Local Marketing Is All About Reaching Mobile Phones

Local Marketing Is About Reaching Mobile Phones

Why is local marketing all about reaching a mobile audience? You guessed it. The smartphone. Your marketing strategy must include mobile.

Everyone has one of these mobile devices strapped to their side.

Look around and you will find almost every person using or carrying their smartphone. No matter where you are at people are using a mobile device.

People get directions with these devices, search for information, check for coupons, shop, look for places to dine out, look for services, and communicate with friends on their favorite social media site.

As a local business owner you need to take advantage of mobile. The mobile phone is a local marketing tool that can ensure you get your fair share of customers.

What happens when you search for something on a smartphone. The local search results pop up right under all of the advertisements.

It’s called the local pack and right under that comes the local organic search results. You want to strive to get your business in those first page listings.

Mobile Is Local Marketing

Mobile Is Local Marketing

Every effort that you put into local marketing, mobile must be considered.

You need to make it as painless as possible for someone using a smartphone to contact your business. Simple things that invite mobile customers.

Are you using a click or tap to call for your phone number?

Is it easy to navigate your website using thumbs and fingers?

Does your social media icons have enough spacing and big enough for mobile users? Do you even have a social fan page?

Can people find your business on the Google maps?

Have you claimed your Google listing? If so, do you keep it fresh and updated with new images and videos?

Are you using back-links from local citations for your business?

Do you realize that by building your citations your site gains more authority?

Does all of your business listing have the same NAP?

NAP stands for Name, Address, and Phone Number. It must be exactly the same on every single listing that you have online.

Does your website show up in the local 3 pack of Google?

All of these type of things will help you get a higher ranking score locally or provide the mobile user with a better user experience on your site.

So it pays to have your business and your website mobilized.

Mobile Requires A Local Marketing Strategy

Mobile Local Marketing Strategy

You need a local business marketing strategy to reach the mobile audience in your community.

That will require you to reach out to the people in your home town.

You can do it on social media and using SEO best practices for your pages and blog posts that you put out.

Keyword phrases should be a big consideration. One thing you need to add in your phrase in your local community.

How else can you reach the people on smartphones?

What do people like watching?

You’re right again. Video. More and more people love watching videos.

It would be a very good idea for you to start a YouTube channel for your local business so you can reach out to those mobile users.

Video will also provide you with another way of getting found online in your local community. They will also help you build your brand.

Smartphone Users Hate A Slow Website

Do You Hate A Slow Loading Website

People want instant gratification when using a smartphone.

It all starts with how fast your website loads up. They say that if your site doesn’t load under 2 seconds then you will start losing potential customers.

You could lose up to 40% of the people trying to reach your site if your website loads between 2 to 3 seconds. After that it keeps going up.

How do you increase your website speed.

It all starts with hosting. Who has the best hosting for a WordPress site?

Find out by clicking on the link above and see what the experts say.

What if you do not use WordPress? Then you may want to consider other hosting alternatives to get the speed you need.

If you want to get a better ranking score you need to have a fast loading site. Every landing page, post, or even an ad must have speed.

Google has put the word out on numerous occasions. Website speed is a major ranking factor especially when it comes to mobile.

It’s estimated that 47% of your of smartphone users expect a site to load under 2 seconds. Does your website load under 2 seconds?

Does Your Website Adapt For Mobile Devices?

Do You Have A Responsive Website

How does your website look like on a mobile phone? Does it adapt for all of the different smartphones?

Most business owners have made the switch to using a responsive design for their website. But there are tweaks that you may need to do to make it more mobile friendly.

Those of you that are still living in the stone age should consider using a responsive website builder.

Here are a few products that we have tested and used. We are also part of their affiliate programs. We do not promote junk. Only the best.

If your using WordPress you can always find a great theme like Astra Themes or Thrive Themes if you don’t mind paying a little money to make your site more effective for your mobile audience.

Another company called Builderall uses a drag and drop pixel perfect website builder that has an adaptive responsive design process.

Builderall is a low cost alternative and a great value if your looking for digital marketing tools that are under a single platform.

All of the above website builders are really easy to use once you get the hang of them and will make you look like a professional website designer.

We have worked with each builder and you can even edit your website not only for desktop view but for mobile view as well.

All great products are worth checking out especially for the DIY marketer.

One other thing about using anyone of the products we mentioned, they will also help you achieve a fast loading website.

How Do You Search On Google?

How Do You Search On Google

Probably the first thing you grab is your smartphone, correct?

Let’s say it’s lunch time and you want to find something to eat. You might go and check out Facebook or conduct a search on Google.

You may even look at the reviews of the place that you choose.

Once you click on the place you expect that site to load quickly, wouldn’t you agree. You also want to be able to read their menu from your smartphone.

Now if they have a click to call button you may even order by giving them a quick call. But if you cannot read anything from your mobile phone you may choose to check someone else out.

What if your air conditioner goes out or your plumbing starts backing up? You grab that mobile phone and start searching, isn’t that right?

What are you looking for? Places that are local, easy to reach, and places that are ranking in the top spots, correct?

That’s why you need to work on your website ranking and make sure you are listed in the top local search results.

In addition, your site needs to be user friendly and easy to use on a mobile device. Can you read your content on a smartphone?

Your site needs to load quick and be able to be operated with your fingers and thumbs so you do not lose any visitors.

Even when you visit a town for vacation or if your traveling you always grab that smartphone. Get your biz buzzing on mobile.

Summary: Local Marketing Is All About Reaching Mobile Phones

Smartphones are like a tool for your local marketing efforts. All you got to do is know how to reach them.

What are the best ways to reach a mobile audience locally?

  • Get Your Website Mobilized
  • Your Site Needs To Be Mobile Friendly
  • Make Sure You Have A Fast Loading Website
  • Design Your Website With Builders That You Can Cater To Mobile
  • Use Local SEO To Show Up In The Local Search Results
  • Build Your Brand With Social Media
  • Use Video For More Mobile Reach
  • Get Your Biz Buzzing Locally With Mobile

If we leave anything out feel free to let us all know in the comment section. Share some tips my friend.

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