How To Live A Laptop Lifestyle With An Online Income

How To Live A Laptop Lifestyle

Creating multiple streams of income is how to create a laptop lifestyle that relieves you from the daily grind that most everyone else has.

Get The Hook Up To Live A Laptop Lifestyle
We Got The Hook Up To Live A Laptop Lifestyle

There are many income opportunities that you can get into so you can start having fun, traveling, and go where there are adventures.

The amount of money you need will depend on the lifestyle that you want to live. It doesn’t take a lot of cash to start your journey.

I’ve traveled many places backpacking in Europe and met some great people. But you should know the language of the people where you are going (just my opinion).

Now that I’m getting a little older I prefer to stay closer to family to see my children and the grand children (we should teach them).

Where ever you decide that you want to go, you need to thoroughly research everything you can about the place.

Lodging, phone service, hot spots & WiFi, camping, hiking trails, routes to travel, language people speak, food cost, public transportation, and any other thing you can think of.

You Need An Internet Connection.

You Need An Internet Connection

We use WiFi at coffee shops or where we lodge and naturally we use our smartphone’s WiFi hot spot.

Make sure your mobile service provider offers WiFi hot spots.

Currently my travels are limited between Florida to Michigan depending on the weather. I enjoy a warmer climate and move between the seasons.

We do a lot of camping and fishing.

The internet works in most of the places we visit.

So it doesn’t cost us an arm and a leg for lodging or for food. The campfire provides the gourmet dishes that we consume.

You meet a lot of interesting people while traveling the countryside.

Most every place we go our mobile service provider works and we can always use the hot spot service.

Ask your mobile service provider to make sure they got you covered in the area you plan on going before you head out.

Living A Laptop Lifestyle With Beaches Fishing & Bonfires

Living A Laptop Lifestyle With Beaches Fishing & Bonfires

You have to do stuff that you enjoy in order to make it all worth while.

Checking out the beaches, fishing, and cooking on a nice evening bonfire.

That’s how we enjoy our time traveling around the United States.

We mainly stay in Daytona Beach, Florida and travel along the Atlantic coast heading north.

Traveling and enjoying the hospitality of some great people living in Savannah, Charleston, and Myrtle Beach, SC.

Wilmington, NC is about as far north that we travel before heading to the shores of Lake Michigan.

No matter where we go there is nothing but beautiful scenery and plenty of places to catch a nice dinner fishing.

Relaxing at the bonfire and putting together a blog is what we sometimes do in the evening.

It’s a great life to live.

No stress and you are the boss of your own destination.

Sometimes we even stay with new friends that want a little help with their new online business.

You can even work out a nice deal with local business owners.

Plus it helps having friends and family in North Carolina, Michigan, and Florida.

We get up when we want and work when we feel like it.

Use Video To Document Your Lifestyle

Use Video To Document Your Lifestyle

One thing that we haven’t done yet is use video to document our journey.

We would recommend that you use video to tell your story and show the world about your adventures.

Video is also a great way to drive more traffic to your website and to develop a following.

If I had niche websites offering camping gear, hiking, or fishing stuff it would be an ideal way to market those products.

Maybe we’ll do that next year. Already got things planned out this year.

Plus, you could earn a few extra bucks with affiliate marketing.

You may need to plan for extra charging for your devices if you use video.

In addition, you should create a YouTube channel to store all of your videos and use the link from your YouTube video to post it to your site or a blog.

That we help you keep the upload speed you need for your site.

You Need An Income To Live A Laptop Lifestyle

You Need An Income To Live A Laptop Lifestyle

You need an income and it needs to be more than your expenses that you plan on spending. Why? Because you never know what might come up.

Before you head out and start traveling the many places that you want to see you should already have an income that will support your travels.

That income should be in line with how high on the hog you want to live.

There are many places in the world that you can live quite comfortable with around $2000 a month that’s including running your online business.

But if your into a more wealthier scene you better plan on whatever it takes to support that lifestyle.

We also recommend that you have 6 months of income saved up before you start your journey. You never know if one of your income streams dies off or takes a dive for the worst.

That is why we recommend having multiple income streams.

Do you need some laptop lifestyle business ideas that rock?

Affiliate marketing is one of the income opportunities you can have.

You can create multiple niche sites that will bring in a portion of the cash you need to travel, pay your expenses, and give you some spending money.

You will need to learn SEO best practices so your site can get some Google love. Once you learn these skills you can also use these skills to create more money working with local businesses.

Stop Do Not Buy A Bunch Of Online Courses

Stop Do Not Buy A Bunch Of Online Courses

Stop and do not go out and buy a bunch of low down how to make money courses. You only need a few marketing tools to get started.

Do not let people try and suck you dry. Most are plain BS.

Most of the courses that you find online are either outdated or only works for that person. Why?

Because we all have different personalities.

What works for some may not work for you. Most have a bunch of up sells that you really don’t need anyway.

Another thing is the guru’s that are millionaires want you to buy their course that they made millions from way back in 2009, 2013, or whenever.

Most of those systems do not work in this day and age.

All you need are some great digital marketing tools to get you started. You can pretty much research online and get most of the information you need.

Start A Niche Blog

You should start a niche blog to get an online business rolling.

Learn as you go. That is how we started.

Do you know how to start an affiliate marketing blog that works?

The only thing you need to get started is a good domain name, blazing fast hosting, an email service provider, and a platform to produce your content.

We use two different platforms because we have multiple websites for different niches. This site is on the WordPress platform.

You will need blazing fast WordPress hosting like we have.

We also use a hosting company that uses a drag and drop builder for other niche sites (we also talk about it in the link to the blog post above).

That platform also allows us to build money making sales funnels.

They offer the best value if you want to get an all in one solution for your digital marketing tools.

You can also promote the tools you use and make a few coins. It will help you pay for all the digital marketing tools you use.

How Long Does It Take To Get The Income?

It Takes Time To Make Money Online
It Takes Time To Make Money Online

It definitely will not happen overnight or in a few months. You should plan between 1-5 years if you work really hard and learn the skills you need.

We found learning local SEO was the fastest way we started to produce an income. It also provides you with the knowledge you need to start getting results on Google.

Businesses pay you for these services or you can build lead generation sites for different niches. Sell the leads to local businesses.

Ranking worldwide and getting ranked locally are two different things that you should learn.

No matter where you travel you can always use your local SEO skills to help local businesses and get paid.

The niche websites that you build will require more in depth SEO and marketing techniques.

One more thing that you need to master is social media marketing.

You can use social networks to help build your brand and even offer social media management services to small businesses once you get real good at it.

All of this takes time and patience to get to the level of income you desire.

It’s Not Easy Learning To Live A Laptop Lifestyle

Its Not Easy Learning To Live A Laptop Lifestyle

We all have different learning curves and some people are more motivated that others. Some people catch on quicker than others.

It’s not easy learning the skills you need.

Everyone is different and will have different results. It’s all up to you!

We’ve seen a lot of people quit way to early. It starts in your mind.

You got to have a burning desire to really want it.

It takes a lot of studying, research, and smart hard work.

Are you ready for the challenge?

It’s easy living a laptop lifestyle one you have everything set up and all of your systems in place. But the work to get there is what stops most people.

You shouldn’t concentrate on the income. We recommend that you help your audience by offering solutions to their problems.

Just set goals on what you want to accomplish.

Like, how many blog posts you write or how many emails you capture, and everything will start to fall in line after helping enough people.

Once you get to your desired income level, remember to save money for your emergency fund. Plus you should invest back into your business.

Always be looking for ways to improve your site and capture more leads.

Entrepreneurs That Want To Live Life Fully

Entrepreneurs That Want To Live Life Fully
Entrepreneurs Are People That Want To Live Life On Their Terms

Are you ready to be your own boss? You only get one life to live.

Live it on your terms. You got to go all out if you really want that lifestyle that can set you free.

Becoming an entrepreneur isn’t easy when you are first starting out. You got so many things to learn.

Plus you have to take the time to learn the skills you need.

When your friends are out having a good time partying and enjoying life you are going to be putting in the extra time into your online business.

It takes discipline to make everything work.

There are two hosting companies that have training to help you learn some of the skills you need.

If you think you can do it alone and only need the best blazing fast hosting then give it a try.

Do you want to know how to learn and earn with an affiliate marketing community? They also have some really fast hosting.

We started some affiliate marketing training lessons that will help you get started right on our website.

They are an on going project that we haven’t completely finished yet.

But a good place to start learning the skills you need. Plus they are free.

Summary: How To Live A Laptop Lifestyle

We found the path of freedom and so can you. But you got to learn new skills and have disciple in order to get to the life that many just dream about.

What do you need to get there?

  • Laptop
  • Internet Connection
  • Find The Reason Why You Want To Do It
  • Choose A Niche
  • Learn New Skills
  • Don’t Worry About The Money Help People
  • Create Multiple Income Streams (start with one)
  • Its Not Easy
  • Get The Entrepreneur Mindset

Do you know what the first thing you got to do?

Stop Watching and Start Doing. You got to take action.

Without action you will not get any where.

Start building your brand by dropping down below and leaving a positive comment.

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We can help you get the freedom you deserve.

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