Mobile Marketing is going to be a blast in 2019

Mobile Marketing Is Going To Blast In The New Year

We got the inside scoop that mobile marketing is going to be a blast in 2019 and skyrocket. The amount of smartphone users are increasing faster than any product in history.

You already know that. Businesses have been sitting on the fence waiting to get into the mobile game.

Do not wait any longer or you will start to lose valuable customers that are shifting their spending habits to businesses that accommodate them.

The number one thing a business can do right now is to build themselves a separate mobile website or change the old desktop website to a responsive site that can be viewed all devices.

These are fast changing times and you have got to be prepared. You could get the best of both worlds and get a mobile website builder and a responsive website builder that you can make changes any time you need too.

Once your mobile website is up and running you can get into your customers smartphone. You can speak with them.

This would be the time to combine your mobile efforts into other mobile programs that can move your business forward into the smartphone world.

Mobile Marketing Tools

Mobile Marketing Tools

These are great mobile marketing avenues to add on as another club in the bag. Another words more ammo for capturing smartphone customers.

These are the starting blocks for mobile marketing. This will give your business a solid foundation for all your mobile marketing. You can always add more mobile marketing products or services at a later time. Things like:

Proximity Marketing Tools

  • NFC Tags
  • I Beacons
  • Bluetooth
  • SMS
  • Video
  • Apps

We believe that the big businesses are still trying to work out the marketing details for NFC tags and I Beacons. We will wait for the smoke to clear before we make an attempt to jump in. I can see NFC tags working out because of it’s simplicity.

Getting android users to turn on Bluetooth so you can operate the system is going to be a challenge for the i beacon folks or they will come up with a technology to over come this dilemma.

SMS is a great communication tool. But we believe that people feel that their privacy space has been  intruded upon. We still pick old reliable e-mail. You just got to mobilize it. People feel comfortable with e-mail. So make your plans accordingly.

Plus it is a great way to communicate with who you want and when you want. When you get a text you are thinking that it is from a friend. That is private space to me. So stay out. That’s why we go mobile e-mail.

Video Marketing

Video Marketing To Get Your Biz Buzzing

Now mobile video marketing is growing like wildfire. Once you get your mobile marketing foundation all settled in it may be an excellent idea to jump on board with some marketing with video.

This could lead to another smart smartphone customer. These guys are the smart ones. Always analyzing. Nothing wrong with that as we can all learn a good lesson in research.

Mobile Biz Buzz would like to thank all the local businesses, small business, and the mom and pop shops and our great customers for a successful year. We learned a lot about mobile marketing and we took those lessons to better assist our customers.

We may be stopping at your business. This year we are expanding and adding new mobile marketing ideas that will give your business more social engagement.

Mobile Biz Buzz gets your Biz Buzzing on Mobile!

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