How To Make Money Locally With Affiliate Marketing

How To Make Money Locally With Affiliate Marketing

If you’re one of the thousands of people struggling to get your online business rolling you should look at this awesome opportunity and learn how to make money locally with affiliate marketing.

Do you have a local marketing company set up in your hometown?

There are thousands of local businesses needing your help.

You should be offering local services to these businesses.

Just pick one of the many services you could be offering. Here are a few services you can offer in your hometown.

  • Social Media Management
  • Local SEO Services
  • Website Design
  • Lead Generation (local businesses will pay you for leads)
  • Email Marketing Service
  • Content Creation (freelance writer)

The list could go on and on. But you need to be building your brand so local businesses get to know and trust you.

In addition, you need to be offering excellent products. Just think of all the digital marketing tools that a local business needs to market their products and services.

3 Affiliate Marketing Programs That You Should Promote Locally

3 Affiliate Programs You Should Promote Locally

You might as well promote affiliate products to local businesses. Less competition and they need assistance in a lot of areas.

It’s best promote the things a local business needs to get clients themselves on the internet.

Not only will you earn money from the affiliate programs but by offering local services. It’s also a good way to build your brand.

Local affiliate marketing may not be one of those million dollar business ideas but you can rake in a good chunk of change.

What affiliate products should you offer to the local businesses in your local community? Well, lets take a look at what they need.

They need a website, correct? So you need a domain name and a hosting provider to build themselves a website (or charge them to design a site).

Personally, we only use two hosting platforms.

Both have affiliate programs that you can make money from and both will upload a website under 2 seconds.

Here is our list of 5 digital marketing tools that local businesses need.

  • WordPress Hosting and High Performance WordPress Themes
  • Drag and Drop Website Builder with all the Digital Marketing Tools
  • Email Marketing Service

1. Hosting & WordPress Themes

Earn Affiliate Commissions Promoting Hosting

Not all hosting providers are created equal. Some are a lot faster than others. Most people want a WordPress website while others look for a true drag and drop site builder.

We offer both solutions.

One platform is for hosting a WordPress website and have some super upload speeds. It’s the hosting that we use for this site.

Not only do they offer great hosting plans but they also pay a handsome affiliate commission when you recommend someone to them using your affiliate link.

We recommend 2 hosting companies that offer blazing fast hosting.

The WordPress hosting we use is WPX hosting.

Builderall is the other lightning fast hosting we recommend. You can host a WP website or use the fastest responsive site builder called Cheetah. It is a true drag and drop website builder.

Both companies are one of the fastest and WPX has awesome speedy customer service.

I might add that they are the number 1 WordPress hosting company according to trust pilot and a whole lot of satisfied customers.

If you plan on recommending WordPress hosting (see who offers the fastest WordPress) and you should offer a great high performance WP theme.

We only recommend two different themes because they are the very best.

One is the Astra Theme and the other one is Thrive Themes. Both have local templates that you can use to build a local business website.

Again, both companies offer an affiliate program so you have an opportunity to make money online as long as someone uses your affiliate link.

Do you have an idea on how to make money locally with affiliate marketing? Let us know in the comment section down below.

Quick Recap.

Affiliate Programs to promote to local businesses so you can earn a few bucks while you build up your brand for your local marketing company.

  • WordPress Hosting (the provider better be blazing fast)
  • WP Paid Themes (well written code that is fast and offers a great performance score)
  • Drag and Drop Website Builder (platform that offers great value and has over 30 tools)

By the way, WPX also helps shelter and feed homeless dogs and cats.

2. Digital Marketing Tools & Website Builder

Are you looking for big time value? We found a place that offers everything you need. Plus you can even earn money in your local community using the digital marketing tools that comes with their premium plan.

Sometimes it’s nice just to have all of the DIY digital marketing tools that you need under a single platform.

Builderall is the place to go. That link will provide you with a free 14 day trial so you can see everything they offer with your own eyes.

They have an excellent affiliate program that pays quite well I might add.

You can get paid on many levels. Go check them out.

They have an awesome drag and drop website builder that is pixel perfect. Not only do they site builders but many different digital marketing tools that you can use to make money from.

Currently they offer about 34 different marketing tools, all from a single platform. They even have a eCommerce builder for online stores.

It’s the same program that Adobe offer called Magento.

The Premium Package Includes Everything You Need.

Here is a short list of just some of the tools you get with the premium package that they offer for $69.90 a month.

  • Hosting & Website Builder (Pixel Perfect)
  • Email Marketing Services Called The Mailing Boss
  • Canvas A Drag and Drop Sales Funnel Builder ( no one has this)
  • Magazine Creator (Create Digital Magazines For Local Businesses)
  • Chatbot
  • On Page SEO Tool
  • Script Generator (use it for any kind of script you need like emails)
  • Browser Notifications
  • Click Map (see where people click on your website)
  • Video Wrapper

Once you learn how to use the digital marketing tools the sky is the limit. Another reason to learn how to make money locally with affiliate marketing.

Plus you’ll learn all kinds of ways to make more money just using the tools.

How many local businesses would like their own digital magazine?

Rumor has it, that they may even start hosting WordPress websites in the future. They even offer training to use all of the tools.

Builderall is also a proud sponsor of the Orlando City Soccer Club.

3. Earn Money With Affiliate Marketing Recommending Email Service Providers

Earn Money By Recommending Email Service Providers

You can earn some nice cash just by recommending email marketing service providers. But you need to know one thing.

The market is wide open.

As reported by Small Business Trends, only 46% of small businesses are using email marketing services.

We would assume that the ones that are using these services are the bigger companies and probably have been in business for over 5 years.

Most of the smaller companies that have less than 20 employees need this service but they are not using it because they just don’t know how.

This is an opportunity that you can take advantage of. Offer your own email marketing services. Set everything up for them and charge a monthly fee.

In addition, make sure that business owner clicks on your affiliate link for the email service provider that you recommend.

We recommend only the best and that company is AWeber (yes, that is an affiliate link and we make a small commission if you use our link and sign up).

If you are not sure what to write, Aweber has fill in the blank email templates to save you some time.

One of the great things about AWeber is they offer a monthly recurring commission as long as that customer remains a paying customer.

So as you can see, you’ll make a monthly paycheck from the service you offer as well as the monthly affiliate commissions.

You’ll need to get your copyrighting skills down and put together a great email auto-responder for the businesses you work with.

Once you have everything put together you get to sit back and let the system work for that business while you earn a little cash.

Are you seeing the potential that you could have? Do you understand how to make money locally with affiliate marketing from what we’ve explained?

Summary: How To Make Money Locally With Affiliate Marketing

We showed you 3 ways to earn some cash right there in your own backyard. Your hometown is loaded with money making opportunities.

Here they are again.

  • WordPress Hosting And WordPress Themes
  • Drag And Drop Website Builder With All The Digital Marketing Tools
  • Email Marketing Service

Do you think it’s time to cash in?

Maybe you should think about starting your own Local Digital Marketing Company. But you got to learn how to use all the tools you need plus some marketing techniques.

Your in luck because we cover all of the subjects right on our website.

The best way to get started is to build yourself a website and start building your brand. Get the word out in your local community.

Take the time to learn the skills you need in your spare time.

Once you got your business rolling and money coming in to handle all of your budget needs and expenses, go full time.

If you do everything with success, you too could be living a happy laptop lifestyle like we do. Yes, it takes time, hard work, research, and studying.

But you can do it. Are you ready?

Can you do us a favor?

Drop down below and leave us a positive comment or feel free to ask any questions you may have. We’ll get you an answer as soon as possible.

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