How To Get Higher Ranking On Google To Get More Traffic

How To Get A Higher Ranking On Google

Getting a better ranking score on Google or other search engines does not require any extra work. That is, if you do it right the first time.

Following a simple strategy and doing it over and over will produce the best results. Just get into the habit of following a systematic guideline.

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There are no secrets, confidential information, short cuts, or tricks that will get your website to the top of the search results.

Use all of the free tools that the search engines provide.

One thing that you need to ensure is that your Google console and analytics are connected. Another piece of advice is to sign up for the Bing webmaster tools.

Everyone has their own way of doing things especially when you are talking about SEO and getting your website to the top of the various search engines.

Just because you want to rank for a keyword phrase doesn’t mean you can. There are a lot of factors involved. Try ranking for keywords that your site has the authority to do so. Lower competition keyword phrases are your best bet.

You just have to have a simple strategy that works.

That is what we are going to share with you today.

Get A Higher Ranking On Google Search With These 9 SEO Practices

Get A Higher Ranking On Google Search Using SEO

Getting a higher ranking on Google search is the ultimate way of receiving more visitors to your website.

We have outlined the 9 best SEO practices to get a higher ranking on Google so you have an opportunity to capture more of the organic traffic.

Your website should be designed for lead generation and it needs to provide an easy way for people to navigate your site.

Keep it user friendly and make sure it is mobilized (mobile friendly is the first tip to getting a better rank score). Remember to keep in mind, the folks that are using mobile devices are using their thumbs and fingers.

The new WordPress Gutenberg editor provides the solution along with a good WordPress theme.

You should look into adding the free Gutenberg plugin that gives you more design flexibility. We have explained the features of the free plugin in that article.

Headline Meta Description & Images

Headlines Titles Meta Description And Images
First Thing That Attracts A Visitor Is Your Headline Meta Description & Image

Good SEO starts by writing a great headline, getting your meta description right, and using images that help people decide to click onto your content or not.

You can use a good SEO tool like Yoast to help you accomplish this task.

Follow the guideline of using no more than 60 characters for your great headline. It should attract attention and provide a benefit to the reader.

Make sure you use your keyword phrase in the headline and something close in your meta description.

If your headline doesn’t get them to click your content then you need to have the next thing ready, your meta description.

You should also limit the amount of characters in your meta description to no more than 160. It should be a brief explanation about the article.

If your not using the Yoast plugin, Google will just use the first couple of sentences and your meta description could get cut off.

The next part is the image that a visitor will see. Using a featured image that visually explains a combination of the headline and the meta description will do the trick.

Those 3 very important factors decide whether someone clicks on your content or not. Don’t waste the ranking that you worked hard getting.

It’s like having a miniature advertisement about the blog post that you worked so hard on.

Choosing Keyword Phrases That Match Your Website’s Authority

Keyword Phrases Or Buzz Words People Use Searching

Choose keyword phrases or buzz words your audience uses when searching for questions, information, and when they are looking for solutions.

Depending on your website authority should be the starting point of choosing your keyword phrases.

What’s the sense of writing a blog post that you know will not even have a chance of ranking. You need to choose your keyword phrases wisely.

Warning. Do not stuff your article with your keyword phrase.

You should look for keyword phrases that have low competition unless you have an authority site. There are many tools that you can use to help you out.

Keyword research tools can save you a lot of time, effort, and give you ideas. We found an affiliate marketing keyword research tool that includes what they call brainstorming.

But if your budget is tight you can learn how to choose a keyword phrase the old fashion way. You’ll find that information in our affiliate marketing training lessons for beginners.

Fast Website Speed Provides A Better Ranking

Website Speed Requires Fast Hosting

It takes a lot of work getting people to visit your website. All of your efforts could be a big waste of time if your upload speed is more than 2 seconds.

Between the 2 and 3 second mark, you could be losing up to 40% of your visitors. Beyond that forget it.

How do you increase your upload speed?

It starts by choosing a good coded WordPress theme and getting the fastest hosting. You should also consider their up time and customer service.

We only recommend a couple of providers because we believe in only offering the best value and understand the power of speed when it comes to getting a better ranking score.

Looking at all the case studies we found on hosting providers, there was only one that caught our eye and it was an awesome factional write up.

Case Study On The Fastest Hosting Companies

The gentleman that did the case study is named Matthew Woodward. He is a well respected SEO expert and was the the one that put the top hosting providers through a rugged test.

In his case study, he chose the fastest hosting providers and gave a detailed report about who really is the fastest and listed the pros and cons of each one.

Here is a link to the case study and the name of the hosting provider who won the contest. WPX hosting is the fastest hosting provider even against more expensive options.

Matthew is someone you should follow because he is a straight up marketer, tells it like it is, and you can learn quite a bit from the great content that he shares.

Watch out for some of the hosting companies and the affiliate marketers that promote cheap slow hosting because they are just in business to take your money.

Don’t fall for the cheap gimmicks and the slow speed hosting providers.

You already know who we recommend for WordPress hosting.

But if you use other website builders and want more information about some of the other best hosting companies you can read the article that we have in the link.

WPX is listed in that article and we have provided a trusted affiliate link for you in case you want to purchase their services as well as a few other good companies.

You can rest assured, we only recommend companies that we trust, have thoroughly researched, and the ones that provide value that gets results.

Do not lose visitors because of a slow loading website.

Some of you may be using one of those drag and drop website builders. If you’re looking for one that provides good website speed and great value then check out the one that offers the complete marketing solution.

Write Relevant Content For Your Audience

Content Is The Key

Content is king. Not every article will rank. But it is all useful.

Your content is one of the key factors when it comes to getting a better ranking on Google and other search engines like Bing or Yahoo.

Your content is the key to getting your audience involved.

Everything evolves around the content that you publish, share, and is what provides most of the ranking power.

People are searching for solutions to their problems. They could also be looking for information or answers to their questions.

That is why you have to let people have a way of finding your hard work.

It can provide the engagement you need, attract a following on your social networks, and get people to want more of the value that you provide.

Follow the structuring guidelines and write for your audience. Give them what they are asking for.

Keeping the people in mind first will eventually pay of with higher rankings on all the search engines.

Interlinking Spreads The Power And Link Juice

Interlinking is a very important part of search engine optimization. It spreads the power of your page (post) to other posts to show the value of your content.

It will also help your site receive longer dwell time. You should monitor your bounce rate and use the Google analytics to give you a better understanding.

Make sure you take advantage of linking to your cornerstone content to build more link juice. The Yoast plugin will offer suggestions for interlinking.

You may want to consider using a silo linking strategy for the categories that you use for your blog posts.

Spread that linking power around your website and let the search engines know how powerful your blog is. Get that link juice buzzing.

Backlinks Are Like Gold But Do It Naturally

There are a lot of folks that say back-linking is the key. But if you do not have all the other factors in place you may be wasting your time.

Backlinks are like gold but do it naturally.

Let back-linking take care of itself until your website has the authority it needs. Priority number one should be producing content.

The folks that offer the advice to get backlinks are the ones that already have a solid website authority or are trying to get you involved in buying a back-linking service.

Our advice to to not even think about purchasing backlinks. Sooner or later Google will catch on and when they do your rankings with start dropping faster than a speeding bullet.

It would be more beneficial for you to have a solid foundation of content that helps solve people problems before trying a back-link strategy.

Produce solid and valuable content for your audience.

The hard work (your content), will provide the backlinks naturally and will be able to achieve better ranking results as time goes on.

Social Media Can Boost Your Search Results

Social Media Can Boost Your Search Results

Social media is a great way to get your brand recognized and to start building that trust factor. But you cannot do it posting affiliate links all over the place.

Answer questions and offer solid advice. It will take time to build a solid following. Use your content to help solve problems.

You should be looking for engagement. Finding groups that pertain to your niche is a way to start. Go where your audience hangs out.

You can get involved with places like Quora. Answering questions is a great way to find out what your audience is asking and wanting to know about.

All of these social indicators sends a clear message to the search engines and it also drives traffic to your website.

So, get involved with social media. Do not try to get into every single one of them. Start with one or two and become an expert on how to use these sites to get traffic to your website.

Encourage your audience to use the comment section on your blog post.

That is another indicator to the search engine to boost your rankings.

Improve Your Ranking Using Analytics

Improve Your Ranking Using Google Analytics

Google analytics can be one of the best tools that you should become very familiar with. It can provide you with a lot of great insights.

Understanding how to use the analytics tool can provide the information you need to update older articles that are on the second or third page of Google.

Knowing how to improve your ranking on some of these older blog posts using analytics can provide you with more traffic, more engagement, and a higher ranking score for many of your posts.

Sometimes all you may need to do is a few small tweaks to move up in the search results. Simple things that are provided inside the analytics.

To learn more about ranking using analytics do a little research, read a few articles, and get into your analytics dashboard.

Summary: How To Get A Higher Ranking On Google

How To Get A Higher Ranking On Google Using SEO

Use these 9 SEO Best Practices To get a better search ranking score on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Just like all good things, sometimes it takes time, hard work, and for you to keep producing content to build your website authority.

  • Mobile Friendly Website
  • Write Great Headlines, Meta Descriptions, & Use Images To Match
  • Choose The Right Keyword Phrases That Match Your Sites Authority
  • Fast Website Speed (below 2 seconds so you do not lose visitors)
  • Write Engaging Content that Offers Value and Solutions
  • Interlinking Spread The Power or Link Juice
  • Backlinks (build natural links)
  • Social Media Will Give You Ranking Power
  • Improve Your Ranking Using Analytics

Did you learn how to get a higher ranking on Google?

Let us know in the comment section below and share any ideas you have on how to improve a websites rank score in the search results.

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