Local Marketing Strategies That Are Off The Wall To Draw More Customers

Local Marketing Strategies

Have you tried these local marketing strategies to get more customers? These ideas are off the wall but work. Gaining an edge in your local community is all it takes to start driving traffic to your business.

Local Marketing Strategies

We are not going to talk about (but suggest you have those items up to snuff) Google My Business, citations, NAP, keywords, and the stuff you find online all of the time. But you should be trying to improve your local search ranking so you can get into the local 3 pack.

Instead, we want to talk about some other local marketing strategies that may work for your business. Sometimes you have to think outside the box. See what ideas your employee’s can come up with. You might be surprised.

Sometimes you never know if something is going to work unless you try it. But you also need to know when to drop a marketing strategy that just isn’t working. Then again, some things are just a good way to build your brand.

7 Local Marketing Strategies (ideas) That Draw The Crowd In

7 Local Marketing Strategies

Some of these local marketing strategies are online and some are offline. You should also be using social media to build your brand because the word can spread rather quickly.

They are actually ideas that you need to come up with a strategy to use them or add them into your marketing plan.

Using video is another way to build up a following of customers. Especially when you combine it with social media. It seems to be getting tougher to market on social media unless you have money in your budget to get it rolling.

You should also be active in your local community because it can generate new customers for your business. Attending some of the local events is one of the ways to meet new people and some of the local business owners.

You can even sponsor events, support a little league team, or volunteer your help for other businesses or even get involved in charity events around the local area. Well, lets get started and break down a few of these local marketing ideas.

1. Send Post Cards Within Your Service Area

Who said advertising using the mail service was dead? There are still plenty of people out there that check that old mailbox. The thing is by using a simply post card you can save money.

Go to local post office and check on rates for post cards. You can design a nice catchy post card and you can find designers in your local area. There are also many cheap software programs that do a great job.

Another place to check is with your neighborhood print shop. Let them know what you are trying to do and they should be able to hook you up. You can also team up with another business that may be next with you and share the expenses.

2. Car And Truck Back Window Decals

Back Window Decals

Sort of like a moving billboard. You can run an ad and hire people that want to get paid advertising your business. Have you heard of car wraps? You do not need to go that far because it may start costing a little to much.

Small window decals that go into the back window would do the trick. You can find people that want to do this right from your customer list or even your Facebook Fan page.

It doesn’t take much and you only want a short message. Make sure you include your business name, phone number, and website name, Everything else is optional.

3. Transportation Hub Local Marketing

Transportation hubs are a great place to place your advertising. From bus stations, train stations, taxi stands, and any where you see a bench. Scroll past some of these locations and you will even find side wall billboards as well. (painted on the side of a building)

Pool areas, fishing locations, and and even skateboard areas are great if you think your audience would hang out there. You can also supply the trash cans for these areas with your business information.

Just get creative because there are many areas that would like to keep their area clean and free of trash. Volunteer to keep a park clean and provide the trash cans. Just get a little creative and you will find a area just right for the picking.

You always need to consider that people carry smartphones. There are many mobile marketing opportunities that you need to consider. The mobile market is booming and no matter where someone goes they carry that device with them.

4. Start A Local Coupon Website

This is an easy way to build rapport with other local business owners. Go talk with them and let them know that you have a website that local businesses can post their coupons on for free or a small fee.

You can spread the word with the help of other local business owners by sharing it all on social media. Naturally, since you own the website you get the most exposure.

Make sure you add into the header of the website that this site is sponsored by your business with all of your information. This is a very inexpensive way to gain more customers.

You can create a great drag and drop website for less than $10 a month that will get the job done.

5. Hire Local Bloggers – Vloggers (Video)

There are a lot of local bloggers out there looking for a chance to gain more recognition. Some will already have well established sites. This is also a great way to gain some back-links to your website.

Or you can use the blog posts for your own website. You will want to approve all articles written and make sure they are written to get ranked in the local organic search results.

Naturally, if you can find cheap inexpensive vloggers you now have another way to get your business booming with video. There are a lot of younger people that would produce you a nice video for very little money.

6. Offer Free T-Shirts Hats or Frig Magnets

T=Shirts Are A Great Local Marketing Opportunity.

If you have a few bucks laying around this is an excellent idea. People like getting t-shirts and they wear them. Your brand will be on display. You want to find a place that offers a bundle price on the shirts.

Some people offer free hats. That is another good way of getting your brand recognized. Especially blue collar type businesses like, construction, remodeling, and even lawn care are great places to use baseball cap marketing.

If you cannot afford to go that route then try ink pens or refrigerator magnets. Most refrigerators are filled with different magnets. Make sure you add your business information.

7. Develop A Customer Loyalty Program

Customer loyalty programs work great especially when they involve a smartphone. It seems there are a lot of different companies offering these type of solutions for businesses.

From gas stations, dollar stores, restaurants, and anyone wanting to start a customer loyalty program they keep customers coming back for more. You need a great reward to make it work effectively.

The more they shop with your business then offer bigger and better rewards. How many reward cards do you carry? What’s in your pocket? Had to throw that one in.

Conclusion: Off The Wall Local Marketing Strategies

Ready To Try An Off The Wall Local Marketing

There are many local marketing strategies that will help you gain more customers. Don’t forget to keep your Google My Business page updated and follow the top local SEO ranking factors to get better local search results.

Like we said earlier get your employee’s involved with coming up with local marketing ideas. Look for things that grab your attention every where you go. It’s all about getting more customers. Just be creative.

  • Send Post Cards
  • Use Back Window Decals
  • Transportation Hub for Local Marketing
  • Start A Coupon Website for Businesses In Your Area
  • Hire Local Bloggers
  • Offer T-Shirts Hats & Refrigerator Magnets
  • Develop A Customer Loyalty Program

Sharing Is Caring (don’t forget that one)

Feel free to drop down below and let us know what local marketing opportunities that you are taking advantage of or if you got an idea post it in the comment section. We want to thank you for stopping in.

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