How To Get Your Brand Buzzing (Videos & Smartphones)

How To Get Your Brand Buzzing

The best way to get your brand buzzing in this day in time is to engage with people that are using their smartphones. Plus, people love watching videos.

An easy way to do this is using 30 second to one minute video postings on social media.

Social Media Video Billboards!

Little video billboard type ads that are free. Get creative and learn how to communicate with your audience using video.

They are easy to create. You can use a simple device (smartphone) to make your videos and share on social media.

It gets your brand buzzing without a complicated equation, wouldn’t you agree? You got to keep it simple.


Because no matter where you are, we’ll bet you that you are carrying a mobile device that allows you to communicate with the world. The same goes for your audience.

This isn’t the time to try and sell folks but to let everyone know that you are a normal person. It’s time to develop the lifestyle of your brand.

Offer information that will benefit people.

Share ideas that will bring people together and help them achieve more while they move up the ladder of success.

Provide encouragement for your audience. Get your staff involved (they usually have some of the best ideas).

The more people that you can touch in a positive manner the more your brand will start to reach the emotions of your future customers in a positive note that will make it easier for people to trust your products or services.

5 Tips To Get Your Brand Buzzing On Social mEDIA

5 Tips To Get Your Brand Buzzing On Social Media

We chose these 5 hot tips to get your brand buzzing on social media because they are simple. They take only 5 minutes a day so you are not wasting time and you can concentrate on running your business.

Use your smartphone and get a little creative when recording your videos. A 30 second to 1 minute video is all that you need. Just take it easy and use a simple message when creating your social media video billboards.

You should create your own YouTube channel to save your content and after a while you will gain subscribers and more traffic to your website. What 3 companies offer video hosting? You may want to check that article out.

You can host your videos privately if you do not want commercials and competitors content popping up after your content is finished.

Let’s get started with the 5 Hot Tips to keep your message simple.

  • Post A Video of A Positive Quote
  • Produce A Video About An Event
  • Share A Video Of A Business You Like
  • Thank You Videos (Customers & Employees)
  • Ask for Positive Reviews (give positive reviews)

Work with other business owners. Give them positive reviews and let them know about your business.

There are probably 100’s of ways to keep your brand buzzing but if you can contribute a few moments of your time every work day then you can start building a solid message to your audience.

These messages will build the trust you need to move your brand to the next level.

1. Post A Video Of A Positive Quote

Post A Video Of A Positive Quote

You can have a little fun posting videos with positive quotes. Just perform a simple Google search and you will have 1,000’s of quotes at your fingertips.

Most folks will post an image which is descent but when you post a video you have a better chance of someone stopping. They will take the time to watch it and comment.

Most of us have our favorite quotes. The things to keep in mind is make sure all of your videos offer:

  • Simple Message
  • Credible
  • Good Taste
  • Keep It Positive
  • Link Back To Your Website

Always link your videos back to your website. People will become curious and want to know what you do for a living. Keep it real and always invite more conversation. Encourage sharing with all of your content.

2. Produce A Video About An Event

Produce A Video About An Event

Most of us know what’s going on in our community.

But you can always perform a quick search if you need a little help. It might be a bake sale, little league ball game, a community dance, or a local band playing on Saturday night.

There are a lot of events that people do not even know about right in their local communities.

Who knows? Maybe a small child is having a lemonade sale. Just follow the guidelines we set above for all videos.

Are you a member of a local organization? School events, local sporting events, or maybe your business is having an event. You see, it doesn’t take but about 30 seconds to a minute to produce a video about a local event.

All while building your brand. Yes, brand building takes time but with a simple strategy it is worth your time.

Using these brand building techniques will eventually be the driving force of traffic coming to your website.

3. Share A Video About A Business You Like

Share A Video About A Business You Like

People like to be complemented. It’s a good time to reward folks for doing a good job. It could even be the local coffee shop.

Sharing a positive experience about another business in your local community is a great way to say thank you.

We all have our favorite dry cleaners, tire shop, mechanic, restaurants, grocery store, automobile sales person, real estate sales rep, or even the person that mows your lawn. It could be anybody.

Like we said earlier, it only takes 30 seconds to 1 minute to put together a video and talk about another person or business that you would like to reach out to and say thank you.

It’s easy and simple. Can you think of a business or a person that you saw do a good job this week?

There you go. Produce that video and start building your brand with this simple social media video billboard method.

By lifting up other businesses and people that you encounter, you can build your brand the smart way.

While you are at it, share a few other local businesses videos with a big thumbs up.

4. Create Thank You Videos For Customers and Employees

Create Thank You Videos To Build Your Brand

A simple thank you can go a long way. Be generous with your thank you’s and show that you appreciate people that you come in contact with on a daily basis. Sometimes we over look the people we work with day in and day out.

Saying thank you can put a smile on someone’s face, wouldn’t you agree?

A simple act of kindness. Even if your having a bad day and when you hear those kind words, thank you, it sorts of requires a response. Most of us will even bring on a smile gesture when we say it.

When you say, thank you, you are recognizing that person for a good deed.

Showing these kinds of acts of kindness sets the example for others to follow.

We all need a little tender loving care, wouldn’t you agree.

Just for being kind, you can build a brand that you can be proud of.

Create thank you videos to use as social media video billboards to help build your trust in the community..

5. Ask For Positive Reviews (Give Positive Reviews)

Create Positive Review Videos

Before you start asking, give positive reviews of other local businesses in the area. Try calling them. Stop in to their business and let them know you appreciate their service or products.

By showing them that you are helping them to build their brand they will be more inclined to help you build yours.

You could end up with a network of other businesses that has many customers that may need your products or services. That would help you expand your network and brand.

Many local business owners are not using this strategy. It can help you build your brand but also bring more traffic to your website. We just need to communicate with businesses in our local community.

Explain the benefits of supporting each other. Link to each others websites. Once you start increasing your websites back links you will have a better chance of getting a higher ranking score.

It helps build your authority and moves you up the search ladder.

Here are some additional mobile marketing tools to help you reach out to your smartphone customers.

Summary: How To Get Your Brand Buzzing

Best Ways For People To Talk About Your Brand Online

You need a simple strategy. We outlined 5 hot tips on building your brand on social media using short videos created right from your smartphones.

Easy, simple, and you get a new subject ever day of the week.

  • Post A Video Of A Positive Quote
  • Produce A Video About An Event
  • Share A Video About A Business/Person You Like
  • Create Thank You Videos For Customers And Employees
  • Ask For Positive Reviews ( Give Positive Reviews)

Follow this simple strategy to build your brand on social media. You’ll build trust and long term relationships. It’s not to hard to do and you probably already have the equipment to make all of this happen.

Do you have a smartphone? There you go. Start a YouTube channel for your business.

You can also talk about other things on your videos but this will get you started in the right direction.

Do Not Expect Overnight Results

Our advice. Do not expect overnight results. It takes time and a consistent posting strategy. Keep each video short.

You are using these videos as social media video billboards. Remember you need a short message.

People get to see the lighter side of your personality.

They will find out that you are real and it will help you build that trust factor with your audience.

Let us know in the comment section how you are building your brand.

In addition, you can produce videos about leadership traits, principles, and even fun stuff. Get creative.

Hot Tip: Make sure you use the SEO best practices for all of your videos.

Yes, SEO can provide the guidelines you need to help your videos rank on YouTube and Google.

Do you know how to get your biz buzzing in 2020? Let us know in the comment section.