How Do You Get Your Site Ranking (Mobile & SEO)

How Do You Get Your Site Ranking

Why Mobile Marketing For Business?

Mobile Marketing For Business Florida

Mobile Biz Buzz provides you with mobile marketing ideas for business owners because almost everyone these days is holding a smartphone in their hands.

They could be at one of the worlds most famous beaches called the Outer Banks.

The Salt life is this area is awesome.

Lot’s of water and plenty to do like Fishing, swimming, boating, kayaking,

Do you know where that is?

On the east coast of North Carolina baby.

People take vacations here all year long.

All of these smartphone users are socializing on their favorite social media sites. We also have our regular local folks that support our local businesses every single day.

They too are searching on smartphones looking for local products, services and places to eat.

These are the same folks that like getting rewards for being loyal to your local business, no matter what city you are located in North Carolina.

Mobile Marketing That Grows Your Small Business

Mobile Biz Buzz provides mobile marketing for business. Local businesses that need solutions to handle the smartphone customers that want your products, services and even want rewards.

We have you covered in the Mobile Marketing field.

People want discounts, coupons and to be rewarded for stopping by your local business. They want solutions, information and people want it fast. Your business is a click away.

Is Your Website Slow?

If your website is slow, visitors will go down the road. Check your website speed. The world is mobile and your business better be ready or you will lose visitors and future customers if your website is slow.

Sometimes you got to make the change to a faster hosting provider. What if you are losing up to 40% of your site visitors?

Would you change hosting companies?

We sure would. What are the 3 best hosting companies for small businesses? No matter if you use WordPress or a drag and drop builder, we covered the best ones for each.

Here are a few mobile marketing ideas that need to be combined with your local marketing to help your business grow. These are benefits to your business.

Be Creative With Your Local Marketing

The first one is video marketing for local business. It is blasting off the charts. Video helps you build your brand, grow your list of customers, get you more reviews and more engagement opportunity on social media.

In addition, these services enable your website to obtain better search results and build a customer list. That’s in both organic and map listings of the local search of your local community.

Every one of them is part of mobile marketing.

  • Video Marketing For Local Business
  • Social WiFi Marketing For Business
  • Digital Loyalty Punch Cards (Smartphone Reward Cards)
  • Social Media Integration
  • Local Marketing For Business To Increase Ranking Scores

Rewards And Social Media WiFi

You remember the old paper punch cards? Buy 10 coffees and get the next one free. We still have those types of reward programs in today’s modern age. Now they are called Digital Loyalty Punch Cards.

Everything is done on a smartphone. Easy, simple and no mess. Reward customers for retention and more social engagement.

There are a lot of business establishments that offer free WiFi. Why? It has become part of your customer service. Most business owners realize that free WiFi keeps your customers happy and also helps with retention.

If You don’t provide WiFi, watch your customers go to one of your competitors.

Have you heard of Social WiFi Marketing? You just might like a system that lets your customers login to their favorite social site. It helps you with social media engagement and can get you more reviews, likes, and shares.

Next combining mobile with local marketing.