What Hosting Companies Offer 2 Tier Affiliate Programs?

What Hosting Companies Offer 2 Tier Affiliate Programs

Today we want to talk about the top 3 hosting companies that offer the best 2 tier affiliate programs.

All 3 of these companies offer WordPress hosting.

One company is a smaller company that provides faster speeds using its responsive website builder that is beating the competition.

Which one pays residual monthly commissions?

Wouldn’t you like a monthly income month after month?

Why would you promote a slower loading product?

Which company is going to win the show down?

Wouldn’t you agree, upload speeds are really important?

You should know that your website will start losing visitors after that 2 second upload time frame.

Especially when it comes to mobile. People are not going to wait around for your site to load. You wouldn’t either. If you’re like me, you’d x off the site and go to one of the competitors.

Some folks are just plain greedy when it comes to making money online. They seem to find people to buy anything.

Any time you have an opportunity to increase your earnings online you might as well take advantage of it, as long as you are promoting a solid product that is good for the consumer. Please, do not promote bad products.

So how do we prove who has the fastest site and what kind of insights can Google provide?

We will use the Google PageSpeed Insights tool and Pingdom to analyze each site.

We will check performance as well as the speed of the website.

You would think that each companies website would load extremely fast since they are using their own hosting platform. Some companies pay big time money to have their website loading quick and looking great.

But what about the small entrepreneur? Here is your first level of proof that you might want to consider.

Who Has The Fastest Hosting (Proof) & Best 2 Tier Affiliate Program

Who Has The Fastest Hosting And Best 2 Tier Affiliate Program?

Each company should be able to get a score in the green. If they cannot, then why even recommend them?

You would think that each company would want to showcase their fastest upload speeds with their own site.

There are too many people promoting products that simply are not getting the job done correctly.

2 of these companies have their websites built using WordPress and the other hosting company built their website using a lightning fast responsive website builder called Cheetah.

You probably have never heard of this Cheetah builder. Probably the biggest reason is because most affiliate marketers use WordPress and they have most of their online income tried up with it in one form or another.

They offer new WordPress themes, new plugins, hosting, all kinds of other gadgets, and miscellaneous items they want you to buy. These programs have been around for quit a long time and it would disrupt a lot of guru’s income if you decided to move on to a lot faster product.

You do want a fast loading website, don’t you?

Would you promote the fastest hosting provider if we can prove it?

Some people promote some of the slowest hosting providers because they are dirt cheap.

But I’m sure you’ve heard you get what you pay for (sometimes).

Who has the best niche sales funnel templates and offers a sales funnel club for it’s premium members?

So let’s get down to business and see with our own eyes who has the fastest upload speed between these 3 hosting companies. We’ll also give you a quick look into their 2 tier affiliate programs that each organization offers.

All of these companies have a good reputation and this review of their hosting speed is not an end all to their products. There can and may be other factors you may want to consider before becoming a customer or an affiliate.

WP Engine Hosting (Website Speed Test)

PageSpeed Insights For WP Engine

You’ll notice that WP Engine only got a score in the red. You can see with your own eyes that they only got a score in the mobile mode of only 18. With that lack luster score how could you even promote it?

Would you want your own website to get that low of a score?

That score is unacceptable.

How did they perform with their desktop version of their site. They scored a 67.

That would put them in the medium speed range for desktop. That’s right, the yellow area.

Would you recommend this hosting to one of your clients knowing the real deal about WP Engine?

Let us know in the comment section.

Just to be more fair, lets check the speed on Pingdom which is another tool to check the speed of a site.

Pingdom Speed Test For WP Engine

Looks like they got about the same score using Pingdom. They received a yellow 62. But they did manage to have their site load under the 2 second mark. Good score of 1.53 s load time for WP Engine.

There are a few things that WP Engine could do to receive a better score but you would think that a company in the hosting niche would already to performing at their best.

So no, I wouldn’t recommend them for hosting. Plus if I would not recommend them for hosting why would I become an affiliate for them. I like promoting solid products that get solid results, what about you?

Now, lets check out their 2 tier affiliate program.

WP Engine 2 Tier Affiliate Program

Where do you sign up for WP Engine’s Affiliate program? You can sign up through Share-a-sale.

How much do they pay? These folks offer some hefty commissions. There standard pay-out is $200. You can earn more but it is based on number of sales and the plan that a customer chooses.

You can also earn 35% on the Studio Press Theme if you want to promote it.

How much do you make on the 2nd tier? You earn a flat $50.

It’s a one time payment. Anyone that makes a sale that you signed up, enable you to earn $50 on your second tier.

They do not pay a monthly residual. You have to make new sales month after month.

A2 Hosting (Website Speed Test)

A2 Hosting PageSpeed Insights

A2 Hosting receives a red score in the mobile mode of 27. This is another pretty descent hosting provider but why is their website getting such a low score?

You would think that hosting providers would give you a better effort that what they have. Your website is the example that you want people to remember you by and to build your brand, wouldn’t you agree?

Why would you want to promote this product as an affiliate?

Do you really think they have some of the fastest hosting for a WordPress website?

Personally, I think people are promoting this product just to make money. Some people do not care if your website loads quick or not. They just want to get paid.

They do have a bunch of good reviews and a couple of millionaires promoting their product. Some do it because there is less competition. They act as if they are doing you a favor. Give me a break.

A2 Hosting received a 66 on the desktop version.

Your site needs to load quickly from a mobile phone as well as from the desktop version.

Now, let’s see how they score using Pingdom.

As you can see, A2 Hosting did not even load below the 2 second mark. Yet you have all kinds of people saying how fast they are. Their own site should be an example of the performance you will get, don’t you agree?

They score in the yellow with a low score of 64. Their site uploaded in 2.42 seconds. Would you want your own website loading above the 2 second mark?

Then why recommend a slow hosting service? Maybe some people are promoting these products just to get paid. They do offer a 2 tier affiliate program.

A2 Hosting 2 Tier Affiliate Program

Let’s dig into the 2 tier affiliate program offered by A2 Hosting.

They start out at $55 a sale for recommending their hosting plans. Once you get to 21 sales for the month you can earn up to $125 per sales.

There is no residual income. You have to make new sales month after month in order to get paid.

You can also earn $5 if someone you signed up makes a sale.

Now lets look at an awesome affiliate program.

Builderall Hosting (Website Speed Test)

Builderall PageSpeed Insights

Builderall is a hosting company that offers many digital marketing tools. You’ll notice that they received a green and a the best score of the day with a 91 for the Google PageSpeed Insights score.

They received the highest of the 3 companies. This site was designed using the lightning fast Cheetah Builder. No plugins are necessary. It’s a drag and drop responsive website builder that is their flagship site builder.

It looks great both on desktop as well as their mobile versions. By the way the score for their desktop site was 99 and in the green. Again, their score was higher than the other two hosting companies.

Who would you rather promote to your clients? The one with the fastest scores or the slower hosting providers.

Let us know in the comments section.

But to be fair, let’s see how Builderall scored using the Pingdom website speed test.

WOW! Builderall has an amazing speed test score using Pingdom. As you can see with your own eyes. Their site loaded in 455 ms and they received a green score of 97 for performance.

Who would you like to build a website with?

Someone with a slow speed or a blazing fast hosting provider that you can see the results.

Not only do you get a very fast loading website but you can get all the digital marketing tools you need to build your business for a very low price.

Who thought Builderall would of had the best loading speeds and performance scores?

Builderall – 2 Tier Affiliate Marketing Program

Builderall has a unique 2 tier affiliate marketing program.

You get paid residuals unlike the other two programs we talked about. Another words, you get paid every single month as long as they pay for their hosting.

They pay on 2 levels. Another words when you make a sale as an affiliate you get paid on two levels. The first level or the level that you personally sign someone up or refer them with an affiliate link you will earn 100% commissions.

That is 100% commissions on the first month. Starting the 2nd month you will receive 30% commissions. You will get paid every month as long as that person or business remains a paying customer.

They do have some minor administration charges that will be deducted.

How do you get paid on the next level?

Anyone that you signed up becomes part of your affiliate tree.

Any time they make a sale or sign someone up you will get paid 30% commissions starting the 2nd month. You will receive this money for as long as they remain a paying customer. Residual income month after month.

Builderall has 5 different price points.

The Premium Plan is their top plan and you will be amazed with the value you get.

You get over 35 tools to help with your marketing efforts, plus training to use the tools, the sales funnel club membership, and training to help you market your business.

Quick recap. 2 tier affiliate program pays 100% commissions first month then starting the second month you will receive 30% commissions. You also make 30% commissions on anyone they bring on board as a paying customer.

In addition, you get lightning fast hosting for all of your websites. You can use the Cheetah Builder or WordPress. it’s your choice. Cheetah Builder is faster and easier to use once you get the hang of it.

How to Get your business buzzing using Cheetah or WordPress.

Do you want more information about Builderall?

Read our Builderall review and learn how to take advantage of the 2 tier affiliate program.