3 Local Marketing Ideas Bringing Customers Through The Doors

3 Local Marketing Ideas
3 Local Marketing Ideas

Local marketing ideas should start with one thing to keep in mind. These new strategies must bring customers through the doors.

Otherwise why even implement them? We want to be able to effectively bring these potential visitors to our brand online and offline.

You can do it effectively using a combination of social media, your website, local SEO, and providing excellent customer service that has a review strategy included.

Getting positive reviews can make a big difference in the local search results.

Reviews are also a way to drive more customers through those doors at your shop, business, or service center. One thing about reviews is people read them.

They want to get a feel how you conduct your business. People want to know if you provide excellent customer service.

Why would you settle for anything less? That is why you need a review strategy included with your customer service.

This is an excellent time to get to know the customer and to see if they were satisfied with a meal. purchasing a product, or having a service provided to them.

Use that smartphone. Get a live testimonial right on the spot. Use a video to speak to your audience. Show them that you are a real person, a part of the community, and you care about what’s going on in the local area.

Offer advice and value for your services. Start a weekly blog post offering tips, tricks, and solutions.

Local Marketing Ideas That You Taylor To Your Business

Local Marketing deas Include Mobile

You have to come up with local marketing ideas that you can adapt to your business.

Some are digital marketing tools and other ways to increase customers coming to your place of business online.

You need to ensure that your website is mobilized. Look at your website right from your very own smartphone. Creating websites with hosting is a good way to make a residual income.

How does it look? Can you navigate easy? Is everything spaced out enough to navigate the website with your thumb and fingers? You know how you use a mobile phone.

Most people will use their thumbs and fingers to do about anything a mobile device.

Mobile marketing is always in style for any local marketing ideas you come up with. Maybe it’s social media WiFi marketing or proximity marketing but you can rest assured that it has smartphones included.

The new way of reaching out to your customers is from a mobile device. Without your smartphone, you may be lost and feel like you lost contact with the outside world.

People are glued to these devices.

One way of keeping customers coming through the doors is with mobile marketing. You have to be able to reach out and touch someone on their mobile device.

More and more people are searching for your products or services from a mobile phone. You already know, mobile search has taken over desktop search.

1. Local Marketing Ideas That Pop Right On Your Website Browser Notifications

Are you using a browser notification?

This is a very nice way of staying in touch with your audience. You can set up a browser notification and never have to collect an email.

You would want to have your notification set up so when they click yes, they go to a predetermined page on your website.

At this point, they could download an eBook, menu, PDF, or whatever your lead magnet was. You could also take them to a specific page on your website like an about page.

This is pretty easy to set up and is one of the tools that comes with the 7 day free trial of the Builderall Business Plan.

No need to collect an email and one thing that you know is that the potential customer actually got the message. No spam folder for browser notifications.

Just an extra bonus to connect with your potential customer. Now anytime you put out any new content that person would receive a notification right in their browser.

This could be a game changer for a lot of businesses. Naturally, you will find that some people find these notifications annoying. But it’s up to them to accept the message anyway.

This is a great way to get those tips, tricks, and solutions out to your audience in a weekly message. You do not want to bombard them.

Still, Collect Emails

Do not use this as a way not to collect emails. You should always be looking for ways to get people on your email list. This is just another digital marketing tool to help you stay connected to your audience of potential customers.

Who knows, some may be repeat customers. That is always a good sign.

Make sure your initial message has a great headline so they optin. You have to offer value, a benefit, and curiosity. Once the optin, it’s your turn to offer that value and that benefit that you said that you would deliver.

Give them what you told them they were going to get. Straight to the point.

2. A Local Marketing Idea Must Include Social Media

Local Marketing Ideas Must Be Mobile

All the great content that you will be sharing on those browser notifications can also be used to post to your social media fan page.

Social media is a powerful way of connecting to your audience. They can see what you post, what you said, and determine what you mean based on their personal perception.

Social media can also lead to great reviews and build your brand. You should post at least 3 posts per day. From our experience, after 3 posts on Facebook, you start to lose your audience reach.

It starts to decline after every post from here on out. So make those post count. Put out your best stuff.

Encourage people to share your post so that you reach a larger audience. That is why you want an outstanding post published on your page. Make sure to use images.

If possible write a short message on the image. Use infographics, charts, and even coupons with attention-grabbing headlines.

Let Employees Help With Social Media Posting

Do not spend all day admiring Facebook. Delegate posting to your page to some of your staff. You never know when you have a social media rock star working in your organization.

Let them get a little creative and see what they come up with. Naturally, everything should be done in good taste and represent your business professionally.

You’ll want to make sure you complete every space of real estate on your Facebook Fan Page or even your Instagram page. Use images, the learn more button (however you want to configure it) and include your website.

Fill in every single block that you can list your information.

3. Google My Business Might Be One Of The Most Important Local Marketing Ideas

There are too many local businesses not claiming their Google My Business page. This is where everything starts. You want to be listed on this free site.

When people search online with their smartphone they are on Google.

The first results they see from the keyword or keyword phrase they type in (now days speak to Google) are going to be the local search results.

Actually, these results will be second because the paid results will be the first ones listed. Then you will also notice that there are usually only 3 results.

These are what they call the local 3 pack or the snack pack. This is where you want your business listed. It takes a little work to get your business listed in the local 3 pack.

Why do you want to be listed in the local 3 pack? Because who is going to skip these listing and go to the second, third, or even the fourth page to find what they are looking for.

You might have a 10-17% chance of even getting seen. You want one of those top spots and preferably the number one spot.

Get In The Local 3 Pack

Those are the spots that people click on and get the information they were looking for. These are the ones that have a click to call button. They have more opportunity to sell their products or services.

It’s all about who markets the smartest. Google My Business is the only way to go. Just like we said about social media.

Fill out every piece of real estate. Do not leave a single line blank.

When you apply some of the local SEO ranking factors to the puzzle you will be able to start getting a better ranking score and start driving more business through your business doors.

It’s a free service from Google, so just get it done.

The Conclusion of Local Marketing Ideas

Local Marketing Ideas Are A Piece Of The Puzzle

Just following these simple tips will start to bring some customers through those doors. Sometimes it takes a little while to get everything operating smoothly.

Work on some of those local SEO ranking factors so you can get a better score to start moving you up in the search results.

Your aim should be to get on the local 3 pack. That is where the potential customers are hanging out besides those social media pages. Some people live on social media and your business has a great opportunity to build your brand stronger than it already is.

Customer service works hand in hand with your reviews. Make reviews part of your customer service. Use browser notifications to stay in touch with existing and potential customers.

Use tips, tricks, and solutions type newsletter, post, or an online business magazine (idea).

  • Local Marketing Ideas Starts With Ideas That Bring Customers Through The Doors
  • Make Sure Your Website Is Mobilized
  • Is Your Website Easy To Navigate, Easy To Read, And Can Be Operated With Thumbs & Fingers
  • Must Have Excellent Customer Service
  • Reviews Should Be Part Of Your Customer Service Strategy
  • Are You Using Browser Notifications?
  • Take Advantage Of Social Media
  • You Must Have A Google My Business Account
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