Local Business Tips 2019

Local Business Tips
Local Business Tips

Well we have another new year upon us so we thought we’d throw a few local business tips for 2019. Time to get back to the basic’s that work for local businesses.

Next maybe you need that fresh start. New feel, new look, and new technologies so we can improve our marketing strategies.

Some of us have been sitting on the fence and have been waiting to jump into the new mobile world. This is the time. Take a leap into the future of mobile.

Don’t you see everyone using smartphones? Get with the program. You might even be reading this from a mobile device. It’s time to get your biz buzzing on mobile.

Local Business Tips To Get Your Biz Buzzing

Local Business Tips

Mobile Biz Buzz get your biz buzzing on mobile.

First things first. Look at your data and what is working and what is not working.

Almost 70% of people have smartphones in the USA and growing. Make it a priority to get your business a mobile website.

We even design websites for musicians and local bands.

That’s where you start. That will give your business mobile presence and a way to be found on a smartphone.

If you have a old school desk top website get an upgrade either to a responsive site or at least get a separate mobile website.

The second option is less costly and almost as effective. Start thinking mobile in all your advertising efforts.

Remember that mobile is growing like crazy. You can see it. You can see smartphones no matter where you are. This should be priority number one.

1. Update Your Google My Business Page

Google for Business: This is a FREE service offered by google for local businesses. Take advantage of this free service.

Google for business gives you the ability to be found in local search. Your customers can find you on any device they are using. In addition your business is put on the maps. Now customers can find your business.

Your information is displayed, you can have photo’s, video’s and get found in the local searches. You also get a google + for your business. Lot’s of positive factors for your business for free. So jump on board and get what you need.

Let your customers find your business. One thing to notice is that everything google offers is mobile.

2. Get Your Customer Service In Order

Customer Service: I should of listed this as the number one tip for 2019. This is the year to drive customer service extra hard due to competition. Plus people just like to be treated with respect. It’s a simple idea.

Every way you can improve your customer service in your business will pay off. Get your employees in on it.

Have everyone come up with ways to have better customer service and pick the top five. Then encourage everyone to implement those five ideas. Work them into the business.

These could be very simple items like greeting someone that just walked in, at least a hello. These are free ideas that make your business a profit so use wisely.

3. Use Facebook Fan Pages

Facebook Fan page: Another important fact is Facebook is mobile also. Facebook has the largest audience of all social media combined. Some people are using a personal account for their business.

Get your business it’s own account. Keep your life separate. This is also a FREE service so use tools that assist your business without putting a burden on your budget. Don’t let Facebook waste your time.

Set up a time that you post and answer any comments. Let your employees post for you. They can share a lot of great information about your business. Find out who the social media expert is on your team and use their talents.

Don’t let them waste their time either. Take lots of photos with your smartphone and use when posting on Facebook. Could be a meal, happy employees, front of building, or whatever you like.

4. Develop A Mobile Marketing Plan

Develop a Mobile Marketing Plan: The mobile market is growing faster than anything in our history. Plus it’s going to continue to grow, and grow, then grow some more. So get some of those smartphone customers. Here’s a few ways.

  • 1. Mobile Coupon Marketing. You need a mobile coupon builder that can be changed on a moments notice and tracked.
  • 2. Mobile e-mail. Smartphone users use their phone to check e-mail. Make sure it is mobile optimized. Short Message Service (SMS) is an option but it cost more and over 90% of customers prefer email over SMS.
  • 3. Build a list of your customers. You can use your list during hard times, slow times and days, and have a way of communicating with your customers. Make sure you own list.
  • 4. Develop a Loyalty Rewards Program. This is a great way to retain your existing customers. It shows you care. It gives you an edge in the market. Smartphone punch cards are great for attracting new customers and retention.
  • 5. Integrate all your mobile marketing with social media. Remember sharing is the key. Sharing is caring.

So hope that these few local business tips for 2019 get your biz buzzing on mobile. This is your year to build your book of business the smart way. The smartphone is now the preferred communication device. You just got to figure a way to reach these new smartphone customers.

Mobile Biz Buzz gets your Biz Buzzing on Mobile!

note: updated Dec.2018