Learn SEO From Experts That Provide Banging Videos

Learn SEO From Experts That Produce YouTube Videos

Why learn SEO from experts? It’s easy when you have people that provide awesome content and you can watch their videos right on YouTube even from your smartphone.

It will save you time, money, and you may even start getting a better ranking score.

Watching these how to, explainer, and instructional videos will provide the information you need to move up in the search results.

Learning SEO can take you quit a long time especially when you are new.

So today we thought we would provide you a shortcut to learning these skills from some of the experts in search engine optimization.

The more knowledge you have the more opportunity to have to get organic traffic. Staying updated with all the changes can be overwhelming.

These experts are going to provide you with super tips and things that you can do to get a better ranking in the search results.

You may even want to take a few notes.

Top 5 Videos From SEO Professionals That Rock

The people we chose are not the only experts but we feel that you can gain a tremendous amount of knowledge by listening to what they have to say.

They are known as the very best professionals in this field.

These are our top 5 video lists for 2019 that we have chosen and trust the message that these people with authority in this field provide.

Are you ready to learn some new skills?

All of these videos are located on the YouTube platform and can be found with a simple search. Enjoy and learn the new skills you may need.

Not only will you learn about getting more traffic and higher ranking on Google but watch how they communicate with their audience using video.

Yes, there are other ways to reach your audience but if you tun in to the messages these folks are saying you may end up with more customers.

Learn video marketing at the same time while you watch these exciting YouTube videos. By the way, YouTube is another traffic source.

Wes McDowell From The Deep End

Wes McDowell (authority in local search) provides great info in this video for the small business owners.

He provides an SEO checklist and digs into local methods so customers can find your site.

Let him show you how to get more customers for your local business.

Watch for the mobile tips and site speed that we always talk about. He will also cover quit a few things that will help you get a better ranking score locally.

Did you see how he explained how directories can help your ranking? What about backlinks and what they can do? Go to the 4:45 mark and check it out.

Watch where he talks about using relevant keywords. Great info.

Is your title very clear and are you using images to reinforce them?

When you may want to hire an SEO professional, did you check that out! Listen in my friend because these tips will help you get more customers.

Brian Dean From Backlinko

This video from Brian Dean (authority in SEO) is about how to rank number one in Google. Watch his process and strategies to you boost your website.

If you been online for the last couple of years you probably already know about this gentleman (or you been hiding under a log).

Watch for the formula that he uses that can be a big benefit for you and your business. Everything is in a step by step format.

Did you hear what he said about external links? Don’t miss it!

Are numbers in titles worth your time? What do you think?

Did you understand what he said about semantic SEO? Go to mark 9:27.

What about replying to comments, did you hear what Brian said?

Neil Patel Needs No Introduction

Neil Patel is known world wide, a professional, knowledgeable on all aspects of internet marketing, and has built a well respected brand.

Neil Patel explains 3 powerful SEO tips for beginners to help you get a better ranking on Google in 2019.

This video is very short but straight to the point with solid examples of how to use his tips. Plus, learn what Google tracks.

Did you pick up those 3 tips to use?

What was hummingbird, did you catch that?

He’ll also explain, how to use and where to put your keywords.

Did you hear what he said about Google search console?

Clicks, impressions, and click-thru rates, did you hear what he said?

Tune in and pick up these golden nuggets of info.

Do you want results? Take action and follow his advice.

Sarah Bird CEO From Moz

In this video Sarah Bird, CEO of Moz explains the SEO trends for 2019 that you should know and things to help your business grow.

Moz (big time authority site) also offers quit a bit of training on their website. You should check it out and especially local business owners.

This was recorded at the 2018 Web Summit (Panda Conference).

Is SEO dead? Find out listening to Sarah. What are social plugins doing?

90% of all searches tie in with who? You got that right, Google!

Who will send your site the most traffic? She tells you inside the video.

Is mobile really dominating? Does your website have blazing fast upload speeds on mobile devices? Watch and find out what Google is doing.

What are they saying about paid advertising? Can it boost your organic ranking? She is answering these questions. Watch for the info.

Are you using list and using questions in your blog post? Find out the benefits by checking out Sarah from Moz.

Learn SEO With Miles Beckler

In this video Miles Beckler (professional internet marketer) explains how to basically set up a blog post. It’s more like a mini training course.

Get the steps and tips he lays out and you may automatically fall in the top 20%. Listen how to use multiple keywords when writing your articles.

For you WordPress users, are you using the Yoast plugin?

Do you know how to use H1, H2, H3, or the H4? Miles breaks it down.

Learn how to structure your content effectively. Learning these fundamentals is the key to getting results.

Did you see where he puts the keywords? Watch his video to get the info.

What pages do you link to inside an article? You didn’t see him explain that. Go to the 45:00 minute mark and he digs into that.

Miles is on point with his whiteboard and diagrams.

Have fun and check him out and see how the basic stuff can move you into the top spots on the search engines.

Learning Search Engine Optimization For Better Ranking

Learning Search Engine Optimization For A Better Ranking

Learning these skills can save you and your organization a tremendous amount of money. It doesn’t matter if you own a local business or you have an affiliate marketing site.

Starting out on the right foot and doing it the right way can produce a big rewards for your business.

We are talking about getting that free organic traffic from the search engines. The more traffic the more opportunity you have to offer your products and services.

Watching the experts can save you time and money.

Most of these folks will usually update their videos or put out new content that will include any changes that Google puts out.

Just stay tuned and subscribe to their channels.

We want to thank each person that produced these videos, companies, and any staff members that may have helped out to get the word out.

None of these people have paid us.

We just thought this information could be useful to our audience.

Thanks to all the experts for providing these great videos that we have shared on our website.

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