Local Marketing for Restaurants Daytona Beach Florida

Local Marketing For Restaurants
Local Marketing For Restaurants

In today’s fast paced society local marketing for restaurants in Daytona Beach, Florida is no longer an option.

For that matter any business needs to be mobilized. They say ninety five percent of smartphone users search for local restaurants on their mobile phone.

Ninety percent of those people take action and find a place to get their grub on. Then around sixty five percent of those folks are eating within a hour or two. So the question is how does your restaurant get a percentage of those smartphone users?

You need local marketing for restaurants, tools to operate your plan, and great customer service. You need a way to reach out to your customers and say thank you. Customer loyalty for restaurants.

You need to have a way to build a list of customers you own. Then you need a way to communicate to these new customers. Did you know email is still the king on a mobile phone. More people prefer email than any other method on a mobile device.

When building your mobile marketing for local restaurants strategy explain to your employees the importance of superior customer service so your plan will work.

Especially in the restaurant business.

Customer service is our number one priority. The food on the menu shall look tasty as well as taste delicious. It has to taste so good that most folks will want to come back for more.

Create A Rewards Program

So at that time implement a restaurant rewards program. Customer loyalty. Since your customers all carry mobile devices use digital loyalty punch cards for smartphone users.

Be creative with your reward program. Offer multiply rewards. Base it on cash spent.

Let them earn points. The more points the bigger the reward. The more money spent at your restaurant. Take photo’s with customers to display on social media. Build your audience, list, and brand at the same time. Remember sharing is caring.

Local Marketing For Restaurants With Coupons

Then there are coupons which goes right along with local marketing for restaurants. What restaurant doesn’t have a coupon of some sort here in Daytona Beach, Florida?

You should be able to design your own. Any time and any where as long as you have an internet connection.

Coupons are great to use with social media like Facebook, twitter, or google plus. Even add coupons to your responsive website. Use photos for social media and your menu.

That is another must have and should be number two behind customer service. You need a website that will fit any screen size. No matter what brand, style, or size.

Your website has got to fit any mobile device.

Some mom and pop restaurants are struggling. Mobile is the key to your survival. It starts with a website that is mobilized. That basic 101 in mobile marketing for local restaurants.

Using these tools and strategies can give your restaurant a good solid customer base. This way you build a solid menu of customers before adding on any other expensive advertising measures than can eat into your profits.

Local Marketing Can Seem Like A Challenge

Local marketing for restaurants can seem like a challenge. You just got to do a few smart things every day to build your brand, build a list, be social, give loyalty, share coupons, and be able to talk with these smartphone folks.

That’s it. Speak the same language as the mobile user. The person that is dependent on their smartphone. That is the new customer to go after.

The good thing about smartphone marketing is that your audience will continue to grow.

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