Local SEO Tricks To Get Your Business More Customers

Local SEO Tricks
Local SEO Tricks

These 2 minute local SEO tricks will increase your ranking score. Taking action with one search engine optimization task for a couple of moments a day will boost your search results over a period of time.

We know your busy running your business but by performing a single task per day can give you some great results over time.

None of these little local SEO tricks are hard to perform. We are only going to mention a couple to help you during a week. Can you use a couple of extra customers a month?

That should be the goal.

The more times you get found online the more chances you have at somebody walking into your business.

That is what SEO can do for you. It enables these smartphone users to find your business. Naturally, you could do a lot of things but we want to give you just of few tidbits that don’t take all day.

Something that will actually benefit your business without you having to dig in your pocketbook.

Sometimes the results take some time like 3-6 months. But all you need to do is perform one task per day and watch your ranking grow. This is going to be a quick read so please take notes.

Do you have a notepad and pen?

OK, let’s begin and you must realize that you are taking action to grow your business.

Local SEO Tricks That Take 2 Minutes

2 Minute Local SEO Tricks

Try one of these 2 minute daily drills to finally get more customers coming through the doors.

Increase your profits, build your brand and a simple way of getting a better search ranking score.

These are easy ways for people to find your business when looking for your product or services. You might get so good you start helping other local businesses for a small fee.

Just get into a daily habit of;

  • Talking with employees about customer service
  • Delegate Daily Social Media Posting for employees
  • Perform A 2-minute drill daily

You can always find more local SEO tips by checking out Neil Patel, Brian Dean, and countless others. There are a lot of great people that do this for a living. As long as you always strive to improve your ranking and make it easier for your customers then you cannot go wrong.

1. Post a citation a day

This doesn’t take long at all less than a couple of minutes as long as you have a list of places to sign up for. Most are free. You may also want to look in your local area.

2. Make 3 Post on Social Media Per Day

It only takes a couple of seconds to drop off a picture for Facebook. Just complete a posting 3 times a day. Time to perform task around 10 seconds per post giving you a grand total of 30 seconds.

3. Share A Social Media Post

Sharing a social media post keeps your allows for more brand recognition. It takes time to build a brand but once you start gaining more and more trust it just keeps snowballing. Takes less than 10 seconds. Someone might just share your content.

4. Make one improvement on Google My Business

By making one improvement on your Google My Business allows you to actually perfect the entire page. Watch as you perfect your page you may even increase your reviews.

Don’t forget to use a video. Just a quick staff introduction or all your staff welcoming and thanking your customers is another great way to get the word out.

5. Stay On Top of Your Reviews

This only takes a moment to respond to a review. It can be a good or even a bad review. Take action, immediately and answer the person. You should be able to put out a fire or commend an employee for doing a great job.

6. Back-links To Non-Competing Local Websites

Getting a mention and a backlink from other local businesses should be highly encouraged. Especially the businesses that are located around you. Just add them in naturally on your website and they should do the same.

7. Providing Great Customer Service

You should talk about customer service every single day to your staff. Make sure they know that customer service is a priority at your business. It is one of the best ways to get reviews and sharing on social media pages as well as your Google My Business page.

8. Everyday Check Your Website Speed

You never know when some type of issue can cause you to lose business. You should check your website every single day and know how fast it is loading on a mobile device.

Most people that search for local businesses are using a smartphone. Your site needs to be secure and has blazing fast speed. Your site should load in less than 2 seconds. If not you may need better hosting, a faster loading theme, or a better website design software.

9. Get Listed In The Local Chamber of Commerce

This one may not be free. But you should get listed and have a back-link to your website. Get listed in the local Chamber of Commerce. You also should check for directories that pertain to your particular niche. These are another great place to acquire a back-link.

10. Answer A Question

There are all kinds of questions that need to be answered online. Sometimes there will be local groups that have questions or even local events. Supply the answer whenever you can. It shows that you are involved in the community and a leader. You could even start a question and answer page for your website pertaining to your niche or business.

Take 2 Minutes & Perform One Of The Local SEO Tricks

There you have it. 10 tasks that you can do every day to help your business get a better ranking score. That way you can move up the ladder of the SERPs. It may take a little while before you start to notice a difference but by using one of these 2 daily drills you cannot go wrong.

Check your results every 90 days and watch your business grow. Before you know it your business will start gaining the customers fro the local community using their smartphones. You’ll capture more mobile business and hopefully your profits increase.

You could even assign one of these tasks to an employee. Rotate the employees and you’ll soon find out your social media marketer. Some are good at it and do not even realize it.

Use their strengths. Talk about it when you talk every day about customer service.

It will bring out the good in people. When your people get better and more confident your business becomes a better brand, you end up with better customer service, and your customer base will start to grow. It all starts with a 2-minute drill using one of the local SEO tricks.

Conclusion for Local SEO Tricks

Local SEO Tricks To Boost Your Raning Score

Really, these are not tricks. They are solid things that you can do to assist you in achieving a higher ranking on the search engines.

You want listings on Google as well as Bing. Some folks leave Bing out. We recommend you add them into your local marketing efforts.

You can find more information about local SEO ranking factors and you can use this guide to work toward a higher ranking in the local 3 pack for your community. Getting listed on the local 3 pack should be your goal.

Those are the folks that will receive the most visitors to their website and maybe even their business location.

It doesn’t take long to perform any of these small tasks. Performing one per day is the key. Doing this over a period of time will increase your brand’s power. After a while, your website will start having more pages getting a better ranking score.

Having an active website with fresh content is another great way to get more ranking but it will require a lot more work. Using images and videos are a great way to share your content. Especially on social media.

Just be consistent and before you know it, your business will start to grow with an increase of customers, more reviews,  and website visitors wanting to learn more about your business.

Sharing is Caring
  • Take Action every day
  • Perform one or more 2 minute local SEO tricks daily
  • Customer Service Is Key
  • Just Like A Vitamin Take A 2 Minute Drill A Day
  • Get Employee’s Involved
  • Use Pictures
  • Videos Are Great for Longer Dwell Time
  • Stay On Top of Reviews

Don’t forget sharing is caring. You can stay in the loop by liking us on Facebook or our Twitter page. Thanks for stopping by and could you leave a comment about local SEO tricks that you use or want to start using. Getting a higher rank score is what it’s all about.

Mobile Biz Buzz gets your biz buzzing with local search engine optimization so you can build your smartphone followers. Thanks for listening and we’ll see you at the top of the SERPS.

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