Is Builderall Worth It? “Best Marketing Tools VS Builderall”

Is Builderall Worth It
Is Builderall worth The Investment

Is Builderall worth it? Let’s dig in and find out how much value they offer.

What is included with their different packages and what is Builderall?

They promote it as an all in one digital marketing platform meaning that you control and have access to everything from a single dashboard.

You will find many reviews about this product. Some are from other companies that try the bait and switch game while others are enrolled in their affiliate marketing program trying to just make some money.

The real question should be, what are you trying to do with the platform and will it do the job that you need it to do?

Does it offer the value of similar platforms? How about the training courses do they provide the information that you need to learn about the digital marketing tools?

Can you promote the product and what does it pay? These are some of the questions that we will cover in this post.

Is Builderall Worth It Compared To The Money You’d Pay For The Top Marketing Tools?

Compare Builderall To Digital Marketing Products

You really cannot do a fair comparison of Builderall because it is like comparing apples to oranges.

But we will look at some of the companies that have similar products because you’ll have so many affiliate marketers trying to do the old bait and switch tactic.

You really need to work with the product to get a feel of the platform.

That is why we started putting together free affiliate marketing training lessons for beginners. Just to help people out.

Builderall does have an awesome community and the people support one another. They have recently upgraded a lot of their digital marketing tools and are constantly working toward perfecting their digital marketing platform.

We have used Builderall and can give you some great insights into the tools that they provide. You be the judge and see, is Builderall worth it?

We have also used many of these great products;

  • Website Builders Like Wix
  • WordPress Hosting Like WPX or Builderall
  • WordPress Themes Like Astra Themes
  • Sales Funnels Like Click Funnels
  • Email Auto-Responders Like AWeber
  • Affiliate Marketing Training Like Wealthy Affiliate
  • Other DIY Marketing Tools that are available online.

Another great product that is similar to Builderall is Click Funnels. We haven’t had an opportunity to use this product but from researching this product, it seems to be the Cadillac of building sales funnels.

The reason we bring up these type of products is that Builderall is a combination of all of these type of tools you need to market your business online.

There are quite a few great companies that provide these products to anyone from beginners, entrepreneurs, affiliate marketers, and even small businesses in your local community.

Hosting & Drag And Drop Website Builders – Wix

Builderall Website Builder

What you need to understand is that Builderall is an all in one digital marketing platform.

They have all the tools you need to market your online business and they even have an affiliate marketing program. The first thing we will discuss is hosting.

This is where your website will reside. Builderall offers 3 different website builders and provides the hosting for your websites. Builderall provides training and tutorials to build a website.

Here is a website designed using the Cheetah Website Builder that explains where to learn internet marketing for free when you use the BA platform.

They have a responsive website builder, an adaptive site builder, and you can host your WordPress site with BA.

So many companies like Wix, Weebly, FourSquare, and many others offer this same type of service. Take Wix for example.

Their pricing starts at $5 and works its way to $29 a month for the VIP. You can also build an e-commerce store from $20-35 dollars a month.

You can do the same with BA.

But you can also design a WordPress website and host it on Builderall.

We recommend using the Astra theme because of the high performance and upload speed you get with them.

We just tested the upload speed for a WordPress website using different themes and Astra was our clear winner.

We were using Builderall hosting. It was clock in a less than 4 milliseconds.

That is blazing fast and the speed you need.

Builderall Pricing

So for a quick pricing of Builderall you’ll notice they no longer offer the $9.90 package.

But they have a free package and 4 other plans. From $19.90 Builder Package that offers value, and then all the way to the Business Premium Package for $69.90 and you get everything.

Builderall provides the hosting, website builders and SSL certificates for your websites just like Wix or any other drag-n-drop website site builder.

They also have hundreds of pre-built templates for you to use. You have to move to the next level to get the other tools.

So the real deal is, Builderall is primarily a hosting company that provides other digital marketing tools.

The best website builder is Cheetah. It’s extremely fast when your site uploads.

It is a mobile friendly responsive site builder for DIY marketers. It’s easy to use, has many pre-built templates (panels), and has the lightening speed you need.

You can find out more information that we like and dislike on our extensive Builderall review and we included a website speed test.

Summary of Website Builders

  • Hosting
  • Website Builders
  • Low Starting Cost
  • SSL Certificates
  • Cheetah Website Builder from Builderall Is Our Top Pick
  • BA is Not Comparable To Other Website Builders (Its Faster)
  • More Than A Website Builder (Digital Marketing Tools)

WordPress Hosting – SiteGround & WPX Hosting

If you like a WordPress over a drag and drop builder then you would need to find hosting from another provider. We recommend two solid companies and they are SiteGround or WPX hosting. One word on WordPress is you will need plugins.

SiteGround has 3 different pricing structures. They have special pricing for the first year then it goes up to their normal pricing. All plans are paid annually. They have the startup option at $47.40, then you have the Grow Big option that runs $71.40, and last is the Go Geek option which runs $143.40.

Then after the initial year, your pricing moves to their regular pricing. The starter plan would be $143.40, then the Grow Big $239.40, and last is the Go Geek plan which would run $419.40. All rates are annual.

WPX Hosting

Next up is the WPX hosting. This hosting is extremely fast. Their rates are as follows. They have monthly rates as well as annual. 3 planes the first one is the Business Plan, $24.99 a month, next the Professional Plan is $49.99 a month, and then you have the Elite Plan $99.00 a month.

They are the fastest hosting you will find. Even faster than the expensive WP Engine.

They also have annual plans. The Business plan is $249.96, the Professional $498.96, and the Elite Plan runs $999. Click here for pricing and details about WPX. Both have a very high rating and have excellent WordPress Hosting.

In addition, they have excellent customer service, secure platforms, and give you the speed you need. WPX may be the fastest from the tests that we are doing to compare them. WPX is a little more expensive in the beginning.

You’ll find both of these companies rated in the top 10 of Trustpilot the last time we checked.

WPX hosting is rated number 1 and has been tested as being number 1.

Builderall and WPX hosting is who we recommend for WordPress.

Our choice for a WordPress theme is Astra. They have great rates for their paid themes and also provide you with great performance.

They are one of the fastest themes we have tested.

They have excellent training and awesome themes for you to purchase.

Summary for WordPress Hosting

  • WordPress Is Widely Recognized
  • Offers A Solid Website Builder
  • You”ll Need Plugins
  • Fast Hosting Is Key
  • Recommend WPX Hosting (they are the fastest)
  • Alternative Builderall

Thrive Themes – Conversion Focused Website Design

They have just a few WordPress themes but they are extremely powerful. They are built for conversion-focused websites.

You’ll need to watch a few of their training videos to learn how to use their website builder and design an effective website.

You can also design some great DIY sales funnels using these themes instead of using Click Funnels right from a WordPress platform.

The Thrive Theme is a great way to build DIY sales funnels and will eliminate you speeding the money for Click Funnels. So how much is Thrive Themes? You can purchase their product quarterly or annually.

The Thrive Membership cost $228 annually for an individual or $588 for an agency. They are well worth the money and a solid product.

Thrive themes will save you money if you want to build an awesome website, that is conversion focused, and use it to build sales funnels.

They also have some excellent tutorials in the back end of their, Training University. They even have most of the plugins that come with the theme or they recommend a few you may need.

If you really like using WordPress then thrive themes maybe what you are looking for.

Plug in some fast hosting like WPX hosting and you have a winning combination.

But you cannot go wrong with one of the fastest themes in the business and they are less expensive. They are called Astra themes. Try them out.

It will be our next WordPress theme.

We use both WordPress and Builderall for different niche websites.

Summary of Thrive Themes

  • Excellent WordPress Theme
  • Save Money Building Sales Funnels
  • Good-Tutorials
  • Thrive University Training
  • Astra Themes Offer Speed and Great Rates
  • Astra Would Be Great For A Local Design Agency
  • Click Funnels Alternative
  • Beginners Might Want To Start With Builderall

Click Funnels

Click funnels is another product that has some similarities with Builderall. That would be building sales funnels.

We have never used Click Funnels but from the research we performed they seem to have excellent sales funnel software.

Builderall has many old Click Funnel users because of the pricing.

You can watch a video on how to build a DIY sales funnel on YouTube from Miles Beckler using WordPress and the Thrive themes.

He shows you how to save over $3000 a year without paying the Cadillac prices of Click Funnels.

Click funnels can get a little pricey.

They start at $97 a month and you have the option to upgrade to the $297 a month plan. Miles Beckler uses Thrive Themes to build a money-saving sales funnel.

Builderall is an alternative to the expensive Click Funnels program.

They have many money-making sales funnels that are available to use when you purchase the Builderall Business Pro. You can also build your own sales funnels.

Do you want access to the exclusive Funnel Club? Become a premium member.

They put out 1-2 new sales funnels every week.

You’ll definitely save yourself a nice chunk of change using BA platform. I

It’s almost half the cost of the lowest priced Click Funnel plan.

Summary of Click Funnels

  • Cadillac of Sales Funnels
  • Expensive
  • Cannot Integrate With WordPress
  • We Would Use WordPress & Thrive Themes First
  • BA Is Great For Sales Funnels & A Less Expensive Alternative

AWeber Email Marketing

Builderall Email Marketing

The next tool we’ll talk about that every marketer needs is an email marketing auto-responder.

There are many email marketing platforms that have different pricing strategies. The best one that tops the list is AWeber. They have the best email open rates than any other provider.

They start at $19 a month and the price keeps increasing based on the number of subscribers you have with your plan. You’ll find cheaper plans to start with but as time goes by and you start building your list the price keeps going up with all of these providers to include AWeber.

You can even use AWeber with Builderall if you like.

The thing is Builderall has its own email marketing auto-responder. It’s called the Mailing Boss. Yes, Builderall even includes this great tool.

It takes a little training to use the Mailing Boss. They do have many tutorials to help you get your email campaign up in running.

Summary of Email Marketing AWeber

  • Best Email Marketing Auto-Responder AWeber
  • Best Open Rates Aweber
  • Cost-Based Upon Subscribers
  • Mailing Boss Included With BA
  • Alternative Mailing Boss

Affiliate Marketing Training Programs – Wealthy Affiliate

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It

The next program that we will compare it to is Wealthy Affiliate.

They have a decent affiliate marketing training program. The community is their best asset because they help one another.

You can get more information by reading this in debt review of the show down between Wealthy Affiliate vs Builderall and get all the facts.

The best tools that they provide are hosting, a keyword research tool and they do have images available for their members to use.

They teach people about writing blogs and reviews. This is information you can find online for free. They also encourage their members to write reviews.

Wealthy Affiliate has been using the same formula since 2005. They are established and have had a lot of folks with some pretty decent results.

How much does Wealthy Affiliate cost? $49 a month.

Most Members Never Use The Product

The thing about Wealthy Affiliate’s members is that they constantly write about other companies products using reviews. Most have never even used the products that they are reviewing.

They start out using unprofessional words about companies like, is that product a scam.

Come on Wealthy Affiliate members. Start being more professional. I’m sure there are scams out there but when you talk about solid products do the right thing.

I’m trying not to bash Wealthy Affiliate but you will find these folks everywhere online doing the same thing. I know people inside Wealthy Affiliate that do not take this approach.

Blogging is a long-term solution to making money online. Many people go on for a couple of years without making any money or very little using blogging techniques.

We see many members adding sales funnels and email marketing tools to get better results. They do teach you to use email marketing but they just don’t include the email marketing service in their membership.

So you’ll have extra expenses paying for extra digital marketing tools.

Summary for Wealthy Affiliate

  • Good Basic Affiliate Marketing Training
  • Reviews From Some Members Not Reliable
  • Some Members Use Bait And Switch Tactics
  • Too Many Scam Reviews
  • Great WordPress Hosting
  • Good Affiliate Marketing Keyword Research Tool
  • No Email Auto-Responder Included
  • Great Helpful Community
  • Owners Are Involved
  • No New Modern Training Methods Like Using Sales Funnels
  • How Much Is Wealthy Affiliate? $49 a month
  • Alternative Builderall

Builderall Training – Is Builderall Worth It?

Can't Get Your Business Off The Ground

Just to set the record straight within the Builderall community, the owner Erick Salgado has said do not write or post content using scam or these type of words.

No scam articles. Talk about the benefits of a program. The pros and cons.

That is how they train their affiliate marketers to approach other companies and products. Talk about the features, advantages, and benefits. Is Builderall worth it? You might become a wealthy affiliate if you try it.

Builderall Has Over 400 Video Tutorials

Builderall has many tutorials for learning digital marketing and the tools. Most are in a video format. Learn how to use the tools to provide your audience a better user experience.

Another great way they train their people is through BA Business leaders. They have private Facebook groups to help the affiliate learn how to market online.

Most share their experiences to give you a better understanding of how systems work.

There are many membership e-learning websites that a lot of leaders have put together and offered free training to anyone in their down line.

They have an incentive for this because BA pays on two levels. They have a 2-tier commission plan that pays you a monthly income.

Not only do you get paid when you bring someone on board, but you also get paid when they bring someone on board. That’s a great reason to help the folks below you get started because you can make more money.

They also have training for promoting Builderall as an affiliate marketer. Just check out the platform training once you get on the inside. It’s in the menu.

The first thing you should do is complete the Platform Training program.

That way you get a good basic understanding how to use the digital marketing tools that you will be using.

Builderall Dashboard Training – You Get Extra Value

When you first get into the Builderall dashboard you will notice platform training.

This training will walk you through step by step on how to get started using the marketing tools before you even build a website.

They also provide promotional material.

You can use this promotional material to market the BA digital marketing tools. It includes email swipes that can be edited to your taste or to use as is in your email marketing campaign.

They also include photos with motivational quotes to use for social media marketing to build your brand.

BA has much more content that you can use like the promotions using videos. This material is always being updated and keeps you with fresh marketing promotions.

You always need to have testimonials. The promotional material is loaded with real testimonials from its subscribers.

Builderall YouTube Training & An Affiliate Marketplace

In addition, you will find hundreds of YouTube videos jam-packed with Builderall training. Shelly Turner the BA diva has many training videos about using the digital marketing tools.

Erlaine, an affiliate marketing insider also provides many training videos about affiliate marketing. BA has no shortage of training.

They even have an affiliate marketplace for people to sell their own products. You can get training from those resources as well. You may even make a few bucks doing so.

We recommend you also start with the free digital marketing training courses once you gain access with a 14-day Free Trial. It will give you a chance to learn more about internet marketing.

Take the 90-day challenge to make some money online.

You’ll also be able to decide, is Builderall worth it?

Remember, you still need to put in the work and polish up your skills to operate the tools properly.

Summary of Builderall Training

  • Helpful Community
  • Tutorials & Training for the Digital Marketing Tools
  • Good Training for Affiliate Marketing
  • 90 Day Challenge To Make Money Online
  • Sales Funnel Club
  • Private Facebook for Ideas & Training
  • Leaders Are Involved & Better Small Team Training
  • 2-Tier Commissions To Build A Bigger Monthly Income
  • Owner Provides Training

Builderall Provides Better Value And More Digital Marketing Tools For The Money

BA provides many digital marketing tools. Are they the best tools on the market? It’s hard to say.

We outlined and mentioned the best of each type of tool or product that we should find. We have used almost every single tool we mentioned except, Click Funnels.

As you can see Builderall offers lots of value.

They have upgraded many of the digital marketing tools in the last year or so. We can remember when there were a lot of bugs and problems with the tools.

They have improved big time. The great thing is that they are committed to making digital marketing tools better.

They have some new upgrades for some tools like webinars, the e-commerce builder, the Chatbot and new training modules that they have recently put out.

Some of the older tools they offer like the animated video creator, the mobile app creator, heat map tool, and even the floating video creator have been in their arsenal for a while.

Try Out The On-Page SEO Tool When You Build A Pixel Perfect Website

We have not used those tools so we will not comment on them. We have heard that they are supposed to be working on a new version of the video creator and upgrading a few of the other tools.

They also have the design studio and the presentation builder but we haven’t had the time to check those things out either.

We have got to use the browser notification and it works great. We’ve also experimented with on-page SEO tool and it seemed to work fine.

I’m sure we left a few tools off the list but you can see that Builderall offers a lot of digital marketing tools for the money. We really like the improvements they made on the pixel perfect builder.

Builderall also had the responsive builder completed with some major upgrades but then they took them away for what reason we are not sure.

We were in the middle of testing it out and it was working great but you had to readjust your content in mobile. The flagship adaptive builder works the same way but is a true drag and drop builder that works extremely well.

The Conclusion of – Is Builderall Worth It?

Builderall Is A High Demand Product

Well, we talked about a lot of different products. As you can see, BA has a lot to offer for the money.

The best deal is the Builderall Premium package because you get it all.

Plus you get access to the Funnel Club.

An affiliate marketing program that is definitely worth promoting especially if you like getting paid on multiply levels.

Is Builderall worth it?

Can you host a WordPress website at Builderall?

Yes, to both questions.

You need to be the judge on that. What are you going to use it for? This would be great for building a niche site and having all these tools to market your site. It’s affordable.

Is it the better than each of the products we talked about above? Are you using it to build a local marketing agency?

Can you use it for affiliate marketing?

Do you want to use it for a local business? Are you a website designer? Do you want to build an online store? Yes, to all the above.

Is Builderall Worth It To You?

You see, you can use BA for many things. There might be 57 ways to make money with Builderall. You may even become a wealthy affiliate.

Who knows what you can do with a million dollar idea by using BA. Try it for 14 days and you let me know, is Builderall worth it?

No, it’s not designed to be the ultimate best product in each category. But they are working on it. They are constantly trying to improve each tool in the platform.

BA is designed to be an affordable marketing solution for small business owners, home business owners, affiliate marketers, entrepreneurs on a budget, and DIY Marketers.

Is Builderall worth it? It’s like having hosting, a website builder, DIY website design, email marketing, sales funnels, chat-bots, browser notifications, blogs, affiliate marketing training, and all the other digital marketing tools all rolled into a single dashboard at an affordable price.

Do You Have A Question About If Is Builderall Worth It?

Feel free to comment below and tell us what you think. How much are you paying for all the digital marketing tools you use? Remember sharing is caring. Share this info on Facebook or even Twitter.

Got a question about BAor any of the other products we discussed? Just contact us and we’ll be glad to respond.

You got to admit that BA offers great value. Is Builderall worth the money? 

Take the 90-day challenge and find out. Create an opportunity for yourself.

Start your very own online business today. Stop watching and start doing.

If your looking for an affordable solution to market online with all the digital marketing tools you need, then yes, BA is worth it.

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