Keywords For Local SEO

Keywords For Local SEO

Choosing the right keywords doesn’t have to be that difficult. Sometimes we just over think what we really need to have to get a better ranking with our local SEO. Ask your employees, what they would say to find your business. What do you say or type in to find what your looking for?

Lets imagine that you own a catering business in Jacksonville, Florida. Now your main business is from weddings. You would need to figure out what keywords would be best for your situation. Now if you had a keyword research tool it would make it easier.

Choosing The Right Keywords For Local SEO

When you write up your pages you have to make sure you do not over use your keywords or you will be penalized from the search engines and receive a lower search score. You want to mix up your key phases in your headlines of your page. Choose the one that will give you the most traffic. Without a keyword research tool. Put the words in what is called quoted search results¬† (“QSR”) and watch the results. Here are a few examples without a keyword research tool;

  • “Catering for weddings” – results – 405,000
  • “Wedding catering” – results – 243,000
  • “Wedding catering company” – results 12,700
  • “Catering company for weddings” – results 172,000
  • “Wedding caterer” – results – 379,000

Keywords For Better Local SEO Ranking

Pick the one that would give you the best results and add on your area. Make that one your headline. Catering For Weddings Jacksonville Florida. You could also add in your Delicious menu or have a separate page for the food you serve. That is an old school way. But it is pretty accurate. One other consideration is that we did not use the area included in our QSR. The results are from google the day we wrote the article.

Keywords For Voice Search For Local SEO

You also need to consider voice search. OK Google. People use voice search today and it will only keep increasing. So here are a few examples of using voice search. OK google, best steakhouse in Daytona Beach. Then again you might say, OK google find me some, live rock music in Orlando Florida.

If your a NFL fan, you probably would say, OK google, sports bar to watch the Jacksonville Jaguars. Voice search may require longer tail keywords for your website. So you need to consider voice and typing when choosing keywords. With voice search you may need to use longer keyword phases or long tail keywords.

Local SEO Ranking Factors For Small Business In Florida

Today we covered a lot of ground to help you get more visitors and increase your ranking score with local (seo) search engine optimization. This information was for the small business owners in our area Daytona Beach, Orlando and Jacksonville, Florida. We surely hope you use this guide so you can better your search results.

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