Local SEO Service For Restaurants That Need Customers

Local SEO Service For Restaurants
Local SEO Service For Restaurants

Mobile Biz Buzz provides local seo service for restaurants. Your business needs to be listed on google’s local 3 pack.

That is where the customers are, wouldn’t you agree?

Smartphones are dominating the searches and you should start taking advantage of mobile.

Make sure your using a responsive website design so that every potential customer has a pleasant viewing of your website, no matter what device they are using.

Desktop, tablet, or a smartphone viewing does not matter with a nice responsive website design.

You will want your website clear from clutter, easy to navigate, and appealing to the eye.

Not too many colors and easy to read.

Font size based on your audience.

When someone lands on your site it should send the message that you want to portray.

Your site should immediately send a message of what you do.

Using a very nice image to grab the customers attention is a fine way of making this happen. This is the front of your shop, store, or restaurant.

Make it look edible.

It’s a restaurant that your promoting and along with an experience for your customers that they will remember.

Before you start any local SEO service for restaurants, you can do a few things to help yourself get a better ranking score.

Sometimes just doing a few small task can give you big benefits.

Always start with your Google My Business page.

Perform any updates and always be improving your page. Better images, better videos and if any of your content needs to be updated then do it.

It’s what the customer gets to see about your restaurant.

You only get that First Impression. Make it count.

Here are a few things that you can do to help you get a better ranking score. It will save you some money but requires a little work

So if you got time then have at and try to move up to the local 3 pack.

DIY Local SEO Service For Restaurants

Most businesses just don’t have the time to do all the research it takes to try and keep your business listed in the local 3 pack on googles local search.

Most business owners do not have the time to become a DIY Marketer.

We can DFY (do for you) or you can try and tackle the task of ranking in the local 3 pack of google yourself with a few tips on us.

It will take a little time so you must be patient.

Try to tackle a few tasks everyday. Like we said earlier make sure your Google My Business page is completely filled out with great content.

Images, videos or any other content needs to be up to date and appealing to your customers.

Complete a website check up.

Spelling, nice photos, videos, clutter removed, menu easy to locate, and easy to navigate. Your website must be very easy and simple to navigate.

Your business information should be posted at the top in the header.

Name, address and phone number must match exactly.

They must be listed the exact same way on any citations you are listed in.

Anything that has your business information must be listed the exact same way, every single time.

This is extremely important for a better ranking score with google.

You can find more detailed information for DIY local SEO.

Read about the most important local SEO ranking factors that a small business should use.

5 Local SEO Tasks That You Can DIY

  1. Build Your Citations
  2. Make Sure Your Using The Right Keywords
  3. Create Any Content You Need. – Fresh new content with a blog
  4. Are You Using Video – Introduce Your Staff
  5. Images – Alt Tags – Build Your Brand

1. Citations For Restaurants

Building your citations can seem like a long and dragged out task. You should only add a few on every few days. Not to fast. You want a steady drip of citation and directory listing added.

In addition, you’ve heard us say it many times, meaning that it is very important. Use the exact name, address, and phone number on every and all listings. You should also try to get a build a link to your local Chamber of Commerce. Google gives a lot of weight from this organization.

You’ll also want to have a few of your neighbors businesses with links back to your website. Check on their stuff while your at it. Make sure they claimed their Google My Business Page.

Here’s a few of the citations you will want for your restaurant.

  • Yelp
  • Trip Adviser
  • Facebook
  • Open Table
  • Yellow Pages
  • Urban Spoon
  • Zomato
  • Grub Hub
  • Local Yahoo
  • Map Quest
  • Manta
  • Super Pages
  • Four Square
  • Chow Hound
  • Groupon
  • Zagat
  • All Menus

Those are enough to get you started. Drip them into your marketing slowly. Just a couple every other day. Make sure your posting on social media. Go where your audience hangs out. Also if you sponsor any local teams get a mention and link back to your website.

You can also get a list of important citations broken down by category. Just locate restaurants, click and Moz will provide you a list of citations. They also have a great learning center for people interested about local (seo) search engine optimization.

2. Make Sure Your Using The Right Keywords

Using the right keywords in your content can take you a long way when it comes to local seo service that experts charge $1000’s of dollars for. We will give you a few examples to use with your content. Your content can be blogs, any thing in writing, images, videos and even a business card.

So if your a restaurant in Washington DC what keywords should you use. First off what type of restaurant are you? Do you serve breakfast, lunch and dinner or do you specialize in one or the other? What kind of food do you serve?

Who comes to your restaurant? The more you know you’re audience the better you will be able to choose the keywords they use. Are you famous for the best burger in town? Best vegetarian meals, healthy meals, seafood or Mexican.

You see you can find great keywords by breaking down what you serve or what your best at or even your atmosphere. You should know the demographics of your customers.

Here is a few keywords and you can take what you need and leave the rest for everyone else. Mexican Restaurant, biggest burrito in town, best burger in town, best burger in your town (Best Burger In Daytona Beach). Soul Food, Biggest Shrimp In Savannah,

Best Ravioli, Giant Pizza For Parties, Fresh Fish on the beach, Get a coffee with the best donuts in town, Pizza buffet, seafood buffet, down home cooking, or anything that is said by a majority of your customers. How do they find you online? What do they type in?

Create Content for Your Restaurant

Always keep your content fresh an updated. Especially, don’t forget your hours during the holiday season. You can lose big time money.

That is why you need to look at all of your content to include any social media sites, websites, flyers, business cards, videos and any table tents that you have within your establishment.

Put your best foot forward. All of your Social Media covers, website headers and other places where your promoting your brand should look the same so people recognize your brand.

Brand building is very important and it can make or break a small business.

If you change one thing you should change the other. Your image should send a clear and consist message about your restaurant.

Your business should be recognized on social media and you should be active with plenty of engagement. The more engagement the more signals you send google that you are active and engaged with your audience.

Your business needs to be a place where people want to come and enjoy your cuisine. Plus you get more opportunities to get reviews.

It will help you to obtain a better ranking score and help your business get closer to that local 3 pack. Make sure you have a google maps and a direction button on your sites.

4. Are You Using Video?

Customers are a great way to use video. Customer reviews are an awesome way to get the word out about your restaurant. You can show the food, the customer and even the wait staff all in one video.

This will drive those hungry folks to your diner.

You could even show the staff so everyone knows that they are being served by local people that live in the local area. People also like sharing video and gives your business a way of being trusted very quickly.

You need to know that someone is always watching your business and will put a video on You Tube quicker than you can crack a smile. Good or bad you need to be watching just in case you need to put a fire out.

Videos can also show up in the local organic search results rather quickly. So when your getting ready to put your video out to the public make sure you use keywords in the Title and description.

Put a link back to your favorite social media site or your website also. Also include your town or suburb.

We also recommend that you include your business name, address and phone number for each video. Exactly the same as every other citation that you are listed in. Video watching is steadily increasing especially on mobile phones.

It would be wise for you to have a very nice video about your restaurants atmosphere. Keep your videos updated so there is no confusing information on the internet. Get your Biz Buzzing with video.

5. Images For Restaurants

Food can look so delicious with the right image. Every restaurant should have a unique image that they use for their Fan Page Cover and websites.

It’s almost like a blog but sends a message of a thousand words about your atmosphere and cuisine.

It’s your time to shine when you have a excellent image that people land after finding your restaurant on google local search. You should also name the image the same thing that your keyword would be.

Give it an alt tag and a description when adding it to your website.

Adding the alt tag and description can give your local search ranking a little extra boost. Even the thumb size cover for your videos should be looking good.

Any time you post an image on your website or any other area online if it has a place to add a Title and a description then you should add it in.

Its another way of getting found online and people love great photos. Your headers of all your sites should look like the message that you want to send to your customers.

Take a survey of your images from your employees and ask them would they eat there? Those images need to be inviting, create an atmosphere and delicious looking.

Your Images Are Like Billboards

It’s the front of your restaurant and you should want the best for your business.

It’s like a giant billboard to your customers. You should also use plenty of images when posting to social media sites. Have about 20 different ones that you can post thru out the day.

Add your own sayings and encourage engagement.

Mobile Biz Buzz provides local marketing along with our great local SEO service for restaurants. Naturally if you got the time and don’t mind spending a ton of hours researching google for SEO ranking factors then, do it yourself (DIY).

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