Get your Biz Booming With Local Marketing

Get your biz buzzing on mobile

Get your biz booming

We need to look around to find out how to get your biz booming in today’s market. What ways can we acquire new customers and maintain our current client base. Let’s first make sure we are covering the local area.

Our business needs a local presence. Is your business listed in at least ten strong directories? Do you have a desktop website? Is your website listed on google, bing, and yahoo local? Is your website designed with responsive technology? Are you listed and have engagement going on with facebook, twitter,  google+, and other social media accounts?

Let’s get the items above taken care of first of all. Most of the local search items can be done for free as long as you have the time. Let’s start out with getting listed with ten free directories. Easy to do with a little google search. Find the ten most popular in your local area. Just do a couple every week.

Next put together your social networks. Use great photos. Write a good about you statement. Invite people you know to get some likes, tweets, and google pluses. Now we are setting up our future actions to get your biz booming. We done all of this for free. Start engaging with customers. Use coupons, images, funny stuff to start engaging.

Now lets take a look at your website. Are you being ranked in the search engines with your keywords? If not make some changes. Again more research. Make sure your keywords even have a chance at ranking. If your not sure hire someone.

This can pay dividends in your local ranking on google and other search engines. Great way to get your biz booming. Next ensure your website is listed with google, yahoo, and bing local search. Again accomplishment of these items will give you a good return on your investment.

This next step could get expensive. If your desktop website is not build with responsive technology it may not show up good on mobile devices. Do you have at least a thousand dollars to shell out for a descent responsive website that will fit all devices? Plus any other item that you add on.

That is a cheap website price. Then to top it off you may have to pay extra for big buttons, hosting, and other items that a website designer will charge. Why would you want your website to be able to fit on mobile devices anyway?

Well give you two good reasons why to go mobile. Number one is that the mobile market is booming. It is the fastest and largest growing market in history. Mobile search is about to take over desktop search. Smartphone sales are booming.

Number two is if your website is not smartphone friendly customers are more likely to x you off and search for your competition. Causing you to start losing existing customers and losing new customers. I would have to say those are two great reasons to go mobile.

The problem is that you do not want to pay for a responsive website. That’s ok because we have a solution to get your biz booming. Instead of paying those high fees for a responsive website get a premium business mobile website. We have excellent mobile website pricing.

Your mobile website should load quickly, be customer friendly, simple, have big buttons for tap to call, directions, and social media, and easy to navigate for a smartphone user. It is no longer an option for your business to have a mobile website.

Now let me introduce you to Mobile Biz Buzz. We get your biz buzzing on mobile. This is how to get your biz booming. We offer you a premium business mobile website design, including mobile seo, and provides your business with instant advertising.

We integrate your social media. We monitor your rankings and adjust your mobile keywords and seo accordingly. We handle pretty much everything concerning your mobile website. Get your biz booming with local marketing from Mobile Biz Buzz.

Mobile Biz Buzz gets your Biz Buzzing on Mobile!