Million Dollar Business Ideas That You Can Do Today

Million Dollar Business Ideas

Cracking the code and coming up with famous million dollar business ideas shouldn’t be all the difficult if you break it down into bite size chunks.

But you may need some time and a good plan to pull it off.

Think about some of the simple things you can do. Like cleaning up some of the littering on the streets.

If you live in a state (in the USA) that offers deposits on beer cans and pop plastic bottles you may be in luck.

It will take some work but it’s something you can start in your spare time as a side hustle.

How many cans and plastic bottles will it take to make a million dollars if they offer you 10 cents per item?

That’s right! You would need to cash in 10,000,000 cans or plastic bottles to reach the golden number of $1,000,000.

How fast do you want to earn this money? Let’s say you wanted to do this over a 10 year period. Then you only need to cash in 1,000,000 per year.

That is what we mean by breaking it down into bite size chunks to reach your goal.

You can do this with almost anything that you want to offer.

Just come up with a strategy and start taking action to put your plan in motion to become a millionaire.

17 Million Dollar Business Ideas

17 Million Dollar Ideas And Its Not Gambling

Today we are going to lay out 17 million dollar business ideas that you could start doing today and in a few short years you might be able to live a laptop lifestyle.

Gambling is not included in our list.

Naturally, everyone will not get the same results but we all have an opportunity to earn money if we just don’t give up and quit.

Maybe you already have something in mind that you have been wanting to try. Some folks just never take action so they just do not get started.

What are you waiting for?

You have to go after your dreams. Chase them with all of your heart. Get active and don’t be afraid. You’ll get over your fears in due time.

Start with a simple side hustle. Learn the skills you need to make it work.

Sometimes you may need to start one thing to earn the money to get into something else that you really want to do.

You also need a reason why you want to make this cash.

Dig deep and uncover the real reason why you want to do something. That is what is going to keep you going when it gets a little tough.

Are you ready to check out these 17 million dollar business ideas?

1. Drone Service

Drones Can Be A Money Maker

Using drones in one form or another is one of the great million dollar business ideas that are taking off very quickly.

Offering some type of service using a drone would be a good starting point.

Starting with showcasing real estate property is one way to get started. Producing a 3-5 minute video of a property can go along way in the market place.

Rates for this type of service are all over the place. You’ll need to check out the competition in your area before you come up with a rate.

What about drone security service? Residential or commercial.

Naturally, you need to check out any and all laws in your local and national area before you begin any services related with drones.

Just think, if you can acquire 2000 clients (or 2000 jobs) that will pay you $500 that will equal $1,000,000, correct?

You could also team up with other entrepreneurs.

Feel free to comment below if you have a great drone service idea.

2. Pet Care

Pet care has gone off the charts. Everybody enjoys taking care of their pets. From pet sitters, dog walkers, people training dogs, and even pet grooming has turned into a big business.

What about a mobile pet grooming service?

How about building cat walls for people’s homes?

Do you have the room for a pet daycare?

Don’t forget to sell the accessories that go with your pet niche.

Have you seen anyone selling sugar gliders at carnivals and fairs?

We’ve seen them offer a complete care kit (everything you need to care for the pet) with a sugar glider for over $300. Many of these vendor’s sell around 50 of these per day.

You’ll need a great presentation for caring for this type of pet.

Take 50 times $300. How much does that give you?

Minus your expenses and you may be clearing $200 with each kit. 200 times 50 per day is pretty nice income. That’s a profit of $10,000 a day.

You only need 100 days like that to earn 1,000,000 dollars.

Can you think of a pet care niche that you would like to share. Tell us about it below in the comments section.

3. Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is another big opportunity for people that want to hustle a little and build their brand in your local community.

You could find yourself building a nice list of clients cleaning homes, driveways, decks, and even gutters.

A couple of jobs per day could put you in the thousand dollar club.

Just think about it. $1000 a day for 1000 days is a million bucks.

Land a few mobile home courts and you’re golden.

It doesn’t take a bunch of money to get started. You can always upgrade your equipment and even hire a few folks if you get really busy.

4. Window Cleaning

Washing Windows

Window cleaning is very inexpensive to start and you can even pick the height you want start at. Residential or commercial the market is wide open.

How many businesses do you see that could use some clean windows?

Look at all of your neighbors. Who needs their windows cleaned?

Before you know it you’ll have folks paying you monthly for keeping their glass nice and shiny.

Look for office buildings with lot’s of big windows. Car lots, furniture stores, restaurants, and even beauty shops are a good place to start.

5. Affiliate Marketing

Earn With Affiliate Marketing

Why not start a side hustle offering other companies products. No need to hassle with customer service, an inventory, shipping, and all you need is a niche website to get started.

It may take you a little while to start getting results. But you’re working for a future income. It can turn into a nice monthly income if you do it right.

We like promoting things that have subscriptions. Like website hosting or membership sites. (search for places that pay monthly commissions).

You can promote name brand items to your audience.

Yes, you should learn a few internet marketing skills. But you can promote things that you use every day.

What kind of washer and dryer do you have? Do you like it? Write reviews about the products you use all the time.

You can pretty much get into anything with affiliate marketing.

Best thing you can do is to build your brand when you first start out.

Become the expert in your particular niche.

6. Sell Your Own Training Courses

Sell Your Own Training Lessons

Selling your own training courses is one of the best ways to earn money online. Naturally, you need to be offering a course that people need.

You could even start your very own membership site that offers both free and paid courses.

It takes a tremendous amount of time to put together the training courses but once you have them completed all you need to do is keep building your brand, drive traffic to your site, and update the training.

If your courses suck don’t expect people to refer you business. Do it right.

Give people more value that what your course is worth.

Find a problem and offer a solution.

7. Start An Online Store

Make Money With eCommerce

There are many platforms that offer you an opportunity to build your own online store. We found a nice small hosting provider that uses the Magento platform to help you design your eCommerce place of business.

Go visit Builderall to take a peek. Yes, you can test drive it for 7 days and let us know what you think. You don’t pay any more or less by using our affiliate link but we would make a commission.

Thank you!!!

You should learn the digital marketing tools that will help you succeed.

Do you make jewelry, paint, or make anything that you would want to sell from an online store? Then start designing an online store that will rock.

You could even sell your old clothes, fishing poles, and shoes online. Whatever you like. More and more people are shopping online today.

8. Start A Local Marketing Agency

Earn Money With A Local Marketing Agency

Starting a local marketing agency is one of the fastest way to earn some cash in your local community.

It does require you to learn some digital marketing tools. There are lots of different niches you can get into right from your hometown.

It’s best for you to start building your brand as soon as possible. Plus while you are doing that you can gain the skills you need to offer your services to the local businesses.

Everything from Local SEO, Social Media Management, Website Design, Paid Advertising, Content Writing, Designing Chatbot’s, and the hottest service at the moment is offering video service.

Our best advice is learn how to use the digital marketing tools that you plan on using for your clients. Dig into local search engine optimization so you can get your pages ranking on the local search results.

Do know know the top SEO ranking factors for small businesses? Read that article to up your game.

In addition, we are always available to guide you along the way when you subscribe to our blog (you can subscribe on the sidebar).

9. Build Online Stores For Local Businesses

Work From Home And Design Online Stores For Businesses

This probably could be counted in the last million dollar business idea that we just talked about.

But it needs to be mentioned on it’s own because their is a pretty nice market waiting for you in the local community that you live in.

You could even start a meet up group and show other people how to start their own online store.

Charge people for the technical training. You could offer a DIY (do it yourself) course or DFY (do for you) eCommerce store.

You’ll make money both ways if you get it right.

10. Smartphone Screen Repair

Smartphone Screen Repair Is A Money Maker

Who hasn’t had a mobile phone that the screen got cracked some how?

How many times have you broke your smartphone screen?

We all have or at least know someone that did, don’t we?

This is one of the best million dollar business ideas in any community. You may never run out of work to do as long as we have mobile phones.

It may take a little researching to learn how to do it but once you master those skills you got it made.

Build a following on your Facebook page and show off your work. You probably will have your phone ringing in no time at all.

Once you get good at repairing smartphones you may even move up to the next thing that always seems to get cracked.

11. Windshield Crack Repair

Cracked Windshield Repair Is A Great Idea

It seems that your car windshield is always getting a small crack and we seem to wait to repair it when we get a ticket from our local police department.

You have an opportunity to become the master at repairing all these small cracks on windshields. It takes a little practice to get it down.

No, I haven’t master those skills myself. As a matter of fact, I got a small crack in mine right now that I tried to repair.

It would have been fixed but I didn’t follow the instructions very well. But I had just paid over $300 to replace my last windshield not to long ago.

So, if you got the knack for fixing these cracks you could be well on your way getting your business up in running in no time at all.

12. Fishing Or Hunting Guide

Fishing And Hunting Guide Provides A Great Income

Do you like fishing or hunting and want to earn a few bucks? Some of you may have a nice boat or a nice piece of property.

Who wouldn’t like to get paid for what you love doing? Start a YouTube channel my friend. Start offering tips and tricks.

Show people how you do things. Do you know where the fish hang out? Offer advice and show folks how to clean the game you get or the fish you catch.

Some of you live in an area that have tourist come in and want to know where to go. Be a guide and offer your services.

Have you seen what some of these types of businesses charge?

There’s money to be made in this market. Become an expert in all the hunting and fishing regulations that pertain to your niche.

Offer an ebook with your expert advice, tips, and tricks. You might even include some of your famous recipes.

13. Sell Your eBooks

Be Creative With eBooks

How many ebooks have you read? People offer ebooks for lead magnets and building trust with their clients.

But you can write ebooks and sell them on places like Amazon. You could also sell ebooks to other marketers or from your own website.

As long as you can get enough traffic to your site you just might earn a pretty good living. How to, tutorials, and pretty much any thing you can think of can be put in an ebook.

How many website owners would pay for a ebook for their website or local business. Become the ebook king. You’ll learn a lot in the mean time.

What else do people like reading?

14. Create Online Magazines For Businesses

Design Online Magazines For Businesses

Do you think a business would like their own digital magazine?

How many restaurants or clothing stores already have one.

Not very many. The market is wide open.

This could be one of the hottest million dollar business ideas that you will find. But you need the tool to design these magazines online.

We got you covered.

You can learn all about the new magazine editor designed by the all in one platform that includes many digital marketing tools.

Visit Builderall and see if you can get the magazine editor down within the next 7 days. Then join and get your business off the ground building your own money making sales funnels.

15. Help Out Seniors

Help Out Active Seniors With Entertainment

The baby boomer has got to the age where they need help. Like we said earlier, find a problem and offer a solution.

There are over 70 million baby boomers in the US alone. That is one big market. All you need to do is figure out what are some of the things that they need.

Google it, research it, and find something that would help you help them out by offering some type of service.

Health care expenses have gotten out of control. Many of these seniors are interested in site seeing (taking a trip), need transportation, exercise programs, want to meet new people, and we all enjoy great food.

Do you think you could find something that will help you earn a good income helping out our senior citizens?

From dance lessons to cooking everyone wants to enjoy themselves.

How about seniors night out? Start out with a bon fire and teach dancing under the stars. How many seniors would pay to meet someone and have a nice chat next to a camp fire.

You might even provide a dinner cooked over a open fire.

It’s all up to your creativity.

16. Fun Time Rental (Party Planner)

There are a lot of different things that you could rent out for other people to enjoy themselves. It could be for kids, like a big blow up slid for birthday parties. Bounce houses and things like that.

Get in on the street money.

Become a party planner. Niche down into something you enjoy.

If you cannot afford to get into the rental business then rent the stuff yourself and offer birthday party kits and have fun with the kids.

How about renting bicycles for hiking trails, seniors, or offer a site seeing guided trip for groups.

You may even want to rent Kayaks or canoes if you are close to water. You could even offer guided trips on the water.

ATV’s and snowmobiles are also great but you may need some great insurance as well as some knowledge to maintain everything.

Party on the ice. Nothing wrong taking people out on the ice. Winter time can be one of the best days to make money on a lake.

How about renting out that Winnebago that you never use or a spare room?

Always keep safety in mind and do everything in your power to obey the law. Follow all the rules and regulations so you do not have any problems.

17. Small Engine Repair

Small Engine Repair Brings In The Dough

Are you a good mechanic? If you have the know how and the tools to repair small engines you can get customers pretty easy if you keep your rates down.

You’ll even end up selling a few lawn mowers, boat motors, and maybe even a few motorcycles.

Changing a filter, a blade, or a pull rope can earn you a nice living if you go full time and really get into it.

This can start as small hobby and turn into a nice little income stream.

You may want to hang out with lawn care entrepreneurs. They can provide you with referrals and you may be able to perform their maintenance for their equipment.

Million Dollar Business Ideas Take Time To Kick In

A Business Needs Time To Grow

No matter what idea that you have in mind remember that everything takes time and a lot of hard work.

Just because it doesn’t make you a fortune in the beginning doesn’t mean it won’t if you give it time.

You may need to learn some new skills to get your business off the ground.

Stay positive and never give up. Even if it takes 1, 3, 5, or even 9 years. That tenth year could be the year that everything comes together.

Put together a strategy that will work according to you’re schedule and the funds that you can afford to invest with.

Developing an online business is one of the best ways to start almost any business because it’s very affordable.

Summary: Million Dollar Business Ideas That You Can Start Today

We listed 17 of the best million dollar business ideas but you got to work for the money. We recommend starting an online business of some sorts.

At least use the internet to build your brand. Plus it will help you so that your business can get found by potential customers.

Learn a few digital marketing skills and get the best tools that will help your business grow. Find a marketing strategy that works for your business.

You can find affiliate marketing training and local marketing lessons here on our website to help you get started.

Bonus: Water is a big money maker. Think about how you can sell water or water related items.

Most places sell soda, pop, or other soft drinks cheaper than you can buy a bottle of water. Let that sink in.

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Well folks, time has run out because it’s time to go fishing. Wilmington, NC here we come.