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Local SEO For Small Business
Local SEO For Small Business

Local SEO for small business can be done simply by using these easy steps.

First you will need to make sure you have a very detailed google my business page.

It is very important to get this done before you start to move forward with any other step.

Your business needs to be able to show up in the local 3 pack of the google maps. There are ways to make this happen and you need to realize that it may take some time, consistency and hard work.

90% of people that are searching for a local business are using a mobile phone.

Mobile users are usually searching from two major areas. One is on google and the other is on Facebook. So like we said earlier get your google my business page set up and keep it updated.

Next make sure you have a business Facebook Fan Page. Facebook can drive a lot of traffic to your business so stay on top and keep engaging.

That means that your website needs to be mobilized. You can make that happen with 3 types of website design.

First you can use a responsive website design. 2nd you could use an adaptive website design and 3rd you could use a mobile website design. Just make sure your website can be seen on a mobile phone.

Next make sure you verify your google my business account and your Facebook Fan Page. Having your Facebook fan page verified will give you an advantage over other businesses that have not verified their listing.

It will also help you with your ranking on googles local search ranking.

3 More Local SEO For Small Business Tips

We just discussed two major factors that will get you found on smartphones and now we want to talk about 3 more local SEO for small business tips that will increase your ranking score on google.

There are many other ranking factors but if you concentrate on these areas your score will start to get a boost from google as long as you are constantly working on them.

These are some of the things that you can do on your own but if you don’t have the time we recommend you contact your local SEO expert and hire them if you want to get listed in the top local search results.

Mobile Biz Buzz can get your biz buzzing with local SEO service and get you a better ranking score.

We also have a guide that we produced for local businesses that can give you even more advice and tips to help you along the way if you are a DIY marketer.

You can gain more insight reading local seo ranking factors for small business.

Citation Listings For Local SEO For Small Business

There are many directories that you can be listed in. You will want to get listed in the directories that pertain to your business. Every business is different and its important that you list your business in the proper category.

You can find the best citations for your particular business by visiting our good friends at Moz. They have a citation by category breakdown for most small businesses.

Everything from Auto Repair Shops, Coffee Shops, Carpet Cleaners, Contractors, Churches, Day Spas, Dentist, Florist, Lawn Services, Plumbers, Roofing Contractors, Restaurants, and Veterinarians.

Find the category that best fits your business. Use those categories breakdowns to find the best directories to list your business in.

They will usually give you the top 10 citations that your business should be listed in. You will probably to able to find more citations by doing a google search for your particular business.

NAP – Name Address And Phone Number

When you fill out the information to get listed in directories or citations you will want to make certain that NAP (Business Name, Business Address and Business Phone Number) are exactly the same in everything that you are listed in.

One mistake can cost you with a lower ranking score.

Example: Big Buddies Body Shop 123 Alphabet DR. Daytona Beach, Florida. 32117. Every dot, period, capital letter and any other detail must be exactly the same on each and every listing that you list your business in.

That includes Google My Business and your Facebook fan page. Any place, thing or any site you list your business you want it exactly the same as your Google My Business listing.

Also you should check and see if you have any listings that is not the same. Try searching on all search engines and correct any and all listings.

Reviews For Your Small Business

Reviews are a vital and very important local seo ranking factor. There are many places and sites that you can get a review from. You never know where the customer is going to post a review.

The two biggest spots will be your Google My Business page and your Facebook fan page. You can also get reviews from some of the directory and citation sites. Any place you are listed is an invite for a review.

Stay on top of all reviews. It do not matter if it’s positive or negative. You should respond. Anyone shopping, dining out or getting their car fixed usually the first place they look is at the reviews.

So encourage reviews. It’s also a great way for you to engage with your customers. Reviews along with engagement can lead to a better ranking score in the local search results. Take the time to read your reviews and engage with your customers.

Reviews are a great way to gain more customers. Reviews can also take away customers from your business. Social media is so fast that a review can stop you dead in your tracks. So it’s very important to keep a handle on all reviews and its part of customer service in this day and age.

Train your staff to ask for reviews. Ask for reviews on all of your print and business cards. Ask for reviews on your Fan Pages. You definitely want reviews coming from Google My Business and your Facebook Fan Page.

Reviews can also help you improve your business. They are sort of like analytics. So use them wisely to better your business and customer service. It’s a direct reflection of what your business looks like to the outside world.

Photos Can Increase Your Customer Base

You’ve heard the old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. So you will want to make sure you are posting photos on all your listings.

Start with Google My Business and your Facebook Fan Pages.

Keep them updated. Even the ones on your website. Make sure you use an alt text and add a description for all your images.

A few nice photos can go a long way and speak to your audience. It’s a silent way of speaking to your customers. It’s what they see when they are searching for your business.

Look at your competition.

You need photos that can speak a more positive note to your customers than the ones they are displaying.

Video For Organic Search For Your Small Business

Videos are another great way to drive traffic to your business. Make sure you are using video on your Google My Business and Facebook Fan Pages. It’s a great way to introduce your staff.

Show off your business with video. You can even get some local organic ranking using video.

Make sure you have a You Tube Channel for your business and keep your videos updated. Use keywords just like you do with your website.

You Tube is the second biggest search engine and people these days love video.

Video is pretty easy for a small business to show up in the organic local search results. You can speak directly to your customer base or invite a new audience to your business. Video builds the trust factor very quickly.

People get to see that you are real. You get to relate to them a more personal level. It’s also a great way to talk to your email list. Takes less time that writing an email script. So use video to show customers about your business.

It’s a great way to get your staff involve. The people that work at your business can relate with your customers on a different level. They share these videos and so will your customers.

You can even use a video for a review. It’s a great way to show potential customers how good your service is, what the food looks like or even how much you care about your employees. Just be a little creative.

DIY Marketing or DFY Marketing. Mobile Biz Buzz with get your biz buzzing and get your business rocking with local for small business.

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