Local Business Marketing Strategy Gets Your Biz Buzzing

Whats Your Local Business Marketing Strategy

When it comes to a local business marketing strategy you want to create a buzz for your business that will allow you to build a better brand so you can generate more customers in your local community.

How do you get people to start talking about your business? Design a website that can get found locally.

Start building relationships on social media and take advantage of social WiFi.

Local Business Marketing Strategy

It doesn’t matter what kind of company that you run. Building your brand in your community is a key component in creating a buzz for your business.

Whether you’re a business owner, manager, or starting your own local agency, the first step is researching and building your brand.

You need to figure out a way for people to trust you, like you, and show them that you are the authority in your niche or type of business.

In addition, you have to offer value to your audience and build credibility.

Let’s cover a few local marketing tips that will help you build those relationships, offer value, build trust, and credibility.

These are simple smart tips to help you get more traffic and create the buzz you need in the town that your business is located in.

5 Local Business Marketing Strategies To Get Your Biz Buzzing

5 Local Business Marketing Strategies

These 5 marketing strategies will involve online marketing and a little network marketing. Take the time to think and plan your strategy. Learn your skills. DIY Marketing gets your biz buzzing (keep it simple).

Try to learn and use each local business marketing strategy or platform.

  • Local SEO
  • Blogging
  • Video Marketing
  • Take Advantage of Facebook
  • Gorilla Marketing

It only takes 30 minutes to an hour a day to start marketing your business.

You might need to learn some new skills but we got you covered.

Once everything is in action over a extended period of time you will enjoy the fruits of your labor and all the hard smart work you put in.

You might even want to get your employees in on the action.

Work all 5 of these small business strategies to have a complete plan or strategy that will provide you with success.

You may need a few digital marketing tools that you are probably already using to draw in customers.

  • Do You Have an Email Service Provider?
  • Are You Capturing Emails To Build a List?
  • Do You Have a YouTube Channel?
  • Are You Active On Facebook and Have a Fan Page Set Up?

You should already have a website up and running.

It probably looks pretty good.

But there may be a few things you should check out.

How can people find your website online?

What does your website look like on a smartphone?

Does it load up under 2 seconds?

When you search for something locally you’ll notice that a map will pop up with 3 listings. It’s called the local 3 pack.

That is the place you want to show up in.

How do you get in the local 3 pack?

1. Local SEO To Get Your Business Found

Local SEO To Get Your Business Found Online

Local SEO is the key to getting listed in the local search results.

Your business doesn’t need to be found all over the world, correct?

You want people that live in your community or are visiting your town to find your website, wouldn’t you agree?

That is why you want to put an emphasis on local search engine optimization (SEO). You want folks to find you locally.

There are many SEO ranking factors for local businesses but to get you started we want to concentrate on two major areas.

One is taking advantage of the title space.

You get to use up to 60 characters.

The title should be between 50-60 characters and we try to stay 56 or less so your title doesn’t get cut off.

So if your a chiropractor in Charlotte, NC.

You should use your keyword phrase, name of business, and the local area you are trying to rank for in the title of your website.

List the name of your company, keyword phrase, and local community.

Here are a couple of examples of titles.

  • Lay The Pipe Plumbing New Construction In Wilmington, NC
  • Exterior House Painting By Precision Painting In Lansing
  • Local SEO Service By Mobile Biz Buzz Daytona Beach

As you can see we listed the major service the business provides, the name of the company, and where they are located.

Second, each page or blog post needs to concentrate on one keyword phrase and add in the community.

In addition, claim your Google My Business listing and fill everything completely out and learn about local SEO. This site is loaded with info.

Another thing to keep in mind, is that it takes some work to get your pages found in the local search results. So don’t expect over night results.

2. Blogging Is A Way To Offer Value

Blogging Is A Great Way To Offer More Value
Blogging Provides More Value For Your Audience

Writing blogs is a great way to offer more value to your audience and more opportunities to get ranked for more of your keyword phrases.

As we mentioned earlier make sure you concentrate on one keyword phrase for each blog post that you write and include your city in the title.

You don’t need hundreds of blog posts.

But by having 5-10 great blog posts that cover keyword phrases that you want to rank for in the organic local search results will start some buzz.

Offering tips for your audience and explaining different things is a great way to start. Maybe even reviews of the products you promote.

If your a restaurant maybe a couple of recipes would be a great way to create the buzz you need to draw a few people into your establishment.

How about tips to install a water heater for you plumbing companies. You could even write a review about some of the best sinks to purchase.

How to lose that belly fat after you have a baby might be a good article for a fitness center. Who ever your audience is you need to write to them.

5 exercises for seniors or 5 exercises for children that are fun.

Just get a little creative and offer your audience value or ways to solve problems or provide advice.

Some things are better to use video or a vlogging approach.

Video Marketing Is Trending And Its Hot
Create A YouTube Channel And Start Marketing With Video

Move your business to the next level with video marketing. Start that YouTube channel and create that buzz you need with video.

So many local business miss this way of building their brand and creating some buzz in their local community. People love video.

Folks will watch a video before they read anything.

You do not need any fancy or expensive equipment to start a video marketing campaign. What’s the one thing everyone carries with them?

Their smartphone. You can use your smartphone to accomplish quite a bit.

All you need to remember when producing a video is you want good lighting, great audio, and great content for your video.

If needed you can buy a reasonable priced microphone for your smartphone and use the natural lighting from your windows.

Start a YouTube channel for your business.

What kind of videos make good content?

How to and explainer videos are the best way to offer value.

Let people know how to do things your business does.

Show and tell is the way to roll using video.

Again make sure you follow the same principles we talked about when writing up the title for your videos.

In addition, videos are a great way to introduce your staff and even answer the questions that your customers have.

Videos are a great way to relate and build that trust factor with your audience. They are also a nice way to show testimonials.

Make sure to add these videos to the appropriate pages of your website and add a link from the video back to the right landing page.

4. Facebook & Social WiFi Will Grow Your Business and Brand

Use Facebook Advertising To Build Your Brand

4 ways to use Facebook to build your brand and grow your business.

  • Social WiFi
  • Business Fan Page
  • Start A Facebook Group or Join Groups In Your Community
  • Facebook Advertising

One thing you need to keep in mind about Facebook is that people do not go there to buy your products or services. They’ll use Google for that.

So one of the first things to do is set up a Facebook Fan Page for your business. Complete as much as you can. Ensure you add a nice cover photo.

You might even want to start a group.

Like if your a veterinarian you might organize a local group for pet care.

Facebook is a great way to build your brand in your home town if done properly. Running local ads on Facebook is a low cost advertising solution.

You can even target a specific audience right down to the zip code level.

We recommend using a sales funnels so you can capture the potential customers email to build a better relationship with them.

You really don’t need to speed a ton of money on advertising especially when you are first starting out. $50 a month would be good to start with.

Don’t buy a bunch of courses either.

Facebook provides the training you need. You can learn these skills with the Facebook blueprint. They are short lessons to help you get started.

Use Facebook to engage with your audience. It’s the time to get social and hang out and see what’s going on in your local area.

Have some fun and get to know people. Share other peoples stuff. This is a good time for you to start building those relationships.

Social WiFi Marketing For Small Businesses

Social WiFi Marketing For Local Businesses

Are you giving away free WiFi?

Take advantage of using Social WiFi Marketing so customers can login with their social media app and your business gets all the data.

You’ll be able to collect a ton of data that you can use for your marketing.

It will help you get more likes, more shares, and more reviews.

Reviews are the one thing that everyone wants more of. Social media WiFi can provide you with a solid solution to getting more reviews.

Let’s say you own a restaurant and the slowest day of the week is Wednesday’s. Do you have an email list?

You can build a bigger email list with WiFi. Another way to reach your audience is with social media and text messaging.

What if you sent your list a couple of either lunch or a dinner special?

Do you think a few people might show up?

Social WiFi can help you build a list and allows you to keep in contact with your customers very easy. You can even set it up with automation.

Beat the competition and use Social WiFi Marketing to build your customer list, increase profits, and move up in the local search with more reviews.

5. Gorilla Marketing For Local Businesses

Gorilla Marketing For Local Businesses

The gorilla marketing approach will take a little networking with other small businesses in your home town community.

Gorilla marketing is just taking an unconventional approach. Getting creative with you promoting your products and services is what it is all about. You can use these techniques spending very little money.

You could use something sort of like bartering with other businesses.

Let’s say you own a fitness center and maybe you go to a certain chiropractor.

Maybe that business wouldn’t mind if you left a few flyers at their business explaining exercises that help strengthen back muscles. Plus the chiropractor could do something similar.

Both of you could recommend each others services and even include a link to each of your websites. This will help both businesses.

Think of businesses that both of you could benefit from each other services or even products but doesn’t interfere with the other businesses profits.

Here are a few other Gorilla marketing tactics. Use your side walk or side of your building to promote your business.

Hire a local artist to design something creative. Think outside the box.

Get street musicians to play near or at your business.

Do you have a lawn care business?

Go around and offer a free package of grass seeds or a small tree that they can plant with all your business info on the small envelope or container.

Are you a web designer, graphic design, or offer some type of local services?

Buy the coffer cups for a local coffee shop to serve coffee to go with your information or offer the coffee shop a free service like local SEO to conduct a local meet up group.

There are thousands of things you could come up with.

Whatever idea that you come up with record it on video.

How Did We Start Our Local Marketing Company?

How Did We Start Our Local Marketing Company

We started our first local marketing agency by using the same local business marketing strategy that we explained today with a few twists.

When we first got into internet marketing we had to learn a few new skills before we started working with local businesses.

We would produce free videos for small businesses.

Like small restaurants, clothing stores, used car dealers, and would get these videos ranking in the search engines.

We used video templates and short video scripts we filmed from a mobile phone or the old flip camera.

After the video was ranking with a good keyword phrase for that particular business we would approach the business owner we were targeting.

We’d stop at there business.

Show and Tell Is What We Did

We would show them that the video was ranking on Google right from our smartphone and that we would let them use that video free of charge.

They would always ask, what’s the catch?

Our answer was. There is no catch.

But for $5, we will provide a link back to their website.

Sometimes they would offer a free meal, free clothing, or give us more money than we were expecting.

We’d get the link added to the video right there at their business location.

Then we would show them that the link worked.

At that time they would see what their website looked like on a mobile phone. We would point out how they could improve their site.

That is when we would recommend a more mobile friendly site.

We would then show them other mobile friendly sites.

Plus they found out how fast their website loaded up on a mobile device.

Naturally, we would recommend blazing fast hosting so they could get faster upload speeds using our affiliate link to earn a few extra dollars.

So as you can see, we got a lot of website design business just by offering free videos. I’d go back home and design them a simple website.

If they liked what they saw they would complete the purchase or would call me later and ask more questions.

Once they liked the site we would talk about how to get their website ranking in the local search results.

For started we would help them claim their free Google My Business listing and give them advice about local SEO.

Some business owners would want to do it themselves and others hired us to get their local SEO in order.

Tactics We Used To Generate Leads

Tactics We Used To Generate Leads

I can remember what we did at one of the insurance agencies I worked at. We would call every single number in town like 876-0000 all the way thru 876-9999 (actually we hired people to do that).

Asking people if they would like to join our military services program. No money, we just need you to drop off 2 cans of non perishable food to help the less fortunate.

The food would go to soldiers that had financial hardships or we would donate it in a emergency situation like a hurricane.

We offered a lot of free services to military personal in our town. We provided free basic tax service, free faxing, free long distance calls (no mobile phones at that time) and a few other things.

To get these services you would have to become a member to receive these services. The cost was two cans of food.

Most people donated sacks of food and we ended up renting more space to hold all of the donations.

Once someone would join a few days later we would call them back and set up an appointment to deliver there membership.

Once we went to the appointment we would explain our services in detail and let them know we have programs for insurance for their families.

The Piggy Bank

A way of saving money for the future.

Plus we would give the children a piggy bank that they could save money with with our name on it.

It was amazing because we sold a lot of insurance by using those gorilla marketing tactics. We even held picnics for our members. Big BBQ’s.

Local businesses from around the community would even donate supplies for these events and it was a great way to mingle with the local people as well as the soldiers we served.

Everybody wanted to join our association.

So just get a little creative and think outside the box. Make sure it benefits both parties so that everyone wins.

That gives you a few different ways we used gorilla marketing for businesses that we were involved with.

Share some of your ideas down below in the comment section.

Summary: Local Business Marketing Strategy

5 smart local business marketing strategies that needs to be worked as one complete strategy for get maximum results.

  • Local SEO
  • Blogging
  • Video Marketing
  • Use Facebook To Build Your Brand
  • Social WiFi Marketing
  • Gorilla Marketing

Spending 30 minutes to an hour a day on one of these marketing methods will bring your business big results if you plan it out properly.

Sure, it may take some time to get everything rolling in the right direction and for you to learn some of these new skills, but the reward is going to pay you big dividends.

Get your employees involved. They may have some great ideas and may be very good at one of the task that you want to start.

By working with all of these methods during the same time frame you will have a well rounded marketing campaign that will drive customers to your business and is very cost effective.

These methods will help you build your brand in your local community.

Once that trust factor start kicking in your credibility will start to take off.

You’ll gain the authority you need to dominate your niche.

But you need to ensure you offer value to your audience.

It won’t happen over night.

But as long as you stay on course and be consistent with your marketing efforts you will have success. Just be patient and keep it moving.

Are you ready to get your biz buzzing in your local community?

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Think outside the box and be creative.

Take advantage of the free tools Google, Facebook, and YouTube provide.

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