Lead Capture For Small Businesses That Need To Build A List

Lead Capture For Small Businesses

Lead capture for small businesses should become part of your strategy to build your customer list. Capturing customers in your local market just got easier.

You should use some type of bait to capture customers. Coupon or something they will want. Its needs to be your bait.

It’s just like fishing. You can learn to fish or you can buy the fish. It’s up to you. We provide you with all the tools you need so you can capture leads for your small business.

Build your own customer list using all the proven sales funnel templates that will be available to you when you use the ultimate DIY Digital Marketing Platform.

Having a simple lead capture system should become part of your marketing strategy. All you really need are a few tools of the trade. Then just follow the instructions and start driving traffic to your website.

Some folks still don’t have the time. Lead capture for small businesses with no time have no need to worry. We have a DFY (Do For You) Digital Marketing solution using the same tools that we promote for DIY (Do It Yourself) small business marketers.

Some of the local niches for your small business have a complete system already tested and are ready to go. What’s included? Great question and here ya go.

  • Facebook Ads
  • Sales Funnel
  • Email Sequence
  • Website Template
  • Tutorial Videos

Everything you need to start building your customer list for your local business. There are 14 local niches already completed for many businesses. You could also copy the strategy if your type of business is not listed.

Lead Capture For Small Businesses DIY or DFY

It’s an all in one digital marketing platform that comes with all the tools and training to get your business booming in your local market. You can DIY or we’ll DFY.

Naturally if we do it for you we will charge you for those services. We are local SEO experts that can get you a higher ranking score in the local search results.

We are very affordable and every business is different so no two rates are going to be the same. You will still need to have a solid platform to set everything up with weather your doing it yourself or want us to do it for you.

We recommend using Builderall because they have all the tools you need to design a website for all small businesses. All these tools would cost you a couple of hundred bucks  to market your products and services in your local area.

Builderall believes that everyone should have an opportunity to market their services for their businesses at an affordable rate. They have the best value of any business marketing platform that we could find online.

Builderall has two great plans and is well looking into. They have a Digital Marketing Plan at $29.90 and the Builderall Business Pro Plan at $49.90. It just depends what you want or need out of the platform.

You can visit Builderall and decide which program is best suited for your business. We are an affiliate for Builderall and yes we do make a small commission for recommending their product.

We only use two platforms. WordPress and Builderall. We  use Builderall because of the great value and all the tools you get from a single platform and to top it off, everything is controlled from a single dashboard.

It saves you money, time and it’s easier to manage everything from a single location. They are located in Orlando, Florida and have an excellent reputation.

Lead Capture For Small Businesses Start With Builderall

Everything you need from a single location and one platform to manage your entire online business operations. From sales funnels to the Boss Email Marketing platform you can rest assured your business has everything it needs to build your customer list.

Not only do you get tools to build your customer list but you get plenty of other digital marketing tools to promote your business online and even offline. We all like to carry around a nice business card.

Builderall even has a Business Card Template for you to make your own cards. You can design Facebook covers, Twitter covers or even a Blog cover. They have many different design tools you get to use.

They have 3 different website builders for small businesses. Builderall offers you a choice of a responsive builder, a pixel perfect website builder or a mobile website builder. It’s your choice and you can change them whenever you like.

They also provide the secure hosting and an SSL certificate for each of your websites. Starting 27 July they are coming out with some new tools that you may need like a e-commernce website builder. (Like a Shopify Store)

That way you can sell your products online from a store all from a single platform. As you can see Builderall is more than just a lead capture system. It is a business digital marketing platform to manage your business online.

Builderall Is An Affordable Digital Marketing Platform For Local Businesses

It doesn’t matter what type of local business you have Builderall is a solid and affordable digital marketing platform to promote your local business. You can even promote the Builderall product itself.

Yes, you will be able to make a few bucks when you recommend them to other local businesses, entrepreneurs or anyone wanting to get into internet marketing. Even your spouse can get in on some of the action.

They have a two tier affiliate marketing program that pays you for anyone that you sign up and anyone that they bring in. That’s two levels of pay. You would need to join the Builderall Business Pro platform in order to have them benefits.

There is nothing wrong with having a couple of streams of income. Plus you can start a whole different business of your own if you like. Work on it in your spare time. We have seen folks start their own local marketing agency using Builderall.

That’s what we do. Mobile Biz Buzz provides local SEO service and website design to local businesses. We also are involved in their affiliate marketing program. So its a win win situation for us.

Builderall New Updates Coming 27 July 2018

Don’t forget July 27 2018 Builderall is relaunching and there are bringing out many new tools for you to use. There will also be some website speed updates. You’ll have to wait until then to check out what those new updates will look like or just contact us to be put on our customer list.

It’s an amazing company and the owner Erick Salgado is a first class businessman. He is from Brazil and understands the struggles of many small business owners.

He himself has built over 5000 small business websites. That’s why he came out with the Builderall hosting and software, so it was an affordable option to market your own small business.

They have over a thousand templates for you to use. Many drag and drop options to make your work easier. It also reduces the time you need to spend on your online projects and you get done quicker.

It may take a few to learn the platform and builders. They have over 400 video tutorials to teach you the system. Once you got it down, you can have a campaign up in running in no time at all.

Get Your Biz Buzzing With Builderall

Mobile Biz Buzz gets your biz buzzing in your local area using the Builderall Digital Marketing Platform. Weather you want to DIY or Have Us DFY you can rest assured we are using the ultimate digital marketing platform for small businesses.

So if you want to stay organized, save time and save your business some money we highly recommend that your business starts using the Builderall Platform for all your marketing efforts.

You’ll find that many digital marketing agencies are using this same product. Especially entrepreneurs. Builderall has made it affordable for every home, business and person to market their passion online.

You can do so much more than just lead capture for small businesses with this great product. Building that customer list is one of the first things any kind of business owner should be doing.

We’ve all heard the saying. The money is in the list. So start capturing those leads your business deserves and get all the tools you need to market your business in your local area.

You can go and visit Builderall for yourself. Take it for a test drive and let us know what you think. You can also contact us if you have questions or want us to handle your marketing for you.

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