Take The Local SEO Quiz For Beginners

Take The Local SEO Quiz

This is a good time to take our local SEO quiz. Are you just starting to learn local SEO?

This short questionnaire was put together for beginners. You may have a question or would like to gain more knowledge. Just subscribe to our blog to get the latest on the SEO best practices we use.

We even cover income opportunities, affiliate marketing training, local marketing, and mobile marketing.

It’s always good to grasp new ideas and see what other entrepreneurs are doing to generate leads.

We have all been there and it doesn’t matter if your new or an old school SEO star. Everything changes from time to time and you need to stay up with the changes if you want to keep your site ranking.

You may want to gain more knowledge and read our article about the top 10 local SEO ranking factors for small businesses that want to climb the local 3 pack ladder.

That’s right. To get on the first page in the maps section there are only 3 spots available.

There is a lot to know but if you just concentrate on a few of the major factors you could end up in the top by using those few tips.

It can get expensive when you hire an SEO firm to handle the heavy lifting. It’s a good idea to become familiar with local SEO even if you hire an agency. You will be able to ask better questions and you might even save a few bucks.

Now, if you so happen to get really good at local SEO, you may want to consider becoming a consultant or start your own local SEO agency in the community that you live.

Are You Using Google My Business?

Are You Using Google My Business?

Google My Business is a free service provided by the search giant Google. It come with a mobile app. You can even design yourself a free website on the platform.

But we do recommend a custom website for your small business. You’ll have more control and all the information you want your clients to know about.

You also want a fast loading website otherwise you may start to lose many mobile visitors.

Who wants to wait for a slow loading website?

Your site should load under 2 seconds or people will click off and go to a competitor.

You can find many hosting companies to build your website. Make sure they have a loading speed you need.

Who knows? Maybe you want to earn a few bucks promoting the fastest hosting for small businesses.

What hosting companies offer 2 tier affiliate programs and which one offers the fastest speed?

Maybe you need a drag and drop website builder or do you prefer WordPress?

There are a lot of small business owners designing their own websites these days.

Yes, you can do it yourself (DIY) with a little practice. You can find tutorials with your provider in most cases.

You’ll want to keep your local search engine optimization in mind when putting all of your content together for your site.

One quick note. Make sure you connect your Google Search Console and Google Analytics to your website so you can make better decisions by using your data.

Are you ready to take the Local SEO Quiz?

Local SEO Quiz For Beginners (10 Questions Go For 100%)

This quiz will consist of 10 questions. You should be able to score 100%. If not keep taking it until you can achieve that score. It might take you 2 minutes. It’s easy and simply.

You can find all kinds of local SEO articles on this site to help you get a better understanding about the subject.

SEO best practices is the category that you can find all of that great information for landing your site a better ranking score.

If you have a question that you would like added to the list just add it in the comment section. Make sure you include your answers. If approved we will add it to the list.

Those of you that would like to learn internet marketing, feel free to subscribe for the free training provided.

Thanks for taking the quiz, provide feedback please, and good luck.

Can You Score 100% On The Local SEO Quiz

There are only 10 questions. Can you answer them all correctly?

#1. Can You Design A Website With Google My Business?

#2. Does Google My Business Have A Mobile App?

#3. How Much Does Google My Business Cost?

#4. Can You Use Google My Business Even If You Have No Store Front?

#5. What Are The Different Ways To Verify Your Google My Business Listing?

#6. What Are The 3 Price Points For G Suite?

#7. Does Internal Linking Really Matter And How Does It Help?

#8. Name 3 Things That Must Remain Consistent?

#9. What Does NAP Stand For In Local Search?

#10. In The Local Search Results For The Maps How Many Spots Show Up For The 1st Page?


You can share your score or post it in the comment section.

Did you do it?

Let’s see if someone scored 100% on those 10 questions.

Let us know in the comment section down below.