four plans.

To get the 2 tier commissions with all the tools you have to go and sign up once on the inside. Feel free to comment below and we will see you on the inside.

Mobile Biz Buzz gets your biz buzzing on mobile. We don’t wear fancy suits we work behind the scenes. Thanks for stopping by.

You can check out our affiliate marketing training lessons for beginners. It also includes website design, SEO, local marketing and more.

Still not convince on the this awesome platform? You just need more in dept information. So we put together a Builderall review that should answer any questions you may have.

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