Mobile Marketing Opportunities For Local Businesses Are Booming

Mobile Marketing Opportunities For Local Businesses

Smartphones have revolutionized mobile marketing opportunities for local businesses. This hand held device can drive customers to your door in a matter of minutes.

Mobile Marketing Opportunities For Local Businesses

Getting ranked in the local search engines is not enough if you want to out shine the competition. Even with a responsive website you could be missing the boat on gaining more share of local customers.

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are now shifting their emphasis. When you look at these platforms you see so many advertisements that it’s almost ridiculous.

Facebook is no longer just a place for grandma to see the grandchildren’s photo’s. It has become a pay or you cannot play for local businesses. Everyone is using sales funnels to get you on their email list.

But there is one way to get those customers attention with a combination of using your website, social media, and YouTube videos.

Mobile Marketing Opportunities For Local Business Using Video

Mobile Marketing Opportunities Using Video
Get Your Biz Buzzing Using Video

You should take advantage of the video explosion. Have you seen the amount of video that is being shared on places like Facebook, Instagram, and even Twitter.

Save money on your advertising cost using video with good SEO practices.

No you do not need to hire a video production crew. You have the marketing tool either right next to you or you are reading this article with it. That is correct.

The best mobile device on the planet is your personal smartphone. With this device you can share, look for a place to eat, find out where to fix your car, (plus a whole lot more) and now you can produce your own videos.

You can go live on social media and talk directly to your audience. Listen, are you running a lunch special, have an oil change special, or just want to show your appreciation to your existing customers.

You can do it live or use a YouTube video.

Follow The 6 Second Rule From Bumper Ads

What is the 6 second rule? When you either go live or produce a YouTube video you have 6 seconds to get the attention of the people that are watching. If you don’t they will click off your content.

Think like Google with the 6 second bumper ads.

Another thing that you should strive to do is be in the moment. What is being in the moment? You need to be there before some makes a move. If you having that lunch special you need to be early.

Let them know and show them what you got. You can do all of that in a 6 second time frame. After the 6 seconds then you tell them all the other details. Get creative and use that smartphone.

Everyone has one within arms reach. Mobile marketing has many opportunities for you to gain more customers. Do you have a waiting area at your place of business? Are you using social media WiFi?

You should be taking advantage of the smartphone. Can’t think of any mobile marketing ideas? Just read that article and maybe a light bulb will go off. But video is what is crushing it.

Video Marketing Is What’s Trending Today

Video Marketing Is What Is Trending

Video marketing is exploding because of the smartphone. All it takes is a little creativity. Get them younger employee’s involved. They are the ones that have revolutionized the new mobile market.

It’s happening today. If you do not take advantage the competition will. All you need to do is pull out that smartphone and get in on the fun. So what if it takes you 7 or 8 times to get it the way you want it.

You need to take advantage of this current video marketing trend. Go to your Facebook Fan Page or even your personal page and watch the amount of videos that will be displayed.

The wild thing is that number is going to grow. So many videos are being shared on social media that it is driving the way the are going to do business.

Customers Are Leading The Charge With Smartphones

Customers Are Leading The Charge With Smartphones

Take a car dealership for example. Now you can get all the information you need before you even show up to a car lot.

No more of taking days or weeks to shop. Consumers are making only one or two trips to a dealership and they are driving away with their car.

Why? Because of mobile marketing opportunities using the smartphone. That is why your small business needs to get on board. It’s not just video. Everything you do to market your business online needs to be mobilized.

Customers are demanding it. Plus it’s just good business. But look for those be in the moment opportunities. Get your ducks in a row.

Be prepared. Start using YouTube for local marketing. A business video can get into the search results rather quickly.

Because before a customer will shop or use your services, most consumers would have already done their homework.

They use that smartphone for fact finding. researching, what they can afford, reviewing, and when they are ready they are more than likely ready to buy.

Conclusion: Mobile Marketing Opportunities For Local Businesses

The smartphone is who the local businesses need to target. Your business must pass the mobile test. Everything or every way you market your business online must be mobilized.

What’s trending in mobile now? Video. Start taking advantage of video. It will pay you dividends. Video will increase your out reach in the mobile sector.

  • Video Is The Big Trend In Mobile
  • Boost Your Local Marketing Using Video
  • 6 Second Rule That Is All You Get
  • Smartphones Are Controlling the Marketplace
  • Customers Are Leading The Charge

That’s it for today and we hope you take advantage of leveraging video to gain your share of the smartphone customers. Did you get a chance to read local SEO ranking factors for small business?

Drop down below and leave a comment about how you are using mobile or videos. Stay in the loop and follow us on Facebook and while you are at it give us a like.

That way you can stay up to date and keep your Biz Buzzing on mobile.

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