How To DIY SEO Tips To Get More Traffic

How To DIY SEO Tips

Getting visitors to your website can be a little overwhelming especially when you have a new site so we thought we would share our how to DIY (do it yourself) SEO tips.

They are easy to start and you can gain more customers visiting your online business.

We all know the importance of writing a great headline, using a good meta description, and an awesome image to get people to click on your content.

It’s like a little mini advertisement for your site. But in order for people to find these great mini ads you need to get found on Google.

That means the search engines need to pick up on your content and rank it in the top results so people can find your online business.

There are many ways of doing this but for today we will concentrate on some of the more important ranking factors and what you can do to learn these skills.

5 DIY SEO Tips Easy To Learn And Simple To Start

DIY SEO Tips Easy To Learn

It doesn’t matter if your an affiliate marketer or a local business owner we all want traffic coming to our website.

That’s how most of us earn a living and take care of our expenses.

We need people either coming through the doors of our business or visiting our website so they can get the services or products we offer.

Naturally, you should be concentrating on offering valuable content for your audience. Another words offering them solutions to the problems they have.

Are you with me?

That has to be the first step. Writing content for your specific audience in the niche that you do business in.

We all should know that many people will find your site using a smartphone.

The question is?

Will they visit your site before they even have a chance to look at it?

Check this out.

Have you ever clicked on a website and it took forever to upload?

What did you do?

Personally, I click off of that site and find another website that loads under 2 seconds.

What do most people do?

The same thing. They leave and find a competitors site.

1. Website Speed Is A Must Tip To Get Traffic

Website Speed Is A DIY SEO Tip

That is why website speed is so important. It is the first chance a visitor has to visit your online business.

If you are so cheap to not spend the money on the best blazing fast hosting for your business you deserve to lose customers.

It doesn’t matter if your using WordPress or a drag and drop builder, you need speed.

It’s plain and simple. You need to quit using those cheap hosting providers.

How do you plan on somebody recommending your services or products when it takes forever to even land on your website?

Do you realize that you could be losing up to 40% of your website visitors before they even had a chance to visit your site?

Website speed has become so important that even the search engines use it as one of the most important ranking factors.

When was the last time you checked your website speed?

We use the website speed test tool from Pingdom.

Website Speed SEO Tips

  1. Check The Speed Of New Blog Post (using its URL) That You Produce
  2. Does Your Hosting Provider Provide An SSL Certificate?
  3. Is Your WordPress Theme Slowing Your Site Down?
  4. Are You Using WordPress Plugins That Have Poor Written Code?
  5. Images, Are They Slowing Your Site Down?

We use the WP plugin EWWW Image Optimizer. It’s not the number of plugins slowing down your site, it’s the ones that have poor code.

Those are a couple of DIY SEO tips that you may want to check on to keep your site running fast and to have a better performance score.

2. Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly

Now that we know we have a blazing fast website the next thing you should consider is how your online business looks like on a mobile phone.

Pull out you’re smartphone and check your website.

Is it easy to navigate using your fingers and thumbs?

What about the font size, is it easy to read? Remember older audiences may require you to use a larger font size.

What about the spacing for your social media icons?

Are you using a hamburger menu for mobile users?

Is your menu over crowded?

Do you have a contact page in your menu?

Does your website use a responsive or an adaptive design?

The bottom line is that your site needs to be mobile friendly for all of your visitors.

Google provides a mobile friendly tool to check your website for free.

Go ahead and see if your site passes the mobile friendly test.

Just click the link. Is your website mobile friendly?

You probably already know that mobile search has over taken desktop search, don’t you?

As time does along you will more than likely keep getting more and more smartphone visitors checking out your content.

So keep voice search in mind when choosing your keywords.

Another DIY SEO tip. People that use voice search use long tail keywords.

3. Use Low Competition Long Tail Keywords

Use Low Competition Long Tail Keywords

What are long tail keywords? A phrase that has 4 or more words that you want to rank for in the search results.

Do not stuff your article using these keyword phrases or you will get a penalty from the search engines and your site will not show up in the search results.

Stick to one keyword phrase per article that you write. It should be part of your title and your meta description.

There are keyword research tools to help you find these golden nugget keyword phrases. One thing that you need to realize is that these tools are not 100% accurate.

The lower the competition for each phrase that you use the better chance you will have at ranking for that particular phrase.

As your site gains more authority the better chance you will have at ranking for more competitive keywords.

The longer the phrase you choose the better chance you have at obtaining results.

Keyword Research Tools

Neil Patel offers a free keyword tool called Ubersuggest that is pretty descent to help you get started using long tail keyword phrases.

There are many other paid tools that are great and will provide you with more detailed information.

Jaaxy is a nice keyword research tool designed for affiliate marketing. You can find out how to use Jaaxy at the how to learn and earn website.

One more great piece of advice for keyword phrases is that you can look up keyword phrases using parentheses around the search term on a Google search bar.

Example: “how to use a keyword research tool to generate traffic”

Copy and paste that in a Google search bar and you will see the results for yourself.

You want to use a phrase that has less than 500-1000 searches to start out with. It’s not 100% effective but will get you started in the right direction.

4. Stay Up To Date On SEO & Keep Learning

Stay Up To Date On SEO And Keep Learning

Search engine optimization is constantly changing and evolving as we know it. Following the Google Webmasters on YouTube will keep you up on what’s trending.

It’s a subject that is hard to keep up with because of the many changes that come down the pike without you even knowing about them.

We also recommend that you follow some of the major SEO experts and keep learning new skills as you go along.

People like, Neil Patel or watch some of the videos put out by Brian Dean.

Moz is another great place for you to gain the SEO skills that you need.

Especially local business owners. Local SEO has many ranking factors that are different from trying to rank world wide.

You can gain a lot of information by checking out our SEO best practices.

5. Write Blog Posts That Answer Questions

Write Blog Post That Answer Questions

Are you writing blog posts that answer questions?

When you are writing your new blog post try to answer questions that your audience may have.

You can find a lot of questions on a well known site called Quora.

Not only do they have questions that you can answer but it’s also another way of driving traffic to your site. It’s also good for building your brand.

When you start researching to answer questions you will even gain more knowledge about the subject.

The knowledge you gain from answering questions is a great way to produce a more in depth blog post for your audience.

The more in depth the article is the better chance you have at obtaining a good ranking score it you choose the right low competition long tail keyword phrase.

Answering questions has become the easiest way to find your website in the search results. It’s becoming the new preferred way of ranking.

You may even show up on a search snippet.

Are You Using DIY SEO Tools?

Are You Using DIY SEO Tools?

One of the best DIY SEO tools that we have found for our WordPress website is the plugin called Yoast.

This is a must have tool for WordPress users. It helps you keep track of the amount of characters in your title and your meta description.

It’s a simple plugin and they walk you through exactly how to set it up.

It provides a site map for your site and you can connect your Google console up to it as well.

Another great tool that you should be using is Google Analytics.

You can find out which articles are bringing in the traffic and where the visitors are coming from, besides the organic search results.

You’ll know which traffic sources are performing the best.

Dwell time is another area that you need to monitor. Check your session duration and your bounce rate to make improvements on your site.

You do not need to be using WordPress to use it.

Someone asked us that question so we thought everyone should know.

Another good DIY SEO page rank tool that we use is from Builderall. We use it for some of our niche sites and it even works on WordPress websites.

Social Media Is A SEO Tool

Social Media Is A SEO Tool

Social media can be used as a tool for gaining more traffic and to send signals to the search engines that you deserve a better ranking score.

Getting traffic to your website using just organic search will take quite a long time and it is just one way of getting traffic.

You should be using the social media platforms that your audience is using.

Is YouTube A Social Media Network?

It can a little bit of both a social network and a search engine.

Video is on the rise so do not leave it off your plate.

Do not try to be every where all of the time. Build one social media network at a time. You can always add one on at a later time.

Those blog posts that answered questions are great for sharing on your social networks.

Plus you can answer questions with a short answer on social media and always refer someone to the post for a more detailed answer.

You can bet that the search engines monitor your social signals.

It sends a signal to the search engines that you are getting traffic and they will start to boost your search results when they see enough action.

But we use social networks mainly to build trust and for branding.

Summary: How To DIY SEO Tips

You do not have to hire an SEO agency to get results. Following a few of our search engine optimization tips can save you some money that could be spent else where, like advertising.

It can get quite expensive hiring an Agency to handle this work.

You can learn these skills in a short time frame and receive golden nuggets of information by following the right people.

SEO is constantly changing and as long as you try to do it right your search results will climb to the top as your site gains authority.

You can subscribe to our blog and get notified about more SEO best practices that you can use to climb higher in the search results.

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You want to encourage commenting on your site because it sends another signal to the search engines that people like your site.

Plus it helps you build your brand.

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