Local SEO Ranking Factors For Small Business Florida

Local SEO ranking factors for small business in Daytona Beach, Florida. Top 10 tips for a higher rank score. Are you using the right keywords? How to get more reviews. Using the right citations. Is your NAP correct? Local And Social marketing. Website speed. Site structure and link building.

Our goal is to get you a higher ranking score on Google and Bing local search. We start out with making sure your website is mobilized. People in your local area like Daytona Beach, will be on smartphones and using mobile devices to find your business. Your site must have speed, load quick on a mobile phone and be easy to navigate on a small device.

Example; Mobile Biz Buzz gets your biz buzzing on mobile with local SEO. It is simple to navigate with your thumb or fingers, loads very quick and can be read easily on any mobile device. It is mobilized.

Then you need to know what keywords you are trying to rank for. Now if your a restaurant in Jacksonville, Florida, you don’t want to use “restaurant” as your keyword. What is your specialty? Chinese, Mexican, Steak House or or maybe you serve the best burger in town.

Break your keyword down to something specific like Mexican Restaurant and add in your area. Example; Mexican Restaurant Orlando or best burger in Orlando. We’ll talk more on this later. What keywords are you trying to rank for? Next, let’s take a look at the top 10 key local SEO ranking factors that you should consider.