How To Start An Online Business With Limited Funds

Start An Online Business With Limited Funds

Is it possible to learn how to start an online business with limited funds and have success? Yes, it will take a lot of smart hard work. As long as you put in the time all you need to get started is some great hosting and email autoresponder.

The first thing you’ll want to do is pick out and niche.

Choose something you like doing like;

Exercising, cooking, budgeting, bowling, watching sports, selling, gardening, playing chess, music, watching TV, dressing sharp, eating healthy, alternative medicine, dating, relationship building or what ever it is that make you happy and you are very passionate about.

Next choose the audience that you are going to target. The more you can define your audience the better results you will have. What are you going to be talking too? The more you know about the demographics about your audience the better you will be able to help them.

Identify the problems your audience has? Next, you can figure out a solution to their problems. Its a great time to be researching and gathering all the information you can find about your audience and your niche.

Where does your audience hang out online? Pick two social media sites that your audience spends their time at and learn those two social media sites inside and out. Getting started is the easy part. Doing the research is what will eat up your time.

Next step come up with a great domain name using keywords for your niche if possible. Spend some time on picking the right name. Keep it short, 15 letters or less if possible and thing about a slogan if possible.

Start An Online Business With The Right Tools

Starting an online business and choosing the right tools doesn’t have to be difficult when you first get into the business. Your going to need a website and hosting for starters. We have tried many hosting companies and it boils down to great customer service and WordPress website speed.

Facebook has all kinds of polls that we looked at and found out some of the better hosting companies were Host Gator, BlueHost and a smaller company that many internet marketers use is Site Ground.

As a matter of fact they were the number hosting company according to the Facebook polls we looked at.

They are very affordable to get started and they have a the speed that we wanted for our websites. Site Ground also is highly recommended by some of the top marketers that use WordPress.

As your traffic grows you can always upgrade so you can handle the traffic without anything bogging down.

The next thing you should get is an email auto-responder. Again their are many platforms that are pretty descent like AWeber, Constant Contact or Get Response.

We choose Get Response because they offer landing page capabilities and they have a great offer to start. $15 a month for up to 1000 subscribers before your rate will go up. This will help you keep your expenses down.

So grab your WordPress hosting from Site Ground and your email marketing platform Get Response. You now are ready to start putting together your website. You can pick out a free WordPress theme to save you some money until you got a few coins rolling in.

Don’t worry about products yet. You can use affiliate marketing programs to cover that after your website is up and running with plenty of great content.

Alternative Instead Of WordPress To Start An Online Business

WordPress is an excellent website builder and a CMS (Content Management System). More experienced marketers use WordPress than any other builder. It’s almost 30% of websites on the web are from WordPress. But if you prefer a drag and drop website builder then that fine to.

There are many website builders that you can use. One disadvantage is that you will not be able to move your website to another hosting provider if you so desire. Most website builder are only for the place they are hosted.

You could go with Duda, Wix, SquareSpace, Go Daddy or even Weebly. We found a unique small business website builder that is on the rise. The reason we like this one is because they have all the tools you need to get your business off the ground.

It’s called Builderall. You can start with the digital marketing package and later upgrade to the Builderall Business Pro package if you want to promote their business and receive two tier commissions.

So you will not have to go get an email auto responder because with Builderall you get the Boss E-Mail Platform and you can have up to 10,000 subscribers. So you get plenty of time to grow.

Best Value Is Builderall

AWeber and Get Response both can start getting up there in cost after you have a descent size subscriber list. AWeber cost $69 month for 5000-10,000 subscribers and Get Response is $49 for 5000 subscribers and $165 after 10,000 subscribers.

As you can see Builderall is the best value and has everything under one roof. So if you don’t want to learn how to use WordPress then we recommend Builderall. They have two excellent packages.

The Digital Marketing package for $29.90 a month or if you want to make money using the Builderall Business choose the Builderall Business Pro Package that runs $49.90 a month.

Its a great way to learn how to start an online business and build yourself a nice passive income while your still marketing to your specific niche. That’s right, you will have the ability to make money online with multiple streams.

How To Start An Online Business With Builderall

Its a great move to learn how to start an online business with Builderall just because of the value. You’ll have the tools you need to get started so you can market to your audience.

We won’t list all of the tools but they do have 26 tools at this time. They are improving their platform and getting good results. The main tools you get are the 3 website builders, email marketing platform, prebuilt sales funnels, a design studio and hundreds of templates you can use for your marketing efforts.

You can design your own Facebook, Twitter and Blog covers using the design templates. That saves you money. In addition, you can use the prebuilt sales funnels to market to your audience. If you ever looked at click funnels that start their billing at $97 a month you know you are getting a good value.

Builderall is a little clunky and may take a little more time getting use of the platform but for the money you can’t go wrong. Then to top it off they have one of the best affiliate marketing programs with the two tier commissions.

Don’t Start An Online Business Until You Get Some Training

It’s really a good idea to get some training before you start an online business. We offer a private Facebook group as well an Affiliate Marketing Insiders Free Membership site to get your training so you will not have to pay anyone.

It will help you get on track quicker and give you the knowledge you need to get rolling in the right direction. Did we say it is free? That’s right we will provide you with free training to help you get started.

It will be up to you to take action and get your task done. You must be willing to learn and once you complete the training we will let you train your team using our material. Its a great system especially using Builderall.

You not only get paid when you sign someone up, you get paid when that person brings someone on board. That is why we will allow you to use the same training platform that we offer you. That’s a big advantage for using Builderall Business Pro and getting the two tier commission Plan.

We only want people that are willing to take action, get the work done, teachable and want to learn how to create a passive income. You must be willing to help other people. Your pay depends on it. Think about it.

If you bring 10 people on Board and those people bring 10 people on board, you now have 100 people you are making a passive income from. As you can see this multiples very quickly and you get a duplicatible system to make your marketing efforts easier.

What You Waiting For? Learn How To Start An Online Business Today

We only want serious people on our team. So if your interested to learn how to start an online business today take the first step and contact us. It’s on you. You can flounder around and make a little cash flow if your lucky or join our team for free.

Maybe you have some great ideas. We are always listening and willing to learn new things or even a better way of doing things. Your input is valuable. Everyone has an opportunity to share their ideas and recommendations.

We want to have the best business builder team and want everyone one of us make money so we all can kick back. So entrepreneurs, affiliate marketers, small business owners or even new folks are welcomed.

Building sales funnels, capturing leads and driving traffic to our websites are what we show you how to do. How to build your email list effectively and use it to get more sales. That’s what we teach you.

Quitters are not allowed on the team. It’s a business and we are all business owners. We all make the decisions for our own businesses. Everyone likes options and we try to provide you with a few but not so many that you can not make a decision.

That all folks and thanks for listening. We hope to hear from people that really want to learn how to start an online business. People that doesn’t let anything stop them from achieving their dreams. Send us an email and let us know how we can help you start you’re own online business.

Mobile Biz Buzz also provides local seo service and website design to small businesses. Another way to create a passive income. We can give you pointers here if you decide to join our business builder team.

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